Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Bedford, Bedford Daily Gazette , January 27, 1969

Kenneth FergusonK» M i* th K«T|fi*s n, 17, S« 'i« IInuru Ml) 1, lt;ti« () S ijh1.iv. Jitnuar)2'i lUGf* at Hedf-nd ( -untv M* n». • •Mill Hospital. M« was born Nov-firiln II Ih’d in Medford ( lt;*ii111v.i mu .f lt;* 1 » k .ml Jeann* t!lt;«€ * i .'••iv* hi K'l 11 H*- was pi«n ili'd in death by an nfant tiroHi t* mii \ ivi 11 by In* iMii .it and the-e brother Leonard, Med-f«. lt;1 MI) L\ lb hi.titl. Kri sno,Calif ; I .Id. lb 'If. i(I TU) I.Claik It . fisiii i loA n and Ii»\ icl and Him odd Indh at homi . and as.* ter Mi Hetty Milli ?, Medford Ml) 2lllt; alien lrd tin- ! lilted Meth0 list ClitlirhSun« t al s4 r\ •« • Id 311 * in .1 in -day. January i?H at Kdward Mlai kl.tnn Knni i al Ibnne IM« as antvilb with Mev ( nu les Mhod.” oMiriat i»a Mid mI in Sehellsbu k I Ymelet yKi inils may call at the funeral hi nn- tlt;•lt;!av from 2 to 4 and 7 to•t p m