Obituary Death Record Clipping from , Mon, Aug 6, 1906.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Elyria, Elyria Chronicle , August 6, 1906

James Yarrick Had Skull Crushed, Leg Broken and Back and Chest INJUREDMr. James F. Yarrick was the most terriMy injured 01 the forfy-t.wo victims who required surgical assistance. His left leg was broken, his back and chest ‘and his forehead mashed.He was taken to Sr. Joseph’s Hospital. Lorain, where at 11 o’clock Saturday night Dr. W. E. Wheatley trephined the skull above the forehead, removing a piece of bone which was pressing on the brain. After an operation there was a noticable improve-meet in his condition, but at daylight Sunday morning he began to sink rapidly and at 9:30 death came to his relief. He never regained consciousness.Mrs. Yerrick was summoned and reached the hospital a short time after her husband arrived on the special car which brought the victims from Vermillion to Lorain, and spent the night at his bedside, but at the time of his death was prostrated in an adjoining room.The C. H. Wilkins ambulance moved the body from Lorain to hi-late home, 240 E. Eighth street, where 11 the funeral will he held Tuesday after *' noon at 1 o'clock standard time.Mr, Yarrick was employed as a traveling salesman by the Great West ern Oil Company, of Lima, and at the time he met his death was on his wav home after a very successful trip on the road.He leaves a wife but no children.