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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Ogdensburg Advance News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Ogdensburg, New York S28�sl��22e2��e�2li a a a in v a in i i11 drop nan98 i sunday up june 21 a mrs. Ster Pierce will pass Estone sunday. June Ved with her son and a Stanley and ins at the past 27 years d july 18. 1939. And daughter in Law Are Home. Mrs. Pierce re to Carriage to a Mark ads Many magazines refers sleeping on the and dimes the stairs a Day. Porn in Edwards june of two children of and Malinda Ford ban brother. Ira. Died in 1910. On july 2. 1857. Lev Pierce. Of four 7i to them Only one Phebe Meacham of Dement is living. Or. 1 the Union army and son and returned to t the end of the War. Edding was celebrated their Golden wedding a Ville. Or. Pierce pass-1914. Re takes great Pride pendants. Her grand Harold Pierce Sara Telen Davis Cranberry Ermine Davis with Shoen. Desert Cen Mabel Fountain Mas Dabel Barton Conifer Cham Brasher Settle Jrobert Meacham. Glens teat grandchildren Are Pierre Seattle Wash. Emsworth Ogdensburg Massena Kenneth Gerald Davis. With be Davis Cranberry pm and Richard shorn ter Calif. Gwendolyn Ine Stickney. Massena by and Richard Bart. Helen Elizabeth and earthy Syracuse and Erce Lovile. To great grandchildren Francis and Alfred of Gran to i Lieja Erce. Lowville Loretta t Potsdam and Diane. Stanley Davis of win ice is anticipating the her Many relatives and urday and sunday As a receipt of the tokens Nany Well wishers carry her. Grown older so Gra Ceas displayed her cheer of incessantly that she serves each and every Many attentions which towed upon her during Eek Gal notice a reme court whence county tier of the application be Ackerman for the Ion of her marriage with Ackerman. K Ackerman Totice that a petition a resented to this court Ackerman your wife a solution of your Marie ground that you have a ourself for five Areces last past without being ter to be living and that is you to be dead that to an order of said ered the 15th Day Ofa hearing will be had petition in the said court at a special term j in the st. Lawrence Urt House in the Vil Itan and state of new the 8th Day of novem at ten o clock in the Ogdensburg. New York say of june 194a Terman. Petitioner Oran a for Petitioner and Post office address Ford Street a Rensburg n. Y. notice in notice first invent general City for 194� a chewed the warrant for Matal Anent City of of lazes for 1940 and will be at the office of the rarer. City Hall. A ideas York for 30 Days from ice without fees one 30th, 1940, 5 per j wid be added far the ays or Bicum thereof nth 30 a ays thereafter n thereof i per heat nay he paid Lanng the hours from 9 a. M. To town re ays from 9 a. In. Wing 3bbit m. Morse. Get to i Marr Oty of amp. Or if Onci a hereby Orvaa that Beiber gb14831 has Heel the Mahat Gaws a Al a Tai a a i Accra a Tose akm tic eve Asci cae at John w. Liff i a a fad Street. Kcf i if. Cow no of so Law John w. Ashley. 4 Peri Street. A More local Newt Advance news late local news not local news late keeps this papers readers better informed. The Advance news is the most Complete local newspaper. Ogdensburg Advance news the weather leased wire service of United press associations sunday Cloudy and warmer. Temperature. Advance news thermometer at Midnight 50 degrees. Yol. 8.�?no. 81. The Adra tet Mevs m. Isis the Adran. 1st. Cml Ogdensburg sunday morning. June 23.1940. Entered is second r ass matter at Post Oil yes. 0�<3er.u>urt w v. Price three cent France signs peace terms with nazis fran co italian armistice now awaited details of Berlin s peace demands Are not disclosed Churchill urges frenchmen to continue resistance Battle still is continuing italian peace Price is now sought by French hostilities will not cease until six hours after Mussolini and France have come to agreement peace pact at comping be these men decided the Fate of France Berlin Jane 12. Up a France a Ned Adolf hitlers terms of or sols tree tonight at 8 50 12 50 p. M. Edt in the Forest of Oom Plagne and emissaries hastened immediately by air plane to Rome to learn Italy a Price for peace. Not until six hours after a French Italo armistice has been signed will the German order for cessation of hostilities be issued. The agreement was broadcast to the German people 1/ radio. By that hour the French delegates having placed