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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1970, Page 19

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - October 2, 1970, Oakland, California Nut need snarled in red tape cot a problem or tempt out perhaps action line can help. Because of the huge number of inquiries we receive daily tee can t attempt to solve everybody s pro lems. Our staff works hard to provide at Many solutions As can. Tum action Lii for Julin 4444424 my to f . Tfir mfg fray m lint Oakland . It sikh if Calif. 94m4. Where can i get a Side Saddle for my Mother in Law i Don t want to run her out of town. She likes to ride despite the fact she is 80 years old. We have checked every where but Side saddles s e e m a thing of the past. Mrs. D. H., Concord. Tell your Mother in Law to mount up. We checked with All kinds of Saddle stores Saddle makers and sad dle collectors. We finally found one who despite his Busy schedule was Able to help your Mother in Law on the Side. And so there she goes Riding off into the Sunset on the Side of a horse. You might say that you saddled us with a problem and we saddled your Mother in Law. More than a year ago i sent away for three shirts for my son but they were never shipped. Later the company supposedly filed a tracer with the posit office but we never heard Back from the company the Post office or any one. Where Are my son s c. H., Oakland. The company has filed a new tracer and if it produces nothing it will Send your son new shirts or return your Money. So More patience is required. We would Tell your son to keep his shirt on but then like you say he has not got them yet. Are swearing off contests. Last summer my husband entered one put on by a Magazine. It turned out that the contest was obviously a device to get people to join the Magazine s Book club. There was a yes Box and a no Box for joining the club and we marked the no Box. Well we got a free Book for just entering the contest. Fine. But then the Bills started coming just like we were members of the club. We have written letter after letter explaining we Are not members. It has t done any Good. Mrs. J. B., Alameda. My purse was stolen on june 17 and i have been Able to replace every thing except the Money order that was in it. It was for my rent due that Day and the loss has really Hurt me financially particularly since i m on Wel fare and on a very limited budget. I have filled out forms made several in quiries and have been unable to obtain a replacement Money order. Can action line help me mrs. T.b., Oak land. Your Money is on the Way. An offi cer in the Headquarters of the company issuing the Money order looked into your complaint and Cut through red tape and has it cleared up. Who Are you before we can tackle a problem or answer a question we must have the writer or caller s full name address zip and phone number. A Reader wrote in annoyed that we had not tackled the problem he had written to us about earlier. Both his original and follow up letters Yvere devoid of a name or address. Up for grabs an Oakland fireman Lent his helmet to a Volunteer during the Oakland Berkeley Hills fire last week. would like to get it Back for sentimental Rea sons because his father wore it 22 years before the son inherited seven years ago. Contact action line and who has an old dragon or an old Bull lying around the House. Costumes for these critters that is. They Are needed for the Marina High school rally Day. Contact Kim Shull 15348 Laverne dr., san Leandro and then who will sell mrs. A. K. Of Oakland a magnifying Glass that can rest on a stand on her Chest and has a string that loops around her neck. She needs it for fancy embroidery. T i t Krieg s open Toile i 91 sport coat Sale save or More on each coat All wools and 3-but ton models. Jav Reg. Values Sale 29 95 Reg. Sale 399s includes shorts regulars Longs in sizes to 46. Famous manufacturer sizes to 50, slightly higher take up to 3 months to pay at no extra charge 1 permanent press Slacks Koratroh treated for no ironing machine Washa ble checks and solid tones. Regular Cut seats and legs. A St 30-42. 14 98 note Stitt 44-46 slightly higher Slacks Sale j rough rider All Wool dress stocks in a wide selection of col ors and styles. Full Cut legs and seats sizes 30 to 42, solids and patterns. From 19 98 44 to so slightly More in 19 the Magazine has finally recognized the fact that you marked the no Box and your name has been removed from its Billing system. A philosopher might say that he who does not swear off con tests ends up swearing at them. Grin and Bear it by Lichty i warn you that Are in a football scholar ship you jeopardize your education every time you miss a Art Buchwald the naked a scientific shocker fast 14th St. Of 34ffi ave., East Oakland Roar lot Washington a new Book will soon appear on the Market which will cause a sensation in scientific circles. It is titled the naked Man and it was written by Frederick the Iii a Chim Panzee attached to the Rocke Feller Institute. Frederick Iii was involved in some enzyme experiments at the Institute which took up Only a few hours of his Day. Because he was restless the directors gave him a typewriter to play with. You can imagine their Surprise when instead of just Messing around Frederick wrote a Book. Frederick s Book and this is the shocker claims that All chimpanzees monkeys and apes evolved from Man. says that Man was the first primate before there were apes of any kind. Frederick is not certain when Man first appeared on Earth though he suspects it was at least 30 million years ago. As time went on and Man went through Many stages he started to develop