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Oelwein Daily Register, The (Newspaper) - May 12, 1975, Oelwein, Iowa No plans for evacuation of i aos by the associated press the state department says the United states has no plans to evacuate the 1000 americans in Laos although the communist Patchet lao apparently Are taking Over the landlocked indochinese kingdom the situation Doest appear to warrant it said a state department spokesman in Washington in Bangkok the thai govern ment said it would propose to the association of Southeast asian nations that North Vietnam South Vietnam Cambodia Laos and Burma be included in the grouping because the Region has found peace the association which meets tuesday in Kuala Bumpur Malaysia includes Indonesia Malaysia Singapore the Philippines and Thailand in Saigon the roman Catholic archbishop Mcguen Van Binh called on catholics to put Forth maximum efforts to rebuild the nation and contribute to National reconciliation and Concord so As to create a thorough Mutual understanding a communique from the archbishop was read at the Saigon Cathedral during the sunday morning mass a report on the communique was received in new York today from an associated press correspondent in Saigon Vientiane the laotian capital remained Calm following a speech sunday in which Premier Souvanna Houma in effect conceded that the Patchet lao now control the coalition government of rightists leftists and Neutra lists established under a 1973 peace Accord important changes have taken place which some had not expected so suddenly but they Are Here said the 73yearold Premier a neutralise who for years tried unsuccessfully to forge a balance Between the conservatives and communists we must Stop the fighting the War has reached an end Souvanna Houma told a meeting of High ranking officials attended by King Savang Vathana it is our great Chance to preserve our country from further bloodshed which surely would take place if one continued to ignore the March of historical events the premiers speech followed the communist victories in Cambodia and South Vietnam attacks by Patchet lao forces on various positions held by the rightist generals from their army commands this left the Patchet rightist members of Souvanna Houmas coalition Cabinet and the removal of three to ranking rightist generals from their army commands this left the Patchet lao the dominant faction in the government i plan tax break on farm property Des Moines a property tax valuation for farm land Rose less than 13 per cent in the five years ending in 1974 but residential valuation Rose 29 per cent commercial 54 per cent and Industrial 31 per cent despite that report from the Iowa Revenue department the Senate ways and Means committee is working on a Bill to give a property tax break to farm ers at the expense of other taxpayers what that report Means to me is that agriculture property was already valued where it belongs in 1969 said sen bags Van Gilt Oskaloosa a member of the committee who is pushing for the change that tax break for Farmland would not come about by changes in valuation but by changes in the capitalization rate unlike other property Only half the property taxes on Farmland Are figured on the value the other half is figured on productivity the profit that farm could make in any Given year the capitalization rate sets a return on investment for the Farmer supposedly the rate the Farmer could receive on his Money if he had it invested somewhere else instead of in farm land that rate is subtracted from the productivity half of the property tax the capitalization rate has been 5 per cent for the past few years and has recently been raised to 6vfe per cent the ways and Means committee wants that rate to be increased More that 6 per cent is just not a reasonable return Van Gilt said its not fair the Law says the Farmland will be capitalized at a fair rate of return Van Gilt contends that if the agriculture land does get the property tax break Only a portion of the taxes would be shifted to property in the cities about on third would be shifted to All property with two thirds shifted to other areas outside the City limits houses and farm buildings he said he said this would be fair because All taxes Are paid from income and Farmers receive Only about 17 per cent of the income in the state Revenue department figures show that slightly Over on third of the property valuation in Iowa is in farm land you never can make property taxes fair Van Gilt said the More we rely on state taxes instead of property taxes the better off Well be he said Money to run schools cities and the state should be equally divided among income taxes sales taxes and property taxes but presently about 1700 million annually comes from property taxes while income taxes bring in million and sales taxes million he added Gene Eich Deputy director of Revenue for property tax believes farm ers got a greater break in tax valuations during the past five Vears he noted that the average residential valuation went from in to in 1974 figured at 27 per cent of actual value vol 94 no 152 monday May 12 1975 Oelwein Iowa per copy 15c supreme court voids 5 item vetos by Ray a time of magic for the Little girl in dungarees sugar and spice the High school prom Young nearing adulthood its a time when the changes into a Young lady in an evening gown and the Little boy with a tilted Cap on his head becomes the suave Young Bachelor in a Tux Oelwein Community High schools prom was held saturday night from 9 pm to Midnight at the High school supervised activities followed at the driven theatre until am when breakfast was served at the eagles building a group of Young people Complete in All their finery Are shown Here As they near the Glass walled Entrance to the High school gym where the prom was held Susan Thomas photo Sanford to resign tonight Oelwein City manager Gordon Sanford will officially submit his letter of resignation to the City Council at their regular meeting tonight after revealing that he would resign when the vote became 42 on passing the first Reading of the ordinance repealing the ordinance which set up the City manager Post the second Reading of that ordinance will be voted on tonight if passed tonight