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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1970, Page 15

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - September 24, 1970, Oakland, California Otto daughter is a drum major with the marching band at her High school and wean a Complete Western Wrt flt. She has her whole ensemble ready to go for the upcoming season except for a pair of White Western style boots. She cannot find boots anywhere to fit her. You see my daughter is and wears a size 11b shoe. We have called stores All Over the Bay area without Success. She can squeeze into a Man s size 9% but we cannot locate a Man s White Boot. Action line is our last a. L. Danville. Your daughter has her boots we will refrain from saying she got a Boot out of All this and her debut As one of the very few female drum majors has been a successful one. A san Francisco company put in a Rush order to a ten Nessee Boot maker and the Boot maker turned out a custom pair and rushed them Back. Last june i sent to new York for three dozen Auto Battery Addi Tives which i intended to sell. The next Day i sent a Telegram to the company cancelling the order and requested a refund. Sixteen Days later the Mer Chandise arrived. I refused delivery and the unopened package was sent Back to the company the Post office. I also sent a registered letter explain ing the situation and asking for a re fund. Since then i have received two forms from two different men in the customer relations department. But filling them out has done me no w. D., Oakland. You have been jolted with a refund. The company said it had been operating Short handed due to vacations and illness but it has now caught up with All Back orders and correspond ence. Right after world War i a Bonus of was Given the government to veterans who applied for it. For some reason or another i failed to apply for mine and now that i am retired and in poor health i could sure use the Money. I am enclosing my name rank and serial number. Sure Hope you can help b., san Leandro. Can you get a building contractor to fix a Hole in the floor of the family room in our new Home we have about Given up trying to get k., Dublin. Sorry. The contractor says he has your wife s signature on a form stating All corrections have been made. The form is dated last March. He has not heard from you since then. The con tractor made repairs in february and March despite the fact your Home was already More than a year out of War Ranty. Can you help me get some action out of the state franchise tax Board it owes me a refund of but i can not seem to convince it of this. Perhaps you can. You can see from the enclosed material that the was an overpay ment through an attachment on my Sal Ary. I almost lost my Job because of their r. Oakland. An officer of the state franchise tax Board made a thorough investigation of your account and determined that the overpayment was not you now have a detailed statement of his findings and a Check for up for grabs an organization in Contra Costa county has launched a letter writing Campaign to gain humane treatment for and eventual release of hundreds of americans held prisoner in Vietnam. The initial goal is letters which will sent to the Hanoi government. The letters Witten on behalf of the prisoners should mailed to Contra Costa cares . Box 150, Martinez Calif. 94553. Its an old forester kind of Day. And in the past 100 years there s been a lot of them. For 100 years people the taste of a great Kentucky Bourbon have turned Tor old forester. 86 proof. Fifth at 86 or 100 proof there is nothing better in the proof both de in Bon Louisville in Kentucky 1970. N frustrated snarled in red tape got a problem or lamp Tont perhaps action line can help. Because of the huge number of inquiries we receive daily we can t attempt to solve problems. Our staff works hard to provide As Many solutions As can. Us 4444424 my h 9 Hon mob or wrist us Oquim Trimm . In Calif f4m4. Sorry the veterans administration says the deadline for filing for that to Nus was Jan. So you Are a Little late. Besides there is a Chance that you received the Money and forgot you had. The a says that this has happened fore. Fifty years can dim the memory. Perhaps you have other a benefits coming. Send for application forms to veterans administration 49 fourth st., san Francisco 94103. Thun., sept. 15 Grin and Bear it Lichty Good news chief according to this Survey our new sleeping Pill is 33 per cent More effective than the average new television Hal Boyle Middle age makes or Breaks a Man new York yep your Middle age is showing your enemies Start telling you How Well you re looking. When you Bend Over quickly everything goes Blurry for a moment and when you straighten Back your face looks like a pared beet. Justice is what you think the other fellow should have. As for yourself you prefer mercy. It tapely annoys you when you read about How much Money basketball and football stars get. What All that dough just for playing games it hurts your conscience to sit on the front porch and watch your wife Cut the grass but it does t Hurt so much you can t stand it. Whenever you Bear the Price of anything you sigh Point your nose toward tiie sky and begin to Bellow about How nothing anymore is Worth what you Jive to pay for it. Nostalgia rules your mind. If you see anything that does t remind you of some thing you saw before in your life it does t interest you very much. They sure Don t build cars now like they did in the old Days do they you get Thrifty in Small ways. You save broken shoe laces and leave food leftovers m the refrigerator until they spoil just because you hate to throw anything