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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1970, Page 18

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - October 2, 1970, Oakland, California Riim top i Lorial Home owned co nth edited a Stupy in charcoal 18 Friday october 2, 1970 a new Antioch Bridge the temporary closing of the anti och Bridge damaged when struck by a ship has prompted a movement for construction of a new Span As soon As pos sible. The narrow two Lane Bridge connecting Solano and Sacramento counties with Contra Costa county has been called both structurally and economically repairs estimated to Cost almost million Are now under Way and travel on the Bridge is expected to be resumed within five months. The need for a new Span has been recognized for some time. The state division of highways plans to replace the Structure in eight to ten years if present Highway priorities Are Fol Lowed. Until then the crossing has been deemed adequate to meet traffic de mands. In Light of the sept. 4 mishap How Ever Contra Costa county officials Are considering a move which could Speed up construction of the new crossing by As much As five to eight years. This plan Calls for transferring responsibility of construction of the new Bridge from the Highway department to the autonomous state toll Bridge authority. If the authority and the state legislature approved Bonds sold to finance construction and Bridge tolls charged to pay them off. At the earliest construction could begin in late 1972 and would take years to build depending upon design. County officials believe this Transfer also would release some Money which would have been allocated for Bridge construction for use on other much needed Highway improvements in the county. The Bridge has been estimated to Cost up to million. Before making an official request for the Transfer county officials should thoroughly weigh whether advancing the timetable for Bridge construction is Worth establishing fare collection on what is now a toll free Bridge. It is also incumbent upon the authority to determine when deciding whether to accept the Transfer if the Burden of the new construction would adversely affect other projects it proposes. The inconvenience suffered by the daily Bridge travellers undoubtedly will lend considerable emotional leverage to arguments for Quick construction. However since the Bridge soon will be Back in operation and can be utilized for another 10 years there is sufficient time to evaluate the consequences of choosing Between the two construction timetables. A transit s first decade ten years ago this week a transit went into the local bus business taking Over a company that traced its corporate roots Back to horse car and steam passenger trains in Oakland. Today the people of the East Bay have one of the most modern and Well managed bus systems in the nation one that has become a Model. Good management has been a major reason. But the people of the East Bay who have taxed themselves to under write a growing deficit should receive most of the credit. They have been willing to pay for Good transit. Because of that we have a much needed alternative to private automobiles. Without a transit service East Bay Auto traffic perhaps would be at a virtual standstill. The disadvantages of extensive use of autos Are Well documented they Are an inefficient mover of people Poison the air with exhaust fumes occupy land which otherwise cd wild yield substantial tax revenues and make life hazardous for pedestrians. An effective transportation network requires a Large number of alternative modes of travel. Planners Call it a Good transportation a transit has provided a valuable balance to the transportation needs of the East Bay. A transit has made Good almost every Promise it made in the troubled 1950s, when the privately controlled key system transit lines was curtail ing East Bay transit service and driving thousands of commuters to private automobiles. A transit s Success is evidence that it is possible for the Public to take hold of a problem and solve it. Today is the Day to congratulate ourselves. Eye on the presidency the military has a troubled soul editor s Nolt the fell twin theil tort those of the Tutar and Art presented Hurt to it readers variety of the Tribune s pin inti Are to to std fitly in edit Treitli. Washington an army general assigned to the White House told me that one of the reasons president Nixon visited the sixth Fleet was to take soundings on the morale of officers and sea men. The president i was told wanted to make sure that our men Felt a sense of purpose and had Good spirit. Well every commander in chief Hopes for such feel Ings in the military and pres ident Nixon with his questions about sports and hometowns makes an Earnest if transient Effort to probe morale and by his visit tries to improve it. But if the president had the time and Opportunity to make a deeper study he would learn that at this Point in his tory the american military has a troubled soul. The . Has the Best fed Best clothed Best housed and Best equipped military in the world. A Long discussion would result from considering whether it is the Best trained. Here Are addresses of National and state legislators . Senators Senate of fact build ins Washington d.c., 20510. Sen. George Murphy. Sen. Alan Crant ton. Congressmen House office Buim Ino Washington d.c., 20515. Rep. Jeffery Cohelan 7th District Albany Berkeley Emery Ville Piedmont North Oakland Central Oakland and part of East Oakland Reo. George f. Miller Ith represent ing part of East Oakland Alameda san Marx pro Val Ltd sin Ramon Vil Lage liver nor Pleasanton san Crijo and part of Hay Wartt rep. Don Edwards re renting i of May Ward Fremont Union City Newark and the Northern part of Clara county Reo. Jerome Waldle uth. Rep relenting Contra Costa county. Site senators Ami Atatim Myrnon slate cell of Sacra Tanto win Alameda county state Renatto Art St District. Lew i f. Sir run Fitl. N c. Pct Fil 14th. Butt lev. The Ith and cover the same area with Sherman and it Tali representing allot Alameda county to Tot Cairo Val Ltd. Lavt Mort and pie Sinton. Those to t Large Section of Santa clan of to represented by Bradley. Satiem Blymn Art carlot tit Toffi District Robert w. Crown 14th mrs. March k. Few. 15th Utti John j. M Lutr 17th. Contra Coua county Tattmar. 