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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - October 21, 1918, Oakland, California Monday evening cub the a miss Perkins will nurse at Camp Fremont the misses Ethel and truth Perkins no of Tho to Ungria Giris who have n in work for some time a in training As nurses it Camp jiving arc Rivol oilers to be i to report for duty a any Day the Call shul have Conitz for them i f continue their of Twining both have already taken the Engerg id cry 3 in 1 shot and Are Aizic sparing if Day when they will least for scenes of actual service mrs Georgc Bakerjr has received Jer Rusev sheepskin from Washington us id ready for overseas service we arc her husband is already serving is country the engagement of miss viol Gardner in Truiti Cativo data Herr of or and mrs r la i Wirdner Forf i icily of Oakland and Robert j Ronde past of the ordnance depart p a 11 Wasli legion 13 c pm a former bet Tistyan has just Beon i by the neuts of Tho Botro Vhal was broken in it Nelly to inti he friends at a most Miff of the Tiuta Gamma Ohi sorority in Ici at the to if of miss Onice Gould in last Xiv cock those who guests miss Vera Nowland i an Francisco Illus Margaret tem fio miss Jein sri Rovani miss Anita i Lii Fohn miss Hern us miss 1rfrr Horton of Ata Ineda and miss f Giuili Wilson miss Maxino Wing re psf Myrtlo Marshall miss Violet Mir Shibli mrs Cecil Houie Tjo reme mrs 1 Verne Halbrook Greer and mrs Russell Rogers o o o r of or and mrs Howard of Piedmont formerly of or and or Walter Starr artto Bih Ost and hostess fit an in formal dinner gathering at their Home nil thursday evening o o o Captain Homer Clarke Poundstone and his Nance miss Helene Bon were members of an informal luncheon group it the Hole Oakland the weekend and with them were miss Cairo Bon Hoff and one or two others o o o or find mrs Charles Bates spent Tho vhf Kond no Del Monte to remain for several Days a number of country Homes have Bein opened during the 5 of warm weather october 21 1918 dad arrived just in time to see the powerful Katrinka put the last Ball in the Side a octet i a commission of captaincy in the engineering department of the army iv1 just been received by Alfred Worcester Nordwell and in a few Days in will leave for an Eastern Post Captain Nordwell and his Bride who until her marriage last month was miss Elsie Crane recently returned from Carmely Therea where they spent their honeymoon mrs xordwc11 is to remain at the Home of her parents in Kingston Avenue for the present until More definite plans Are formulated o 0 j mrs John e Goody who is being extensively entertained by the guest of her Eister mrs Georgia Willard in Hollywood has written to several of friends in Oakland that she intends to spend several weeks in the East before return Long to her Home in fruit Vale mrs Goody recently gave up her Home on Orange Avenue and Twenty fourth Street and will probably take an apartment on her return o to o after five weeks visit in Stockton Iris Rowena Martin has returned to Home in Oakland in that City she was the House guest of miss Harriet Mcginn 5lss Louise Martin an elder sister is engaged in study for War work t t mrs r c Nuttal of Salt Lake City will visit with mrs v g Hammond who is in route to los Angeles to spend a fortnight mrs Nuttal will then return to Oakland when she will spend a week at Rise Home of mrs Hammond in East Oakland planning commission ordinance is read the first step in the naming of a City planning commission for the City 01 Oakland was taken this morning when the City Council passed for first Reading an ordinance providing for the naming of such a commission the ordinance was referred to the City attorney und the mayor Roy r Waterbury h a Lafler and Clias h Cheney appeared before the Council advocating the presentation of the ordinance or and mrs Stuart Kawl Fng plan to spend Tho Winter in Oakland they Liao been making their Home in Lima Piti for a number of years they will arrive in the Bay Section shortly be fore Christmas disinfectants cause Man to end life sax Francisco oct complain Lar that he Eland Tho smell of influenza disinfectants Vincent Baclic vagrant prisoner in the City jail strangled himself with his Belt Here Todne Volunteer by Berkeley chapter american red Cross to care for families in Berkeley afflicted with influenza please re port at once to red Cross Headquarters Corner Oxford and Allston Way Telephone Berkeley 6727 notice to families if you have influenza and need a nurse or any help in your Home Telephone Berkeley chapter american red Cross at once Berkeley 6727 musical thief gets Stradivarius fiddle Linden Alexandria 1338 h Street reported to the police that a thief with musical inclinations Ancl a keen appreciation of Tho value of instruments entered his room Ana stole a strap Livaria violin valued at j1600 other valuables turned were Undis fish prices the following Are the maximum retail prices for these varieties of fish on october 21 1918 in san Francisco Oakland Alametsa and Berkeley dealers Are free to sell at lower prices but should not charge More purchasers who Are Over charged Are invited to make com plaint in writing to the state Market director cts per in Yarpe sole round n sole cleaned12 Small sole round 7 Small sole cleaned s Hake White fish 5 5 sole filet Black skin off 27 y sole filet Black and White skin off 30 Catfish 25 Salmon sliced 25 sardines 4 beautify the complexion la ten Days Nadinola Ore aft the