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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 5 1900, Page 3

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - September 5, 1900, Oakland, California Wed1tesday evening Oak last us mate. Ii i f i to 4 la i t i v w so september 1 i y 5. ,1900 Square the Circle or Circle the Square yes the you la not find As Complete an assortment of the lates fall styles in shirts neckwear 4 underwear to say collars and cuts As is displayed it Heeseman 3 we take pins we spend Tine we spend Money to get the Bot Tho Market affords. Just received n new shipment of coloured shirt at c. J. Heeseman of klan s most Rish Loible Clothier. Furnished and Platler Tor Man and Hoy Broadway and eleventh streets to vib i v j they had a Ere of cold feet and i i Asco had a walk shutting them baseball. J out for to e second tune in throw to the third inning of the a. Olander juniors Amateur baseball club. C. Krneti Catcher and substitute e. Courto. Pitcher g. Holmes first base w. Johnson. Second base. C. Pingree third base a. T i Rohani left Field w. Cross Center Field t. Larue right Field and Short Stop. H. Donaldson inert Stop w. Hall Catcher and substitute it Byrgett Center Field and club were on hand rat captained one team and Bill Ward the Sis Titian game shutting i other the teams played championship the baseball Erie. Just played Mada off at to e Home Pete a Verj Clever mics and some of the individual plans change in the Chtive portion of piece of Fielding it was the Only w Ere remarkable. 1 in Best Bovling the the Iris. Sacramento a few Points Clynce Sacramento had of scoring in but still has a comi Ortasic run Lead m the race Lor the dig the dudes Mike o Connor of ast Weir s Sacra a was done by Strauss h v. Hall Pat Cadorin and i i Ward would no maintain their winning Niento s , and consequent la arc still anchored Oil unite Phing Hrit base for inc Tail end follow ing the to Dale club pm Vanir nor i 3i Kex bin Francl co in i ii so Stockton i 4, 81 Oisund Dames i amt twin schedule of for a inc sons week his been arranged Asol j. Cal having manager of the Oak , i confined to tied with an at tack of rang pice jumped contract with Stockton is catching Lor Ana Condi of civil a lived from Montana stating Seh Mccur pronounced out of and dual Coj is recovered and information has been re that l 50011 be in the agile Jows saturday. Sept. Stockton. 8th, Oakland is sunday. Sept. Qty. Oakland v s. Sacra mento and san Francisco is Stockton monday sept loth Oakland Stockton and san Francisco Sacra Incato tuesday sept Irtoli. Of kind sin Franco. And Stock ton is. Sacra mento. These games i l be played at it Ecru nation Park. Game will at the usual time the games on sunday monday and tuesday will commence at 1-30 p ji., and the general Admi Sion Price for the double header will be so cents laches 2 and children 10 the usual came will take place at Golden Gate suit Day morning at the it Tilar time be tween Oaklund and Sacramento the patrons of the game will a made .1 one i aided Ratch Sun c a in Ornnie that reminded the old timers of the any Rube the Pride of the kindergarten tint Luck is a Factor m a game of baseball was amp demonstrated Mon v Hen the dudes were Defeated by the Brewers although i irrow ams hit hard still with an even amount of hit Oakland would inv won the game All through the contest the Sac Ramento were Zitnik Sec mgl site hits and Kliu Tanir out runs in the 6th Inrig with two men on inset Kane hit a done tint looked Rood for three bases but Mclaughlin made a wonderful one handed ratio and mopped All Hope of a for the Dulc Mcquail has lit in signed by Laii Jet Harper and is Plant no right Field Lor Stockton. Pad Knell was batted ind Sui Idaj morning my was replaced fit Pat Rick but he Rhatie in improve ment. A two passes hit Binita and a swipe for three bases with an annexed error netted four runs enough to lose the game. On saturday the Ball Tiiu of St Chance to so Sacramento and Stockton Colleg e Defeated the Alamid i pitted against each other the being he Fth school in a one sided game scheduled to play at recreation on tuesday afternoon. James t. Moran president of the California baseball league arrived Home from the East last Fedaj evening he went strictly on private business list Mani cd to score the College team Defeated co n. L c c on sunday