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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1970, Page 17

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - October 2, 1970, Oakland, California Lift in an i Fern factory fettuccine therapy the Oakland Man had a heart attack spent some time in a Hospital and when he was released his doctor told him to rest for two months. Do nothing and Don t try to the Guy wondered if he could rest and do nothing in Rome and the doctor saw no reason Why not. Now the Guy is writing letters Back to his company saying having wonderful time doing nothing. Wish you were Here Marvin Tripp likes nothing better than doing things for underprivileged kids and As he often does took a Carload to the Cal Indiana game. It was hot As he toured the streets looking for a parking place and he finally found an unmarked lot adjoining a Church so parked there. When the game ended he discovered his car had been towed away. He fired off a letter to the Church about doing unto others Fred Cooper campaigning for supervisor was making House Calls to people in his District and got to the Home of or. And mrs. Birthe Wright out on lock Wood Street. Exercising is what elections Are All Bill Fiset Cooper said oooo Tony Conigliaro the red sox Star who was the Vic Tim of the most famous Bea Ball in baseball history flies Here this weekend to play Golf in boots Erb s an Nual Bootjack tournament at Sunol. About that Dan Biagi figures he blew it. Just As i Felt i had my temper under control i went out and played Golf Piedmont Leonard Gruhn fell victim to the married Man s lament his wife Peggy relieved him of pin Money As he was leaving the House. Ten minutes later after she d tucked it in the pocket of her Robe it was missing. She looked around in time to see her dog Caesar devouring both the ten spot and the five people who graduated from Oakland s old Clawson elementary school at 35th and Peralta will get together nov. 20 at a dinner dance at the Lake Merritt hotel. The classes Range from 1878 through 1939. From Bill Fontes probably the ones doing the most dancing will be the class of 78." 0000 the Albany couple has been so plagued by kids calling their children with the phone ringing every five minutes they got an unlisted number. Moreover they got a phone where the number does t show on the dial. It was blissfully quiet for a Day or so until one of their kids simply picked up the phone dialled 640 and the company s computer told what number the kid was calling from. Service repairmen use the 640 anyway now the phone rings just As often As before. 0000 Pamela Simmons who was a thu s weather girl got married the other night to Bob Beebe. It s a Case of working for a local to station and Par laying the experience into a career Judy Johnson wants to buy a Novelty wrist Vatch and someone suggested one with Spiro Agnew on the face. Said Judy. I want a politician watch that does t tick but just gives you the runaround Bill Cosby does a one Nighter oct. 9 at the Oakland coliseum and tentatively the Clay Quarry fight will be on a closed circuit at the coliseum oct. 26____pacheco has a Beauty shop called the Pacheco hair which undoubtedly does a big business the teacher of a fifth Grade class in a Berkeley school had her kids write about the Oakland Berkeley Hills fire including How they had to wait for buses How they saw flames and so on. One Little boy ended his essay with we stood in for mation until everyone was boarded on the bus and on the Way to Thornhill school kids were crying and the traffic men were saying that everything was All right. It was a Boring oooo i continually get people into trouble. I related about the Guy who Raffles off his paycheck each two weeks and parlays into and someone else tried it. A Guy in Newark. He reports Back i lost Ray Dolomite Moore the entertainer whose party album hit is called eat out More of does two nights at Don Barksdale s showcase to night and tomorrow you re at a United crusade luncheon at the Concord inn where Warren Boggess politician Extraordinaire is introducing mrs. Jan Bonner the guest speaker with she has a Well known figure in our the audience collapsed naturally and Boggess gulped i mean she is a Well known figure in our area our Little Typo wednesday s cooking Section in the Tribune gave a recipe for Walnut Chews and listed one ingredient As two cups of sifted regular All purpose baking Reagan in peace bid to Chavez by William r. Stall Visalia a gov. Ron Ald Reagan said today i won t be mad at Cesar Chavez any More if the Union Leader would favor a secret ballot for workers to determine if they want to join his Union. The