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Ogden Standard Examiner Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Ogden Standard-Examiner (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Ogden, Utah Deaths a Uttah unsettled sunday with showers in North Portum cooler monday unsettled. Idaho fair. Flowing Gold of you Are not Reading the 1 Standard examiner s current serial flowing by Rex Beach Start it today by All Means. Our fiction fans say it is the Best yet the synopsis permits you to take up the Story with a background of what has gone on before. Fifty second 315 Ogden City Utah sunday morning May 20, 1923 Taft and Lenine targets for socialists list of Poison pen notes grows talk of richest Man fori president worries two parties Borah big Issue manufacturer says How Ever he has no political aspirations by Robert t. Smailj 1923 Washington May Shadow of Henry Ford richest 1 in the world lies athwart the a Illonal not the White i House itself. There no longer is a disposition among National political leaders to it Cit lightly the tulle of Henry Iford for president. The Miracle Man of the motor world has both Lold parties worried to something approaching a panic. The democrats frankly Are Wor ried Iest Henry Ford run away their nomination. The republicans Are worried for the same reason. They fear Henry Ford As a candidate against pres ident Harding in 1924. Nor do the worries of the Lead ers Stop Here. They believe that even if the democrats opposed to him Are successful in blocking hire nomination at the next National mrs . Ryan. New York May More Poison pen today were added to the 147 Are alleged to have wrecked Many Homes in jul re society. The latest missives were Laid before District attorney Blanton by Nathan Burkan counsel for George Maxwell composer accused convention Henry Ford May run of having mailed similar letters Iri on a third party ticket mud vol Long the name of sirs Allan a. Die the political Stream so that no one can say who will Rise Success Ful. Borah mention to. Another Spectator on the Politi Cal horizon is senator William e. Horah of he is about to undertake a a swing around the Cir. Cle on his own Hook to see if there really is any sentiment in the country for a third or possibly a fourth party. All of these moves make for political disorder and if there is thing the professional politician dreads it is disorders. He prefers to have everything understood in Advance so that he can Lay his Well matured plans accordingly and scramble aboard the leading band Wagon at the Best appointed time. Leaders of both the old parties frankly admit to you that they do not know How to go about Fig lit the spread of Ford sentiment. They have found that sentiment in places. They looked for it and Wero prepared to Dis count it in some sections but they find that the Ford Bug has spread far beyond anything they had suspected. There is no reasoning with it. When a Man says for Henry Ford he just keeps on being for Henry Ford no matter what arguments you May bring to Bear. Afraid to attack. Conscious of the Rise of the Ford tide the old party generals never the less arc afraid to attack him openly lest they bring the move ment to a focus and Start the for mation of a machine which might assume overwhelming proportions by the end of it is a baffling situation that is trying the ingenuity of the men whose Craft has brought them to the toy councils of their parties. The Ford Boom was worrisome enough to the politicians even to fore senator Pat Harrison came in from the West and announced that Henry was very much on the map and was a Facto to be each with in All earnestness in connection with the next presidential Campaign. Senator Pat did not say that to himself favored Ford but he also did not say that he would Bolt the ticket if Ford should be Tho re on and other women Maxwell through his counsel painting of Jesus Christ May obtain prisoner Pardon four have 48 hours to live unless terms Are met plight pitiable by James Harrison copyright 1923 Atlanta ga., May magnificent of Jesus Christ on. The Wall of the Chapel at the United states Penitentiary Here May gain a Pardon for Max Sasanoff russian convicted in new. York City for forgery.-. The painting which has just officials of the prison say Max has been a Model prisoner during father Hayden says his investigation of the forgery Case convinced him that Max was but the tool of. A. Gang or new yorkers. Sasanoff himself says he did to know what he was doing and that when he found out. What the Forg Ery was for retried to Stop but weary hungry bruised and Are 111 some peking May the associated foreign ers six of them americans some ill All of them weary bruised and foot sore poorly fed and. Worse Are look ing death in the face in the Poat Zulu Hills of Shantung province has contended that he himself approach the end the victim of the poised pea a captives bandits who raided the Shanghai express near. Suchow. Some Freal Esfi news stories by Telegraph Bird Dies so girl suicides Tine of Fork kills Idaho boy chinese