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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1970, Page 18

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - September 23, 1970, Oakland, California Irthum Btu tarsal Home o w n e a c o o Lle it arsonist 18 wednesday sept Emki the crisis in Jordan the revolt of palestinian guerrillas in Jordan followed by the Active intervention on behalf of the guerrillas by syrian armoured brigades has brought the Middle East to a Point of crisis More grave than any since the six Day War of june 1967. The situation contains All the ele ments of the classic communist inspired takeover attempts of the cold War Era an armed uprising by oppressed Peoples within a pro Western nation sudden military assistance to those revolutionaries by the armed forces of a sympathetic neighbouring nation the pleas for help from the government of the nation whose Borders Are being overrun by foreign tanks and troops the predictable impotence of the United nations the hand wringing pleas for caution from fair weather allies As France nations who appear to hold the opinion that the Only soil on the face of the Earth Worth saving by . Troops is their own. And there is the ultimate dilemma faced by our own nation do we intervene militarily on behalf of a Friend or do we say that the time has finally come for the United states to no longer act As world there is no simple answer for presi Dent Nixon at this juncture. King Hussein has been not Only pro Western in his stance but responsible in his leadership in Jordan. Should his re Gime be toppled the chances of peace in the Arab israeli dispute might All but disappear. Israel could not be expected to live with a takeover in the strategically located jordanian territory by aggressive syrians and iraqis or the palestini an guerrillas. The United states must do All it can to ensure the survival of King Hus Sein s regime. So Long As a possibility exists that this can be achieved through the exercise of diplomatic pressure the course now being followed by or. Nixon Active military intervention should be avoided. Meanwhile however the president has no Choice but to take the Steps to Ward military preparedness which will permit him to keep his other options open including the possibility of some degree of . Intervention. Cutting the interest rate the announcement by several major Banks of a Cut in the prime interest rate from 8 to 7vz per cent is expected to cause a Broad Ripple in the . Economy. The prime rate is the amount of in Terest charged to a Bank s biggest and Best customers and is used As a gauge for setting loan rates for Home buyers and Consumers. The lower rate is expected to make it possible for More Money to go into circulation filtering Down from major corporations to the average wage earner. For example a Large firm May have been holding off on a major construction project because the Cost of borrow ing Money was High. With the lower rate the company May now decide to expand. This would create new employ ment. The new wage earners then would spend Money in the business Community. The half per cent reduction is the second drop since the rate skyrocketed from 6.25 per cent in december 1968 to per cent in june 1969. The last drop of a half per cent took place last March. The easing of credit restrictions by the Federal Reserve Board less de Mand for Loans by borrowers and competitive pressures apparently were in the most part responsible for the reduction. Some financial analysts fear that a lowering of the interest rate would re sume inflation but the Economy seems Able to absorb the new Money without detrimental effects. Because of a strict policy of control by the Federal Reserve Board the Economy has been geared to a gradual reduction of the interest rate and the injection of new Money into the marketplace. Last March Board chairman Arthur Burns said the Board would not allow the nation to plunge into a recession but neither did it intend to let excess de Mand for goods and services burst out anew. He said the Board was embarking upon a policy to ease controls Only enough to permit a Low and gradual re sumption of business growth. The go slow attitude is reflected in the latest reduction. The rate drop seems to be a healthy sign that the Board s policies to control inflation and avoid a recession Are taking effect. Hopefully the efforts will be Felt at All segments of the nation so that jobs May be More plentiful Homes easier to Purchase and stability returned to the Economy. Eye on the presidency a mini Miracle in the South editor s note the following views Ore those of the author and Are presented Here to give readers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions Artex pressed Only in editorials. Washington it s hard for Harry Dent to go National. He s Deputy coun Sel to president Nixon in charge of looking at politics All Over but he usually gets struck in the stickier Bushes of the South. Right now he s got his Fin Gers crossed that Southern voters in 11 Stales Don t unleash their displeasure with the Nixon administration s firm school integration poli cies at the polls in november. Harry a pleasant but highly partisan fellow from South Carolina is convinced that they won t. The president Lias pulled off a Dent said in his office this week. He s implemented the supreme court s most recent integration order without a Little Rock. He won the Confidence of southerners in the past two Here Are addresses of National and state legislators . Office Washington , 30510. Sen. Curie Murphy sen. Aim cram ton. Congressmen House build ing. Washington ., 20515. Rep. Jeffery Cohen 7th District Albany Emery Ville Piedmont North Oakland. Central Cak am and part of East Oakland Reo. George p. Miller Ith represent ing part of East Oakland Alameda san Leardro Castro Valley sin Ramon Vil Lage , pleas anti san Lor Enzo and part of Hayward rep. Dan Edwards. 