Oakland Tribune in Oakland, California
18 Sep 1916

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Oakland Tribune in Oakland, California
18 Sep 1916

Read an issue on 18 Sep 1916 in Oakland, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Oakland Tribune.

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - September 18, 1916, Oakland, CaliforniaV monday evening september 18 1916 Christian Selim be doctrine expounded treatment of pneumonia and med i Man described his method by saying Cai journals were full of the records of and his Christ Jesus through Alt lot instantaneous cures which instantaneous cures had come about through Ita use As a practising physician u prescribed this remedy at tha first Opportunity that Faith in his name hath made this Man whole Hera the statement is made that Healing came about through Faith spirit Ual understanding of the name of Spokane Reader talks to Large audience Here t of the cures accredited Cate its Quality or nature in that Peters under the auspices of fourth Church of Chris scientist in Oakland or i t for years has since statement meant that the manifestation Walton Hubbard c s b of Spokane Wash lectured of Christian science Fafone Way of dismal failure of those of nature the Christ afternoon to an audience that preceded it understood had i 1 r it a r read Onia 1j t hit i i Ikjin Lii or to y to in v to presented itself Outwith no result i the a Holst and Thia word came a mud since come Tosee that the remedy in the had a deeper big Alft worked Juit so Longakit had some oni than it has in Bur modern belly Long in Ita eff significant term Cacy but failed to work As soon As it j the idea of a name in the hebrew Lari became generally used by a generally guano and the hebrew mind was not profession a profession merely that of a sound by which an of i frown pessimistic thro Urh Ita continual Jet might be designated but that of a i history of drug failure Thia drug in significant term which should really of the marvelous cures accredited Cate its Quality or nature so that Peters flowed the theater Many being uti aple to gain admission the speaker was introduced by Herbert b Perkins c s first Reader of fourth Church who said in behalf of fourth Church of Christ scientist i Welcome you this afternoon to hear lecture of Christian science fourth Church has been organized about Alx years it is a Branch of the Mother Church tha first Church of Christ scientist in Boston mass at present its services Are held in the masonic Temple eighth Avenue and East fourteenth Street at 11 Oclock every sunday morning and 8 Oclock every wednesday evening to which All Are Welcome a Christian science Church is designed As Eddy has stated to commemorate the words and works of our master and to rein state primitive christianity with its element of healings practice by Jesus 2000 years ago on the shores of Galilee and around about Jerusalem to know that Christian science is bringing about this Reforma Tion one need but to attend the services and there see hundreds of living witnesses i myself have had the expert ence of being healed through Christian science treatment and the study of our text Book of a physical ailment that medical doctors said that i would have the rest of my life the discoverer and founder of Christian science Mary Baker Eddy in ad4itlbn to writing the text science and health with key to the scriptures and her other works also made pro vision Board of lectureship in order that the communities in which the different Branch churches Are located might be better informed concerning the truth about Christian science and not be deceived by mistaken be p6rts the of the Board Are Mett of experience in the work Well qualified to speak on the subject it is my pleasure to introduce to you member of this Board of lectureship or Walton Hub Bard c s b of Spokane was who i will now address you my a Obbard Speaks Spok As follows Lan Spence and the application of us rules that we May confidently expect remedy condemned another famous remedy that came into almost immediate prominence within the last year or two and which has been in absolute specific for is now being condemned nem Ond it made this Man whole the master said in his prayer to his father i have Mant thy unto the great a out of the did the master do but to nature to the men that j to a Judi Vej Ujj Tiltie to Jenii i yvi3 Niroj luuimt3iinj Kenn e i Given him out of the world again and Healing in every Case and Oliai then is us former supporters As doing again it is pointed out in the new Testa a spiritual Law Audi client for every a Kook and much damage it has Beon Merit that Faith in his name that la in Terziu condition remarkable both for the claims Nide for Der Standlin of his nature is what heals mrs Eddy founder its efficiency Anil made for its and eaves in every instance to Raate Sif gifts Suff Turr becoming a which is essential f we Are to and tireless analytical student and surgical and other material forms of Uro the through marked by sickness and maternal of uie Triana her deep religious sense led her to Thea same process of love has to strive to see Ana to understand the l has Only been a very divine she truth the Christian trial the whole material uni verse with Aai the sense of the opposite sense of the absence of that which god made consciousness first suppose had never had his Alfrit and sight came to him while he jag in i Large room he would not know that he had his sight nor would he know that he waa in the dark for it is impossible for one to gain a sense of finst being conscious of Light but let him be taken