away you might need later. It used to seem like a wasted week if you did t play poker at least one night with the Guys and come sneaking Home at in the morning. Now you rarely play More than once a month and Well before Midnight you find your self yawning and looking at your watch. Your arguments with your wife become fewer and less strident. After All you con cede there May a few things she is right about and anyway it takes less Energy to listen to her than to fight Back. It makes your hackles Rise to hear anybody under the age of 30 express an opinion in Public. What could anybody that Young know about the real facts of life the sofa needs to re upholstered because you been talking More naps on it lately than the family cat. The Only people you like to kidded Dow Are hat Check girls. The pretty Secretary in your office who used to bring you a single red Rose on your birth Day now just silently hands you two asprin tablets and a paper cup full of water. Most of the mail you get consists of letters asking you to donate to some Good cause or other. You know now who your True friends Are and in moments of utter honesty you wonder if you seem As Dull to them As they do to you. The More credit cards you stuff into your Wallet the More you wish it contained real Money. You dislike being Given riddles because you feel you Are living one and have yet to come up with the right answer. Birds Don t sing As sweetly As they did of Yore. A they do is sit on tree limbs and Jab Ber Back and Forth at each other As if they were people. Catastrophes and disasters you can take with a sem Blance of but it bruises your whole Day if a Button pops off your shirt Collar in the morning. You Haven t Learned the words to a new love song in a decade and you have forgot ten the words to most of the ones you Learned when younger. Now and then you subconsciously ask yourself where has the time gone when does the fun yep you May not think of yourself As Middle aged but your years Are showing. Too folklore liars Are unable to look another person straight in the Eye. Rubbing his hand Over a Bald Man s Pate will help a student pass an examination. Wearing a Penny wrapped around the affected joint will cure rheumatism. If you find a Bill after breaking a Mirror it will Ward off the expected seven years of bad Luck. It was Samuel Johnson who observed were it not for imagination sir a Man would As Happy in the arms of a chambermaid As a Ever wonder Why a Steak is priced so High one reason is that the 590-Pound carcass weight of a live steer yields Only about 140 pounds of Steak. The rest consists of roasts 170 pounds ground beef and Stew meat 155 pounds Bones fat and water 125 pounds. Worth remembering you re getting old when you Don t care where your wife goes just so you Don t have to go the better half Bob Barnes and vhf rain i he i shy about and to Sutti my Eagle is pregnant i Don t know How to break the news to senator John Nejedly but our cat is pregnant. My wife telephoned me at work to relay that dismal fact there s no doubt about she said. Chicken is great with Chicken is the cat s name. Doggone i said How did that she replied patiently you get a boy cat and a. I know All about that. I mean we can t have More cats in the House. She thought for a moment. How about flying her Over the Border to Tijuana and getting her you know taken care this is no time for jocularity. When John Nejedly hears about this there is going to big trouble. His sterile cat Bill was signed into Law just last what s his sterile cat Bill if i dare i m not sure but i think it is a felony to own or possess or otherwise knowingly Harbor a pregnant cat or in any Way to encourage the pregnancy would it she asked pleasantly if i swore that what we have is not a cat but an american Eagle surely a pregnant american Eagle would have a special place in our it s a bad situation. We already have four cats counting Chicke cat plus two dogs a Turtle three children and innumerable goldfish. John Nejedly ought to do something about Over sexed goldfish too. Ill Tell you one i said to my wife. We re not going to keep any of the eagles i mean Kittens. I la drown pm in Strawberry Kool Aid fore i will allow one More animal to the senior Center establish permanent residency in this boy you re a sweetheart. God help me if i Ever get pregnant that s another thing about the Ster Ile cat i said. It includes pregnant people no but from what i hear there is a stiff Fine for each baby Kitten in a per son s Possession. Some night there will a heavy pounding on the front door you sure have gotten weird since you stopped drinking. One week on the Wagon and you flip out. Let me fix you an intravenous Martini. Children find the vermouth and prepare the plasma i Don t want a Martini. I just want to do something about the wretched cat. Maybe a Pillow Over her Little face would do if you had t been such a she said we could have had the cat for forty Bucks i would t pay that much for brain surgery to retard her sexual motivation. What this coun try needs is the situation remains thus Chick enact continues pregnant and i live in constant fear of the time John Nejedly hears about it. There will come that Midnight pounding on the door. This is the police we hear you Harbor a pregnant pregnant cat where on Earth do you suppose they Ever got that idea although pregnant american eagles i am Given to understand do under cer Tain conditions resemble pregnant cats. Meow. Quiet fancy see Potpourri in classified shopping Center rules forbid hiring oldsters state Hospital administrators Are always complaining about excessive turnover and shortages of least in the Tower salaried categories. But there s one