Obituary Death Record Clipping from , Fri, Oct 15, 1915.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Elyria, Elyria Chronicle , October 15, 1915

ported the measure every since the It:u: heMATHIAS O’DONEELLCITIZENv\ -GIVES UP LIFEheIT1 l-TM UK It OF A WELL-KXOWNFAMILY 1JEEX ILL I OH A LOXC TIME.\\ e regret to announce the deathof Mathias F. J. O'Donnell, son of Mrs. ft O’Donnell, one of the best known ynune: nun of!6 this city-Mr. O'Donnell was born March 18, J^Si. in Grannrd county, LongforriI inland. While a babe in arms he was taken y his parents to Mel bourn, Araiin, where he remained until he was ten years of are. lie then came to this country with ihs parent !■ and family and a number ol yearss a”o settled in Elyria. Since t li;it time the O’Donnell family huts occupied an important position in thebusiness interests of This c:ilv.*He is survived by his mother, his wife. formerly Miss Alice Harpster, two children, Dorothy, aged six. andtlTlt; 1 f0(y!pcFiclbt imf;avr:F:DKatherijie. adaed^ thtee. mcwithft, andl ■■y t * *• .sv**' ^ - l’- ■- ^ .. f ^7*5 / fhe^folJo wiri^* -bmtnerfl -ahd. sistprsu-L K. J. O'Donnell, Arthur O’Donnell, a11 ■ | Alfred P. J. O’Donnell, Marcella F. O'Donnell John F. O'Donnell, Bernuarrl O'Donnell. Ohas. P. O'Donnell, Richard O'Donnell, Mrs. F. H-irnph-r\ all of Elyria, and Sister Murv Louise of Toledo.He was a faithful mom her of St. Mir vks it. cT.urrh of this citanrlw malso of the Knights of Coiumbus. He hr1' been employed for a number ofyears hi the store of his mother, in tho vile of wall paper, and way a young business man of ability.Funeral services will be held at the church Monday moi'iiing at :) o'clockirerrii:L.vvri i 11.cur