into the Light and he would see then when he to tha darkness he would Aenie it absence of so it is impossible for there to Bavta senso of darkness except As there a first a consciousness of Light Thea u Aai Istley True of strength and 18 just As impossible for there to come a sense of weakness except As there is first a consciousness of atre Huith if there had never been a con a loudness of strength is part of what god created there would never have been n sense of weakness so the Fri Ament when god said let there be Light which is equivalent to saying let there be strength and let there be health and let there be holi Ness was the first moment wherein there could have come a sense of nest and weakness and sickness and Church designed to commemorate masters works manner come a Sensa of its covery to r ing Are p Tuvalu Usu i 7 t we us that cures were produced in primitive on has remained in a pos i had any imperfection to Send or could Christian Healing by holy uplifting1 lot supposed eff Cay for a Lone ii permit it without becoming resp Kalble Faith but i must know the science of prod anything of which i know for it thu Healing and i won my Way to a can most of us remember when to the Bible Speaks of god a spa Solute conc Lalona through divine rever i he Able to show n Good soar meant a life lation reason and dead nitration the time of Protection but the years of its revelation of truth in the constantly Short n the and apparently in lip until now it is maintained that f preyed in Christian science by the use of dial Alq i t Only protect for a few Yeara with an the word principle Tor Ood since Pron ing As acid Juii coterie within the ranks i the that from which All and Muat have approached the wit i t not at ajl Auch a though of god a love that she i science prove Worth Salt was impossible for Ood to do Gitajn and in toxic conditions ride All Good for la children f and in immunity from con Cjon tha i of god As i Christian Scie tial Ahe lure Goda truth was Ual which tests who believe when god Atad let us make Man in our to Maine after our likeness so that Man was made in his likeness spiritual and perfect and immortal there came a senae of the absence of that spiritual and perfect and immortal Man and the sense of the absence of a spiritual and perfect and immortal Man would be a material and imperfect and mortal Man that is a mortal Merid and a mortal material body called Man material mind the new testament Calls this mate or mind the carnal mind than and Bible teaches Rule mra Eddys study of tha scriptures thing it revealed the fact that the entire Bible record teaches understanding of r brought Dominion Dit Iong and that Ali of truth Haa been Corre Cuy Uppena n has always been attended by Healing and w Ekener Altori evidence that he d y by which it exists has term Eddy Haa Given us the term father Mother by which is brought to consciousness the compote near of the creator the motherhood a Well a the thought of god As when we think of god the father Bur thought of him is limited by our earthly senae of father Hood which no matter How Complete is still lacking in the fullness of those Quall which the the word and the word Wii Iii 10 go both with had something of Thia same though of ils thought has been us in the translation metre Plato wit the few years ago is hot Sod prac fact today 1 of be life Liberty that comes through a right api am not criticizing the infinite principle or infinite mind prehension of him whom to know aright does the Best to can with the Poonia logical deduction a to the nature of air and health weapons which have Beert him 1 Man and the creation will always bring i been attended by Healing and i via not conf errant with j had something of the in the scriptures abound in if test method he should not be motherhood but this hat to understand god brings 9jted to Thea is and completely to us especially in the new Testa Mutiny that what was Good practice Al no matter by what in life eternal science pref p the fact that Healing and Ian with him because Edge of truth by which we it has been passed Over As not meant jinas been passed Over As not meant i for this time or for All Mankind Haa Medicine soon found been due to no fault of Bibla in Ore Inere Ace Tajn mental in Yoc i Trio Tiliti Cici Iceni thought nit waa of Lou that a to the aame of the eternal has made and and All that is pc spoke As Rogows from sickness and every form of error physical and others Milt the t studied tha Bubla Tafi but As Bro file w ii Nicory of material Means up to meet prayer or w it an the it waa method the ones that have replaced v thought that god had set of cite the sex last years arid last years Istona order of Thunga for the one Occa of have not As yet been proven Aion and an a special Mark of favor it but the history has Only been since the Advent of yearn will Christian science thief primitive Christ material i Ian Healing has Beon restored to the he this world and Aro learning through the some yearn Nus new Nna Soupos flair i a Nisi understand Long of the principle of Christ wonderful remedy was advocated for the that had would find it the pre studied every thing the contrary to his divine nature the Only Way we can fall to arrive at this conclusion is by simply paying Tuott to under Inal sting that Aee about i cording to his Liness god As infinite life cannot be made Manifest in death or can infinite life to made Malfet in sickness for suck Nacsa in death and to in a relative sense la partial death infinite the can Only be made Manifest in in finite eternal health god As truth god As infinite truth cannot