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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1970, Page 20

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - October 2, 1970, Oakland, California 20 on there is a joke about a Man who crossed a Gorilla with a Parrot. What is it someone asked. I Don t he said but when it talks you Vince Edwards reminds me of the Story because among other Gorilla like qualities he has that ability to get your attention whether you like it or not. Edwards is one of those people who Are Good at acting on television. The gift like a Talent for Short order cookery does t appear to be related to any thing else and the damnedest people have it. A Good television actor is often mediocre in movies As Edwards is and invisible on a stage. E d w d s is currently doing Matt an Abc series about a shirt sleeves psychiatrist who works with the police runs a hot line emergency unit and conducts his therapy in the manner of Chicken Delight driving out to deliver it the action is. So far he h a s n t been seen near a Couch. In the Advance publicity Abc set out to whip up a new image for Edwards. There was much stress on his warmth compassion and watching Edwards ply his Trade last night i found i did t believe for a minute that he had spent ten years poring Over medical books and psychiatric texts or even ten minutes. He also seemed about As warm and caring As he used to be As Ben that is about As compassionate As a process server. And yet he has a certain something or maybe it is a certain nothing. It May be that Good television acting is mainly anti acting in which the less you do the better. Nobody does less than Edwards he has one facial expression one tone of voice. He Speaks every line with the inflection he would give to pass the Salt his style might be called the no sweat approach. After All the sweating and thrashing about that one is subjected to in a week s to viewing Edwards wooden features might be a Welcome sight. At least. I have the impression that Matt Lincoln will do Well and provide Edwards with another steady Job. A thu Kara won Khz Vii Kyo a saw kor Chamul 2 in Mim 3 clump a 4 chm Tel s Chat anti 6 con nth 7 a Mindl 8 Chanil 9 a Xiv 10 to knt govt Kimo know Kosc Kudo 11 of Mirml 13 Chen we 20 Chanel 32 chm ital 36 Chanil 38 44 Bob in the episode last Young sniper called the police telling them where to find his latest victim. Matt Lincoln talked to the disturbed boy got his Trust and arranged a meeting. The police tried a blundering capture and the boy got away. The next Day he Pun another victim and kidnapped june Harding of the hot line staff. Matt Lincoln went to the Rescue in a helicopter talked the boy into giving up his gun. Some of this was farther fetched than it ought to have been Lincoln s hanging up on the sniper so abruptly while he was holding a gun on the girl was not a very credible piece of strategy. But the sniper s character was Well drawn and played Well by mar tin Sheen. Herb Edelman was Okas a police Lieuten ant. If if if in the first Nielsen rating of the new season the 70-City Survey for the week ending sept. 20, two new shows were among the top 10 flip Wilson and Mary Tyler Moore. The number one show was the Here s Lucy Epi Sode featuring Liz Richard and the Diamond. May Berry red was second followed by the Doris Day and Carol Burnett shows. Wilson s variety show placed fifth and miss Moore s half hour comedy sixth. The list was filled out by medical Cen Hawaii five-0" and a movie Tony Early ratings Are not presumed to mean very much except by the people who get High ones. This on e shows that the Nielsen families were curious enough to tune in and see what Wilson and miss Moore would do it does t necessarily indicate that they liked what they saw. Anyway the ratings Are always full of imponderables and disguised events. Like the top four in the list Are lbs monday night shows which follow one an other in the same order. Apparently the lure of the Burtons was Strong enough to attract viewers to lbs and Many stayed for the evening. A number of new series have premiered since that rating week. Mail Box your pm idiom to Miil Bax the. To. In Olk Lintl . 