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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1942, Page 18

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - October 4, 1942, Oakland, California Oakland Tribune sunday october 4, 1942 Dorazio arrives for Turkey Hunt at auditorium wednesday night Thompson is Good income for working Oil working reaps Rich Harvest on husky negro s work Alak Wabo Turkey Thompson ind Henry Arat Troff have something in com Mon other thin they both ire we fro prizefighter i. Both it one time were by win one shot bom and both were told by ill so lied rom to become out to tending puff. Thou Fifon fight inf Gui Dorazio Nicht at the auditorium for promoter Tommy Simpson wat peddled by rom three Yean ago and since Cal working picked the husky negro up for Only a few clams he has been a Money maker. Armstrong Kayo Winner Over Karl Tinner Here last week was sold by the picturesque Wirt before Henry went on to win three world Cham for the late Eddie Mead. Haw tos81juut1e8 the bum guessing and bad Luck of apparently has been equalled by the astuteness and Gooc Fortune of his managerial who sensed possibilities in their purchases. If he whips Dorazio who arrives Here this morning in the wednesday night id Rounder almost certainly will head for the East and bigger Money. Working has received propositions Ferotti some of the major fight of. The Atlantic coast con Tingent on Thompson s winning Over. Dorado and Cal is confident hit protege can turn the trick. Starting a middleweight and Light one at that Turkey the past couple of years has put on sufficient weight to make him a Bona fide heavy. Twenty two Yean of age Thomp son has tremendous shoulders a great reach and abundant punching Power. He weighs in the neighbourhood of 300 pounds and stands Only five fett eight inches. Working voiced the Assurance he we attempting no Alibi by explaining in hit recent losing Light to Pat Valentino in san Francisco Turkey waa suffering from t sore shoulder. Proof Turkey Thompson can hit but Good mid work inf that we were to hive boxed Well Bob had to drop from the card because of an injury but if he had t been forced to cancel the watch be would have. Valentino dubbed then they shoved Valentino in As a substitute Lor Putor. The fight was for Navy Relief. Thompson realizing Only a month earlier he had Given Valen Tino a bad whipping to win or. A technical knockout decided to go through with the Valentino match bad shoulder or not. Thompson was positive he could whip Pat with Only one hand. But he could t Valentino was in great form that night Turkey could t hit with his right and therefore he blew the Duke. It is significant in t it that Al though we were promised a re turn match should Valentino win or break even it never materialized. Now it is too late. Valentino is in the coast guard and service men can t fight professionally any working and Thompson arc look ing for plenty of trouble from do Razio wednesday night Bui they worried Over the outcome. Dorazio recently whipped Harry one i the better line on the sportsman by Bob if Gui Dorazio matched with Turkey Thompson for a 10 round main went Here wednesday night that the lot Angeles negro he might study the above Pic Ture which shows Turkey dropping Bob pastor in a recent los Angeles fight. Pastor was Down six times but won a 10-round wire photo. Rams swamped 8y Tennessee under rated eleven Fordham 40-14, in Knoxville Battle Knoxville tcnn., oct. of Tennessee s under rated eleven tied last week by heavies. He did better than hold his own with Bob pastor and pastor took a decision from Thompson in los Angeles even though the Turkey scored six knockdowns. The punching anticipated in the main event should be preceded by an equal amount of hard socking m the two eight rounders of Semi and special event significance. It goes without saying something will drop in the Tim Huff Conan Ernie Noroman out and that something probably vill of Nordman. Both can a lunch the tangle Between Alex Watson George Evans negro Middle weights. Both