Obituary Death Record Clipping from , Tue, Nov 17, 1914.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Elyria, Elyria Chronicle , November 17, 1914

HHNMI MISRAILROAD MillFlt.ANK Si;\V\l{i» VICTIM Ol 1*11 HAD 1)1 SMASH AT KAIiLYhoi* it.IFrank Seward. 53, of 401 Lodi!Istreet, died «l 530 this morning from an :iUalt;k of pneumonia. Mr. Seward was a freight conductor on the jea ■ 1 mo rl Vmvin® honn if. '1itILake Shore railroad, having been iiiLtheir service for about thirty years, jHe came home from his run a weekiago Monday and suffered a chill-From that time he grew worse untilpneumonia developed, ending in hisdeath. i■ * : sir. Seward was born in this city,Ibeing a son of the late Thomas Seward. Sr. Me leaves an aged mother, a wile and four children, and was a brother of Thos. Seward. Jr., Mid-die avenue. Dennis Seward, mailcarrier. Wra. Seward, Mrs. R. B.*%Lersch. -Miss Annie Seward and Miss Dot So ward: Mi's. Robert Gamble and Mrs. John McVev.Funeral services will be held on Thursday morning at ! o'clock fit St. Mary s church.1P _ bumnnn abb . a An itt