Dies. Strangely Rock Island Iii. May 19. Miss Bertha Van Develde 17, found her pet Canary dead in its Cage she addressed a . Her father saying that the less of the Bird was More than she could endure. Her body was found in an abandoned Well on her father s farm. Shivers started. Senator Harrison s report which merely coincided with other in formation reaching Tho capital nevertheless sent cold Shivers Down the backbones of the Politi Cal Bis wigs. It so happens that important conferences have been held in Washington during the past week one of Tho gatherings at White House the other Cen lured about William Gibbs Mcadoo who came to Washington to at tend the unveiling of a statue a Tho Treasury department Over which he once presided but remained to talk Turkey with some of the men who attempt to shape the affairs of the democracy. Hoth conferences tried mighty hard not to even think of Henry Ford but both failed. Or. Ford in the meantime re fuses to be smoked out of Tho position in which he finds Kimseu. To All inquiries whether written or verbal he replies that he has no political aspirations that he has Given the question of party no special consideration and that is is sure anyway that the Wall Street interests would never consent to his becoming the chief magistrate of the land. Persons who have visited the motor magnate and talked privately with him say that if a is to become president of the United states he will have to be drafted. Democratic race open. It is considered a foregone conclusion Here that president hard ing will be renominated by the re publicans if he still wants to make Tho race when 1924 arrives. There continued 69 Page two Idaho Falls Idaho. May the eight year old son of Hyrum Loe is dead As the result of a Pitchfork Tine penetrating his brain. When an older brother was doing the boy entered the barn door just As the brother threw a for Ful of Straw out of the door. A Tine of the Fork entered his nostril and penetrated his brain. Chihuahua Citi. Mexico May his Squaw drank from the cup of another Indian during a native feast Del pc Corrita. A tar Humara Indian killed the woman and her infant son whom tha woman was carrying on her Back with a single blow of an , according to other Mem Bers of the tribe. The slaying occurred near Here in a Tara Humara Camp. Correta was sentenced to 20 years in Tho state Penitentiary. 115xicali. Lower Cal. May kindling for his Kitchen stove Lee Chuck chinese merchant of Mexicali knocked a splinter of Wood up Ward that penetrated his Eye and b rain killing him instantly. Of convicted i. W. W. Erna cams Are. Unable to satisfy Tho brigands by that their terms for the release of the prisoners met and the robbers chieftain makes Good his threat two of the americans and two britishers have but Little More than 4s hours to live. They will be shot As a warning that the marauders mean to Force compliance with their demands under their chiefs ultimatum sent out saturday. I a Skau for towes it Are pleading for our and unless peking Washington and London realize that the ban aits Are ready to sacrifice their own lives and those of All their captives in their fight for in Tho chinese air by air Jnnny from punishment we Are surely is the statement made by Leon Friedman one of the americans sneaking for All. Friedman s message sent to his brother in Shanghai has stirred the foreign communities of China. In. Shanghai tomorrow a mass meeting will be held to pass resolutions demanding the the Ameri can and British governments guar Antee the promises of the Chi Nese government to the outlaws and win the Freedom of their imprisoned nationals. Seven Are the Shadow of death has descended seven times this week the Bandit prison. Two of the chinese prisoners were thrown from the Cliffs because their prom ised ransoms had not been paid and five others were shot Down in. Been completed after nearly Llis gang made him go on months of intensive Effort work under penalty of evoked the Praise of Art critics of and that he was forced to Atlanta and the. South Many of j the work. Them declaring that it compares i Sasanoff is of.-. Russian italian favourably with the mural having motions in some the most famous Iano Italy. His fatties was a rus churches of Europe. It depicts the Savior on Steps of the. Temple while All about High Are gathered , the lame and sightless .weary., above in the Clouds Are symbolic As Max says of the Angels of mercy. Are Max for the various figures while the idea was by father. Hayden Oit the and All the Max has. Dedicated. T unit 7 i o pm Divi Sian jew and one of leaders of the construction of the trans siberian Railroad. Max studied in various "art1, centers of Europe and began his operatic career As a member of the chorus of the opera com que in Paris. Here he met Enrico Caruso and the two. Became to. In fast friends. Later in Max Sang with the metropolitan company in the same operas with Caruso. He also Sang with the cd Tessa grand. Opera company. Moscow he Sang at the. And further Max first came into Indence by " Over Tho Atlanta Journ at tradio station and investigation Kay director of the station disclosed that he not Only had been a grand opera Star of considerable magnitude but was an artist of some note he told Kay of his painting and promised him that when it was completed he would be the first to it accordingly Kay and of Atlanta artists were invited to the prison and the painting unveiled. So pleased were they with the work they immediately started the Ball rolling to get Max a Pardon. Kay has taken up the movement and initiated negotiations with. I Washington officials seeking to get Max released. tie Vith. w fam metropolitan company for their an Nual engagement visited Max it the Penitentiary. Lighted the other inmate s of. The prison by singing together.1 moved by the picture of Christ the Wall one. Of other prisoners known Only As Case j. P. wrote of the picture and ended with the following verse according to father Hayden expresses the sentiment of the entire prison officials and prisoners alike an artist s soul upon a prison Wall Laid the face of soul looks out at you a states do thou thy share. By judging men by what they Ara and criticized for accepting annually from j Carnegie Flay communists Trotzky called bombastic windbag attendance is Small new York May a de Mand for the impeachment of Wil Liam. A Taft chief Justice of the United states for accepting an alleged annuity of from the Carnegie corporation and an at tact on the lie nine and Trotzky. Brand of russian communism by Alex Ander Cahan editor of the jewish daily Forward featured the open ing the National convention of the socialist party today. Or. in an d-fess1 that Trotzky was a big Fedi Bastic wind but he Delieto Jim lie was sin Cere an that. Lefoe s physical great part to his moral incapacity. The Resolution aimed at chief Justice Taft was adopted unanimously but none of the delegates expressed views on the subject. Tie text of the Resolution said criticised. William Howard for failure to obey Marcel Berube a Shanghai yester his Freedom with cold blood orders. One Man Frenchman of Day was Given instructions from Wang the be spectacled scholarly Young Bandit Leader to go to peking and Lay before the chinese government and the foreign diplomatic corps the desperate plight of the fifteen others. Berube tomorrow will Tell his Story and present the ultimatum of the outlaws to the diplomatic corps including or. Jacob get prison terms sensible foreign Sacramento. Calif., May. William Flanagan and Albert strangled Industrial workers of the world were sentenced today to serve from one to 14 years in. San Quentin prison after their conviction on. Charges of criminal syndicalism. One of their counsel to f. Allen was sentence to 24 hours in jail for contempt of court. Joo land in Montana Schurman american minister who has returned to the capital from a trip to Shanghai and the Bandit zone. Negotiation s clogged two factors apparently have clogged negotiations for the re lease of the. Captives. One is the bickering Between chinese officials at Tsao Chwang who have poured in there by the Carload to entreat for the prisoners release. The other is the bandits demand repeated again and that be cause they cannot Trust the promises of the chinese guarantee that their terms will be j met must be Given from some responsible foreign source. Opposed to this latter Contention is i the stand of the Torelan diplomats that the chinese government. Is held responsible for the Teutons Frame new proposal of annual guaranteed payment Berlin May the associated forthcoming reparations proposals stipulate definite annuities instead of offering a fixed total according to in information emanating from political quarters it is stated that the German league of industrialists is preparing a plan which trill enable the make an offer based upon positive Concrete guarantees for German Industrial and Finan Cial and -commercial1 interests political parties and labor unions will go Security. Taft chief Justice of the United states supreme court for Many years has been in receipt of an annuity of from the Carnegie corporation which was undoubtedly granted in recognition of services rendered and whereas said William Howard Taft has continued to acc Cut Sai i annuity since his appointment to the supreme court of Tho United states and the acceptance of this annuity coming indirectly from the steel Trust the most powerful corporation in the United states is not Only unethical but a menace to the integrity. 