Obituary Death Record Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Tue, Feb 16, 1932.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, February 16, 1932

iGabriel's HornCalls Actorin That RoleNTSITlt;wttPiItt |M B CasI scI Tl I byI0.1?mbe!CSScClinmmmmla.sit, lal | ?n,in,itybs.Samuel B. Davis a* Gabriel‘Green Pastures’ Player Is Stricken Here WithbeA]Clt;aiSCtfcalnl i atbl0-?rc:orHeart Attack.n-*,e-The horn of Gabrirt blew Monday in Indianapolis for the man who was “Gabriel.”It blew for Samuel B. Davis, 52, Negro actor, who portrayed the part of the angel, Gabriel, in “Green Pastures.”Davis died of heart disease at St. Francis hospital, Beech Grove, while another “Garbiel” in the stage play was being admonished from time to time in the Grand theater, Cincinnati, not to sound the Judgment day horn.in2:inbyC»Became 111 HeresoRMClt;ofcctiiinaiAWto3si:yal iib-o-sis 1 ngnaD.ith lor “Green Pastures” came to Indianapolis, Davis—the second “Gabriel” to die in the two-year run of the production—became ill.But, despite his illness, Davis insisted upon playing the role during the week’s engagement here.Then “Green Pastures” moved to a new stand and when they left, Davis was in the hospital and a new Gabriel, Dode Green, took his angelwings and the big brass horn uponthe stage.Funeral services for the dead actor will be held in New York.Born in Atlanta, Ga., Davis became an actor thirty-five years ago. He played with Richard Bennett in“The People.”w2:cifuP*“I75wsibyMen r-si-on !ry |th b-rs. ret o-ti-eltlatlutesKilled by TaxicabDavis became the “Gabriel” of Green Pastures when Wesley Hill, the production’s first angel of judgment, was run down and killed by a taxicab.Despite the death of tw'o “Gabriels” in the cast of “Green Pastures,” the players, according to news reports trom Cincinanti, attach no superstitious meaning to the role.They are thankful that there only have been two deaths in the company in the two-year run.Davis is survived by the widow. Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, and a sister, Mrs. Daisy Clark, of Atlanta.tatiai2:01raSiblt;L:Ri\\alsi«ifttbfvl[II1ClAi11il