unequalled Bra unifier so used and endorsed by thousands guaranteed to remove Tan freckles pimples live spots Etc extreme cases Twenty Days and tissues of impurities r Shin Clear soft healthy i to sizes sold by leading toilet coun ters or mail toot rids pores leaves the the struggle Zoe Beckley continued from yesterday chapter Alhi the landlord of Arcadia inn outside orders for Edith Ferrola homemade jams bread and cakes began to come in so plentifully that Edith found herself confronted with an embarrassment of riches alter All the time she could devote to working for i Money was not unlimited her own i Home and children demanded a greater part of her Elma than they did in Tho i City where servants Wera easier to get j and keep where Thero was no Furnace to tend no Small Garden to take up i time where a word Over the Telephone brought to hand anything from a paper i of pins to an extra chop inside half an hour go Ione As edits Effort to supplement their income by cooking baking and preserving for outsiders took up her spare time Only her Only problem was j to get enough orders to fill up the time she had to spare i now however that orders took up All her time she faced the problem of i elimination always difficult when the j things to be Given up Are no less desirable than those to be retained there was of course no question of cutting i Down on the time her Home required of j her although were servants available in j Arcadia she would have been enabled i to do so with Justice to her Home she would have to let some of Tho orders go but if she did she would lose customers whose orders she might drive off to some j was bad business for competitors had already appeared in Arcadia attracted by edits bit of Success one was a widow whose income was insufficient for her to live on the other was the new landlord at Arcadia inn which stood the Crossroads a mile out of Arcadia the widow was Simpson had been go ing around the neighbourhood offering to make jams cakes and pies for less than i Edith charged the landlord at the inn j had sent out circulars that he too was prepared to furnish homemade coun try sweets at to put Tho Arcadia inn on the map Edith Felt she could not afford to lose of her customers her Small adventure into Money making was already teaching her the rudiments of business so filled All the orders she got by cutting Down on some of her rest time j and by speeding up her Days work the result was not Long in coming she became overworked and nervous j John remonstrated with her the cell Dren wondered Why Mother play like she used to Edith began to see that she was paying too much for what she was getting after All Cook Jug baking and preserving was bring ing her no More than a Good Cook would earn could she afford to hire out As a Cook or neglect her Home that was practically what she was doing she had worked herself into that nervous state in which decision is the hardest thing to achieve it looked to her As though she would have to yield to Johns View of the Lohn wanted her to give Tho business up altogether but the bit of economic Independence she had developed meant to her even More than the Money file was making it gave her a sense of new Power new and broader vistas interests she could not Bear to give them up could not keep them up in the midst of her agony of indecision Small Jack announced that a redheaded fat Man wanted to see her same Oakland but film Star revisits Home if your Wood is not fortified against the multitude of disease germs that surround us Yop risk being a prey to sickness you May not be Ablo to put a a Good Days work without a stunt feeling of exhaustion the of mrs George b Havey or no c1d Park Vood Avenue Youngstown Ohio will interest Many she says i was Pale and weak and my blood tvs impoverished my appetite was very poor food distressed me and i often had nervous spells i was subject to dizziness when every think would turn Black before my eyes my heart would beat very fast when i went up stairs i could not sleep at night i had a dry hacking cough and became so Thiu and weak that i had no strength to do any work one Day i Reada Bourdr Williams Pink pills in a paper and decided to give them a trial after taking a few boxes i Felt like a different person and took the pills until i recovered i am glad to recommend or Williams Pink pills to any person suffering with anaemia 1 Williams Pink pills Are a tonic a stimulant they build up the Wood and have transformed thousands of sick Grouchy irritable tired and nervous people into Active energetic capable efficient men and women they will help you too i your own druggist Sells or Wil i Liams Pink pills Price 50 cents write to the or Williams Medicine co Schenectady n y for free both on Tho blood Earle Williams former Oakland boy and Tribune Man Thos just returning from Llie last where he carved out International Fame As a film Star he was at Home at the Tribune office today the controversy Between City Audi Tor i h Clay and City attorney h l Llagun concerning whether the City Council can legally give Ench member of the fire department a year in at the front door she found a Ruddy addition to the regular salary will be laced coarse featured but kindly looking decided in court a deadlock on the Man in somewhat pronounced Clov has resulted from both City off clothes of sport Lair pattern class sticking fast to their own inter Good div in Iii 7 i i pret Atlon of the City charter and the it Riff i h a 1errol he said talc