Many ape like qualities until today it is easy for apes to identify with Man and realize How much they have in common. Many apes and chimpanzees Are horrified to think they re semble Man in any Way and a Chimpanzee named Treetop with the National Institute of mental health has written a paper denouncing Frederick ill s thesis. Treetop maintains that although in some respects men Are looking More and More like apes the ape could not have possibly evolved from Man. has Al to eked Frederick ill s re search on the grounds that except for the few men he has come into Contact with at the Rockefeller Institute the Only other men he has observed Are Flower children in the Park that he can see from his caged window. Frederick says in his Book that the similarities Between apes and Man Are greater than one might think. Man to Day is behaving like apes used to behave before they were civilized. Man puts great emphasis on territory and seems to be willing to kill to protect his turf. As a lower form of ape a Man is unable to Deal with a situation without screaming and shouting. Frederick cites examples where men have been placed in Large apartment buildings for lengths of time and have gone berserk. Treetop says that Man s be Havior is More similar to rats than to apes and while Man behaves irrationally in almost any situation and May resort to extreme measures when endangered it does not follow that just because men beat their chests and growl that they belong in the ape family. Frederick thinks that the primitive personality traits of Man have been adapted by apes. Having studied Man in d e r Laboratory conditions Frederick has discovered that the eating habits and sex life of Homo Sapiens follow a pal Tern similar to those practice by Modem apes. Survival seems to be the Basic Princi ple in Man s Jungle and while apes do not resort to violence unless provoked Man has not yet evolved to a Point in his development where he can Tell Why he behaves the Way he does. Treetop disagrees. maintains that Man has gone As far As hell Ever go and has t changed from the Day he was born. The instinct in men to destroy is so Strong that it is slander to class them in any Way with apes Frederick s response to that is to cite King Kong s destruction of the Empire state building As something Man might do. Treetop says King Kong was an exception to the Rule and it s unfair to use one go Rilla s behaviour As a Sample. In any Case when the Book conies out there will be a continuing controversy on it. On one Side will be the apes who would hate to acknowledge they have inherited any characteristics from Man. On the other Side will be those Mon keys chimpanzees and Goril Las who will admit that some of their traits Are possibly Man evolved and will now try to Deal with the problem in an ape like Way. Quirks in the news Mexborough England teacher Chris Meux 24, has landed his first local theater will play a body lying Flat on his face on stage for two hours. Manchester England owners of the taller theater now showing a sex film Are seeking the owner of a wheel chair found after the last show. The better half the paint Nice and fast the last one we had it kept rubbing off on Row tides of the closing the generation Gap there was a Knock on my door. I opened it and was confronted by a Bare chested Bare footed male human wearing fringed cutoff jeans and Pale Blue flight glasses. His hair was Shoul Der length and Down Over his forehead a thick Beard obscured the rest of his face. I was he said if you would like to buy some us i said i Don t know. How much Are anything you d care to he replied. There was something vaguely familiar about him. I said i recognize your voice. Don t i know you from he bowed his head sadly. I was hoping you would t recognize me. I m Danridge Bently Mccain. I used to live up on the Hill in opulent i gasped. Not Danridge Mccain president of International computer corporation the Natty Square with the sincere Gray suit the old school tie the polished shoes the slicked Down hair the Lincoln that s the he replied sorrow fully. But or. I said it was difficult for him to reply. I imagined a tear trickling Down his Cheek under his Beard. I. I tried to close the generation he said. Then he told me his sad Story. Dan Ridge Mccain believed in being a pal to his teen aged son. Unfortunately How Ever his teen aged son was a hippie. We were Drifting further and further he explained so i decided to adopt the boy s ways to bring us Back together. I quit bathing to protest our materialistic culture. I let my hair grow to express my Basic individualism. I Dick West grew a Beard to defy the gluttony of America s pig business what i asked. I was demoted As president of International he sighed. They said it was All right to maybe have a strange office manager but no president of . Was going to have a Gamey 4 but that did t Stop Mccain s efforts to communicate with his son. Sure it meant no new Lincoln Continental every year no Gardener and no maid but a Man could survive without them though just barely. My boy started bringing his friends he continued and at first i thought he was proud. Then i discovered he was bringing them Over for a Good laugh. I still had t reached him 1 so Mccain went even further. burned his country club card established a floating commune on his yacht painted a four letter word on is Cash Mere to shirt and adopted the new Lan Guage of the alienated disenchanted liberated generation. Did you reach the i asked. said but i reached inter National computers. They fired me. And i reached my wife. She left me. I also reached the cops. They busted Mcclain smiled distantly. But at he said i finally