May local not produce a knockout but both lads punching fools and can take it Well As dish it nut. Evans the other evening was Given Only a draw with Jimmy Brooks m six rounds but George won that one going away. Son state beats Whittier eleven 20-0 los Angeles. Oct. Jose state College scoring All of its Points in the half Defeated omere 20 to 0 Lorti. Horse Foote in the first minutes of play ran 37 right end for a touchdown the spartans had got the Ball Whittier Fumble. A few minutes1 d pin on a Sui prising show of whelmed Power today Fordham 40 fore a crowd of that Over to 14, by Steve Filipowicz a Fordham s passing Ace was almost completely throttled by Tennessee s screening c-2-2-1 defense. But he belied one Fordham touchdown parly in the first Quarter intercepting a ten Nessee pass on the southerners 48 and Racin i untouched for the score. Tennessee s previously considered weak line succeeded in out powering the Ham Forward Wall furnishing Protection for a Long series of ten Nessee backs who completed passes almost As will. The same was rough and at one time during the second Quarter nine policemen held the in like Fordham squad Back from the play wifi Field when a Tennessee Man tackled a Fordham Ball Carrier practically in coach Eail Walsh s Lap. Walter Slater scored Tennessee s first touchdown Early in the second period going Over after a Tennessee drive brought the Ball from the Tennessee 33 to the Fordham one. From then on the game was a Nightmare for Fordham. Tennessee made 14 first Downs to fur dhum s 9, Yasinnik Yards 1o Fordham s 93 on the for ounce and 176 on second thought by Alan Ward when the sheriff of a county is i yours could t compare with our the master of ceremonies and one of the speakers is Murphy the newsboy it can be understood the parly was not Only cosmopolitan but unique. And it was an unusual party the boys tossed the other night Jimmy Dundee former pugilist and currently owner of that Wacky Franklin Bistro the ringside cafe. Jimmy tomorrow will leave to loin Uncle Sam s army and Jimmy Wujs with nun tile memory Otas sincere a tribute to personal popularity As Ever has been paid an individual in this or any other Community. There was a Quality to that s Long Early which brought a Lump to one s Throat. Or maybe thai Lump was caused by observing the undisguised unhappiness of Harold Broom Dun dec s partner for Many years. Broom to whom Limmy was a partner pal and brother All rolled nto one sat through the several with his Chin on his Chest. He s Gonna miss Jimmy. Sheriff emcee sheriff Jack Gleason of Alameda i county acted As emcee of that party by about 40 persons representing a nude difference in social and civic distinction for the simple reason he is fond of Jimmy Dundee Murphy the newsboy was there or the same reason. It is probable Dundee never realized the extent of his popularity. The gang had purchased Dundee going away present. It was one of those fancy army kits containing almost everything except a Kitchen stove. A was included in the kit. Jimmy looked Tor a Long time at the in the air to Fordham s 93. Inc rams attempted 25 passes but now that pm sonic in the Aimy Pletch Only 10. Tennessee intercepted j Imi Hani to shave four ram passes. Roof Falls in on . Grid leaders i nil i at in the Bir six Nebraska baited Iowa style. 2fi-0, in a conference test is Missouri the 10u title holier. Defeated of the Bis seven. 2g-u. Oklahoma was no myself. Boy will there be blood h appears Dundee although past the 10-year Mark never has shaved himself. That was a Job he Rele gated to the most convenient Barbershop. Visited Stork june jul of Diun a sense of humor nirl of his recent trip to new York in which he paid a visit dons Battle Nevada today High scoring dons risk new reputation in game at Bexar the University of san Francisco to Gotham s fabulous Stork club. I to the Navy. Sitting with n Friend who lives in Yount Williams principal Job is Manhattan he ribbed about the reducing the heft of the potential bin Vii and fsr Nalion of Oakland s officers and. In most