City Council decided today that Tho Only Tonj off a Brown velour hat in in Delabo Way to Settle the question was by a rate Salute j am Deary landlord of Friendly suit Arcadia inn Ive been a competitor of the slim no s5000 a year in the City yours in Tho Way of sup Lingor Siv Pavo l3 involved fire chief Kellott trying to Walt head found that he was losing Auu Ijo arca Tiia with jams same of his beet men because the Earle Williams former Oakland Tribune Man changes map and meets friends same food old for the tall buildings and the Span ish flu so says Earle Williams famous movie Star who was once a Tribune Man Earle Williams arrived Here today in route to his new studio in los Angeles lie came Back to the tr1bun13 where to worked us a youngster but to a new building new with the exception of a few new faces he spent the morn ing looking Over the Plant sat in with Ket the artist at noon and changed the War map while a crowd packed the Street to watch him id Havo made a said Williams and have told them How glad i am to be Home again and How Nice it is to hear that Oak land went Over the top in the Bond we must make speeches nowadays with influenza danger around so he waved his hand at the crowd and registered the famous Earle Williams Emile through the plate Glaas window Williams arrived from his Eastern studio stopping Over to visit his brother Don Williams a Veteran Tribune Man and prominent in Oakland business circles he is go ing to los Angeles to make his Headquarters of his reasons for vis iting the Tribune is that Hea planning to use Tho big newspaper Plant for a new newspaper play that Hea soon to produce watch for it Yii t j aortic i uis Nerc men because the car cakes and Sich homemade in my hotel Ter limits the salaries that can be pall a am i say l be been a competitor and living expenses and wages have in of yours but mama in modern i i creased since the charter was and Opeil am in my business methods and i be Lleve in combination Ive Kot a Nunn for von and no m or Skir i v Lor Jou and me to Combine in business Council decided to meet the appropriations Are fixed by supervisors the Boardl of supervisors today passed a Resolution fixing the final amount of the various department appropriations based upon Tho tax Levy the items Are As follows salary fund 470 70250 county Gen with Benefit to us both Short ton by paying the men 120 a year More the extra Money presumed to by used to Purchase uniforms City auditor Clay refused to audit the eral fund advertising fund mama youve got the Bafna and the Glrst claim of or Foo presented under the skill and Ive cot the ordinance Holdensr it to be a Suhta truce it t m m obliged to change their methods 1 i important notice a year ago at the instigation of the National Council of defense the retail stores were or Wilh reference to return of merchandise and in was sity that forced the change customers cooperated cheerfully i out the government s policies As the War makes farther demands mate be in car on the resources of the country in order to make Toper Ion the state Council of defense has adopted the following Resolution e the in of or extravagant Christ express not later than november 30th Mas or and labor for War the increased requirements of mate children u essential that can Somas 8lfts except under the operation of the will be impossible for the hopping at once doing the Mere Drudgery As you have to Tio supervision and Well clean up and Divide fifty fifty what do you say to be continued for Exon a Ira f an dts Paris oct Izorane the French aviator and air plane builder is dead at Law to determine the matter thirteen firemen absent blame flu fire department records Thea morning 313000 exposition fund forestry fire fund s2ifio county Library fund Fly 100 Eden Road District fund jul 70155 Murray Road District fund full 1ss1s Ocean View Road District fund Pleasanton Road District fund Washington rond District fund county Robul roads fund total amount appropriated 5256770750 show that thirteen men arc absent from Ili Ity ten ii Raj reported victims of the flu to Date Tho police department is free from the ravages of the epidemic not a single Man being flu sick list reported on the Auto St is facing trial for Accident the trial of Edward h Larman charged with violating the traffic ordinance in that he did not Stop to Ren Der Aid after his machine had run Down and seriously injured William b Moah Ler was begun today before a jury in judge my h wastes department the injured Man is confined to Tho county Hospital with a broken knee supervisors son recovers in France supervisor w j Hamilton today re Orrine for drink habit Orrline has been uniformly successful in restoring victims of the drink habit into sober and use Ful citizens if after a trial you set no Benefit your Money win be refunded it is a simple Home treatment no sanitarium expense no loss of time Orr no no 1 secret treatment 2 voluntary treatment Coats Only a Box ask for of Anklet Osgood Bros and Washington and seventh or Edwards Olive tablets get at the Caus and remove it or Olive tablets the sub Ert tute for Calomel act gently on the bowels and positively do the work people afflicted with bad breath find Quick Relief through or Edwards Olive tablets the pleasant sugarcoated tablets Are taken for bad breath by All who know them dred wards live tablets act gently but firmly on the bowels and liver stimulating them to natural action Clearing the blood and gently purifying the entire system they do