71 h District it fun a. Atm of Jam w. Tbs doric to John t. Knox Lith. By Nick Thimmesch but superlatives Don t insure Quality in the military morale and Esprit d corps do. Today officers and men Are scorned by most of the Public and taunted by youth. Publicity seeking politicians whack away at the military As mind Lessly As Jingo its worship it. Senior officers fearful of the times Retreat to the old concept of military bearing which bespeaks duty Honor coun try. Younger officers and Sev ice Academy cadets have in creased misgivings about the military and retention of Ca reer people is a serious prob Lem. Discipline among enlisted men is Only fair. The awol rate is High. This is a bad period for the military and Many professionals feel disgust and resentment Over the Way they have become the fall Guys. Now we have Ward just s Brilliant article in the current Atlantic to bolster the conclusion. Just spent Many months interviewing an entire Range of army men from West Point cadets to those hapless sol Diers some with . S of 80 who seemed destined to be come Vietnam Cannon Fod he Learned that cadets on leave sometimes lie about where they go to school that there Are no heroes or Cru Sades to inspire cadets and Young officers and fewer and fewer decide to become Ca reer men that the military is now confronted by the same p r o b 1 e in s afflicting other Young racial conflict dissent aimlessness that once College boy draftees arrived in Vietnam Battlefield dissent developed some of it televised for the whole nation to see As though it were some student protest and that most professionals and cadets As Well believe the Vietnam War turned out to be a bad Job for the military largely because civilians ran it. There is a Good Case to be made that As the Vietnam War is called has not Only corrupted West Point and the other service academies but the whole military As Well. When i was a boy in world War ii purple heart Veter ans came Home to respect compassion some Breaks and free drinks in the bars. Today the wounded Veteran feels a rejection worse sometimes than his physical pain. He is surrounded by anti War mov ies Rock music literature pictures and sometimes even by hostile draft exempted youths. It was t that Way eight years ago when the Kenne Dys in their smart hairy chested Way hooked onto the dashing general Maxwell Taylor and his notions of anti guerrilla warfare. That was new and so were the peace corps and the space program pushed by Juk and the clean Cut astronauts. So president Kennedy put Green berets into Vietnam and the new frontiersmen thought it marvelous that a new Way had been found to Deal with communism that was More imaginative than what the Eisenhower adminis t r a t i o n and John Foster Dulles had practice. One of the Best witnesses to the popular Wisdom about Vietnam in the Early sixties is Daniel Patrick Moynihan one of the Bright Young new frontiersmen who in 1967, said the Vietnam War was thought up and is being Man aged by the men John f. Ken Nedy brought to Washington to conduct american foreign and defense policy. They Are per sons of immutable conviction on almost All matters we could consider Central to lib eral belief. Men of person Al Honor and the highest intellectual today some of those same people major and minor can be heard at cocktail parties hollering about militarism and a War they did t fight in but have Many opinions on. Last week i had one Tell me that he could t understand Why a billion a year defense department was so inept that it could t put planes into Jordan to Rescue americans there. Had american military intervened in Jordan i lie fighting would have spread Over the Arab world. But my Friend will stomp on the military no matter what. California fires a Blunt warning to the universities by Jack Bell letters to the forum welfare abuses irk readers editor i have just completed Reading the first in a series of reports sept. 27 on welfare abuse written by trib Une staff writer Lloyd Boles. And once again like Many More Alameda county Resi dents. I have the feeling of frustration and helplessness As to what Avenue is open to the working taxpayer to actively do something about the Gross inadequacies of our welfare system. The Tribune and local news Media have brought to Light these problems before but what has come of it we still have the same problems Only compounded by the fact that More people Are on welfare and consequently More people Are abusing it. To make matters worse our government officials either Don t care or they Lack the integrity and fortitude to do something the Tribune has done a Fine Job in the past and also now of informing us of this and other problems but what i would like to ask of you Are some solutions. What can the working peo ple of Alameda county As individuals or As a group do to keep this system going for the truly needy and eliminate those from the Rolls that realistically and morally Don t belong there Kenneth j. Rezak san Leandro. Editor i would like to congratulate you on the Arti Cle or. Boles wrote exposing the welfare fraud in Alameda county. If your paper will keep the heat on maybe the politicians will Lake some action on this abuse. The property taxpayers have All the taxes