remade Manifest in sickness for every truth is in absolute harmonious Accord with every other just As one Ema tical truth is in Harmony with other mathematical i truth can tolerate though it Calls itself sickness and Cal urls to be truth god As infinite love cd Nhot do less for his children than to Manifest that love and Supply them with inflate Good and infinite Good does hot include sick Ness what earthly father As a manifestation of his love for his child would bring sickness if he could prevent it if be then being evil know How to against god that flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom that they that Are in the flesh cannot please god1 logical and correlated argument of the nothingness and unreality of the mate rial creation causes us Mare trouble Thea Point will become clearer a 6ur spiritual perception in Lagos for Iri the proportion that the spiritual creation becomes real to us tha material loses its reality what to think Havo often been asked Tho if i his mortal material body in not o it int am i going to do about it what am i going to think about it Wei dont try to get rid of it All at once be Content for today to got rid of the very worst things you know about things that Are so obviously unlike god to contrary to the thought of his perfection that you can detect no matter How Small your understand Long that they Are not Hub making and hence have never been made As you deny their reality and assert what you know to be gods perfection these cond Tiona will disappear and though you will still have a material body to Deal with it will a a better body made better and stronger through the application of goths Law of health it is the putting off of the old Man and the putting on of the new through tha application of the teachings of Christian science that constitutes the Healing the thoughts of sickness and sin Are ruled of human consciousness by the under standing and declaration of the Perfec Tion of that which god has made there Are those who feel that it is Al most a sacrilege to dispose of material Man As just the counterfeit of the spirit Ual perfect Man this material Man is body for his his own ideas cannot be at wit him cannot simply sex Sci our thought of the mortal human mind investigation proves that All Alck Nesa la mental that is it la Slok thought made Manifest on Itin they feel that it is Disho Noring enmity god to the material Man a his j product i material Man does seem to be won q de fully made but you will remember in the Many better baby the Christ is an unassailable fact which is accepted and taught from cover to cover of Tho Christian science textbook science and health with key to the scripture by mrs Eddy but if we Aro to accept the teaching of the Bible on j the subject of the Christ to shall have to admit that the Christ had been Manl in some degree at various times both before and the full and perfect manifestation of the Christ which Jesus presented had some consciousness of the Christ when he said the spirit of the is upon me for if he had not Deauk could not have appropriated Hia Oaut words in stating his Mission As the Christ Abraham saw the Christ in measure when he became conscious of the King of righteousness of whom tha Bible says that he had neither Heiti Nung of Days nor end of life but Mada Ilko unto the son of god and we Ara told that closes and the children of Israel were con Clous of the Christ for Tho Bible says they did All eat the Samer spiritual meat and did All drink the same spiritual drink for they drank of the spiritual Rock that followed them and thut hot was Christ on Page 333 of science and health mrs Eddy says i Abraham Jacob Mosea and the prophets caught glorious glimpses of the Messiah or Christ which baptized these seers in the do Vino nature Tho essence of fact which May be verified by careful study or the scriptures his followers knew it a certain that Jesus followers knew they were manifesting the Christ in some degree or Faur would not have said of Christ nor would he have enjoined the Phllip Plana to let that mind in them which was also in Christ Jesus in addition to shia Paul nays the spirit itself Eureth witness with Bur spirit that we we the children of god arid children then heirs heirs of god and that have been prevalent about the joint heirs with Christ if we Are joint country though Thebes and Moat per Helra with Christ ave certainly every function every action Dlton of the body is tha of what we Are consciously or Union re loudly thinking from one moment to the next if a Man were Hun Irry and food which was placed before him had something about it that was exceedingly Shappe it would apparently be his Stom Ach which or pleated because the thought Wiloh he entertained about the food would be made Manifest on his body but what would Hix stomach know about the food absolutely nothing if he believed that Tho food waa All Rlph this thought would be made Manifest in proper activity of the stomach and if he had food believing it to be All right and had then discovered that it was All wrong his changed thought would be made Manifest in changed nausea indigestion and so Forth in libero inner to believe that eo3 or wet could harm us would be just As disastrous to the Lunga or the Throat As to that unappetizing food could make the stomach sick Only belief or so called Law in trouble they s in the Man made perfect others maintain that god made Man perfect and gave him his own free will to do Good or evil but Man chose to do evil an the evil brought sickness and other troubles upon him or that Man unknowingly transgressed gods