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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1970, Page 14

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - September 24, 1970, Oakland, California S i i to Fortal 14 Home o w n e a c o n t r o la e of e d i t e d thursday september 24, 1970 i never thou6kt Vou curbing the big spenders High spending congressmen i n Washington have been hearing warn Ings for years that eventually they would have to answer to the taxpayers for their excessive spending. Unfortunately the Day of reckoning has never actually seemed to arrive. For by the time election Day Rolls around the issues generally just Aren t that Clear Cut and in any event the individual votes of congressmen Aren t All that Well remembered. This year things May be different. Not Only is inflation a major concern of America s voters but a Good test is available this year for the use of the voter in identifying Congress big spenders. The inflation which is causing so much concern is the product of fiscal irresponsibility in Washington which has led the Federal government in nine of the last 10 years to spend More Money than it has taken in. As a Conse Quence the value of the Dollar has been reduced by five cents in just the past year and by 24 cents since 1960. Because some in Washington perennially refuse to practice fiscal responsibility the inflationary spiral goes on and the value of our dollars continues to shrink. It is predicted that the Federal Defi Cit for the current fiscal year will exceed billion and will be even greater in fiscal 1972. It is time for those responsible to be clearly identified and perhaps to meet their Day of reckoning with the voter. Four times in the current session of Congress president Nixon has vetoed spending Bills that he believed were excessive. On each of those four Occa Sions votes were taken in the House to override the president s veto. The big spenders managed to succeed twice. Who Are they of the 435 members of the House a select group of just 152 men and women voted on each and every occasion to override the president s Effort to main Tain fiscal responsibility. We submit that in so doing those 152 congressmen riot Only amply earned a big spender Label but also in effect dared the taxpayers to do anything about it. It is noteworthy that 17 of those con Gressmen who flunked the big spend ing test represent California and six of them Are from the Bay area. The members of the latter group Are reps. Phillip Burton Jeffery co Helan already Defeated in the june Pri Don Edwards Robert l. Leg Gett George p. Miller and Jerome r. Waldie. This select group of local Congress men apparently had no compunction whatsoever about voting time after time against the fiscal responsibility the president was pleading for. The taxpayers and voters who have suffered As a consequence owe them no less a favor in return. Oakland symphony week is Oakland symphony week a period devoted to calling attention to the upcoming 1970-71 season and the need for funds to finance what promises to be a Cornucopia of orchestral presentations. No less than five conductors 14 soloists and the Oakland symphony chorus which is making its Long awaited debut will display a Broad Range of conduct ing styles and different programming concepts. As Tribune music critic Paul Herte Lendy puts it the symphony seems to be disengaging itself from its love affair with the composers of the Avant Garde and moving toward adventures with modernists having More buttoned Down but the season still promises to hold the element of Surprise which has distinguished the Oakland symphony in the past. This year concert versions of inside labor opera will be presented a concept that is a marked departure from past trends. The symphony will conduct seven programs through next april beginning oct. 20 with Soprano Eileen Farrell singing under the direction of out going conductor Gerhard Samuel. Samuel s replacement Harold Faberman will conduct two programs this year the first Jan. 19 and 21 and the second feb. 23-25. Unfortunately ticket sales for these Well attended performances alone can not sustain an exciting year Long pro Gram of this magnitude. To supplement Box office receipts must be raised from private donations. The Public is urged to support the Oakland symphony at the Box office and through donations to assure the continuation of this important aspect of the East Bay s cultural heritage. Picket line troubles at pm editor s note the following Tiews ate those of the author end Are presented Heie to five leaders a variety a viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions Art to pressed Only in editorials. Detroit bomb blasts now Are about As newsy As a rained out Rock festival. Thus few noted or seemed to care Over their morning Coffee some weeks ago. That explosives went off at two automobile plants in the san Francisco East Bay area. One device blew Glass at a Ford Plant into the streets. Another rattled the main door of the general motors Plant in Fremont. Now it May be weird coincidence that about the same time Young Huey Newton Black Panther minister of de was being interviewed. Rambled on in Amateur marxist dialectics about Capi Tal. Labor the Lumpen role Tana aim the posture of unionism and the revolution. It was sort of Branch six Young communist league stuff Cir Ca 1932. Then he was asked about Here Are addresses of National and state legislators . Senators Senate Effie to build ins Washington d.c., jos10. Sen. Corse my Rev sen. Alan crans to. Congressmen House offset Bulof ing Washington d.c., Jeffery Cottlan 7th District Albany Emery Vehe Piedmont Norm Oakland Central Otic and and smrt East Oakland my. F Millar it Arete Ino part Ottato Oakland Ammeda san Zandro Valley Ramon Vii Utt. La Vermont. Pm Motoi san Lor and part of Hayward rep. Do Ftp renting pan of hav to Frt tront Union City Newirk my i iwo tent part