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Ogden Standard Examiner Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Ogden Standard-Examiner (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Ogden, Utah Swathe a Utah ten settled or rain a Phi v and in West por Uon sunday no decided change in temperature. Idaho creasing Clouds Ness followed by Snow no a hang in temperature. Tie Grasshopper shall be a Bur and desire shall fail because Man his Long Home and a Piot the Eccl some irises death is a punish of ten. A been a _ fifty sixth 202 open City Utah. Sunday morning 1926. 335m Frank Francis Gratteri Higgins and s. A. Son Are Home on a visit. They Are Ogden boys who went out of their Home town a few years and Good. They Are a big part of the i a. Pilcher company which has a Chain of 1c stores along Tho a t Cilc coast doing a general department store business. To enact leaders option Mastic de spite threats against some provisions with a. C. Penney Iii his of stores until decided to do for themselves and so they now Are Well launched on a venture which promises Well. The Young men Are just from xxv York where the 1 managers of the department Start Chain have been holding a. Co i tuntion. And do season buying. A picture of the. Group appears in a agents for january 19. In a conversation with news views the former Ogden rites 1 they never failed to think Back to and not Only their thoughts. But their footsteps ice in Dos Guiti on. Their Success would not be com plete i it Lieut theh. Friends in the old Home town knowing they moving up and a inns a Outlook in the world of affairs. How characteristic it is of Al of us to hold Higl in our esteem those so to make up the Community we Call Home. It is said that the one scrip Book which Irving Cobb keeps for his own pleasure is made up of clipping from the week published Down in. Tho town whew he attended school and got his first a Reat impressions of life More amendments committee to inspect tax returns meets with favor Day in avash1ngton plans for a new Arctic flight were disclosed. President Coolidge delivered his Semi annual budget address. Secretary Hoover outlined a system of National Waterways. Judge Wallace Mccamant explained his remarks about Theodore Roosevelt improvements in hawaiian harbours were recommended by the War department. Secretary agricultural Relief stand was assailed in the House. A fight against repeal of the inheritance and rift taxes opened in the Senate. Walter Hadwig Rqn Way insists up i in .11 j i ii i the r. A. Pilcher com tiny Hus stores at Yakima Klamath fulls Stockton Eugene brew Erton. Monroe. Pendleton. Rose tur Locc Oral gift Everett Ven Atchie Portland Aas Sacramento. Jar. Higgins will be in charge at Aberdeen and. Or. Wilson at Sacramento. Success to you Young Ogden its. Tour will other Ogden boys to climb. O Titis with its. After Efte As. Of earaches headaches and rheumatism s r. Plague. It is an affliction against . The medical profession made much headway. Has for it Talys time to conquer such diseases. Just us it has taken the years and the years to make any Progress m Back tuberculosis. Ivi it is coming when Thi epidemic win to better under stood and wiil be made to to Man s an old Man who worked the Pullman company 01 i that his average of if a. Ore i Quarter of a Een Tuty. Was and his pension is a month. That was Small pay As was the a crate pay of the c toilers in inv yours gone. By. _ today it would a i considered too Small to sustain u family buc years ago Many a foundation to a prosperous was built on a pay chock not much bigger. But there is one thins with the they were to fit into of 30 now Tho old men pensioned 10 years or More. Find themselves with scarcely on which to exist and As in the Caset u former Pullman employee the Pau sooner must work though to is much Over 70, in order to Keijo out of the clutches of. Poverty. Washington Jan. The associated tax. Reduction Bill was subjected to a dozen new amendments today. On vital provisions As the Senate spent a. Four hour session wrangling Over the first controversial Section to a reached in consideration of the measure. Lib rate sections were reached today senator Republican. Michigan opened the promised fight against repeal of the inheritance tax offering amendments to restore the inheritance and gift tax rates now in jail arcement. Cons Dera blk support for the amendment from Western senators j both is anticipated by senator. Move would net the proposed repeal., of the. Inheritance Levy vote d Senate Linance -but1, would reductions in. This two provided by. The House. Final vote soon with the Bill Rio vex cleared of All non controversial items ers were confident1 tonight that despite threats of fights against several vital rate reducing Provis ions a final vote coulis be obtained by february which a Cru old assure tax by March. 15 w Hen tax install ments on 1925 incomes Are due. Approval was driven today to a provision setting up k Perma nent congressional investigation committee would be i inspect income tax re and investigate a am Nistra of the Revenue by Reathi. At the. Request of senator Couzens it agreed that the committee would Nave to report All information discovered to Gross. Microphones transmit Nevada s Sis six physicians want to learn if execution humane state to Ell meanwhile there is controversy Over lethal fumes la w Walter Chadwick of Richiard bound from the county jail to the courtroom Chadwick.is-, on trial with against him Chadwick does not deny slaying a a Ciovic this neighbor at. On no vember. 