Clipped from US, Ohio, Elyria, Elyria Chronicle , September 22, 1908

OBITUARY-Charles Cortez Cragin. a'he son of Benjamin ami Mahala Cragin, was born in Weston, Vt., November 15,1821. When fourteen years, of age he came wth his fathers family to Ohio. They settled in La Grange on the farm now owned by the youngest brother, Harrison Cragin.It .was then an unbroken forest. Hegrew to manhood amid the hardships of the pioneers life.He was married to Mary Jane Wilkins May 8, 1844. Fifty-one years they walked together, then the wife went on before to the better land.Four children were born of this union, three of whom died in childhood. .Sixty-eight years he lias lived mthis vicinity, and his life has been an open book. He was one of the few pioneers left and stood out m j the community like a forest oak-j He was more than industrious and from early boyhood to four score vcars was given to hard manual toil, j He was intelligent and always kept j abreast with this progressive age. | but the center of interest to him was J his own home. Early in life lie became an active member of the M. E. church, and ever after was one of its most active and earnest supporters, and a consistent, conscientious,!iChristian man.His daughter Etta alone remains jof his immediate family to mourn the loss of a loving father, a grand old man who was an honor to his race. Truly we can say of him, “He was one of the noblest works of God, an honest man ”