94604. You please sell me the address to write to t h e Abc program director also what h a p p e n d to Damn Kayc what s he doing and hut no least in you know if Star trek can still be lesson in astronomy scheduled Sunol an informal astronomy lesson on the Sun and Moon will be Given for several hours saturday Al Las Enci Nas Meadow of sunny Valley regional Park beginning at . San Francisco Astron mor John Dobson two of his apprentices and an East regional Park District naturalist will Lead an Examina Tion of the Sun and then the. Moon through telescopes. Amateur astronomers can also bring their own viewing aids. The Park District staff suggested that participants pack a picnic supper plus extra clothing to Wear Afler Sunset. If a heavy Cloud cover inter feres with viewing the Flash erg will be postponed to ocl. 24. Saved brought i be been told they Are still receiving lots of Driver. Pleasant Hill. Kaye is doing a Broadway musical. Two by about Noah and the Erk the chances of reviving Star trek Are precisely Zero though it s True that the reruns Are still stimulating mail. Star trek was never a big hit in the ratings and it was expensive to produce you can write to the program director of Abc at 30 Rocke Feller Plaza new York. Your View of the i must say i totally agree. However your statement teen age girls will love it is discrediting to most of the teen age girls i know. I m 16, and really sick of All the slicked up Neo idealism these cardboard creatures Are purportedly spouting. I think television is in a mess and would do better to think about a word it has t used for a Long Vigil san Leandro. Uses the that s All. Shame on me for putting All teen age girls in one pot so to speak. But please Don t Start a teen age girls liberation movement. I Don t think the world is ready. Age of Anne ban k., Oakland a-39. If paid advertisement 4p.m. 3-startrek shadows Street Douglas 12-bewitched nigh boyhood 36-movie Genghis Khan 1953 Bunny . In space 4-wide wonderful world Frost Rev. Carl Mcintire Street love Lucy affair 20-King Kong boy 5p.m. Smart neighbourhood Mason 12-silent Force racer . Nun Van Dyke or consequences neighbourhood 7-10-12-13-news and Lassie 9-what s new Mccoy stooges 6p.m. Wild West 6-wnat s new senator and if the coast guard crash a Beach party love in a goldfish bowl love in a goldfish bowl 1961 Tommy Sands Fabian journal Douglas . 4-3-5-8-10-12-news chef Adams Lincoln Valley 10 20-Gilligan s Island family 7p.m. Love Lucy playhouse write off 8-Hazel nun health education you top this 44-get smart Channel chuckles by Iii Kean . Barefoot Contessa 1954 Ava Gardner Humphrey Bogart Edmond o Brien Chaparral de Bakey Bruce dem James Gammon life and death hard hitting new Hospital the interns Chris Connelly Skye Aubrey 7-11-12-13-Brady Bunch 20-movie gunfighter 1950 Gregory Peck Karl Maiden Frost takes a thief 8 . 7-11-12-13-Nanny and the professor press 14-and if i am elected . Of the game Robert Culp Barbara Feldon Mickey Rooney 5-Andy Griffith if is really into today s teenage world headmaster i m 17, pregnant and Don t know what to do family 9p.m. 5-Frank Sinatra in great War action none but the Friday movies to commercials expected to imitate Fellini next new York a television commercials like these Ries themselves go through cycles and the next trend May be imitations of movie maker Felliou. The phases in commercials Are not so apparent or abrupt As those on the entertainment Side which has bounced from drama to westerns to quiz shows to detectives to comedy to realism. In commercials comedy is tops at the moment. Volks Wagen makes fun of its size. Winston jokes about its Gram mar. And Alka Seltzer kids every Liing from the Bride s first Home cooked meal to women s liberation. What s next Allan Swift who has seen cycles come and go from the inside for 16 years predicts that imitations of italian movie maker Feder Ico Fellini Are going to be the next trend. I can Tell from having talked to Art directors that they be flipped Over his new movie Satyn con and Are Gong to ape he said. Whether they will succeed is something Fellini who also did la Dolce and Juliet of the is noted for his Beautiful but sometimes puzzling scenes. One charac Etris tic of his Tyle is to place the camera at such a distance that people become Veit Small and Are dominated by the background. The figures invariably Are in one Corner. You re going to see weird Little masterpieces with All kinds of colors and compose said Swift. Aluminium windows to replace Wood or steel replacement window corp. Toll free from East boy 548-4444 owe with Carter b. Smith great movies great prizes 9fm of knights tonight Twenty plus two seductive. Television highlights none but the Brave 1965 Frank Clint Walker Tommy Sands Saga 7-Best bet if tonight that is a private Eye full girl Francisco film festival 11-movie say one for me 1959 14-soul 36-movie Stagecoach 1939 John Wayne Claire Trevor Twenty plus two 1961 David Janssen Dina Merrill . 