6f our courts and detrimental to the Best interests of the american people therefore h it resolved by the Alvo committee party that we of the socialist voice our protest against the continuance of Howard Taft in his High office and demand that Congress take Steps to secure his resignation or impeachment and be. It further resolved that cop ies of this Resolution be sent to the press to Tait members of Congress our affiliated state and local. Organizations and to the labor unions of tha the committee was instructed to obtain co opera Tion of Trade unions and other Boa Mew Yoke May in Maud Adams famous actress who quit the stage be cause of illness in 1918, _ will return in the autumn in a revival of her greatest Suc Cess Peter and in three other Barrie plays one of them a new Effort on which sir James Barrie now is at work the evening mail said today. Miss Adams is also expected to appear in motion Pic Ture versions of Rostand a. Plays and Kip Lings novels his Appeal to escape death sentence under advisement decide wednesday Slayer of Deputy not mentally responsible claim marshal shot Nelson peace officer. Shows bravery in arresting desperate citizen special dispatch Brigham City May marshal John. H. Burt was shot in the Side saturday by Hans Nel son 40 years of age when the officer went to the Nelson Home after reports had been received that Nelson was abusing his aged e another. The charge was i Reed from a Shotgun and three shots lodged in the marshal s Side. His condition is not serious. Marshal Burt. Went to the Home of Nelson and As he approached the House Nelson is said to have emerged with a single barrelled Shotgun in his hands and warned Burt if he entered the Yard he would tinted shoot. The officer con into the Yard after com Clara Phillips fully Identie coded in convincing Chancellor Cuno and foreign minister Rosen Tegucigalpa. Honduras May Berg of the futility of speculating by the j upon an International loan As a the woman being held Here As i basis for reparations. Clara Phillips the California the league proposes to Hammer has been i substitute system of Gold Annm Taft s impeachment nation wide in of the its scope not been Algernon Lee York divulged or even discussed in of-1 Alderman was elected chairman for facial circles it appears that the the first Day. Powerful Industrial league has sue or. Cahan in his address said although the details forthcoming offer have manding Nelson to Lay Down his and when within Nelson fired it was Saldi Nelson s aim was unsteady and the main charge of shot whizzed on resolutions past Burt s Side. Three shots however took effect. Nelson retreated into the House with Burt still in Pursuit. Inside i the House Nelson still showed signs of fight and threatened int officer. Definitely identified by Deputy sheriff Walter j. Hunter who arrived Here from1 los Angeles she will be taken Back to los Angeles where she escaped from jail last december by the Steamer Bia. Leaving map Ala May 30. The prisoner has completely broken Down. All Day today she made offers to the police officials to help her to escape. In an interview which the As Olio Are. Ties to be guaranteed through the co operation of labor unions in connection with a platform calling for increased production All around. The Gold is to be raised process which is. Described the russian. Communists were More than two thirds fakers and it was time for. The american socialists to Stop Tempo izing with the russian soviet deplored the relatively Small he at Tendance at the convention saying it did not Auger Well for the status of the party in the United states. Socialism had just As Good a Chance to grow in this country As it had in England he if the would go about their pedal dispatch Salt Lake City May George Gardner convicted Slayer sentenced to face a firing squad at the state prison Nert Friday will know his Fate on application for commutation of sentence on wednesday afternoon according to a decision reached by the Board of pardons today. After devoting practically the entire Day s session to the Gardner Case it was decided to postpone a decision until wednesday at 4 p. M. It is believed that the postpone ment was due to the absence from the state of governor Charles r. Mabey who is now in the East. I governor Mabey is scheduled. U arrive Home next wednesday and the Gardner Case a is therefore postponed until his arrival. In the absence of the or Vernor. . A cite a. E. Crockett presided at today s ses Sion of the Board. Doomed Matt after a number of witnesses had appeared before the Board in his behalf during the morning session the convicted Man himself appealed to the Board members in the afternoon to reduce the sen tence of death to one of life imprisonment. In a flight of Emo Tion Gardner told of having been hounded by Joseph Irvine his brother in Law and partner in a farm venture. The Slayer who was convicted for the murder of Deputy sheriff Gordon Stuart asserted that the killing of the offi j cer was purely accidental. Attorney explains. J attorney e. F. Allen who de i fended Gardner in the District i court outlined to the Pardon Board what he termed mitigating circumstances in connection with the murder. He declared that i fact the shooting was accidental that Gardner had a fancied Gerlev circe and that the crime was committed because of this grievance had wrecked an already weakened mind. Threatened wife. Gardner was subnormal to said had always been so that he was irritable and that while in this irritable Frame of mind had at one time threatened to kill his wife. A petition containing hundreds of names asking commutation of sentence was presented by Allen. Four of the signers were jurors who voted for Gardner s conviction mrs a. Schefski of this City told the Board that she had known Gardner for six or. Eight Yoars. Mrs. Gardner herself also Testi fied to the Board that she i Tual by was in fear of her h Island that for no reason whatever he showed violent temper threatened to choke her drove her from their Home and that when within a Short time she would return u w. H. Rudd a neighbor called be would be quieted not sheriff John h. Zundell and dept c0gnizant of what he had done or to Charles Cheal who rushed to the Nelson Home and aided. In said that 10.