by a score of 16 to 15 As the Core Indi Cates there was some Loose the a Cseman hrs Defeated the Man private i siness. Sigurd a b a score of 4 to o a few of the go pcs Man Rome Curc Ali cd by the ratio my leagues flip games there Are not very Well attended and the kicking by the is some Man Catcher and i Lillor Pitcher who j out eighteen Man Lilicy got three hits Oft Fuller and ten off hit thing awful. He met Van Saltren who j the Hesseman or s line up is forced Pitcher Cerf first he states h looking Well and pm Jug to e game of his career Swindells still very sick it he Ger base Lynch second base. Otis Short Stop Gibson third base Conradi right _ Vii Walii Nijiu Misc. Right n Hospital but his condition is not Ficini c Fibson left Field and Hunter serious As reported he Tad a bad had about i needed Janie. Arceley War elected the same Success As Donohue in sit a Man incr of the team and promises to Rudaj s cram o Connell made a couple a for Studa until the of decisions tint were not pc ism to season he is Varrati Rizik Raines inc Sacramento pm yrs and i looked i in the country for the next few Sun the Kent Lumen s will be held on tuesday september 25th Jack , the dub favorite will a act Herman of sin 1 at i pounds Capelis beat Troast at the club a few months ago and beat him m a very decisive manner Herman met at the West of kind club last month and knocked him out in one both Capelis and Herman Are and a red hot contest round very a will be witnessed tie management bickering v Ith Dot to meet Ren Hart and it this int Tali is arranged it will be one of the Best Ever witnessed m Oakland Fly ii got the is Verj anxious to ret a change to reverse it Tom Nunn and Lewis or Phil Green and some i Good Man will be in the Mam event supt Gross is try ing to get Good Man for Gram. And if Sii cos soul it will Inick an extra Good card the Board of in id a meeting this evening Ami will arrange to put the str Tiunis on b thurs Day the imps arc exc rising quite a bit now ind ire very anxious to have the instructors Start again a. Olander manager or the Champion senior and Junior Olander baseball clubs. Picked from the following pm Vars by Celia. Cross Himilton Var nay. Bender. Coward. Ali Sirkoff ones Burg a Luckley Mahone and Matt and it is thought that Llort Oliver will Don a suit tin season manager Pete Smith has a game with the Stenti Clara s for the 22d, and he will be Able to size up his James h Cone ins sold All his in tint game he expects to have hounds Aid ins taken to yachting he Mac nos to Purchase a boat in the near future the football team a ill Start practice on the the Tim will practice in the evenings at the Riding m games with the trims through the Northwest most of the games Ivill be Pla cd at Stanford and Itcik Clov Pinch is still Hunting for the Fellows that arranged to meet him at tile club at 4 o clock monday morn ing for Alit Intaj trip Pinch was the Only Man that appeared. The turf. James Caldwell has been appointed starter at the Oakland track and will officiate at the coming fall meeting. He is to use the recall Flag As Avis formerly the custom at the California jockey club track. Caldwell is one of the Best known horsemen in America having Lor cars folic latin with the Flag at Carl Cvar race course in the country. His last engagement in California was at tanforan. The new owners of the Stock of the Western turf association which controls tanforan Park held their first meeting at Smith san Tranci co pcs Torday. Out of a total of 300 were represented the absent 500 belong to Pat Dunne and or. T Ltd Gerald of Chicago Wellington Gregg or. Of the Crocker Woolve Orth Hank represented the Bank diaries Kair and Prince Poniatowski the pres ent holders of the the stockholders re elected the old Board of dire tors As follows w. J Martin. William Rich Borg. C p. Gard Ner Wellington Greg or. And f h. Green the directors in turn re elected the old As follows president w j. Mirth vice president. C. F. Girdner f eco tary and manager. F. I Gram. It was decided in begin the racing season for loto of on november Tuth there will be alternate dues with Oak land. The As was the Case last Jear. These Racks have a contract about the Mafer made last Jear to run for ears. Reliance notes the re Lance Bas jail team Defeated the Haj wards Teim last sunday at a Ward b a score of 17 to to the features of