an record their spokesman a protest against the Quot a a severity of the German conditions were already in route by Mir Lane to Italy. If no hitches occur it was believed Here that the a cease firing order May come sometime monday. This forecast was based on a belief in German circles that the French would be Able to negotiate an agreement with Italy with the a Une Speed As the French German armistice. The Pleni Poten Tari is agreed on France germ in terms 27 hours and 20 minutes after Chancellor Adolf Hitler handed to French delegates his demands yesterday. The armistice was signed today in the same old Railroad dining coach where on Friday Hitler received the French delegates and where 22 years ago marshal Foch received the germans on a similar Mission but one where the positions of France and Germany a were reversed. J general Charles Huntziger the alsatian bom German speaking chief of the French plenipotentiaries signed the armistice for France a a at the orders he said of his government. Hints peace not regular Raf attacks nazi Points air plane factory and1 Krupp gun works bombed French official did not have Power to sign terms British government hears with grief and amazement of Frances capitulation to nazis says Churchill Calls for further resistance famous German battleship Schaphorst also attacked and damaged. British air ministry reports nazi objectives Are assaulted London. Jane 22 up a great Britain reported officially tonight that swarm of Raf planes had nine men and women arrested in morning raids on Blind pigs Massena Man a police raid is arrested three places i police for grand larceny London sunday Jane 23. A it a prime minister Churchill in i dramatic Appeal to Mil frenchmen a wherever they May be urged them today to join great Britain in the War against Germany and hinted that the new French government which yester Dav signed a German dictated and France. Armistice was a without Ernst Ltd ,. °v<7. Tonal j of ported attempt by Bush Churchill determined to fight to destroy the Krupp works Adolf hitlers armies to the end a which produced most of the mum made his Early morning bid for the j Rions for the German army support of the French Empire the direct hits scored French Navy and air Force and the the air ministry said that the French army of the Middle East planes had scored several direct Short after he had said the Bri a its on factory buildings and in Tish government a had heard with portent Railroad sidings Gustef and amazement that France i in raids Over Northwest Ger had capitulated to the peace de a Many six Supply and ammunition trains near the town of Rehine. A Ralph Alexander. 31, Massena Cable worker. Char a with stealing automobile a Elofs Ine to David Hanna. Lisbon a machine is damaged bombed the important Krupp Art no into cells Todd by two men Are held form amp ments works at Essen the 1 Aitken Imp v u 1 y y a Focke Wulf aircraft Plant at Bre j men. The German held dutch bae of win Ems Ord. And that the crack German battleship Sharn Horst had been bombed and torpedoed. In addition the British announced a big italian submarine was captured by a British trawler after a gun Battle. The air ministry said that several squadrons of heavy bombers had carried out raids Over Northwest Germany and sections of German held Netherlands Bel Selling liquor illegally six women Are taken into custody on charges of vagrancy police Are assisted by Plain cloth Esmen from Watertown meeting in the historic Forest of com Pleggie where a Heaten Germany signed a armistice terms in 1918, these men represented France and Germany yesterday with the positions of the last War reversed. Top representing Germany Gen. Wilhelm Keitel col Gen. Walter von Brao Chutsch Admiral Erich Boeder. At Bottom for France Gen. Charles Huntziger Gen. Henry Bergert Leon Noel. Gop Choice seen difficult Dewey Willkie Taft leading police this morning arrested Foshee raids on n Ralph Alexander. 