instances he today face a stiff test when they meet Nevada in Kezar stadium. The dons of their performance in whipping Arona state 54 to 6 last week apparently have the highest powered offence in the area. However coach Al Tassi mini mizes the Don Victory saying that Arizona state was not a real test. However he think that the Neva dans will give .f. Plenty of trouble after their 18 to 0 win Over Santa Barbara state last week. Oakland Stork the sheriff ribbed. Sherman Billingsley proprietor of the original Stork club overheard the conversation. Gleason continued the rib. Words simply can t describe the sheriff Jack said with a straight face. I d like to which May rank As the out Niri a for t no nerf in to if Oakland and perhaps you la take me that s a solemn Glea son said. You la be my guest for the evening at the poor Man s Stork club and you la love meet at banquet boxing personalities men about town and other characters of the sporting and civic life will gather to the number of 100 or move at Sam Barber s sportsmen s banquet Mon Day night at Vince Monzo s Newport cafe on lower Broadway for no other reason than to have a Good time. Barber publisher of a boxing Maga Zuie in this Bay area in Stag ing the party is reviving a custom which was interrupted a couple of seasons ago and whose rejuvenation will be welcomed by Sam s pals. This writer has been assigned to the role of Raster of ceremonies which goes to prove what trouble a fellow can accumulate accepting a similar role in the recent Hugh Luby Day at the Oaks baseball Park in Emeryville. The shindig is strictly invitational but a bid can be wrangled from Barber whose philosophy is the the Myrner can t get in Here s the height of irony. Williams son of the widely known health and conditioning a Touty Al Wilhems tried hard to get into the United slates Navy As a physical instructor. But Vic could t land himself any sort of commission because he lacked a col lege education. So. Vic who operates the Oakland establishment of his and s Chain of Hon Atli Andavis in to 1m neck in Woi k getting scores of Young Oakland men in condition in order that they will be acceptable Here s the dope. On Bronco card clash at Kezar . Stan. First Down 4 flush my 3 i penalties 0 a rids gained 120 Yards lost 14 Yards rained forwards Job forwards attempted completed behind line n intercepted by 2 Yards interceptions return 44 punts number in returned by 4 blocked by 0 pills average 20 Kicko to number 4 returned by 1 Kickoff a tsp 38 Yard s kick1 returned it Points -10 kickoffs .14 goal 0 1 Ball lost 1 penalties s Yards lost on penalties 35 final score 1ft conversions 2 goals from Field 0 safeties 0 last nag gained by backs Santa Clara 7 3 a 1 82 127 5 1 2 c in 5 i 31 .1 44 70 o 2 1 j 14 k i n e o Tim i ave. Carried yes. Failed Yards per Ball gained to lost met he for Tulsa and Mas beaten. Poor Man Stark club a Sori Tirl has Only a Mailer of Days to 23-0 bestowed with Friendly Sony on the the tuck. Linin Ltd Cnoc by our a. Colin. And his re Mcl s first can Finice nickname has stuck. We ight a pounds in Prentice defeat much ims in Millim to 21-fi Triumph. Tull ii Surprise Vic tory Over Southern California Ai week Tiro itself Mii pissed Byi Auburn 27-13. The Eastern program by Nurt Lar Joe pretty Well conformed 1n expectations. Army and Rhal cd up Vic tones the former by atm . 14-0. Is. Now York Imp of weeks. Cutting one fellow s exactly in it in n Cal Frosh whip Sacramento Navy to Nuncci Encinia. Hii Al. The University or hark. Of California Leam Defeated j Beazley card Pitcher will join marines totals Al 30 2- a 8 2 102 1 n o 12 n o it f-2.4 a 2 -1-4.0 -4-4.0 30 times times earned failed for Ball a Ltd to min play Sheller faucet Zopp Ctm Hammett 30 11 2 7 2 22 is 1 2 0 i 4 1 f i 3 i i 12 o football no for which cd ind a Coll of stoic a. Halfback is i Doci Sii ii. The fief of col cite from Ai Iscle. Went Over for the Over Cornell since 1919. Boston fam Calif Nln Rinir Down in the uncovered real Jim or in third Quarter on n pm cd irom p a Chad Bronco win Virginia. 