the game were the batting of Bob Nolan and White Thoj to it though there would be a rough Days Houe. After making a huge Bluff of retiring from the Field the filly agreed to finish the game ii this time borne very exciting Bowling games were witnessed monday night at the club night of the Best bowlers in the China still pursues anti foreign policy. Asio Cloteil dispatches by Tim Tribune s special leased Tiro. New Voitich d George Jam Cion former her Britannic majesty of Shanghai in through new Volc on Way to China by Way of vane Cicur. Jum Lexon is at Tho bal Kmitts authorities on Liliu anything it it ans a return to the Latsons Neverth Elcris there he be Iii Huntu Ami. To the male o in lorm Cood Deal of Masrell Tiroui liar Blini in my under which the Boxer movement a i Rylous arts of the Manti a rep Hllen. I Romold Aind encouraged and the Iffe if the War Ohice a ill pitch every for Elm a in China was placed in Jeo Skirdy. There Ore a Carat the Loci vet to be explained in Recard to recent events in China but this much in c a talk that had the bin Prew a Owinger Imil her been allowed their own i Tho whole country would have Iken in a Lime of until Faulkn Inturri Colw and the Lac ton thut tile ii Owers Are not at War with China would have had u lie aban Donna. H 1s True that mint have Home kind of Romi remint with whih to terms for this ment of the Futuik of China and of the a Tatum of All our for Elan in Emu there. There u no such government in China Ai the moment by cause the or if he be still alive in under Dii Teu and Tho Empress can answer for not Hync except the perpetuation of the Dland and be hatred of Tho in Telsner she and her adv Miri cherish in common. U maj be to the interest of Itu Sta and 14 huns Chann to the Reist oration of Tho authority i the Empress Dow alter but it is nut to the inter est of any Power that wants to see China a swerved from and launched on a career of to Cefulu Progress und foot crushed in elevator. Fred Bell at Albany hotel caught he left foot in the elevator last Nocht and crushed it severe la. He wn.4 taken to Tho item Eulas Hospital Wnnie it was found that the Bones of the foot Hull act Rod or. Kier at tended the boy. Dropped Iron bar on mis t hand. Arcille Meyer. To pm play of Ute Oak land Iron works to bar of Iron on his left hand and crushed his Lleni Rrex. Eur wart in Orthor Dre std his ecu non at live from lord roller Tai Bhoni an account of a Sells let North of i Molj. In which the were ill hrs off losing a Hundred Rulles and a Large of ammunition and a few pro Steen. About the name time a Piny of stoers made an unsuccessful Atuk on the water Mure fish tons took place on Momley in the Mountain near Lydin Bers where general Lull err was Foch tone Ilola All Ilay. Tie were about Hoo Strong with Serral cum and they seem to nine hell the Daluh in Check. Ince the pin Atli n not carried by Nightfall and a column was rent by general to ital err. It i thou Cut. Huneker. That Woiln in merely Alrh Tler to the femoral of his transport und suppl i from burp that he will retire to mountains further Nirh. Where the a hot stand will to made. The effect of the proclamation nil be to Munyon s a cold la dancer pm. Doa t let it f it the Stan of 700. A few of my cold cure Bittak up any Fona of rold in a boors Ana Prmt and in Ennola. It Shonu Iberer Boos Aad Grerr test Owlet. It is Bettr of bib a i if4 Lasur Yaeo be. . Gold cure Bevel gears and chains Bevel qbar5 do not clog break catch thing nor need frequent cleaning and adjustment. They always nut the same. The Chain More attention. It will run veil if properly cared for. Columbia Hartford Stoker and Pennant bicycles represent the Lilg Bot stand rdc of both the Cha inlets and Chain driven strut for Reoutt Columbia bicycles Home office Hartford Conn. William Clark Oakland cal., Columbia dealer we oat some Hies of dress skirts Aid undershirts announcement Tam reduced prices thet goods Are All on own manufacture and Are Well made and guaranteed t6 give satisfaction. We Here quote of our prices mixed coloured dress skirts extra All Wool Black Serge skirts and Cremons. Assorted colons undershirts pleated raffle ladies combination suits underclothes gent s department some gent s striped underclothes to close out. 3 5 o "7 5 c 5oc 1 a suit extra line australian Wool underclothes. 