m Santa Clara of nov pm. Trame Walt 14th, Ftp Rtin Tang cwt a Coita county. Site and state Capitol Sacramento Calif. Vm14. Alameda county slate san Afore District. Lewis f. Sherman 11th, n Chi a c. Pct it 14th, Clark by Jolt Itti and nth districts cover the Arne area with Sherman and pct is All of Alamada county in capt Castro Val Ltd Liverwort and Pua Santon. Tomt come Woltin and Large Toction of Santa Clara county Start tinted Fey Brodley. Mar we cd k. Font. Isth Don Jonn j. M a to itch. Mantra cotia Cotty staff senator rotol rat Jim a. Nil Mew attorn Volm Jan w. Dent ii a smell know. Loffl. By Victor Riesel the onrushing general motors strike. The minister of defense was hardly nonplussed. Certainly said he the Organiza Tion has a Black caucus inside general motors. Certainly there is a National revolution Ary caucus Here in Detroit. And with the quiet certitude of a self styled professional revolutionist the Young minis Ter said we have a Cau Cus in the Law United Auto worker s at the Fremont Plant of general motors. This is a Black Panther lest there be any doubt Newton believes that general motors is a Roadblock to his tory and is bogging Down the Panth Erite revolution which so Many commentators now Are treating As a revolution in the context of the 1848 Paris commune Here is the defense minister v full statement. I think there is a place for the factory worker in the the recently re leased Black Panther party official replied to a question on the role of Black strikers. Definitely they will to be depended upon at some Point. "1 think that what will Hap pen is that instead of the workers As they exist now being the Backbone of the revolution i Don t see that happening. To we think that the Lumpe proletariat will be the Backbone of the revolution. But must recruit now so we have a caucus in the Law at the fre Mont Plant at pm. This is a Black Panther caucus. We Are concentrating on the factory worker. But not on that old unionism thing you see be cause unionism alone is never a cause for revolution. You have to take that other step i this is what s called relat ing or becoming it gets rough. It will get rougher. It s All there in end less Panther literature. Let no one think the police arc the Only targets. Sniping is of various kinds. There is for example a league for Black revolution Ary workers in this Auto City. Insiders know it had been organizing for a Long time m the Auto factories Here. One of m i n i s t e r new ton s friends says that it had the Black Community very this is self hypnotic revolutionary in talk. True there is a heavily concentrated Black Community Here in the strike capital. No one can say that Black workers Don t have their place in the huge Auto plants for the count has it that the work Force is about half White and half Black. But the Black revolutionary committees the units such As drum Dodge revolution Ary Union movement and variations on that terror theme have but a Hundred or so hard Core members. They would like to have the Black Community very virtually All the Black work ers would have nothing to do with them. This does t change the tactic. There Are plans to disrupt. There Are plans to frighten. There Are plans to provoke. There Are plans to stir racial incidents. There Are plans to delay the Pivotal settlement of local out which the National pm strike won t end for months and months. Just a few Days before the strike broke the revolution a r a committees Leaf eted some Chrysler plants. The handbills said Don t be tricked into settling your local the fliers distorted the Ford 1967 settlement s local issues. Scores of thousands of Black workers disdained the leaflet Teers. But that does t Stop the Panther coalition. For in Side that coalition is the ads. Certainly most of its Leader ship has been indicted. Virtually All its top men and women arc underground probably in Canada. They can slip into this Rity from wind Sor As easily As a hippie can by pass an Ceiply Barbershop. Letters to the forum jury duty Odds editor the results of your recent poll in response to the question do you believe More people would Register to vote if jury lists were not taken from voter registration were very disturbing. Two thirds of the respondents Felt that More people would Register to vote if they were not then subject to selection for jury duty. My wife and i were registered voters for 15 years in another slate which uses the same system for selecting jurors and not once were we called for jury duty. We have been registered voters Here about four years during which time my wife was called once for jury duly but did not serve when the defendent subsequently waived trial by jury. From our experience it would appear that a registered voter s Odds of being called for jury duty Are rather Remote. Even if called the likelihood of actually serving on a jury is not great. More Over the judges Are not unfeeling clods and normally re lease a potential juror if they believe a real hardship might be imposed on the juror or his family. Some years ago a Magazine carried an article regarding the Large number of people who belong to organizations but do not contribute their services. Such members were termed Mino members in name Only. For those citizens that shirk their obligations by not registering to vote or registering and not voting or avoiding jury duty etc., May i suggest the acronym citizens in name Only David it. Bigger Pleasa Luu. Car party editor in the . There Are two Basic political Par ties the republicans and the democrats. However there is another group that has been growing within these parties and it is the car otherwise known As the confused and frenetic reprobates. In this Cabal will be found senators representatives political appointees and others who never fail to make the wrong International political decisions. The vast majority is comprised of liberals who live in mortal fear of any confrontation