Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, November 9, 1945

Camp on Guam Named After Sgl. TanenbaumJewish Post Staff CorrespondentROCHESTER, N. Y.—A Ro Chester war hero who gave his life on Guam, T/4 Wilfred N. Tanenbaum, 22, has had an army camp named for him in memory of his outstanding bravery.The announcement of the un usual honor and why it had been bestowed on Sgt. Tanenbaum. came to his parents in Rochester this week in a letter from his commanding officer. The letter told how, while serving with the 3365th Signal Service Battalion in the Marianas in September, 1944, Sgt. Tanenbaum had volunteered for a job he knew to be dangerous, that of establishing communications on Guam. He was killed by Japanese snipers, but not before he had successfully completed his task.'tuilt Where He Was KilledThe letter also stated that the camp was erected in the jungle near the area in which he was killed. It has through the undivided efforts of officers and enlisted men, become a monument to his courage. The bravery evidenced by your son in the establishment of the first communications on the island of Guam has been an inspiration to all mem-bers of this command.”A large sign at the entrance to the camp reads “Camp Tanenbaum in memory of T/4 Wilfred N. Tanenbaum, 3365th Signal Bat-tali on Army Communications Service.”Honr- d by CongregationThe congregation of Temple Beth El here has established the “Wilfred Nathan Tanenbaum Scholarship Fund, in his memory, and a plaque bearing his service record has been erected in the Temple.