Obituary Death Record Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Fri, Nov 14, 1930.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, November 14, 1930

VOLUMDIED TO AVERTMING, SAYSLATTA’S FRIENDittorney Wanted to RejoinWife in Oblivion,’ AversFormer Partner.FIANCEE TO TAKE STANDlopes to Refute Charge of Suicide With Story ofHoneymoon Plans.GdtfspBY ARCH STE1NELTime* Staff CorresoondentDANVILLE, Ind., Nov. 14.—Onhe eve of his remarriage. Will H.,atta, Indianapolis corporation at-orney, chose suicide that he might ejoin his deceased wife in death ather than chance the unccrtain-ies of a second marriage, a juryr?s told here today in Hendricks ireuit court.That financial ' difficulties maylave been responsible . for this atalistic preference was indicatedn the testimony of William J. Crieg, Latta's former business pari-icr.Miss Emma Margaret Sanders,^t. Wayne, fiancee of Latta, suing he United States Casualty Com-lany to collect a $20,000 insurance lolicy, was to take the stand this ftcrnoon in an effort to refute the estimony of suicide' threats given►y Krieg.Killed at Rail CrpssingLatta was killed when a loco-notivc struck his coupe on a Monon ailroad crossing north of Carmel on he night of June 12, 1929. The cornier held the death was “not accidental.” Insurance company attorneys contend it, was a case of sui-ide.••My 'CJod! What am I going to lo?” Krieg testified, Latta said to \im a week or two before the attor-ley’s death. “I am engaged to get narried and I haven t got thenoney to do it.”Krieg also testified that on a busi-icss trip to Chicago. Latta attempt-d to drive, his car on a railroadrack near Hajnmphd a ^ra*n^as approaching and warning lightslashing. : /r*••What are you trying to do. kill \b both?” Krieg said he asked Latta.if ter lie had grabbed the emergencyirake fever. ■ .-No. this isn't- Uiq pjace. I will ■how IjMO Tarter.-' he quoted ^atta as answering. 1A few days later. Krieg said, he tnd Latta were on a business trip n north Indianapolis and Lattairove him on the Smokyville road o the Monon crossing near Carmel, vhere, later. Latta is alleged to have larked his car and awaited approach of a fast train.Says Latta Sjtpppcd Car“Latta stopped the car on the racks and said this ’ was' the place ie was telling me about,” Krieg tcs-ified.The witnesses said from time to inie. Latta had discussed various nethods of dying and once re- | /\ narked:“I nor nobody else knows what icath is. If there is oblivion, that s where I want to be. because I ould be with my wife.”Witnesses Thursday testified Latta emarked he always “carried his wife vith him.” that the wife’s body was ccpt in an Indianapolis mortuary wo years before being buried, and hat Latta visited the grave, at Plainfield, the day of his alleged juicide.Krieg appeared reluctant to answer many questions, saying he liked Latta. and appealed to the court to pare him from answering.Hint Different StoriesCounsel for Miss Sanders at-acked Krieg's testimony, at tempt-ng to show he had told different stories to other persons.Attempt was made to impeach his ;estimony by introduction of a promissory note for $1,000 signed Dec. 3, 1924. by Krieg. and held by Latta. in which Krieg stated he wasmding all relations with Latta, andigreed not to mention Latta in any :uture business deals or conversations. :Krieg admitted genuineness of thelote, but testified he had been enraged in handling realty deals for lAtta at numerous times after thatc8aBlHwlt;fcsttoscTfoTlt;N;HtewinKotfctoBlt;ththbedimtilt;CBjIkctnchlt;WbesosearTie defense introduced Latta’sik account, to show large amounts i been checked out and that tfca had little money left.Latta called me to his office July 1926, and asked me to get him ie money, saying he had gotten se Foley and Dave Watson to n an $800 note.” Krieg testified, iichael E. Foley and David E. .tson are Indianapolis Street Uway Company attorneys with om Latta was associated.'he defense expected to rest its e this afternoon, after which uttal testimony would follow.Hope to Refute Charge attorneys for Miss Sanders in uttal testimony hope to prove .t the coupe stalled on the rail-tracks and that Mr. Latta’s was accidental. ^Urough Miss Sanders and letters 'Lien tier by Mr. Latta, the de-se hopes to refute suicide allega-i of the insurance company withimony that his last thoughts andis before his death were for his •nage to Miss Sanders and their eymoon to Europe, l turn, the insurance company’s yers through testimony of nds of Mr. Latta have sought toit that his visit to the grave of wife in Plainfield on the day of death, alleged significent re-•ks he made from time to time, his alleged ill-health prove ives for his suicide, ie case is expected to be pre-thaidewiWlatitthisUW'lesin:eatopinceel to the jury Monday. pe