9th, Ropret Contino pin of Huv Fremont onion City Newark the Northern part of Santa Clara rep. Wawne 14tlfc in rom Nung Contra Mia county. Samtori and tamamm Vawl sum Carolw Sacramento Kiu county w Jin f. n ch9 Ai c. It tilt Clart in Riley. The Ith and rim a saw the ame with Sherman and of Al Arrutti county sex crat Castro Valley w4 a Taunton. Those and a Toction of Santa clan county an 6y Brt Fliey. Art Jan pm do 1c. We uth John j. M Lutr join Jott w. I Knox by Nick Thimmesch years and got them to do what they did t want to do. No Democrat could have achieved that. The people Down there Aren t Happy with these Keseg r e g a t i o n actions but they Don t Liate Nixon. The Obedi ence of Southern Whites is amazing. Some of them Are running to these private academies but that s Only a temporary escape valve. They probably serve a purpose. Look at those polls. Nixon still has 55 per cent approval in the South Down 13 Points from politically the president is in Good shape. Sen. Thurmond for whom Harry once worked in t 100 per cent for the administration but hell never be a Rene Dent is hopeful that Republican candidates can win . Senate seats in Tennessee Texas and Florida. He says republicans have Good chances to win governorships for the first time in Texas South Carolina and Georgia and win again in Florida and Arkansas and he does t see where the school integration question is going to be a Seri Ous Factor in any of these races. The Nixon administration insisted All along that it would implement integration through the courts rather than through the punitive practice of withholding . Funds. Liberals did t much believe this particularly when the Justice department sided with the stale of Mississippi last year in opposing an Inte grate right now order of the supreme court. But the Justice department pressed desegregation suits. Attorney Gen. John n. Mitch Ell suddenly became a civil rights hero by assigning 100 lawyers and other officials to integration duties in the South. And Nixon quietly insisted that these policies be carried out. So far the results Are that there has been remarkable acceptance by southerners min Imal tensions and whatever physical scuffling that has taken place has been of the kind which the North already knows High school age Blacks and Whites venting their steam. One sign that the integration Effort by the administration is in the brass tacks nitty Gritty phase is the mass resignations of school superintendents in the deep South who can t take the de segregation pressure. Most liberals figured that with Harry s. Dent in the White House Mitchell at jus Tice and vice president Spiro Agnew on Southern roads school integration would be greatly delayed. The admins traction is claiming 95 per cent of the Southern schools Are now in the desegregation process but even if this figure is a Little High it puts liberals doubts to shame especially those who Send their own Chil Dren to private or suburban Public schools where Black children Are scarce. Dent s children Are in a co Lumbia s.c., Public school which is 35 per cent Black. It was t too Long ago that Dent was charged with intervening in school desegregation suits including one in his Home town Columbia. He s also been pasted with some bad notices on an Orangeburg s.c., Case involving his brother Billy a Home builder. Last week two serious felony charges were dropped against Billy in favor of a simple As Sault charge growing out of a scuffle Billy had with a Busi Ness rival. Harry says he got dragged into it when political enemies presented the press with cop ies of letters he wrote to negroes commending them for showing an interest in Low Cost housing the kind Billy Sells. Harry says he was just trying to show negroes that the republicans cared As much for them As the democrats. Lots of people arc trying to get old says Dent 40, but old Harry is still maniacs pushing us All toward chaos letters to the forum Power grab editor Secretary general u Thant of the . Is proposing that airline hijackers be tried by an International tribunal Tribune sept. Since the genocide treaty did t make it into favor this year i guess u Thant had to come up with another Way of trying to get americans under . Laws. He seems to con cede rather casually that his solution would mean the sur Render of some National sovereignty. That s the catch. Here we have a situation where potentially americans could be tried under . Laws thereby denying them the Protection of our Ameri can Constitution. Don t be fooled by the . They re not All that concerned about hijackers. They want More Power at the expense of All of us and our Republic. Laurette Elsberry Richmond. Bart s environment editor the controversy which surrounds the question of whether Bart stations shall have advertising signs prompts this suggestion. The purpose of station advertising is to provide additional revenues for the Bart system and from the advertisers Point of View to create Good will and produce aware Ness with Bart patrons. I be Lieve both goals can be achieved to some degree. In addition we can at the same tune provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for the users of Bart service. Instead of renting space for vulgar and Garish signs Why not rent All or part of the space in question for landscaping and the emplacement of suitable works of Art the commercial concern which seeks to advertise would pay the costs of initial installation plus the continuing costs of maintenance As required. An additional Peri Odic charge commensurate with the going rate for Adver using space would provide Bart with the funds they seek. The subscriber would be permitted a Small and unobtrusive sign in the station Complex to acknowledge publicly their concern with beautifying our environment thus reversing the preponderant trend. Surely More Public Goodwill would be created by this action than by the traditional methods of advertising. The plan need not be limited to commercial enterprises. So