they can take. I would like an article on the abuse of food Stamps also. Keep these articles coming. , Oakland. Editor the tax payers Are grateful and indebted to the Tribune for its courage in disclosing the deep moral de Cay that exists in the welfare administration. No one we repeat no one believes that the Congress the state legislators the Ala Meda county supervisors the City councilmen have been unaware of the near fraud that has Long existed in the administration of the welfare and poverty programs. Either these political entities have wantonly betrayed the taxpayer in the allowance of loopholes in Laws or they have been totally incompetent and out of touch with the Busi Ness we have entrusted them to perform. It is time for a Complete Disint station of the entire Chain of administration. L. L. Westling Oakland. Editor after Reading about welfare frauds i be Lieve these officials the people elect to enforce the Law would be derelict of duty if the cases mentioned Are not prosecuted to the full extent of the our courts must hand out penalties that will deter such fraud cases in the future. As a property taxpayer i am mighty tired of haying my taxes shovelled out to liars and Crooks. Ii. M. Rhoads Oakland. Editor we have been Reading the Tribune s articles on welfare arid i would like to ask one very important ques Tion of you. Why what Good does it do to let All of us taxpayers know what ridiculous idiots we Are that we continue to pay very High taxes and do without while we Are openly being taken there must be a Point to these articles. I could see them if the Tribune at the end of the series would give the silent majority a solution. The Only solution we can think of would t work be cause they Call for extremely Large groups of people to stick together through a great Deal of trouble and even then i wonder if it would do any Good. I would like to see a taxpayers strike refusal of the majority of taxpayers in Ala Meda county to pay taxes. Let them slap a Lien on the House fight until Laws Are changed to be fair and Only those who need welfare would receive it. Or mrs. . Smith san Lorenzo. The forum is always open to All reasonable opinion. Brief legible letters receive preference. All be signed. The Small society prevent disaster editor the fire tragedy on fish ranch Road should stir All residents of this area to take immediate preventive action to forestall a recurrence of such a disaster. The course of action i urge is this All underbrush dry grass leaves etc., in the Parks and canyons surrounding this metropolitan area should be immediately cleared. All Able bodied men and women who Are unemployed or who Are on welfare and re Lief could and should be put to work on this most vital and necessary project. The dry underbrush and eucalyptus leaves in Tilden Park and in the canyons and Hills surrounding this area constitute a very great fire Hazard. It is to the interest of All of us that this condition be immediately corrected. I urge immediate action on the part of the Berkeley City Council and the Alameda county Board of supervisors to Correct this most dangerous situation. Stanley r. Maas Berkeley. Legalized Bingo editor so the authorities in Santa Clara county decided that a Friendly Bingo game be tween people who Are willing to take a Chance in winning or losing a few dollars played in the Hall or basement of a Church is wrong even if some of that Money goes to support parochial schools which save the taxpayers millions of Dol Lars annually. Meanwhile in Many parts of the country it s perfectly be Gal to destroy i Call it Mur Der an unborn child that Only god has the right to take if he so wills. Again too it s of to Send boys to Vietnam some of them against their will be sides to kill and get killed by other youths who can t even speak our language but Are nevertheless our Brothers whose father is the same. Some of our Laws would be quite funny were they not so tragic. Would Bingo be Legal if the county could share in the profits Constantino n. Santos Oakland. By Brickman Nile the Ritt met Thutt tin my to Trot Fitl lit it weft Tritty the pm tit try to Only in edit Treitli. Washington in All of the controversy surrounding publication of its report what May be the key recommendation of the presi Dent s commission on Campus unrest has All but escaped no Tice. It was a Blunt warning to the universities to pull them selves together and put their own houses in order. Public attention was directed primarily toward the commis Sion s Call on president Nixon to exercise his reconciling moral leadership to revive understanding and snuff out violence. It recommended that the president devote nearly full time to meetings with governors University leaders Law enforcement officers and with Black and student Lead ers. Perhaps its most pungent suggestion however was that Nixon muzzle vice president Spiro t. Agnew. Without mentioning Agnew by name As its primary target the commis Sion s report five times brought up the question of harsh and bitter rhetoric it said could Only exacerbate tensions and encourage Vio Lence. The panel had Only a mild rebuke to foul mouthed rebel students reminding them that language that offends will Seldom but it proceeded to equate their filthy epithets with the abrasive but a profane language of critics by telling the students that their words have sometimes been As offensive to Many americans As the words of some Public officials have been to while Nixon was the target for a commission observation that the action or inaction of government at All Levels had contributed to Campus unrest it pointed its Finger directly at Agnew when it added the words of some political leaders have helped to inflame the report went on to advise the president to seek to con Vince Public officials and protestors