that which dangerous Calomel does without any of the bad after effects All the benefits of Nasty sickening griping cathartic Are derived from or Edwards Olive tablets without griping pain or or f m Edwards discovered the formula after seventeen years of prac Tice among patients afflicted with Bowel and liver complaint with the attendant bad breath or Edwards Olive tablets Are purely a vegetable compound mixed with Cei Veu a letter from his son Richard i Oili them by1 their w Hamilton in Camp in Olive color take one or two every conveying the news that he la just Niht for a week and note the effect covering from a severe attack of and 25c per Box All druggists flu Enza Tho letter expressed the expectation of Trie Soldier to Tako Christ in Berlin lets ill Eso mrs Tobolt Aston slide at results of Tarlac gains Twenty pounds to november fou Day avoid co it Purchase if possible a remember the cub of Sartor if Alt transportation facilities Beina i j be necessary for the government packages at an Early or retail material it May mailing and expressing of private h a co Graves Eastern s m Friedman co association hogs Bros Taft Pei Swoyer the Tong try s n Wood co m Homo vol Irful things happen in Lens world and Tho Way Tarlac has re stored my health and built me up is one of them said mrs Paul Tobolt of 516 California ave butt Mont in one of i the most interesting and remarkable statements Yot published in connection with Tho master Medicine my trouble started about two years ago she continued and j have simply been n nervous wreck since until now last january i went to the Hospital where i was tool that my whole system had become poisoned by in affected appendix thai an operation was my Only salvation was the Only thins that would save me so i arranged to have my children cared for in care i should not see them a Sale and submitted to the operation Well Tho operation waa Fine with so much skill and i of rare fully Nursery that i finally pot out of the Hospital and was Home with my husband and Cal Dunn then i i picked up wonderfully for a Little Moro no Ort when t Bejaran having i terrible pains in my Back Over my kid Neys my appetite loft me and nothing Tii cd right i was constipated had fearful Heid a clip 3 and was so Ner Vorih i could hardly Sloop i f0n of until i belched less than a Hundred pounds and was so weak that it was an Effort for Rne to get shout at nil finally my Hus hand suggested that 1 try Tarlac in it was bring so much i talked about and Tho rom its Timve astonished us both i see Rinh improvement in my turn bottle but with Tho Boito and my pret to rot better i commenced to fool improved and was surprised when 1 Tot on the Scales to i had Rone up to one Hundred i and eight pounds Well Tho third Boti to did Kondyra for me relieving to of nil pain and headache find making to want to oat up everything i now Wei Frh one Hundred and eighteen pounds a pain of More than Twenty pounds in Izreo and in won Derins what my fourth but tuft Wilch i have just Klyr Lytfi Init eng will do for to i sleep like a healthy child fiver in King at night at nil and Eccl like t could cot five or six Moals a Jav i my Herod Holp four Weels to lifter eighteen months steady for vice and Cinco then i Honvo done All my own housework cooking and every thing i have in Roro Dull drowsy bail fool Ngn and life is a pm Castro to me t cant Praise inn inc enough for what it hip Donn for me Tarlac is sold in ran Francisco and i of Clarl by Tho Oil Naruc company As a result of War conditions and the present epidemic of influenza there has been an abnormal increase in local Tele phone traffic patrons will be performing a patriotic service by refraining from using their Tele phone for local service except when absolutely necessary in order that the service of the government War industries and other vitally important interests May not suffer the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company recuperation of the vital forces of the body depleted in the struggle with acute disease depends not upon superficial stimulation but upon Ade quate nourishment the body needs to be nourished Back to strength and Power a pure wholesome absolutely nonalcoholic tones end strengthens by nourishing the whole blood and nerves nourish your body Back to strength with Scottt Scott Bowne j 1816 finds something to do the business tried everything that i heard or ror the stomach and Bowel Trou ble and bloating but got no per manent he sep until i struck Mayra wonderful remedy and that did the business my son in Canada Mas also taken it and writes it has done him a lot of Good it is a simple her Mesa preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically All stomach liver and in Taal Nal ailments including appendicitis one dose will convince or Money re funded Osgood is dept drug stores Ancl druggists tis ement of Oakland become slender gracefully gently in Polly at the get a email Box of Oil of korean follow easy i rec Tlona if you want to loan 10 o go pounds superfluous burdensome Tontana lengthen your life absolutely Safe tha Only guaranteed weigh reducing treat rent endorsed by tis ement sincere gratitude mrs William hell Logansport ind writes 1 deem it my cuty to express my Erat etude for the Good chamberlains Colic and diarrhoea Tomedy did a when i had a Sevrro attack of diary Liveoa three years ago it Una the Only a rms Cine relieve to me for Nile by of food Bros drus Niento

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