Laws but that god is in no Way responsible because had Man chosen to do right All would have been Well suppose a architect put up a build ing and it fell Down would that to the fault of the building would you blame the building it would Only fall because it was so constructed that it could fall obviously if god made Man to he could fail and he fell it would be gods fault mans it should be stated also that those who hold to the belief that god made Man free to do either Good or evil Are holding a Belleff that is directly contrary to Jesua teaching he said i came Down from heaven not to do mine own will but the will of him that sent me i can of mine own self do nothing whosoever shall do Willow god the is my sister big will in ui1uui Olat Lull enables a to see More clearly Tho full significance to us of his life and work this gratitude can never be fully expressed except As it la continually expressed it la but natural that we should Feer n Senio of deep gratitude to mrs Eddy also because it is through her teaching that we Are experiencing that which the i waiter taught but which we had not appropriated those who have not Perien ced the blessings which Christian science brings cannot understand the sex and sometimes object to them gratitude la the opposite selfishness and what we give to on does not take from another there is room in the thought j of the Christian scientist for Alon of gratitude wherever gratitude la i due hrs Stan scientist Pray he is not Given to praying because he la not praying to but to god who heart him in aia crot by wanted in one week mining As conducted today readily eliminates the Fakir or adventurer and is As Safe a business As the old time real estate business in a country neighbourhood Rhodes l j a left t c Vui Iochi Juu task it l 1 Ilu 1 Fly that had so Largo a grasp y one that from which Alt proceeds we find of god a to refuse Hodinh nor t Impo Asble to conceive of both sick e to Rte Ahonor i and Heinith proceeding from this infinite principle and yet there is could ally la ten Kuty t could Alliv to Only one n which cd there no Corn deny the Rrt Tehal Devil dared Ness one no other source from which anything could come for As John declares with out him was not any thing made that was made when we consider god u mind we arrive at the same conclusion for the Huol fit that but perfect and of anything i unaware May have to he heir As weave that both san and sickness Are amply manifestations of mortal thought thought of imperfection we also Sec that by putting Tho thought o the perfection of god arid All that god has made in place of this wrong thought we shall Rule put the wrong thought and with no Wron thought there can be no Wrons Malfe Atalloh the f Bible makes this identical statement when it says put off concerning the former conversation the old Man which is corrupt according tothe deceitful lusts and be renewed in the spirit of your mind and put on the new Man which after holiness Ness and who believed on Lei t continued in Hia word its truth would make them free and that Whoso Ever committed sri was in bondage to and ainu and to Stop being sick and sinful is to enter into the glorious lib erty of the children of god1 when the master first appeared in the synagogue he announced his Mission by appropriating to himself that passage from the sixty first chapter of is Alan which reads the spirit of the lord god is upon me because the lord hath anointed me to preach Good tidings unto the in Eek he hath sent me to bind up Tho brokenhearted to proclaim Liberty to the captives and the open Long of the prison to them that Are bound he who continually maintained that do gods will and riot will and Hope that d cd Iristean us accept the statement that god is mind because la the largest Gold mining District in America j7ortunks Aro being made in Ontina Arizona the a largest Gold mining District in America sonic of the wealthiest men in Tho United suites reinvesting in Latinan mines your Opportunity to Imko big Money is the development when a Small Stock holding increases in value by leaps and Bounds shares in the United Eastern mining company of the development for 25 cents these shares Are now around i am furnishing Money to develop i Heller will he one of the greatest Jerold mines in on Muir i have been on the property and know that it is Good development work Haa Beon going on for several months it big Tunnel storied and All Tho necessary machinery installed Tho Mann fee ment is in the hands of local men whose try not be questioned this mine is ready to of ctn Nativo opera Tion two thousand dollars Are needed to Start it is up to me to furnish the Money you can subscribe any portion of this amount that Yon May wish to invest i can prove to you Tho safety of your investment under Tho Arizona Uluao sky Law the Best Law Ever devised for Tho Protection of those investing in inn Lnor ventures Perlt Allty of mind if we admit infinite we inst admit that it is the emanation of an infinite mind illustrates divine mind let us illustrate the divine mind by using the Ordinary Conception of a human mind As an example you say your of Christian science Vii by prof Ombion and tvs in not Max with Friend has a Fine mind you say you five up the practice of 9l to know this because he has a lot of Fine the More i read a gaunt Medjo Lebut ideas which he expresses you have became convinced of Iii Vav e More i i never seen his mind but you have known j int it to and Fife expression of his mind in ideas a t raid in Jesus time we n5 save i of a never noved it muscle never spoke something about god howpv2d to Hariw