2 a suit pet own 1iimh9 Broadway i i i i la bet. 12th and 13th us. Oakland Brown Mckinnon merchant tailors in Oakland e carry a Lull line of desirable up e foods and latest Morel tit latest Spring goods now in Evarts Block Loia Broadway r. C. Leases b it. Of skittle. T t stupa. It Sites ins compete use of up to Date Wall paper faints. Oil varnishes Glass. Etc. Cd contractors for painting and pipeline. Agents for Manry s pure mixed taint colors Etc. C. L. I Rancu f. M. French Scott s express co. Via Davie ferry Oakland office Webster Street wharf foot of Street Telephone Wain 199. Freight handled mob care end promptness bar experienced hands at Low rates. Foot of Clay Street san Clay Street Telephone main 448 vim vigor vitality for men or it it Mot fms aisle of no Cdr co., san Francisco Oak for Sah by g-0, Smith druggist 460 twelfth Street Oakland the Oakland paving Tveith Tho Benton of iwo Najr expert. Ones in a Quarry the Rock from which is _ the hardest tour test and most durable yet used for Macada Mizing in this state we l execute municipal and Prtt ate con tracts for allot Strait work anal will continue to Oil orders for Tho shipment of its Rock to Othar cities. Of fact Zooras m-k1 Central Bank build inc. Oakland. Cat. Faure now in to be to rated at end forfeit to Uker int it is hoped Liy Meta i the of will be brought Home to the Liori jut the experience of ire Oranie hover Colon is not altogether Rancour Elnira Ter ill annexation the Ero Iii in Tymn in the and in Luthc Lenl Force to put a ital Toh can Man in dancer of 1ns. To prams from Frontier show that the lion Kurmu Marl and reduced the defenders to ouch str Alt that they i Avo burned at Llulu i torn in the mar Ket place to prevent Thi for falling into tie emote k Handt general Hunter has to Nanc to the Relief of the Carrlton. Annj it in hoped that he Niaj by in to it. Is is raid to he North my Dulf Burr watching for an of Nartui Ity to intercept Bra Tanh . Or. Chamberlain no a at his country Uuie near Hli my Nakhara for the few came to and Nan busily engaged with officials of the colonial Oiler. Altit is in or mood to be in connection nth tha Bonith Africa situation the approach inc conclusion of the Star. Much no Lilly is aim exhibited at Tho Headquarters of the party where it la run ecu that a general election icel in san about about Alx weeks from the or tent time. Big naval estimates associated Prens Elsp Titcher the Tribune i spec isl leased Wilra. Tonk. I special to Tho Herald from from present incl Carloni the estimates to be submitted to for the sup port and of the Navy will be the Marc fat in the history of Tho new naval establishment. Cows of Tho naval Are prepare or estimates for tie fiscal year ending june m. The Eitl Msten of the Xavy depart mint for the present focal ear amounted to Iolj col. Though co Cress failed to approx potato the entire amount asked for the chiefs of have determined to make another Effort to obtain the sum they deem Tho indications Aro that the estimates 0 be submitted o Sec Starr Trig Wilt reach orders we l be lusted to naval-1 con Llo Teion new w la Jiff an i to return to United states before Aso Limm to duty he will probably be granted leave. The Hague commission. Saioc Tatna press by the Tribune s zip eclat wire took. Sept. A a special to the Herald from Washington president to Kinley has Recelli 3 a reply to the imitation tie and dissed 1 Onner pcs Dent or Orr Clevi land to accept an Spiot nunsent Tut a Momber of Hague commission. Q1r. Cleveland s reply will not be made pubic. But it m understood that he has Atu Ched certain conditions to his Aoe ept Anie. Former Lyn rident Harrison agreed to act As . In a litter just arc led at the White houss. Two additional commissioners will by the per silent. see iry of state Piney and former rotary of state Day Are men toned in connect Lon with these . Castor a Tor Infanti and children. Tace kind you Hare always bought bears the Sig Namrood -4 clipping Bureau Tot Kont Comers Strait. Baa or Anclaim Testa mashed it full Slaw inn an4 inf Artna Oon of a Upina cake in dough pm not by v cur Eka Ubl Mihov bcd3. Tin a. Tatai Trentt. Are As Low priced As and deter. Only tha beat. Witk lop Mettr Hawwat h Etc hts Hau More Cor. Alth and Franklin Sta. Junes b. Pepper a ctr Bratov Wolsker of Rale by e. A go Cath at aet. A aaa by shod m Baos h 46

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