state hos Pital in California Pacific state at boasts a Pool of Low income workers ready and Able to fill these gaps. The workers Are willing to accept relatively Low wages they proved to extremely faithful on the can t hired according to the state personnel Board which has adamantly refused to mod Ify its rules. To make the situation even More ridiculous these workers have proved themselves on a special project right on the Hospital grounds and under the supervision of the regular staff. What terrible offence have these workers committed to on the state personnel Board s Black list is it illiteracy or perhaps some other glaring Lack of background experience none of these things. They Are simply too old for the eager now 56 of them Are serving for a nominal an hour Twenty hours a Fos Ter they bring a measure of tender Loving care to a carefully selected group of patients All of them youngsters most of whom have never known the meaning of a per Sonal relationship with a grownup. The Hospital staff is completely sold on the project originally funded the office of economic Opportunity and now the . Department of health education and Wel fare. So popular has the Gram become in fact that the state is providing funds to hire another dozen grandpa there s even been Dis Cussion of the desirability of extending the program to other state hospitals. The grandparents do not substitute for professional staff or other Hospital assist ants but work directly with no More than two children each. They visit their Chil Dren bringing them warmth affection individual the results in some children previously mile More than vegetables is Little Short of miraculous. But being a grandparent Means being somewhat along in years. Nearly half the group Are Over 70, two thirds Over 65, and this puts hem beyond the Pale so far As the state personnel Board is concerned. Regular employees in the lower wage brackets come and go at a remarkably High per cent a year is not their Ages Are substantially higher then the an hour paid the Fos Ter grandparents. The Ftp turnover the project super visor told me that in three years a total of 82 had been hired and 56 Are still work annual turnover rate of about 10 per cent. A Ann Landers so called yellow race dear Ann it must great to either Black or White. At least you know what you Are. I am an Oriental. The average negro or Cauca Sian has no idea of the prob lems and anxieties suffered people of the so called Yel Low race. Most Blacks think of the Oriental As White. But White ple do not consider us their equal. While we have never been pushed to the Back of the bus like another minority race we have been discriminated against in other ways. The whole color thing in the United states is completely illogical since some indians have Darker skin than Many negroes but so Long As they Wear native costumes or have aquiline features they can get in any place. I am an Oriental boy who moved to a new state and i would like to Date a caucasian girl. Shall i try i know the racial barriers Are breaking Down but i do not wish to of fend anyone. Please advise. Uncertain dear utter Taii the Best Way to fad it is to ask her. It May that the girl would like my much to go out with you. But if she says no Don t assume the ism yet were turned Down is became she is prejudiced against orientals. One of my favorite stories is the me amt the fellow who did t get them Obas a a i a do Oum m on scr cause he wit a Jetteh. Dear Ann so Many parents Are concerned about drug abuse these Days and they have a right to . You can do them a favor letting them know they can get help calling their county mental health department. Ann Landers will glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her at Box 3346, Chica go Tel. 60654, in care of this newspaper enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope. Most county hospitals have detoxification clinics where patients Are physically taken off drugs. If your particular county Hospital does not have such facilities they can give you the name and number of a place that does. The county Hospital can also put callers m touch with organizations that help addicts get free treat ment and follow up counsel ing. These organizations have staff members trained in first Aid and Telephone answering. The county pays for this help and there Are also volunteers sex addicts usually who do Nate their time. Through these organizations addicts can cured without getting a police record or publicity. They also have a 24-hour crisis phone service. If an addict becomes dangerously ill someone will come for him. If a staff Mem Ber sees that medical help is needed a physician will called immediately. So Many people need help these Days and they dont know where to go or who to Call. Please Tell then. Stockton Mother dear Mother this of fice checked your suggestion calling 12 county hospitals in 12 different states. They All had free facilities for drag addicts including Cook county in Illinois which was a pleas ant Surprise. I endorse your suggestion and thank you for writing. Dear Ann am i becom ing Crochet in my old age i m Only 52 yet i become increasingly irritated my Fel Low workers. I am employed in an office 32 desks m one Large room. I m on an aisle. Several times a Day some Pas ser drops a paper clip Down my dress jabs my Al of with a Pencil lifts a Loose hairpin from my head and hands it to me. Just this min Ute a kid younger than my son pulled my ear. Should i Tell everybody hands mrs. Err rat in a no. The Pesky annoyances Are in reality expressions of affect Loa. The time to he concerned is whet people pass desk and ignore you

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