3s-0, 0 4s s l z 4.3.0 j 4.0 4 a -30 Guernewood Park oct. The need Tor compact Organiza Tion to meet the work that must by done in the War years was stressed by George j. Zehender president of the associated sportsmen yes Sage to the 18th annual convention of that organization completing their four any stay Here today. 17 he stated our organization has functioned under peace time conditions. Faced Many conditions we but hive none such As we have at the present time. We have lost the co operation of Many members and some clubs due to War activities. Some members have answered the Call of our coun try and Many others have gone into defense work depriving them of club and association activities. Thu condition has disrupted com Mittee activities to such an extent that few committees have been Active. Attendance Cut i Mort regulations tire ration ing talk of Gas rationing has Cut meeting attendance More than half. Military regulations have deprived some of our members of their favorite sport. All these conditions have lessened the income of the association. All departments of the fish and lame commission Are suffering like hardships. We have tried to improve meet ing attendance by changing from thursday night to sunday after noon with Little Success. We have tried different methods to raise Money for the association with very Little Success. The budget system installed Early this year has curtailed expenditures and helped maintain an keel but not enough without . The office of the association is operating1 smoothly and efficiently with no complaints. Lack of 8ufport your chairman and Board of directors have functioned As Best they could under present conditions but feel that there has been a Lack of co operation. Some members seem to have the opinion that we Are organized to better the individual club or District instead of the association. This opinion should be changed and everyone should work for the. Betterment of the association for without a Strong association the individual club or District cannot get very far. For the next year at least we must prepare ourselves to meet Sud Den changes. We must build up and maintain a High morale. Your officers must have the Complete Confidence and co operation of All much of the business transactions will have to be done through communication instead of personal Contact when the secretaries of our clubs receive a communication from the association office he or she should see that a reply is made promptly. All club secretaries know when club dues Are due and should get payment to the office on time thus saving the time and Effort of sending out two or three notices. Each District Council should Endeavor to build up the member ship and morale within the District maintain strength organizing new clubs under present conditions is a big prob Lem so we must keep that which we have built up to full strength. For the year that is about to be i offer for your consideration the following recommendations that we co operate with military authorities in their demands and regulations. That we co operate with the fish and game commission in their demands and rulings. That we maintain a close watch for selfish interests seeking Legisla Tion or rulings by the military a i homilies or the pish and game commission under the Guise of War necessity. That we sponsor a few major legislative problems and not bother the legislature with Many unimportant problems. That we lend every Effort to win this War As quickly As possible. To the officers you have chosen for the coming year let us give them our wholehearted support and Confidence thereby supporting your bronc backs Lack Power show faces task in making club s running attack Click scores of games on . Grid Pacific coast Oregon state 13 California 8. 4 Washington 0. U.. 0. Washington state 7, Oregon 0. St. Mary s preflight is . 