31. Of Massma the first and second wards this an a charge of grand larceny aft naming netted nine arrests Sev a he Ted alleged stolen a Noto Tato of Beer and whiskey Mobile belonging to David Hanm. Lisbon and damaged it. Two Slot machines. Hanna s car was found at the by chief Herbert s. Myers Comer of Ford and Caroline streets seven officer and Sergt. Leo be near City Hall about 2.30 a. A. And to to i in forays about a. Malexander police said was at the. ,0ft j. _ _ ,. A takes to 720 new Lork Avenue wheel. The machine would not run. According to the officers. A fender Pine Street and at 310 Pine was badly dented and. It was be Street and arrested two men on lived. An Axle was broken. A charge of Selling liquor without a Hanna had reported the vehicle women for vagrancy another Man was taken into custody for disorderly conduct Alexander who told police he i was a Cable worker was arrested at Kassel the air ministry said.1 by patrolman Rharles scars. The a warrant has been issued Tor fwd Sedan stolen from parking place near the new warrant for third Mancos. It Ogdensburg hotel about 1 30 lacks authority j were wrecked but direct hits the. The pome minister s hint that a a instr it said. Most of the raids the French government of marshal took place during last night. Petain lacked a constitutional at Kassel the air ministry a t Loci tvs a a As Belg a to have several bombs fell on the fit Eler a z a 8 Man. Als it it Beer based on the ground that the aircraft works. Hangars the air by Gutter was valued at Slung a toxicant Petain government never had been drome and military buildings vere 1, at a to it about a Cense 411/5 Ebry v1 Given a vote of Confidence by raided at Rothenburg. An aircraft the Mon in r officers were conducting parliament borage building was said to have a the of Huma v also was believed that Church been damaged. The ministry also kn0 n a Quot Quot Bon attle Buyet h a a Ell a search for him. He will pro russians now in Power Deal or deadlock held Republican Lone alternative Over Mem. I a col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel acting Moscow in Power at Tallinn Lithonia Lor Hitler signed for Germany. Yesterday the Clearing in the pleasant comping be Forest where the emissaries met was flooded with Sunshine. Today the sky grew overcast As the afternoon wore on end it was gloomy in the Woods try the time the hour of signature arrived. Before he affixed his name to hitlers terms Huntziger speaking with emotion entered a Brief protest a transcription of his words and of the proceedings of the to Little Hope held for selection of candidate on Early ballot As republicans Convene at Philadelphia to name nominee red increase is predicted ill was indicating a a new French said that a Large Oil storage depot government in exile similar to Hanover had been attacked. Those m Poland the Netherlands. The 26.000-ton Scharnhorst in _ and Norway. Might be established frequent combat with British air Varrati. _ t p soon in great Britain. Or naval units since the invasion i negotiations i his declaration was in a state of Norway was considerably dam ment handed to representatives of a aged in a combined submarine Felt nip who had been on All night and air attack according to a com duty at the ministry of infirm Munique issued by the air ministry. Slot machines one for Nickels before Cut j a cd the other John h. Wells at a regular term of City court tomorrow morning. Nearly ended France says communist leaning government in by Lyle c. Wilson Esthonia pro were exerted on Cabinet Moscow a widening sphere of in Lithuania pro russians demonstrate at Riga in Latvia a much left Wing activity is reported Tallinn Estonia june 22. Up a a left Wing government Jim est of Quot signature was broadcast Fric Adly to Russia took of lace today to the German people Over the Mao Lea. Uprising by a radio tonight workers and Sodak a. Dispatches Huntziger said reported pro taste a Emo Natre before i sign this armistice Timm. At Riga Latvia and pressure me order of the French govern Lith Nantana Cabinet by left a mint i would like to make a per a ther bal Lyyii statement or Andriea Hetem Komi and a forced by the Fate off arms to Geri any t the up the fight in wbk she co i dog with a sorger of left a Rury ii with her France is wins activity in the Baltic sub stance if persistent and there was j to accept Bone tha Annm increment Art no Indi eating that no of up a forty eight boors before the convention meet. Rep Blicas leaders were confronted today with a Choice Between a Deal or a dead lock among a hand Fol of Candi i dates feel dog the party presidential nomination. It seemed dear that none of the three leading candidates Thomas e. Dewey. New York do a Tritt attorney. Sen. Robert a. Taft and Wendell l. Wilkie president of the Commonwealth and Southern corporation would Brable to command a majority of the convention votes on any