a word you would rightly conclude i to appropriate Hin in every n order that there waa no mind there so a i am offering Stock to uie amount of two thousand Dollar sin this mine at a most attractive figure this Stock win be som in Larry or Small amounts nil will soon increase in value if Yon arc willing to the condition that i can prove the Worth of thiamine and con show you now your investment is protected by Tho Irizona Blue sky or write me at once rial conditions that Abraham to think Visalon with juju s a bestowed there waa no mind there so a o be a be filled with and an idea by virtue of being Muat be expressed it is in to conceive a mind Al Ltd with ideas yet unexpressed fora mind with no expression is not a mind but a Blank now we have evidence of infinite wis Dom in the universe and the evidence of infinite Wisdom predicates an infinite mind the infinite Man re is filled with in infinite number of ideas or thoughts which constitute its Wisdom these ideas because they Are ideas cannot be separated from the mind which contains them and it is the activity the i reflection the manifestation of these ideas which constitute Man and the Una spiritual and because we exist in him the scriptures n upon them for the r that they wire a Nolan n tie True Decare that to him we live and move work which they did hit i Tho or same inv y the1 is a further Quality of an idea his free will to do right or wrong Tot a Fps a Well As holiness help is riot available in every w Are we to know How much a May be relied upon in anything if god will not save us from a sick body or a sick business How can we be sure Tiit he will save a from sin men Are proving daily that Christian science May be successfully applied to every human activity to every human problem it enables the business Man to be a bless ing to the entire Community which a serves and he in turn is messed with a Freedom hmm worry and a conscious Ness of per Success Christian science has brought Many prosperous business conditions Rochere before there had been business failures just As it has in so Muny instances brought health Ful conditions of the body where before there had been medical failures to get an understanding of love requires nothing but the belief that the infinite principle May but understood and n a Calpe to understand it he who with an honest motive makes an Effort to know the letter of Christian science will receive the spirit and there is no human difficulty which divine love cannot heal same Way that great and own in our p m Vuillemin Syndicate building Jjack Tsitle Oakland California Carters that it might be Well to consider an idea hag no ability to do anything or to be anything other than just the idea of the mind in which to exist it cannot itself or be Corrie More or less or was to of use All that All that has words from greek the greek for believe and Faith Are from Tho Sarne greek Root a word which Meiji a Ron Letlon of and to be convinced of truth Means to know to mule Rytand truth our diet Ion give this deeper men ninja As the one to be used in a relic Loui but our of the word believe in n of giving credence to anal of the word Fulth in of the Waine the Aine an thai word Hnin to obscure infer of thai Paul in he Nln Voith chapter of Hla to the to throws Notor Doln Lorr t different than that mind intended it should be for it has no volition of its own and Munt of necessity express exactly the qualities of the mind whose idea it is Man perfect idea Alan is the perfect idea of Golf and As an idea of god he has to volition of his own he cannot be sick or a Hoot to do evil for if he could Chance from Bel Najj gods perfect idea he would be creater than god because he would have spoiled the infinite design frustrated the do Vino purpose now infinite mind is infinite spirit and infinite life in sex pressing the perfection of infinite mind May expresses infinite life and spirit and As an expression of infinite use Man must be eternal while a an expression of infinite a Plait Man must be spiritual and not material Man then As gods idea gods Irr tape Rind like Lesa hns All the qualities of god and not a single Quality which u not of god therefore he in healthful and holy spirit Ual immortal perfect Subh a conclusion a this leaves no room for a mortal material Alck and sinful Man yet we have the problem of materiality with its lick noses and won of Doal with As a false belief to a eradicated seems More real to Tho human mind than docs matter though the most Omar tent Phyrl rests of twin present Day Siulte atone in saying that it la to prove there is Nuch matter they nay that mat it Ter a function of outside Krelof the of Nerky and thin is lust another Way of Navine in the third Peter he Moa of Fen of Kronor i Ouight a Cal thought must Nurt Nve of nature unit therefore not Mauriac and u Asp remd a modern Gulliver some men stand out from the crowd a Gulliver towered Over the lilliputian by Supe rior Energy activity and Reserve strength they predominate feeling right within is one of the fundamentals of physical and mental strength and is largely the result of proper nourishment rap nuts with Cream is the logical food for thinkers and doers it contains All the nutritious elements of whole wheat and malted Barley is partially predigested and supplies an abundance of energizing nourishment without overworking the stomach it also includes the vital Mineral salts of the Grain which Are lacking in White bread and Many other Cereal foods theres Able help for Many 5n grape nuts theres a reason sold by grocers

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