and again at the next Council meeting the City manager position will be abolished also on second of three readings tonight Are ordinances providing for increase in pay for mayor City Council members City treasurer and City attorney the Council is also scheduled to conduct a Public hearing on the Community development Grant which will provide funds for Parks and water system improvements other business on the Agenda for tonight meeting includes Resolution amending City budget for the fiscal period Ena 30 setting hearing on Sale of City property on 8th ave be authorizing contract for Larry Miller to Cut Trees for the City on Street oiling program for 1975 on Purchase of radios for City trucks news in recovery Charles City a the body of a Rural Charles City teenager has been recovered from the Cedar River the body of Douglas Hunt 16 son of or and mrs Arthur Hunt was recovered saturday about a Quarter of a mile from the Accident site Hunt fell into the River near the Beauty dam about 11 pm May 1 while walking with two friends police said one of the youths friends attempted to Rescue Hunt but the body was apparently pulled under by the current from the dam searchers efforts for the past week were hampered by High Vater and the Swift current hanged fort Madison a an inmate at the Iowa state Penitentiary died by hanging himself authorities said monday the body of Vernon e Moore 47 Des Moines was found in his cell about 10 pm sunday officials said a leather Belt found in the cell May have been used by Moore Moore entered the fort Madison prison May 1 to serve a five year sentence from Polk county on a conviction of carrying a concealed weapon his death was being investigated by the Iowa Bureau of investigation authorities said an autopsy was scheduled body Iowa City a body of a Newborn baby boy was found by University of Iowa laundry service workers As they sorted Linen saturday authorities said Emmet Rathbun Bureau of criminal investigation agent said the boy was discovered about i pm by two workers sorting bags of University hospitals Linen that rolled Down a conveyor Belt an autopsy was Tobe performed to determine the cause of death a laundry worker said there were no bruises or wounds evident on the body which was wrapped Ina Sheet bombings Washington a an organization opposed to cuban Premier Fidel Castro is claiming responsibility for bombings at the mexican chancery and soviet Aeroflot airline offices Here there were no injuries in the blasts Early saturday damage was minor mostly broken windows fire Burns 5 businesses in Keokuk Keokuk a fire of undetermined origin destroyed five businesses and a vacant building Early monday before firemen from four communities brought it under control the Blaze began in the Iowa theater building in the 400 Block of main Street about am the alarm was sounded As firemen were a Block away extinguishing a rubbish fire that they said May have been set within 45 minutes after the alarm was sounded the fire spread to neighbouring clothing stores and a vacant store front there were several apartment units above the businesses but they were evacuated firemen said there were no reports of injuries firemen from Hamilton 111 and fort Madison and Argyle helped Battle the Blaze the fire was brought under control by mid morning but store owners across the Street were boarding up windows because of the possibility that material in a paint store would explode from the heat weather regi Ferland weather generally Clear monday night with from Low to mid40s mostly sunny and warmer tuesday with highs in Low 70s North winds at 5 of 10 Miles an hour monday night daily record Sunset Moi highsun57 Sunrise toes Low Sunu Sunset tues today at 1 p m 68 la Girtch rain one year ago Low 44 Mcgovern hypocrisy John Loftonsr column in this Issue is captioned George Mcgovern is an immoral hypocrite it deals with inconsistencies revealed in his record on Vietnam refugees and his biblical quotations editorial Page traffic fatalities Des Moines a the Iowa Highway death count through Midnight sunday this year to last year to Des Moines a gov Robert rays use of the item veto on five Bills passed by the 1973 legislature was voided by the Iowa supreme court in a 72 opinion monday the courts majority opinion written by Justice Harvey Uhlenhopp said the vetoes by Ray were beyond the scope of the amendment to the Iowa Constitution which granted the governor item veto Power and Are of no effect the legislature did not evade the governors item veto authority by the Way it wrote the appropriations Bills on which he exercised the vetoes Uhlenhopp added the Challenge was brought to the court by 27 former and pres ent state legislators headed by rep Richard Welden Iowa Falls the item veto amendment adopted in 1968 says that the governor May approve appropriation Bills in while or part and May disapprove any item of an appropriations Bill gov Ray used that authority after the 1973 legislature went Home to veto restrictive clauses Board to continue discussion on report the Oelwein school Board will continue discussion on the citizens advisory committee report and take action on a contract for the Junior High school principals position in its regular meeting today Mon in the superintendents office the Board will discuss procedures for implementation of citizens advisory recommendations the Register Learned last week that the Board will probably approve a contract with Leslie Aasheim the current curriculum director at the Estherville school for the Junior High principal Post for for an 11month contract other items to be considered by the Board is a request to have some of the High school classes begin at in the morning to raise the salary of substitute teachers from to a Day consider extended contracts for some career education teachers and a guidance teacher As Well As act on extended contracts for a music and English teacher the meeting will Start at 8 pm four trapped in sewer explosion Green Bay wis a an explosion trapped four men 100 feet below ground in a sewer Tunnel today and officials held out Little Hope of reaching them alive because the danger of a second explosion was holding up the Rescue Effort at least one of the men was believed killed in the blast two