Cial fraternal and neighbor Hood organizations As Well As churches and private sponsors could also share in the perpetuation of the program. Not Long ago a citizen s group in the Orinda Moraga area organized to protest the proposed architecture of a Bart station. This group and others like it All Over the Bart system could now direct their talents and funds to this tangible manifestation of their interest in neighbourhood Beauty. My plan would also provide a Means for artistic expression and needed patronage for some of our local artisans. For example a station in a predominantly Black neighbor Hood might feature sculpture and paintings reflecting the afro american heritage. A station in the appropriate san Francisco Region would have a japanese styled Garden or chinese statuary. Protection from vandalism or theft would be provided by the closed circuit to system to be in use at some stations or by suitable attractive fencing or Grill work. So often in the past we have concerned ourselves with Competition with foreign coun tries often to a foolish extent. For those who require this motivation i would Point out that the Moscow metro sub Way stations feature Marble columns and floors Crystal chandeliers stained Glass win Dows and paintings among the tasteful decor. For those who prefer their Competition at the . Cities level rapid transit systems in Chicago new York and else where have demonstrated clearly the Depths to which vulgarity can rampage. Let us Lead the Way by establishing a new Standard of excellence. To do otherwise would be to add to the dehumanizing elements already overburdening society. Joseph , Livermore. Cross me off editor i find it extremely disturbing during these troubled times to be subjected to appalling scenes As shown via television newspapers Etc. Of the antics of Jess Unruh. Namely his personal assault upon Henry Salvatori. Who in his right mind wants to or. Should have to for that matter make Public their per Sonal financial status or. Salvatori made is for tune by hard work and if or. Unruh had what it takes namely determination fair mindedness and a Strong sense of values he would t be out knocking on doors begging for votes. Well or. Unruh Cross this Democrat off your list. Joyce foged pleasant Hill. The Small society welfare is editor with legislation in the offing to prevent hard Core welfare recipients from voting it becomes imperative that welfare be accurately described. Welfare is elected officials receiving sums More than twice greater than is necessary for an intelligent not necessarily frugal person to have a comfortable living any person living in a Hospi Tal completely free of medical expense notwithstanding his established capability to pay. Any person receiving 000 not mentioning and thereby storing where withal for his posterity any person living in a style which makes his comforts a slap in the face to his constituents necessities. Meanwhile i gladly give my share to the indigents. Celeste Smith Oakland. Crime pays editor according to your sept. 17 Story a court awarded to a youth who was shot by the police while fleeing from a stolen car. In so doing the court not Only made this crime pay but encouraged others to do like Wise. H. M. Rhodes Oakland. Part of problem editor the Tribune series the making of a terrorist contains Noelu no new. Diana Oughton goes to Guate Mala she is concerned about the poor somebody tells her the solution is to do away with the 50 ruling she talks to a revolutionary Etc. People who think doing away with ruling or the equivalent to restructure society have Sand in their Heads. I suggest a Reading of animal by George Orwell. There will always be ruling f a m i 1 i e just As there Are today in the .s.r. The sheep must Al ways be shepherded. Instead of blowing herself up Sha could have done some thing constructive As be coming a physician and then gone and cared for some of these people she was so Trou bled about. How True if you Aren t part of the solution you re part of the w. A. Bernheim Fremont. The forum is always open to All reasonable opinion. Brief legible letters receive preference. All Mast be signed. By Bride Mon editor s of tit the fallowing views met Ikon of the to Tor and we part Tuntti Mart to five witty of viewpoints. The tribe it t opinions pressed Only in editorials. Washington one Hopes that atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell is Correct in his Assumption that there is no nationally directed conspiracy to tear apart the fabric of american society by terrorist bombings and the sense less murder of policemen at station House desks. It would be comforting to believe with the attorney Gen Era that the maniacs who have caused Wanton destruction of life and property can be isolated and controlled by stiffer Laws regulating the importation and Sale of explosives. But the mayors and crime officials of 10 midwestern Cit ies hit by violence went Home from a conference with Mitch Ell still convinced that the out rages were National in scope. They Felt that these incidents were beyond the resources of local communities and universities to control. Certainly anyone who re views the record of the last 16 months since the series of bombings began can Only con clude that guerrilla warfare has become a fact of life in this sorely divided country. More than 100 policemen wounded in unprovoked at tacks this year can attest to that. In the last 16 months since the mini revolution began there have been 4.330 bomb Ings Many of them in Public buildings. There were abortive bombing attempts and More than threats that disrupted the orderly Rou Tine of life. They and the wave of wan ton attacks on the police Are linked to a tide of violence that rolled across the South in the beginnings of the civil rights controversy and now is surging against the foundations of society North and South. By Jack Bell my old Friend Don White head has caught the horror of those beginnings in his