-. Of As a giant Hypoth cation of All of rebuilding in the right Way nation s productive and sidetrack th6ir attempts 10 factories fish Ries Etc. Chancellor Cuno and is. Cabi g the evolve Highfalutin phrase Mong of cards jazz and joyriding rapped the prisoners1 and it must obtain their Freedom. And Friedman says and Berube says that unless the captives Are released soon they Are doomed. In Torrny feared advices from Tsoa Chwang state that Mutiny is feared among the troops policing the Bandit they have paid for 18 months and. Are reported to be fraternizing with the outlaws even for War the extent the Bra j Gands the government ammunition they carry. Some of the soldiers however still Are said to be encircling the Washington May proximately 4500 acres of land in Fergus county Montana will be thrown open to entry by sex service under an order today by the Interior department. Assertions from. Chinese of Sabbath and family religion of the Southern presbyterian Church. View Vij Juii a Jiu a3 net who Are guv umut jul m Max Ine committee report Suo a Socia Ted press correspondent had Sun tide holidays to the Examina pig Gray wigs Gray to Ted today at the annual conference to Tom of the Church Here blames mod sell Denver unit Era dancing for Many divorces and adds that card playing and in chaperoned automobile Riding. Of Nierth also Are among the. Evils breaking up the Siiro. Placing Nelson under arrest after a violent aversion to Irvin 3. Lively struggle. That she had warned Irvine of Nelson was lodged in the coun this but the tying he came to the Gardner dome on the Day of the tragedy. Cius ing her husband to become violently enraged. Seemed subnormal. P. A. Sorensen a resident of Mendon declared that he had known Gardner since childhood and that he had always seemed to be subnormal both mentally and physically. He said that in child continued on Pace Montreal n. C., May the average. American is in a state of according to a diagnosis returned today by the committee with is. Phillips she., said that she was charged that Alberta Meadows had been killed by Peggy Caffey. She declared her. Husband had turned state s evidence. He she asserted were responsible for her conviction. In Mexico she she a former Friend Jess Carson who is now in the Tegucigalpa that he compelled her by Force with him., telling her that Honduras had no extradition treaty a s a carding voyage arranged May Nite plans for president Harding to return from his alaskan trip by water through the canal with a Stop at Porto Rico or Basic features the scheme Are riot expected to. Reach a. Definite conclusion before the end of next week. It appears however that the Memphis the hn., May i in Raj la Cofel a w t. V la. L-l1lj.i. Ujiro government has permanently 3ev. President of Piggy wiggly stores incorporated. its. Hopes.-, of obtaining a hearing the creditor pow ers especially France for any re announced tonight that he would proceed with his original plans to dispose of a sufficient number of Parathion plan based in dispose 01 a sum client number 01 tangible foreign loan and it is wiggly stores units to lived that. The proposals As the finances of the Corn. Suggest a More and declared negotiations Vir inst solution. Tally jihad. Been completed for the each met tote his record Sale of the Denver unit for proximately Peterson in voted. A May judge in District brigands fortress despite repeated , by chair Ait Lasker court , 212 Dif Tott tic Tva of it 1 , _ . _ l-wt-it-1 " t Tiit n to continue we Oji Page two official of the rated a. Trip shipping who design a forces to 2 45.-Minu testis record sym Board vessel for the return surpasses any previously recorded Lin District agricultural College has just received an invitation to. The inauguration of Srinuel a Stratton As president or the symphony this take Tiger refuses seat in Senate Paris May 19. Former pre Mier Clemenceau refused a Senato Shl p which would have been his for the asking1. Representatives of the different parties offered ".to, make Huiai their c Omarion Choice As successor to the late senator in the Itig Erfa Birthplace the Region of la. Where he still. 1. Retains a Seaside horned Cle Mence Aii Tel used saying he determined not to re enter. Parlia would Stiot-.1 accept. The seat if he were elected to it. Just a very Little Money time patience and the results wanted Are yours the surest result getters arc want ads. 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