Rescue squads were being held at the Mouth of the metropolitan sewage com Mission Tunnel 1500 feet from the trapped men in Hopes that the Gas Levels would dip mechanical monitors in the Tunnel which is 6 feet in diameter showed the Gas buildup still at the danger level following the blast authorities said it was not known immediately what Type of Gas had built up in the Tunnel officials said they added it could be methane Gas created by a buildup of sludge or natural Gas coming from a leak in Gas lines although the cause of the blast was not known officials said it could have been triggered by an electric train that carried work men into the Tunnel beneath the Fox River eight workmen including the four who remained trapped were injured in the blast four managed to get out of the Tunnel with Only minor injuries the explosion Shook the North Side of the City shortly after the eight employed by a Milwaukee construction firm reported for work at 7 am written into the five Bills to limit the number of state employees various departments May hire and to impose other restrictions on the use of appropriated funds one of the restrictions vetoed would have forbidden the allocation of More than 15 per cent of the voted to local alcoholism units to any single facility another would have provided for discontinuance of certain programs it Federal funds Tor them were Cut off since the 1973 appropriations were for the biennium which ends june 30 the decision will have Little practical effect the governor however has item vetoed similar provisions in two appropriations Bills this session the House failed to override one and a move to override the other is pending rep Floyd Millen r Farmington one of the parties to the suit said he feels certain the House will reconsider its failure to override the one veto and will also override the second the High court ruling reversed the decision of Polk county District judge Gibson Holliday who upheld rays Contention that restrictions such As those imposed by the legislature encroached upon the Power of the executive Branch of government Justice Uhlenhopp cited the constitutional provision which vests legislative Power solely in the legislature in saying the shoe was on the other foot if a governor May veto a legislatively imposed qualification upon an appropriation but let the appropriation itself stand he wrote he May alter and thus in fact legislate we thus hold that if the governor desires to veto a legislatively imposed qualification upon an appropriation he must veto the accompanying appropriation As Well the court thus said that if the governor wishes to strike the restrictions he also has to veto the appropriation for that particular Agency the High court said the 1973 item veto Case differed from an earlier Case in which the High court had upheld rays exercise continued on Page 8 Ray says ruling is confusing and inconsistent Des Moines a gov Robert Ray called the Iowa supreme courts decision to void five items in 1973 appropriations Bills somewhat confusing and inconsistent he noted that the High court in 1971 upheld his item veto for an appropriation to the Iowa High Way commission and he said that decision has been widely cited in other state supreme court decisions around the nation we have based subsequent actions on that decision Ray said in a three Page statement the governor said the ruling May make it impossible under certain circumstances for a governor to protect the general Public and in this particular Case the entire executive Branch of state government from unreasonable and perhaps vengeful legislative action Ray noted that the tendency in the last few years has been for the legislature to pass appropriations Bills in the last hours of the session and adjourn he said individual legislators often Are successful in inserting restrictive provisions in such Bills in the belief that the governor will not veto them and Call the legislature Back into special session Ray said that instead of strengthening the separation of Powers the courts decision May in fact weaken that separation legislative leaders said monday that the Iowa supreme courts avoidance of gov Robert rays veto Power restores the balance of Power Between the branches of state government this brings the Power Back to the legislative body where it belongs said sen George Kinley does Moines Kinley Senate majority floor Leader said the decision Reim poses True separation of Powers Between the legislature and the executive Branch sen Ray Taylor Steamboat Rock was one of the legislators who filed the suit i was confident from the very beginning that we would have the ruling in our favor Taylor said Taylor said that he could not see How the governor could be empowered to completely change the intent of an appropriation by simply striking a word or a phrase House speaker Dale Cochran Deagle Grove said monday was an historic Day because of the ruling the people of Iowa have been liberated from the unconstitutional grip of the governor of Iowa the House speaker accused Ray of attempting to become a dictator by exercising his Powers As a member of the executive Branch of government As Well As infringing on the legislative Branch Senate minority Leader Clifton Lamburn Maquoketa said he would ask atty Gen Richard Turner for an opinion on whether two item vetos by Ray earlier this session Are Legal lamborn said it appears that those vetoes removing the limitations of the number or employees in certain state departments Are in violation of the Constitution Stock Market new York a Stock prices showed a scattered Pat Tern today amid Strong counter availing forces of profit taking and buying on expectations of a developing economic recovery the noon Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was off 204 at 84809 but the Overall new York Stock Exchange tally showed gainers ahead of losers by about a 32 margin in continued Active trading Iowa extended forecast wednesday through Friday warm and humid wednesday with the threat of showers and thunderstorms and possibly in the East thursday partly Cloudy and cooler Friday highs upper 70s of Low 80s wednesday Cooling to 60s and Low 70s Friday lows mainly in the 50s

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