new Book attack on terror the Fri against the Kun flux klan in Mississippi Funk wag nails new focused on the murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi the Book records in devastating detail the arson mayhem and murder employed by the Christian klan executioners against the Blacks and those working for social Justice. The sordid Story of klan in filtration into the forces of the Law is matched Only by the conspiracy of fear that silenced the vast majority of Good citizens of Mississippi. Their see no evil attitude the klan to get away with its depredations until the Fri intervened is reflected in refusal of Many citizens to involve themselves in today s crisis. Just As the klan Drew upon the Community for the re sources to Cany out its nefarious operations so the nihilists now get sympathy and Cash from americans who ought to have More sense. It has become fashionable in some quarters to condone Vio Lence. The Black panthers whose Creed is destruction of the social order get financial help from the purring dilettante elite. University faculty members encourage dissident students to make fantastic non negotiable demands and to riot to attain them. As Whitehead aptly Points out the negro hating klans of the South now have their counterparts in the White hating Black panthers of the North. He adds that had the Fri not challenged the klan successfully Mississippi might have been pushed to the Brink of regardless of whether they Are White or Black and the Whites obviously outnumber the maniacs have pushed us All toward chaos. We had better find Means More effective than support your police bumper stickers to combat them. Norman cousins thoughtful reply by James j. Editor s note the following views arc those of the Anthon and Art presented Here to give readers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions Are expressed Only in editorials. Washington a couple of weeks ago i addressed an open letter to Norman cousins editor of saturday review following a provocative talk he had made before the association for education in journalism. His theme was the urgent need As he sees it for the develop ment of new International institutions with Power to halt the disintegration of our planet and to shape a better world. Cousins is an old Friend. By the generally accepted definitions of our Day he is a Liber Al i a conservative. One Trou ble with his idealism 1 said is that liberals tend to Start with a View of men and nations As they ought to be generous peace Loving Toler ant and we conservatives Start with men and nations As they Are which is not that Way at All. The column stirred up a Gratifying mail including a Long and thoughtful letter from cousins himself. He wrote me i am not sure i know How to define liberalism. In any event Here goes the essence of the Liberal philosophy is a belief in the perfectibility of Man. But the upgrading of the human condition is nothing that proceeds out of Drift. It Calls for the finest expression of the human spirit and the most strenuous exercise of the human intelligence. It must be nurtured by Hope and All the affirmative gifts and ener Gies within human capability. It Calls for the development of those conditions which Foster and make human Freedom possible. Now having said this it is also necessary to say that under certain circumstances and conditions otherwise decent men can become knaves. Human spirit can turn sour. Therefore the question for All of us Liberal or conservative is not whether Man is basically Good or evil but How Best to bring out the Good and Cope with the evil. "1 am sure you agree that no men understood this prob Lem More thoroughly than the remarkable group of Young men who founded the United states. In setting up a govern Kilpatrick ment they wanted to make it possible for Good men to hold office but they also wanted to make life As difficult As posse ble for bad men in office. They Felt that Good men be come bad when it is Loo easy for them to conceal their errors. Hence the emphasis on checks and balances. Hence the emphasis too on creating machinery that makes it pos sible for the voters periodically to get rid of the rascals. What meaning does All this have in our own time the entire world has now become a geographic unit. Man As the lunar astronauts discovered is a creature of the planet Earth even before he is an american or a russian or a Buddhist or a presbyterian or an Elk or a lawyer or a Newspaperman or a Farmer. He lives on the Only planet Iii our solar system that can sus Tain life. Human life on Earth is now endangered by War and preparations for War by the poisoning of air and water by depletion of natural resources by overcrowding by constrictions on human Freedom. These dangers Are real. These dangers transcend National boundaries. These Are world dangers but we Lack the world institutions to Deal with them. What i urged in my Washington talk was that we fix our attention on these dangers and their implications. I am opposed to anarchy in All its forms. I do not think that Man kind will solve its present problems in a dominant Condi Tion of world anarchy therefore i have been urging the development of world institutions to meet world problems. I do not be Lieve that the individual nation is capable by itself of meeting problems. I recognize the Mammoth difficulty of getting enough nations to work together towards Essen tial ends. But i believe that some nations can get moving in the right direction and that the procession will grow. Advocacy of ideas creates Basic Energy. No one can say that this Energy will not carry us As far As we have to go what counts Are the things we Are prepared to do to create a Basic situation of safety sanity and Freedom in our world and in our time. And we can work for what we believe with a spirit of Confidence that comes from ing that any problem created by Man is within the reach of Man to

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