7. Santa Clara 14, Stanford 6. Fourth Quarter pass with which san Diego Pomona 6, san Diego Stanford scored yesterday against state 6 Santa Clara was. In the opinion of i Cru co state College 6. College of perfectly i Cuic Redlands 6, Arizona state teach by Lee Dun bar contrary to the belief of Many observers in the press Box the Buck Shaw a Legal operation. This writer in common with several other denizens of the press Coop made a notation illegal Tai on the margin of his i coast guard 0. California Tafb ers 2. Fresno state 53, Occidental col screen pass program when the Stanford scoring play was made. Later in the dressing room 1 cornered Shaw the victorious coach and put it up to. Him cold Turkey. No i can t agree with re naked the Silver haired Mentor of the Broncos. I was watching the play closely and am convinced that the men who formed the Protection for the Ball Carrier held their positions in the line enough to comply with the rules i Shaw of course was pleased with the 14 to 6 Victory scored by Santa j Clara Over Stanford but he was not taking attitude of the Good j Winner in replying to my question. 1 am convinced Buck is quite cer Tain in his own mind there was nothing wrong with the Stanford touchdown play. His Only Comfort the outcome o the Ever must have been California freshmen 19, Sacra mento . 13. Pasadena Junior College 19, Bakersfield . 7. San Jose state 20 Whittier san Francisco state 6 me. Field 26. St. Martin s College 19 Pacific lutheran 7. Mather Field fliers Mills Calif Montana 13. 11. Anie it about the Only pm Asing feature of the con test to Shaw. Aside from the touch combination of Jesse Freitas to Alyn Beals the victorious Broncos showed absolutely Noth ing in offence. On the other hand coach Marchie Schwartz of Stanford while Defeated for the second straight time could gather several grains of com fort from the contest. In the first place he has an excellent line at and a sturdy line is the foundation on which Good football teams Are built. Secondly in sparkling third Quarter drive Schwartz unveiled a 165-Pound Field general in the person of Mark Caffall who sparked the indians to a Flash of offensive Power that threatened to Chase the broncs Back into the Concrete stands. Fred san0ermax . On top of this he introduced p Sophomore fullback Fred Sander Man who was the Best looking Ball earner on the Field. Sanderman is utterly without varsity experience but he is a hard charging runner who keeps his feet and uses his head. The kid has More possibilities than any Man i be seen in the Stanford Backfield this year. Aside from the pitching of Freitas Broncos showed absolutely nothing in the Way of a scoring punch. The line looked Good in the first half but in the third period with Caffill at the throttle and the indians benefiting from some Between halves advice from Schwartz ripped the bronc forwards to pieces. There was t f Good looking Ball Carrier on the Santa Clara squad yesterday. Freitas is a Good passer and Beals is a Good Catcher but when you say that you be said it All. The Broncos May have More than they displayed yesterday but i m talking about yesterday. Beals is an excellent pass receiver but he in t much of an end out Side of that despite the fact Schwartz paid him glowing compliments after the game. Smith stopped pm it was quite apparent in the third Quarter on two plays in particular that Beals was a sucker for the Stanford Man in motion who took him completely out of the play after this had happened twice Shaw jerked Beals and sent by Smith in at left end and the latter stopped the same play cold every time it Verf shot at him. There Are two essential elements to pass defense and on one of them Santa Clara can receive Only a minus Mark. One pass defense 3s to Rush the passer. On this the broncs were tops. The other de sense is to cover eligible receivers and in this important phase of play the Broncos rate Only a Goose egg. Bears beaten Oregon state California Btl Lack Wickett Clement Bain pern Hamer Mich score by it Oregon suit of. It c Kurt be q la re re Alicr Christensen Herrero Pic per Pouslen Decoudres Ferguson hawn Jurkovich Porto 1 new Rookie York. Pic lick of. 3 Opp Johnny 47 is 92 and. Five Yard line. To the inter Bill Par ton rambled 54 Yards to Skore. Final counter came in second period 01. Iron Wiley Fisher to Dick shove in the end zone. Mortin will Ltd again in 43 Duquesne rolled holy Cross the Frosh cot i hair second score Victory Over the new York in the second game of the 25-0, its 15th straight Penn won about As expected from slow Starl. Looked Pood in a 33-6 rout of Lehigh. North Carolina state winning its s e c o i d Southern conference beat Clemson 7-6. For then the third period on a run world syncs at sportsman s Park by Paul Keckley Santa Clara pos. Staw Torp Shiro Yard and added at his Home j 15. 