Westerns 14 Amherst 7
Elyria beats Amherst in convincing fashion.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Elyria, Elyria Chronicle , October 4, 1915

WESTERNSWINLocal Team Gets Started In Second Half f After Being Held To 14 7 Score In the First Half—A ml rose and Nichols Lead In the Attack^Ideal football weather ushered in the fall sport season in this lt;:it.y Sunday afternoon when the much tuutci Western eleven completely swampen the Amherst Indians, the final count betng 54 to 7. The score at the end of the first half was a complete dis-appointment to the Western’s Siin-porters. the locals being able to score 14 points against 7 bj A sobers!. Hut the next two periods proved altogether different, the West Siders piling up a total of 4 0 points,while the visitors never threateneSet-omi Quarter.St rut k made 7 yards on left but fumbled, Gates recovering. Amberst ball on 5 yards Struck bucked 1 yards. Score, Westerns 14i AmherstI.pHAdVI•rto count. The score, although high, does not even indicate the great streugth of the western team, this being the first, real scrimmage they have undergone. Yesterday's contest showed the foot, ball fans that Capl. Koehle’s aggregation will undoubtedly be the best team that nas ever represented Elyria on the gridiron with the exception of the famous Athletics, state champions of t vo years ago.It would be hard to pick the stars on the local team. every man showing up well. “Shine Hubble proved a whirlwind at center. continually breaking through the Amherst line and breaking up playes before they got under way. Coach Eseh has spent a lot of time tutoring Hubble and he certainly shows a gre»r improvement over his last year's style of playlngof playing. Ward Lyons and Wilford also played great foot ball and proved that the line will be strong All of the back field men displayed fine form, both on the offensive and defensive. The first back field of Ambrose at quarter. J las ley at lull and Forbes and Kaley on the halves looked about the same as Struck, Nichols and Hacket. Jaygcr and Broker performed the best tor Amherst.- The' Westerns wtll journey to To-■do next Sunday to lock horns with the strong Maroons of that city. Thi* Maroons have one of the strongest learns in the state anti will have fhe advantage of two weeks’ practice over the locals JJut nevertheless tap Westerns should make a good showing. A home game uill prob-wbh be arranged for the following Sunday The brand of Toot ball tti:if local fans will witness this season deserves the support of all lovers ot cle;m sport in this city Come on fans, tret back of foot ball niul liHf boost the gridiron pastime in Elyria “Jerry Hanley former* sltit atV ► 1■Reserve, refereed the rnntnst and rliri a fine job of If and tlu; local* arc very fortunate in securing (lie services of such a competent official.Third Quarter.Forbes kicked off the ball, rolling; to Amherst's 5 yard line. Nichols made a fine tackle of Broker before he had taken two strides. Amherst punted Ambrose was downed in his tracks. A pass. Ambrose to Hackot, netted 10 yards. Kaley bucked two more. Nichols passed to Forbes between the goal post*. Forbes missed goal Amherst kit ked to Hobble who made 10 yards Forbes passed to Hackot for a gain of 15 wtrds. Ambrose passed t.o Forbes who carrier' the ball over the line. Forbes ki(diet! goat. Forbes kicked to Knilfet. Westerns held for downs Nichols went around right end 1*0 yards fur touchdown. Score, Westorn.s 28 to i Fourth Quarter.Forbes booted to Amherst. Hus-ley intercepted pass Ambrose circled left end for Lf0 yards. Nichos went around right end for 15 yards, making touchdown Nichols kicked goal. Forbes kicked off to Gate* who returned tHe oval five yards Westerns held. Amherst punted, Ambrose -returning 20 yards. -V.’ii-trford made 6 yards on tackle buck Struck hit right tackle for 5 yards Hackot made 5 more on left Racket carried ball over the line. Nichols missed goal. Amherst kicked ro Bitkins who came, beck 10 yard-3 A pass. Struck to Forbes, gained IB1 yard*. Wilford bucked two yards . Pitkins carried the oval over the whitewash on a quarterback buck. Amherst kicked off to Wingarrt wli relumed -7 yards. Westerns penalized. r» yards for ofT aide.t(nt!Aotl1ot:Vbtbtlrdtci€tScoreWesterns.AmherstL.First Quarter.Broker kicked off to Boswell who returned it five yards. Westerns m•(1 e first down on line bucks. Forbes circled left end Tor 25 yards, making the first touchdown in less than five minutes of play. Westerns booted to Ackerman who ran the Westerns’ 15 yard line. NiohoL spoiled a forward pass and loraL held tor downs. Westerns penalized 15 \ arils for holding. Amherst held held for downs. Jaeger made 15yards on a pass Farrell made a line catch ot a forward pm* and gained 2(1 ir.ore cards. Jneger bucked 5 o:ileft Jaeger circled left on 18 yards making Amherst's first touchdown. M'+rtain kicked a pretty goal from a ditTirnll angle. Forbes kicked to Broker who returned only 5 \ards. Lvnns threw Jaeger for one yn n! Iosp Westerns penalized 5 vaids for off side Amherst, made first down. Struck intercepted a fore ward pass and ran 4 5 yards for a touchdown Struck kicked goal Nichols booted 1o Amherst who made 10 varrls Two ■passes failed. Martain punted Nichols fumbled but recovered and [ran back 6 yards Amherst fumbled, Kaley recovering Crandall made 10 yards around left end Ambrose added 15 more Hasley buck ed 7 yards and through right tackle. KrIov made first down through, rigi.t ffuard. Lyons hit left tackle for I yards Westerns penalized 10 yards On the next play Forbes put the oval over the line but the Westerns wt penalized 15 yards for holding A pass failed and Amherst received the ball on the locals 20 yard line Westerns hold and got the ball. Forbes passed to Ambrose bn* .Tack fumbled ilm ball, pcore at the end of first quarter, Elyria, 7, Amherst 0.Position.L. E.Crandall ............. FarrellL T.Wilford .................. GatesL. G.Cunningham ............. HenisC.C Hubble................DeckerK. G.Buswell ............. AckermanR. T.Lyons .................. K nil terR. E.Kennedy ................ BakerQ.Ambrose ............... f.lartainL. H.Kaley ....................LingerForbes............. ReinhardtF. B.Hasley .............. IlroktrSuhsti! utinns—W ostom*. St: uck roT Forties. Nichols for Kaley. Hollis for Kennedy. P. II nbole for Cunningham. Wingard for Busts ^ll, Forbes for Cram! ill. Hneket for Struck, Ka'-ey for Basely, Struck for Hascls. Cunningham foi V. Hubble, Pitkins for Ambrose; Amherst. Hotfner for Farrell.llefep’o—Hanlev ot Reserve Head linesman—-ltnig of Elsria. Tim-' keener - Brar.son Ohio State, i Time nT quarters---! 0 aiu! 1: minWFSfERNS ANDIlouo m cBoth Local Elevens Scheduled Westerns to Play SinTim !notbul fans of Elyria may bo without a game next Sunday, as both the West Side A. C. and E A. V. the tv.o l-ig teams of the city, unscheduled to play out of town gamer-The Westerns will clarii with the Toledo Maroons, while the E A. A are scheduled to stack up against the Canton Overland s. Although theWestern Maroons will probably pin.* here, the fans will not bo able to at tend a real high class game which either the Westerns or K A. A ’s arecapable of displaying.In tackling the Toledo Maroon*, Hie Westerns will go against one of Hie legdinr elevens in the state. Fo-years the Maroon* have pur a elassj,