28, last but insists he fired in self evidence Tiro Stit. that Chadwick and mrs Isoard friends arid had without and drinking dancing Pon provision was described by members of the finance commit tee As a Cor Promise on publicity of income tax payments now repealed d in the pending Bill and was so accepted by both Republican and of the committee. 1vorjkis senator Norris Republican. Nebraska however has offered an amendment proposing that All. In come tax. Returns. By opened to Public in this con by Lee Overman special correspondent of tie Standard examiner copyright. 1926, consolidated press association Carson City nev., Jan. Some time within the next 90 Days in the state prison Here three delicately attuned microphones pin Ned to the breasts of three men going to their deaths by cyanide Gas May enable the rest of the world to pass judgment on. Nevada s famous lethal Gas execution Law the microphones As the lives Are snuffed out. Are expected to provide data which will be carefully checked As to Stanton busness and humaneness of the Sagebrush state s novel sex Cut fun method waiting in death the state prison Here to become involuntary victims of the Forth coming tests Are Abe Randolph Manuel Stanko Jukich. All Are convicted murderers anti All have lost their appeals to the. Nevada supreme court. The Only t thing Between them and death is the. Fixing of the execution Date. This Date the jaw provides Musl be Orie of the next 90 Days Little Stone House once the Date is fixed they will be led to the House in. The Corner of. The state prison Yard where almost a year and a half apogee John a Chi Nese to no killer to death inthe world s dust lethal Gas sex Tchell to Tell world about views York Jan. 1 hit colonel Mitchell who be resignation from the army was accepted yesterday will present his views on Avia Tion in a lecture Tow to Start Here february 10 and Hui across the country James u. Pond head of the j Ond lec Ture a Jurcan tonight. Xc-., satiation Wev completed in Dikiy. For Chadwick my Shotgun jury is told motor acid liquor party eve of slaying is throng jams room for saturday dangerous Ages for lands safely after 15 hour. Journey Over Pacific Ocean continued on Page five the men pensioned 10 years should be Given a Little in addition to their present Revenue. It Wou l be generous treatment and Brno gratitude. W what should the far Mcc Plant this season that question was put to expert and he they should be careful a making their decision. It always Good advice to Tell the Farmer to have s diversity of crops. To one can predict accurately to potatoes. There is aft saying that when seed is Plant deep. Spanish onions on soil adapted to the vegetable should give excellent returns. Many Farmers had big crops with Sood prices iks year. Tomatoes have clone Well Ani if canners Are ready to contract extensively the Tomato should prove profitable. Second Early to Matoes As shippers should brims Good Russia Job lots at five million each Fernando. Noronha Island Brazil Jan. The associated a continuous flight of approximately 1-5, hours the seaplane plus Ultra in command of the completed the. Longest arid most perilous stage of its flight from spa into America coming Down in off this Island at. S o clock a evening. Commander Franco at first girdled the Island in search Good Landing spot but found none Beccaise of he again flew out to. Sea there. Later the plane towed into a Saf Harbor in concen Cion Bay. Tho distance traverse was about. 1432 Miles Spanish aviators now. Are -only1 about 279 Miles the brazilian Mainland. Of p Teree 3mers die when fails no 1 there is a Promise of Heary shipments of Green tomatoes this summer. Peas do Well in this Region and have brought the farriers re Suurs which Are highly satisfactory. Sugar beets do Well and they enrich the soil it is a crop which can be depended on with a mar Ket assured. Continued of two Moscow Jan. The associated were a Sun today with the soviet government by rude Lii Oblatt oi1 new York and. Norman Welsz of London representing important american jewelry houses for the Purchase of part of the rus Star Imperial. Crown jewels. The government Jias decided to sell the jewels n separate but offer will be accepted for Worth of gems at Oats time. At least ten other foreign Dia mond experts Are bidding for part of the collection. The value of which some jewellers place air Oblatt made a five hour examination of the entire collection of Treasury today and Grelite. Impressed with Tho Beauty variety intrinsic Worth and Tii Stori Cal value of the jewels. I have seen most of the portent Crown said or. Weisz including the matchless Royal treasures of India arid London but none of these com pare in Beauty variety Tion with the Romanoff treasures no Mere verbal description can do them jus Tice. Aladdin s Ca e and its wonders Are surpassed by these pearls and majority of which arc the finest Golconda diamonds of the greats Picher okla., . The associated three min ers were Axil , by. A falling in the Viclie lion mine at car din. Near Here Everett Mclain 21 years old of Locust Grove okla., was working his first Day in the nine. The two others a. And. E. Church were both of okla. A three others were slightly injured while recovering the body switchman askjhi0hes pay ing How. Auto teries is to Ptah a to Harry turned Friori f Eastern visit said Ogle i r a . Estimates. F. Roof Loo pounds for radio v Tetra Ethyl gasoline great Nual cables that Anast in Ishing rate or. R ing be producing state Means this area is capital explore Tigris f with for the of the. In _ Refior West ing potato in a soil. Tsitve High " value in centers following breakdown Bif by Jinai picture-1 actress die d 1 at Hev Home Here this after 1 noon. S miss resulted from. Complications. Following a b read own several month Sago. And at a tits e when