alike that decisive and insulting rhetoric is Dan it insisted that Nixon insist that no one play irresponsible politics with the is sue of Campus unrest " it would seem the commis Sion believed that a conspiracy of s i 1 e n c e on the part of the Republican administration would halt the corrosion of Confidence Between the generations and automatically re store order. The commission found three major causes for a crisis of understanding it said threat ens the very survival of the it listed these As the Vietnam War racial injustice and the universities them selves. From a practical stand Point Nixon can do Little More than he has done to Speed the end of the War. He is not Likely at this Point to accelerate administration efforts to Cor rect racial injustice. That leaves the universities. Nixon has contended All along that prime responsibility for order on the campuses rests with educational administrators. After it worked us Way out of the labyrinth of blaming the administration of nearly All of Campus disruption the commission seemed to agree with this premise. The panel s report said flatly that universities have not adequately prepared them selves to respond to disrupt it cited Lack of rules of per missive conduct irresolute faculty and administrative action and the failure to apply announced sanctions against the practitioners of violence. Asserting that universities must pull themselves Ogeth the commission called on them to promulgate and enforce codes of conduct. It said the perpetrators of violence must be identified quickly expelled from the University and prosecuted vigorously. The commission advised the discharge of faculty members who engage in or Lead disruptive conduct. It urged the administrators to Call the cops before things get out of hand. It proposed the development of Law enforcement contingency plans. Perhaps More to the Point than All of this As a Preven Tive measure the commission told the universities to get Back to their proper functions of teaching and learning re search and scholarship. Pm strike begets political concern by William s. White editor t Nett the full Winf views try these of the author end Are presented Here to five readers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s tip titans try to pressed Only in edit trial. Washington the men who run economic affairs for the Nixon administration Are quite Content to let others worry about the Politi Cal effects of the Middle East. Their own concern is Over what they see As the crisis of the american Middle West and specifically what Union Leader Leonard Woodcock has threatened will be one hell of a Long strike at general motors. Rarely has any White House been More troubled by any strike for some of the Sawi est people in the administration think it has special implications and from the administration s viewpoint All of them Are especially bad. In the first place president Nixon s most realistic advis ers Are Well aware that the biggest thing the democrats have got going for them in november s congressional and senatorial elections is the state of the Economy and the Small but real Hump in the unemployment graph. In the second place these Fellows have privately insisted All along and apparently have meant it that before novem Ber business and the Stock Market would be Well on the Way upward. The fear now is that a truly prolonged paralysis at pm and perhaps elsewhere in the Industry which would of course seriously Compromise if not wholly disrupt such Hopes and plans might be worse than Only the beginning of More labor troubles. The fear in Short is that Wood cock As successor to the late Walter Reuther As head of the United Auto workers is run Ning a strike not Only against pm but also if obliquely against the Nixon administration and the Republican party collectively. The poignant depth of this anxiety May be measured by recalling that Reuther was both the most openly partisan tip Moat powerfully parti san labor Leader this country has known with the possible exception of the late John l. Lewis of the miners Union. Actually Walter Reuther used to come very close to running the democratic party in Mich Igan certainly he gave orders to the Michigan delegation to democratic National conventions. When he died in Brief there died with him a far More muscled opponent of the Nix on administration on Viet Nam in terms of practical vote marshalling than any rhetorical Senate Dove. Now it should be stressed that nobody in or around the White House is charging the democratic party itself with plotting with Woodcock to con ail Over Long strike for political purposes and for that matter nobody is flatly accusing himself of such a design. Still the acute anxiety is there though on a general and National basis and not be c a e of the Mere Circum stance that a democratic sen Ator Philip Hart is up for re election in Michigan the Core of the motor Industry. Hart though a Dove and no pal of the administration is not on its bed Rock must list for defeat quite apart from the probability that he could t be beaten anyhow. For unlike other doves Hart has kept his opposition to the War within responsible Bounds. More importantly in the Plain human sense he has shunned a politics of emotional extremism As he recently proved anew by publicly denouncing a band of obscenity shoulders that beset vice president Spiro Agnew while he was trying to speak in Michigan. No it is not such politicians As Philip Hart who really stir the concern of the administration. It is that phrase one hell of a Long and a the inferences that can be drawn from it in gop minds. These inferences Are that Woodcock As a new boy has set out to out Sleuther Reuther politically As veil m in he Field of labor negotiations As such

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