reached my son. I took off my clothes in the Down Low n area to protest the War in Viet and he took you to his no. shaved off his Beard got a haircut bought a suit and took a Job with the Telephone company. left Home and i Haven t seen him since. But i la say one tiling. I communicated at last. Buy some paediatrics As a Campaign Issue Washington if Ati ked to pick the most significant development thus far in the 1970 election Campaign i would unhesitatingly Point to vice president a new s recent attack on or. Benjamin Spock who in t even running for anything. In Case you have been too Busy looking after the kids to keep up with the political news i shall summarize briefly Agnew accused the Well known paediatrician for espouse i n g permissiveness in child rearing. The vice presi Dent feels that permissiveness is having a deleterious effect on american youth. Particularly after they grow up. Considered alone his anti Spock an remarks might not impress you As being exceptionally significant. What makes them so is the context in which they were uttered. For Agnew gave Spock this verbal hand spanking in one of his speeches in behalf of Republican congressional candidates. Thus for the first time at least to my knowl Edge child rearing has been set Forth As a Campaign Issue. This could Lead to some very interesting situations. Especially in races that might have bachelors in the ballot. Well i always try to slay abreast of political currents so i obtained a copy of s p o c k s famous common sense Book of baby and child Agnew had cited As excessively permissive. For years when i was rear ing children i kept a copy of this Book under my Pillow but i Only used it Lor medical emergencies. It comes in Handy when one of your children gels bitten by a Goril la or something of that sort therel orc i was not familiar with the chapters on training and discipline. Upon glancing through them i found that there is indeed a pattern of permissiveness m Spock s advice. Consider for example the matter of letting a child out of his crib or play pen. Sooner or Spock writes he must be let out to roam around if not at 10 months at least by 15 months when he s if hat in t permissiveness i Don t know what is. You let a 10-m o n t h of 1 d child Start roaming around outside his play pen and the next thing you know hell be doing some thing weird. Like studying paediatrics. Or getting into poli tics. I personally believe a child should be kept in. His play pea at least until he is old enough to Vole Lor himself. Or until he is drafted. Whichever comes first. Ann Landers Only time can dear Ann Afler six years of marriage and two adopted children i became pregnant. We were overjoyed. I Miscar ried in the fifth month and it broke my heart to lose that child. What i am writing about however is the stupidity and thoughtlessness of friends and family including my own Mother. A nurse who attended me made this statement gee it s a shame. At least when you have a baby you have something for the pain. This Way you go through All that and leave the Hospital i did t need her to Tell me what i was missing. When my Mother came to see me she sat for one hour describing in detail the mis carriages and stillborn babies she had had. Then she went on to report on every other member of the family who had a miscarriage. Her parting words were what happened to you is very com Mon my my first Day Home a neigh Bor asked me was it a boy or a i did t inquire and Don t want to know. Please Ann Landers Tell people to stay off the subject of the pregnancy when Juicy talk to a woman who has mis carried. Nothing they can say will help. Only time can heal the Hurt. Mrs. Dear mrs. A one of the principal Aims of this column is to educate. You have helped and i thank you. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her at Box 3346, Chica go 111. 60654, in care 0 this newspaper enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope. Dear Ann. We arc the desperate parents of a 19 year old girl who Lias devoted herself completely to a boy who just turned 15. We have begged pleaded threatened and screamed about this Ridic Ulous relationship but she tells us to leave her alone. The boy is not an average 15-year-old. is bigger than our son who is 21 and a bully Type. treats our daughter like dirt tells her to shut her Mouth if she displeases him and acts As if he owns her. To make matters worse he lives directly across the Street and she can t take one step out of the House but what to comes running Over. Our daughter is a smart girl in some she has a Good Job and makes a Nice salary. She pays for All their dates tickets buys him clothes and gifts and chauffeurs him everywhere in her car. It drives us crazy to wit Ness her disgraceful conduct. What can we do h h. Dear h. A you can Lay off and i Hope you can do it soon because your opposition is binding them together. The More you Knock the boy the More Shell defend him. When you Stop nagging your Daugh Ter she might decide to drop him. But she won t drop him so Long As you Are on her Back. Dear Ann i am writing this letter on a plane. To live been on the runway for 55 minutes. The problem is weather. Several passengers arc behaving miserably cursing at the stewardess de manding a third drink Mak ing obscene remarks. Don t these fools realize that the boys in the control towers Are doing their level Best to protect the lives of their Passen Gers Tell the morons off will you flight 270 dear 279 the morons Don t Linton so Why bother t Al ways travel Wmk a briefcase full of work. When i get stuck i relax and enjoy it ant the time profitably

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