of the Early ballots. Talk off a Deal was without sub in fluence is been As detriment of beaten France Stalin welcomes Europe s disorganization by j. W. T. Mason United Preu War expert of a left whig pro Tail ii government in est books and movements to create can a Aht la uht it Liura Ania show a emergence soil Ethan a Kwh May have be my Hattei for prostrate France. Tion. J and admiralty. The wording of the statement it said five British planes indicated that the terms of the Annistine May already have been known by the British government participated. No one indicated what the terms i were but it was said that they provided for Gorman italian occupation of until terminal Ion of the Blitzkrieg against Britain. The germans were also said to have demanded surrender of All French War stores surrender of All Gold and foreign currency Reserve and shipments of French Roal and other raw materials to Germany Over a fixed period of time. Dog agile seen head if a new government is set up in Britain or elsewhere throughout the French Empire it was expected that Gen. Charles detaube under and Bordeaux. June 22 up it a a an official announcement said to for quarters were taken from the state restaurant at the Corner of Isabella and cres joint streets and the proprietor. Of the place was Given a summons i to appear in City court on monday. Taken into custody on the liquor charge were i William Bren no alias William Jeardeau of 310 Pine Street and two enemy planes were lost in i a j that the France Franco Ger James Scotty me Adam of <20 Battle in which 50 German planes Lutian artt1�5tice negotiations have York Avenue. Been a virtually concluded a Heki on the vagrancy accusation the dispatch was delayed hours were a itch it att at Bordeaux and heavily censor-1 1ss Geraldine Ross. 22. Of 720 Rev Joil slim Al l o de. New York Evue mrs. Jean Ross measure French spokesmen24 counter Street. Seh it a x rvs of slated the 4 the peace terms which dicta by re Alie Morrison. 35. R of Olg Navy had been under negotiation for i Wao it new Ink City miss i two Days would not be revealed i Uny. 30. 310 Pine Street . June 22. Up until path Italy also Evelyn la a. 21. 310 pm i a the hous tonight unanimously i a been read d. A passed a Bill author Irma creation Secretary of War in the Cabinet of of the worlds mightiest Navy to defend the United states and the Western hemisphere Aga Fri to any possible combination of enemies. The measure Grant my authority i to build 200 warships at a Cost of �4 000,000.000 now goes to the Senate where am action on it will Britain a fatal hour held near Rome. June 22. Yupu the a fatal hour for the British Isles is about to and a England will be totally occurred and the former Prem a Paul re us. I Koukl Nav a leading Nari a nov a National can mention recess. It the Semi official weekly re Larioni Bra so Jossin Adi expert it mat a that it win internationale said today. Oors to it a or. Tri Urchuk made from five to a even years to in a a Dinc article which said rus Appeal Degaulle spoke Oxer 1. In a i Lomg Macje Wnm Sam the bbl and announced he had am the ram. Also that a France must accept 1 i peace terms or face Annabi Latium Avreet and miss Ruth smoke 22, of hogans Horg Emerson Gagnon. 30. Who g3e Bis add Rete As the Oswegatchie hotel was locked up for disorderly conduct. The first three women were a taken into ans Tody at the residence eff by Mills. 4w pm Street the Inch Daal far whose arrest police i held a warrant. The misses Levya. Dry. And smoke were arrested at Bermo s . Ail gave their ecu patients As domestics. It appointed himself Leader of French nationals outside authoritative quarters mean has Long been a popular asserted that reports the a Jared local officer were assisted in the t til a 1 Stid a it re ai7 or it much territory. A a Coli Mimi Trucl Rirl i editor said that Eide Reeed Iro by two Piam Esthes i7ialf a Victory is not a Victory Rnest Rity must be emphasized. A France expects in the future Pegnia tinny that Germany will be imbued with a spirit which will enable berth great nations to have a it peace. A i Appeal to the a serf spirit to the Hopes that the French wid never have cause to regret the Steps we Are now taking Quot Keitel speaking slowly to a deep vol of. Repherd m. sgt mild 11-1 1�?,n. I a la ,3im. A a that Stalm had Toped Ltd a term Rechert from tart,1 Edmund Lik mde. 1015 a a cudly �5rn t Here a that a Hay a Ymme. Pc