2-what Skyline american style 10 . 4-34-Brackcn s world Sally Field playhouse is Tom Jones guest stars Diahann Carroll Zero mostel is Tom Jones Diahann Carroll Zero mostel Ace trucking co. Mode autumn Challenge connection 11p.m. Man who finally died 1962 Stanley Baker Mai Zetterlind Nixon s european tour movie fail Safe 1964 Henry Fonda Dan o Herlihy Dick Cavett id news movie sink the Bismarck 1960 news movie As Long As you live 1964 Merv Griffin movie the rack 1956 football highlights movie i the jury 1953 Preston Foster legend of Valentino 1962 fort Defiance 1951 Dane Clark Peter Graves 12 Midnight show Peter Gunn 1a.m. Movie Only Angels have wings 1939 Gary Grant Rita Hay Worth movie world in my pocket 1962 Rod Steiger carry on nurse 11960 Kenneth Connor Shirley Eaton movie train of events 1952 Valerie Hobson great fights Peter Gunn David Frost show Frost s guests include Edward Bennett Wil Liams criminal defense lawyer and president of the Washington redskins football team Nanette a Singer and the carpenters a singing group. Chan Nel . Black journal the program reports on the organization of african Unity in Ethiopia and other late breaking news of the Black Community. Channel 9, 6 . The interns guest Star Chris Connelly plays a Young Man fearful of inheriting a brain disease who demands that his girl Skye Aubrey have an abortion. Channels . The High Chaparral Manol Ito poses As a poor mexican in his at tempt to recover a prize stallion stolen from him by bandits. Channels 4, 3, 8 . The name of the game guest stars Robert Culp Barbara f Eldon and Mickey Rooney appear in a drama about an heiress fleeing from the police in Cynthia is alive and Liv ing in channels 4, 3, 8 . Movie Frank Sinatra stars in none but the a world War ii Story he produced and directed. It deals with marines whose disabled air Craft lands on a Small Pacific Island held by japanese. Channels 5, 10, 12 9 . This is Tom Jones Singer i Hann Carroll and actor Zero mostel join Tom. Channels 7, 13 10 . Bracken s world Sally Field guest stars As a Young activist who accepts Bracken s offer to Star in her own documentary. Channels 4, 3, 8 10 . Today s am pm radio highlights am highlights 4 .-Kgo news beat news reports until 7 . Abc news Tom Harmon Kinsman report Alex drier and Edward p. Morgan. 4 new Sra Dio 24 hours a Day. 4p.m.-Ksfo Lowell Thomas. Bay Meadows future race. Rick Bay Meadows feature race. Lee knew .-Kcbs Walter Cronkite. guest artist Heinz Holliger oboe. . Bach oboe concer to in of English chamber or Chestra Raymond Leppard conducting. Also on pm 11 .-Kkhi Moz Art serenade for ,13 instruments in b Flat wind players of the american symphony orchestra Leopold Stokowski conducting. Also on pm pm highlights 7 .-Kron show album Man of la 8 .-Kron Fea tured works Dvorak Othello overture. Opus 93 Wagner Gotherd ammering s i e g Fried s funeral music and i Black musicians delay taping of tonight show new York p fifteen Black musicians and 40 of their supporters delayed the Start of taping of Abc to s tonight show yesterday to protest what they called Lack of Black jazz representation on television. The group identified As the jazz and p e o p 1 e s move blocked the doors of the taping studio and began playing music Al 5 30 the scheduled time for the taping after a conference with Nel work officials the demonstrators allowed the studio doors to be closed and the program proceeded. If you re too old to have diaper rash it must be something else. An adult skin rash is frequently caused by clothes that rub and chafe. It s some thing that hit anyone. Any place. Often this irritation is complicated by fungal infection. The kind that thrives in warm body areas. And it itches like crazy. Scratching s no Way to treat this rash. Neither Are Ordinary baby powders. 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Bulb season is Here King Alfred daffodils ea.7c dutch iris.15for29c freesias.10for25c sparaxis.10for59c ranunculus big bulbs .10for89c Crocus. 10for29c dutch hyacinths .7 for is also have 35 different varieties of Narcissus onion planting season White red yellow Angeli Nursery 484 East 14th st., san Leandro

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