Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Bedford, Bedford Daily Gazette , January 27, 1969

Alton Felix |Alton Fel.x Iti. Aluin flank.• 11I Sunday, .1 iimm t v 26, 19651 on arrival at Medford C'minty Mlt;m-otial ll«|»ital IN was born April 17, l!*r»2 at \« a l*ariff a soil of Ifai i v II and Ph\ll»s 'Messer %nutht Felix II* wan prn«lrd ii« death l» a brother Harry Jr in 1952fu addition to his |urents, nr is -.urvived b these brother*. .lor. mart .**lt;1 to the foi nirr I**«»»«• It*n-do of Alum and I.tic, Nna1‘ranK. Virttiam; our mi ce C*hr sty, mu1 nephew Scotty and arandpar-enP, Mr and Mo Dtwtv Felix ofNew ParisII* was a im inbei of the Church of Na/arcne, Kyot, and wa ;n ; liir eleventh r ade at (Tum'iuI Rid*. Hitfh School.Funeral •irvu*-.- Wcdn* d«y. January 28 at 2 pin at Edward Hlackbiun Funeral Home, Pleas-antvdie with Rev Marshall Hi own ofhriatm# Burial in Fiffhertown CemeteryFriends m« call at the funeral home t od a y from 2 to 4 anlt;l 7 to; !* p in and I'u* sdey from 7 to 9 p in