with the communists. To confirm this consideration one need Only read a re cent article printed in the Tribune. The article stated in effect that the . Refused to relay a message from Israel to Jordan re the recent East aircraft hijackings be cause someone in our govern ment thought the note too threatening. One becomes acutely aware of the existence of the car when the subject of the Berlin Wall is brought Forth for pub Lic scrutiny. When the East germans began construction of the Wall Russia hesitated for several Days before she sanctioned the East German action because she thought the . Would Knock the Barrier Down West Germany has since efforts to bring about closer ties with Russia. Many in our government Are having second thoughts about the growing Friendship Between West Germany and Russia again reflecting the puerile thinking of the con fused and frenetic repro Bates who aided and abetted this change. Lewis e. Rosson Livermore. One is enough editor after Reading your sept. 6 editorial no match for or. Agnew i can Only add that thank goodness we Don t have another voice of division in this country one is quite enough All we need is someone else running around Yelling David l. Heeler Alameda. Jewish ghettos editor a Story in the Tribune of sept. 13, referred to a not in the ghetto in Naples. In recent years in the United states have come to refer to slums particularly racially segregated slums As a Middle class neighbourhood that is mostly Black or mexican american for example is not a ghetto but Hunter s Point is. How Ever in Europe the word has just one meaning a ghetto is a jewish Quarter. In the past jews were forced by Law to live in certain areas of most european cities and poverty was frequent. But very few ghettos were slums slums Don t support yeshivas great scholars or most of the other characteristics of the ghetto. And some ghettos were rather Rich. The news Story refers to the huge slum area of Naples where most of the residents Are Christian. Besides this it is not known As a Center of culture but rather As hotbed of crime. If i were a jew i think i would be a Little insulted by the Story. James m. Castro great Falls Mont. Supports or. Brian editor re gov Ronald Reagan s answer to Jess Unruh s recent unscrupulous at tack on or. Earl Brian director of the state s Cal program. Besides the Many awards or. Brian received in the front lines in Vietnam which were mentioned i should like to underline part of the list of his outstanding qualifications for his appointment As presented by the governor Stanford Dean of Medicine listed him As one of the highest qualified of the few selected from other schools for internship there. An intern he was named an assistant adminis Trator of Stanford Hospital and worked on a new design for computerized information services in the Hospital. Five months time As director he has Cut Mil lion from waste in administration of the department of health care services of Cali fornia and sent medical review teams into the Field to insure adequate care and honest substantiated charges by All who serve the medical pro Gram. C. Ronald Smith m.d., Oakland. Stirring message editor if the key word any readers missed the article by Bill Rose the Tribune s religion writer on sept. 20, then they missed a most Poi partly stirring message. If anyone read it and not Felt some renewal of f a i t a then he has my sympathy. As of monday the word was he is doing Fin Praise the lord. Marian b. Dell Walnut Creek. Renews my Faith editor i do not know to whom this should be specifically addressed but i want to thank you for your new Fea Ture Good news from every ii is a very Welcome Relief from Many of the items you have to print concerning disastrous news. It tends to re new my Faith that Mankind is basically Good regardless of racial or ethnic differences or social backgrounds and that some of these confused radicals both right and left will eventually realize that hate and destruction Are fail ure methods. Mary d. Westover Oakland. The Small society the forum is always open to Alt reasonable Opinio. Brief legible letters receive preference. All must be signed. By Brockmon to what Nixon thinks Nixon s prudent political course by Jack a Germond a jilt t tin Vitt Art to tit it tit Lutr Art fret Tutti Rrt dts t witty of Titt this. Tribune s to mint try sex truss re Only in rail Iridill. Boston Richard m. Nixon came to the presidency 20 months ago convinced that the electorate was weary of alarms and Cursione and yearning for a passionless and Businesslike National leadership. In trying to provide it Nix on has produced a perception of him by that electorate with significance both for the 1970 Campaign and the 1972 presidential election. It can be summed up this Way Nixon is regarded with conspicuously Little emotion among either his supporters or his critics. Those who Are satisfied with his stewardship show none of the zealous admiration inspired for exam ple by a Dwight d. Eisenhower or a John f. Kennedy. By the same Token few of Nix on s detractors seem to feel very strongly about it. Moreover this detached perception of the president seems to be the same for the Fanner in Southern Illinois and the Irish taxi Driver from South Boston. An automobile Mechanic in Illinois complains about the state of the Economy but adds i guess Nixon s doing the Best he can. It s always this Way with the republicans and he s just another a retired teacher strolling across the Boston common is irked by Nixon s ambiguity on school desegregation but seems clearly philosophical about it. I Don t think he s handled the situation very Well at All but i can t say i m surprised. He s been about what i expected him to a n electrical contractor from suburban Belmont is similarly detached. I think he s doing a Good enough i Job and i d vote for him again i guess. He s not moving fast enough in some ways but i guess he has his this perception