Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Bedford, Bedford Daily Gazette , January 27, 1969

Bertha O. BallMis i U it lit O Hall, HI Al.iini'I Choice liJ) 1 died m Mi’Kt i sjkh I S.ttu lt;I»« January 2a.S' it- was horn Octohei 14. UWi7 in Manns ('lioirr III) I a (irtUKlitft of the late Albert C *im and Jennie *McK«tneyi MayShe is .'*\irvl\id l»y hei husband At Mull Hall, w hom she manied Octohir 14. HHV.r Htid two dang:.-tfs Mrs Map llurM of McKe«.« jx» t and Mi* Virginia McVickei of Manns Choice HO 1 and thi re grandchildrenShe whs i» tnentbei of; Cove ChHstinn Clmichfuneral »ervtces 2 u in hies day. January 2H in Zeiglcr Ku n» y'mI Horn* Hvudnum witli HevMarion H NesselriHVt offlciatin,llunal In Milligans Cove Cun etc y.V end* inhv call *t ti e fult;uru!hi am tmlm 2 to 4 and 7 to H p til.