Sidney Rhodes Death article

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, August 31, 1951

POST Friday, Au*uat 31, t9S!,Vy ~ •°00 Bfat Sidney Rhodes. 22, £J£ ^hes for many more, Mr. andbowling ihi.“eir?Th*^ Z HaS F aial F all The a grad.«.«at B'rith league, the Beth-El MICHIGAN CITY — Funeral univer*ty of Indiana,'ue, the Husband and Wile service* lor Sidney Rhodes, 22, and w* M a cier* **[ue, the Broadmoor league and were conducted Aug. 13 at Sinai ** Manufacturing Co.Mixed league! You ought to Temple. He is survived by his widow,ike” now, while Its hot! Mr. Rhodes died In a hospital Joan, an expectant mother; hisOKE? Did you hear about of Internal Injuries. He had parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry girl who wore her wedding been fiahing at Lake Gene- Rh«xles; a brother, Richard, and I on her wrong )*nd? She va, Wis., and climbed a tree a sister Deanna, ail ol Michigan Tied the wrong guy! OUCH! when his line became entangled. City.Personal to Abbie Celander,-- —-■w-..’, ■ ■ r-) lust became bar mifzvah