of Nixon seems to support the View among some democrats that the president s support is a mile and an Inch to use the current cliche. They Point out that opinion poll Matching with potential democratic presidential Nomi nees Nixon still gets about 43 per cent which is what he had in All the polls through most of 1968 and what he ended up getting on election Day. This Means of course that Nixon is depending on his opponent and the Way the issues develop beatable in 1972. Even Republican profession als agree on that. But the unemotional View of the president also has some meaning for the 1970 congressional elections in summary that he probably has far less coat Tail pull than he would like to have. There is no question Nixon can be helpful in some states and with some specific groups. He can help rep. Wil Liam Brock against sen. Al Bert Gore in Tennessee for example. And he has become the Darling of the hard hat construction workers. But the most prudent Politi Cal course for the president this year seems to be the one Nixon has chosen to follow. He will remain above it All or at least disassociated enough from the Campaign so that it cannot be called a referendum on his presidency. His contribution will be to dominate the Media with such things As his trip to Europe late this month and occasional Rifle shot appearances for those Senate candidates who might profit for them. There is however another Side to the Coin. Although Nix on May not be an obvious plus for Republican candidates neither is he an obvious minus. Because there is so Little of the that Man in the White House feeling about him there is Little mileage for democrats in Basing their campaigns on anti Nixon ism. Thus such shrewd can dates As sen. Edward m. Kennedy and Hubert h. Humphrey scarcely mention the president at All. They criticize specifics of his policy but they Are under no illusion that there is any substantial Reser voir of Tricky senti ment to be exploited. The one conspicuous exception to this so far has been the democratic Senate candidate in Illinois Adlai e. Stevenson Iii who regularly assails the president. He thinks there is political Gold there but it May turn out to be fool s Gold. The democrats pick wrong targets by Orr Kelly editor s note the following views ate those of the author and Are presented Heie to give readers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions tie re pressed Only in editorials. Washington there Are few things a politician likes better than to be Able to say i told you it is thus puzzling that so few democrats Are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Pentagon As operated by the republicans to Lay the ground work for a few Well chosen i told you so a a few years from now. Deputy defense Secretary David Packard publicly acknowledged the other Day that the Pentagon is a mess what he meant of course is that the new people Are still trying to clean up the mess left by their predecessors. But As top Pentagon officials Are increasingly aware whatever goes wrong from now on is their problem. Whatever mess May show up a few years from now will have been by the re publicans. The decisions being today in other words will determine the kind of problems or opportunities the defense managers of the latter part of the decade will have to face. It would seem Only prudent for those who have even the dimmest Hope of restoring the presidency to the democrats in 1972 or 1976 to get on record As pointing out what the re publicans Are doing wrong to Day. Instead criticism has tended to Center on the prob lems the republicans Are Hay ing because of democratic policies. Defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird is fond of saying for example that he is trying to change the debate from Why we Are in Vietnam to the Best Way of getting out of Vietnam. He has had Only limited Success however. Many critics of Nixon s War policy still spend most of their time talking about Why we should not be in Vietnam rather than How to get out. Another even More obvious Case in do mocha s have picked the wrong target concerns two air planes the fill and the c5a. The mis takes of the democrats led to Large increases in costs and some loss m performance of the two planes. These Are the things Penta gon critics have continued to concentrate on even though the republicans have now decisions they May Well regret in the future. In both cases the republicans have decided to Cut off production of the planes. On the fill production will Stop far Short of the number of planes the air Force has said it needs and just at the time the Best plane the one with All the bugs ironed out is about to become available. The c5a has been Cut Back from 120 planes to 81 a number that has Only the a guest kind of relationship to military estimates of what might be needed. Both decisions were because of a Lack of Money. This is a real problem for the party in Power which has to face such practical problems As trying to balance the budget. The opposition can simply say that the republicans Are buying fewer planes than might be needed which is True and let the winners of the last election worry about How to pay for them. The republicans As a mat Ter of fad Are vulnerable on the whole subject of the de sense budget. Laird himself has said that some of the cuts for Economy reasons have reduced the nation s de sense capabilities and Gen. Earle g. Wheeler warned shortly before he retired As chairman of the joint chiefs of staff that the 1971 budget took the country to the very Edge of prudent risk. Any far ther cuts obviously would go beyond that Mark. Some top defense officials think they now sense a Slack ening of the attacks on the military budget on Capitol Hill an indication As they see it that some critics Are be coming a Little worried about the possible effects of the they have been advocating

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