1 Towel id is Hill la Topf t pass from Archie " today. Beazley will then leave for the Dave Hirschler. Glen Wilson scored for Sacra in she third Quarter j of the Island. . Marine training base at Parris first time oct. Joba Pepper Mart i tit in in and North i can nil. Nipped two Yard line. A was Good for 12 t to i William Niue m Miraima tech. Cl-7. Fiinn.in1 1, tile s a Corr to him Rice defeats . Baseball club this Power Georgia and was Houston. Oct. 3 a tit first Pacific coast Pennant has been tinned few Sokot in 1m3, presi 40-7. Pomona in 6-6 tie with san Diego sax Diego oct. Ona Cal lose trailing Sirce in left re St he of rats tit nods Brown Storrin Vul Cmiech pm Duvet shelter Iso 1 b 6 0-8 touchdowns Smith Pickett. Point touchdown Wickett. Cutty Frau. Subs Miller proc Tor uck Tes Wilcox. Of Sowri Evensen. Grant ctn Tori any Bucks. Gustafson lib two Shelton. Stiv Down Trad Saver fun rat. Gent not. Job Inion Muson backs Pickett hit Etc. Louis Conlin. St. Mary s m or an Pire. Heed. Linesman. Cross eleven 2o Bob James Millikin Field it cafe min Quiri by t filed Frt Arrne 14, c Albuquerque my air Bast Albion a Ohio Northern 0, Amherst 27, spin Gield 18. Aus std Coll be 14, cart Hait b. Auburn 27. Tulane 13 Alabama mini Sippi state j. Beloit 12, acc 0 Brown 28, Rhode Island 0. Boston College 33. War. 0. Boston 0, Syracuse 2o Bow Dom in Wesleyan 0. Buffalo 20. St Lawrence b. Bates_21, Trinity 12. Connecticut 26, Sutt Carnecie tech 26, Westminster 0. Cornell College j4. Ripon 0. Colgate 18. Cornell 6. Colorado state 27. Colorado Milnw f. Citadel 47, presbyterian 12. Concordia 7, St. Olaf 6. Carlton 20, Depauw 6. Cortland to schers 20, Clarkson Dartmouth 58, Miami Ohio 7. Duquesne 25, holy Dubuque 19, Luther 0. Delaware 40, Drexel c. Elmhurst 20, Mission House s. Fairmont teachers 7. Weft a. Tech t. Franklin 30, Evansville 13. Fort Totten 27. Brooklyn College t. Florida 2g. Tampa 6. Franklin Marshall 59, tort Hamilton 0. I great lakes it. 24, 0. Go inc 40, Furman 7 Georgia tech 13. Notre Dame g. Gettysburg 0. Western Maryland 19. Gustavus 2, St Norbert 0. Hard Simmons 34, North t e x f state 0. Have Fortl 33 0. Hamilton 7. Runs Sclar 0, in am 7, Grove City 6. Illinois g7, Butler 0. Illinois collese 10. Hanover 5 Indiana teachers 14, Slippery Rock 0. Iowa naval cadets 7. Minnesota . Smith 27, Allen 6 Kent state 6 of Millay 0. Kenyon 12, buttion i. La tech 45. Army flying school Al. Lacrosse to clips. 12. Platte vice chrs. 0. Lawrence Knox 0. Lubbock tev army air school it Stich Jan 20, Michigan state 0 Missouri 25. Colorado 13. Maryland 14. Lakehurst naval it. Montclair teachers 34. Fanzer 7. Milhorn 14. Mon muh 6, Macomb teachers 13. Iowa Wesley Missouri 20, Colorado i j Manhattan 27, Muhle nacre 7. Moir had Sutic teachers 13, Murray state teachers n Nebraska 2fi. Low a state 0 Carolina if. Synth h v Navy a 0. J Konuth 11. Colby 0 t North Carolina St Ite 7, Clemen srm 4 Ohio co Akron 0. Ohio 15 Mil if m Ohio Simo Indiana 21 Pennsylvania Harvard 7. Pm to Hartwick 7. Penn state ii Bucknell 7. Pitt Burgh o s m u 7. Peons teachers 12. Washburn d. 27. Vermont 20. 30. Washngton it Jefferson i Rice 27, Louisiana state 14 St. Joseoh 19. Illinois Northern 7. South Dakota state 20. Mrtha 0, St Rones 31. 7 Texas Char fish 13 Arkansas Al. Teas agrees 10. Tech 0. Tevika Oklahoma 0 Tufu 12. Middlebury 0. I Tulsa 23. Oklahoma n Texas Christian u. J3. Arkansas t. Tusk see 13, Morris Brown 6 Texas a

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