in a Toorean maroc m fact Khz ton. A a and tone to v a. Pop tit a a by ,1 w Jar in a a a a a set tax Fri livestock is sow starting Kine and government affecting the convention which convenes Lentic. Tbs Baltic Sweden s foreign policy Quot As a re monday under circumstances More. To go red. For to Germany s Conquest off i Pecan ism to their future than at i soon after the outbreak of War Norway. _ _ j Ryti Leroice tiie Polit real tide France began an me wave Durre two thousand workers Demon in Fried Furui them in 1930. Bat j against Conneu Roerts. Were crated in the Laharty Square Here of War fiume it Lige Comorre was Caw widespread and Terluk Ilerd my carrying red Barnery inscribed in fwd by three development in i menu must a Nellie in of the French rims an. Quot arthers mute Quot and use j l disc a ski m a Pia term Sa-1 parliament a in Rind of want bread and work Quot and motes j nwaiiillu.1 ewer the phraseology pacifist said we King a them cwt a a j he ape ethes by Rama army and latent off the fare urn aria Terest of Kowa the French anti <g0eb% a is fat a later leaders., Timar Ank of the Parry Jda Pfann Oan must actin was Stu eat a a mtr muts intended do a a be adopted Nert week special making Btte bet a in answer to the general person a Fabian off cod guards cd Fonna by a Befher time party should Piem Fae Wra cuon net a ban of a gear Emeott Friendly the Deli to ghz Aid to the Alfiea. And. Russia and pledged to strictest and j if a. Tom Zmach. Premm rat thai the Ahsay Herence to the re a Abr Estar 2. The Post easy Stanli Jung that 4 Quot pm Taal Mario Tahoe Quot treaty. The a gram that the i torte for Prete French Camm Meta Rowdan dead Bayao. Mawerat of Ranee a my Bary san Indi j i for the last 27 months. Ute bulletin Trench Mamon to he Freer a Africa it i air planes Tor 22. It i flying South it bit Falo. June 22 a hogs in Good an i Chokee 18-230 lbs. Quoted for Tramz 5.75 compared week ago Tea rite Andrei by 15-35 hither Wrights Bra car 220 lbs. Up most cattle none week s Trade ?<9y not we Harlev steady steers ki35-107? Bufa Aper Attres off the Watertown Pottee Force. Roi Imd pish and Floyd a Trinkey. Officer Parish was aft Jarc troop a Bouse and the other of Ifica was at mils establishment. I trip key Soffer i a cat on the right leg Ashr kicked a window from m a Home and be was a totem to Hepburn to Portal. Where is injuries were dressed by or. Hod or. Us steal tre it of err we be Green has today. S a itto shatters a be i Raty to rinse the wound it was Saud. Conf rated in the a Al plea. I Caa Only answer that k Bod Orabie far the Rictor a Honor the after the a Taal a a gig eng bad occurred a procedure that took i Tofte reriy1-� to it we owe to oar rare enemy. Or Cora stronger an is Iet windsors Are at zarag06&a Rel t<9 b8l Tew 22. If it of Tell Tete Fri i a nil no a a rhex to d intr. Monte 10.00 Airt Ivein err a a is 7 .w-8 a. A few card new 90-925 beef cows Cutter and common 5fwxp 2?. Canner 475-535 a Leht sausage Bofis 655-725 x the Nepe Obj for the party. A late is the Day armed a atan Ore to Emu srem it was Arna Joned that to Mumm met of crapped Talm a of of teams whom be made Pidto Whitred be at has or Tel aft or ape Eageat Flag Tom its Wrob Italy had brew reached and tested a naval flan approved adjust Worff to the set Atiao a potato. An a Utera career arise i Bush Watov a by Puryj dealt booklets be a Acorn to Hare it tented i"1&Quot f the a a a a Frerra m29tavy aude trucks the defeat to to the Ward Haiti Gifu Daes of it or Caeto a. Hot there h a thai a a Large one Fields planted to i w to him 1 . R Tete to cml might Weinbu. 5 ss-635 cheese pro Ces of and Arjay. And the two nor toe. The Cari testis of a bid we i be Given to the a to welfare a department after the devices Are dest coed. After a to Ted aft to Tor ate. Second bag to chief Mere. Allaf three who were Ernami Wal be held wit meriday ohm they will be arraigned before Cirr 2�? my h. Of crypt . Orese prices cent a Post to Ordah cards and in Enron who Paruck Fleton a Tete irate aft a Smey bag of the the raids m Artiuh the Wilma Greener afaese bored in to Wade a Hays Quot with nut Tod aft Oratai or the p 1 a a Creme in. He. Were a Tentou bus. The Ira Friere 13 l-3r and me to Depte Axher. James Doe. Law to the two a fames. Rente met Herb. Crete Sean. 7r tvs on we an t was the Ray Rand a Tum Frank , filter Range n Fri Oesola the Bead and a fut or Boa and 40 a redux 1 j i t t p \ a ;