ish e seemed rapidly improving. . She Able to Jeave the. A o me the first. Tire in a directors killed Jrex an Accident cured. In she Hollywood was was engaged in this last c miss la became worse yesterday it did not seem Hep father til 3 after non. She d red an hour lat fir. Street before the deadly cyanide fumes are1 up de. A their will to ear phones just outside the and a half eyed list ening and1 watching through a heavy Pla Ter Glass will Analyse the death reactions of the three victims. Plans for this scientific observation of the death of Randolph Acosta and Jukich Al ready met with tentative approval of the governors office Here and other state officials. Six physicians or. D. A. Turner former major in the United state s army med Ica corps will be in charge of the observations and will be assisted by five of Tho Best known physicians in Nevada. According to present at least two and probably All three condemned risen will be trussed in chairs in the lethal at time and partake simultaneously same draught of peach pit Odred the death already has been equipped to handle the triple if necessary. Results of the Scinto of the will be of the world the tests and other scientific observations plan. Females set at 22 and then thirty by Maxine Davis special Standard examiner copyright 1926, by the Consoli dated press new York Jan. "30. Why girls leave is .10 secret to mrs. Mary Hamilton first woman cop. Who has resigned As head of the women s Bureau of Tho new York police department. In her nine years on the women and girls of Evory class. And. Condition have passed under her sympathetic observation and she is an authority on Why girls pro wrong. Of them not. She., said today. Majority Are Tho unfortunate product of their environment physical voluntary by the a closing sensation came in the murder trial of Walter Chadwick. Charged with the slaying of Ludo Vic in the it court saturday afternoon Sheji mrs. Osbard. Called. To Pic stand by the de Eunse Admi l the d that she was on an automobile with Young Chadwick their right preceding the killing and when returned Home was waiting in their a. Shotgun. Mrs. Isoard. Wit i head bowed before the crowd of court spec which p asked Avail Able Inch of the courtroom to such extent that men stood on the window Sills Hisil moly under questioning by tool attorn in for the defense told her Story two Young men who reside near Slaterville. Herself and two Marylad women from Ogden were. Iri the parly the testimony arid there drink ing. Do Amati wi-7t.come at. o clock mrs. Isoard said they returned to a Point near the Isoard Home. The men left the car and three a women drove to the of Money the great causes a Cohien. Into irs -isoard1 led them in tie Reir s r and or. Isoard stood in the ii taken Jwili Shotgun raised to his. Shoulder the wife testified Cha Dwick with Osbard Asp gird she Are you. 11-r. She said replied. To mis set a Demea Borsare attributed gets .13tokr still has Faith the. Other women tie Hamilton has enormous House with her and or. Soard Faith inherent goodness of i put the Testi Tony showed. He apparently got. Over his anger and visited with them for. An hour in the parlor womankind she. Believes that prevention and removal of Basic causes is. Far More efficient in achieving results for the Benefit of girls and women punish ment after the acts hts e been committed. She boasts " that in her nine Pearson Tho Force she has never made an she she is. Not in the least weary of her work for the Purifor a Tunales of is about to embark business which will give employment to1 300 women and part Tima. Work to Many More. In this new line of 1 Endeavor she will attempt tout Many of into prac Tice. Before they. Left. Mrs. Osbard further testified that her Jiu band cleaning the Shotgun two Days before the shooting and remarked to her accede vital by shoot Wal Ter on the morning of tie killing. Mrs. Isoard said her husband got up and Brou she Coffee to her while bed at about a Sheri -1e prepared to heave set. House she said she rigged him not to take the shot sign him but lie left the More woman get into miss Dallas St engr rather Spiot and instantly killed Here. Today by. Whoso Jam e Jis. Darriell wounded himself Phy pro Bably would die shooting occurred on. "a1 downtown Street. I by associate d a bid of j 0 of 00 0. The running. Out seat Lov. If or the far. Was b oar today from to i t5nnar. The associated thei executive wage committee of the. Switchman s Union of america1. Demand would be made for increases averaging approximately 51.57 a Day the exact. Demand. Varies with the class the committee is also preparing form schedule ctr Erling working rules which will be Presente a to the Railroad managements same time As the wage aj5mits mtg Eden Joliet in. Jan. 3 associated death vat a few Livours away Otto o. Sex Abri jct admitted foday that "he., killed Henry be Skafti banker arid his at their Home. On eth a i it. December 12 police believe been responsibly for a Hundred Bursa rats. In this told. His Story from his Hospital night. The Wihr Iron bars t Bank robbers automobile thieves and chec la artists f Frank v charge of. The i were also p. J. Kel resent Tive. Of Southern was a .i-.v, a the 8 end Ned for the executions Willi largely for Ever since execution of controversy has prevailed All. Sage whether. Nevada Oug by to abandon her lethal Gas Law. Efforts to have the Nevada the in its last session Law makers refused after hearing the men and i other witnesses of. The execution of gee Johari. Ainu no those urging the rep Eal of the lethal Gas Meas the last legislature was offers status of Burns Jan by. The presso a Harry

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