Republican governor campaigned for re election Down the san Joaquin Valley and into the Delano the Center of the Long fight be tween Chavez and table grape producers. I believe in organized la said Reagan a Leader of the screen actors Guild for More than 20 of the years he spen t in Hollywood. My quarrel with the present attempt going on Here in California is that organizing labor begins with getting the workers themselves to de Clare by secret ballot who they want to represent them. It is not done by a Man trying to coerce management into joining in forcing the workers against their will to join a he said. Secondary Boycotts should be outlawed As a labor tactic Reagan added. Chavez and his United farm workers organizing committee won contracts with big table grape producers in the san Joaquin Valley after a National Boycott against Sale of non Union produced califor Nia table grapes. Now Chavez and his Union Are engaged in a dispute with the teamsters Union Over which Union shall represent farm workers in the Salinas Valley the lettuce growing Center of the nation. Democrat Jess Unruh Rea Gan s opponent has supported Chavez. Reagan renewed his offer of the state conciliation service to oversee fair elections for farm in the Salinas Valley. F left y talk Unruh lays hypocrisy to Reagan los Angeles charging that gov. Ronald Reagan s re election Campaign is packaged like a can of right Democrat Jess Unruh says the Reagan administration has been a to Tal miserable Complete fail Unruh Reagan s opponent reiterated his theme that the Republican administration in Sacramento is responsible for rising property taxes soaring welfare costs and a financial crisis confronting Many school districts. California taxpayers Are being crushed by two jaws of the Ronald Reagan tax Vise welfare and Unruh told a meeting of officers and business agents of the Carpen ters Union yesterday. Property taxpayers Are being squeezed to death by rising welfare and school taxes and Ronald Reagan is turn ing the handle saying if it hurts it s somebody else s he said. Noting that Reagan blamed the tax mess on politics As usual by democratic opponents Unruh said the real reason was Reagan s hypo Crisy As it is hypocrisy to blame politics for four years of fail ure to achieve property tax Reform when republicans have controlled both houses of the legislature and when Ron Ald Reagan campaigned four years ago with Promise after Promise that he would ease the Burden on the Hometown Unruh said. He likened Reagan to a building contractor who four years ago won a contract to rehabilitate a House. Every Timber in our society that was weak four years ago is Rotten Unruh said. Leg Irons Cut thief escapes Martinez a convicted reseeding fire area a helicopter under the supervision of the state division of forestry began reseed ing fire denuded slopes Iii the Oakland Berkeley Hills today in a move to help re store ground cover in the area where More than 400 acres and 28 Homes were destroyed on sept. 22. It s a Safe bet that anyone who ate the Chews does t thief escaped from the Contra Costa county Hospital after have Gas. Oooo life style of the week in Walnut Creek mrs. Barbara Shubert is a bit of a physical culture Buff. For two years she has 1 gone for a daily swim now 2 runs two and a half Miles each Day 3 bicycles 12 Miles a Day 4 plays Tennis each evening and week ends and 5 plays volleyball on mondays her Hus band Gene somewhat concerned that she might get muscular tried to break her regimen by taking her on a tour of Europe. It did t he sighed. Even on the tour buses rolling through the european Countryside she d be standing up in the aisle running in an accomplice reached through the Hospital window and snipped the prisoner s leg Irons with a Bolt Cutter. The daring Daylight escape was discovered by a nurse in c Ward at . Yester Day just 15 minutes after she had last checked the prisoner Frank a. Bowers 29, of 5305 Balhan court Concord. Sheriff s officers said they found scratch Marks on the Sill of an open ground floor window near Bowers bed and the leg Iron chains dangling from the foot of the bed. Bowers was serving a 10 month jail sentence for theft. By Andy Jokelson Tribune staff writer victims and near victims of the disastrous sept. 22 fire in the Oak land Berkeley Hills exploded rage at the Oakland fire department last night for allegedly responding tardily and for what they Felt was inadequate fire Protection. But the Finger was pointed right Back at some residents by asst. Fire marshal Eugene p. Nunes and assistant state Forest Ranger Fred Terwilliger. Both contended that Sev eral occupants contributed seriously to the situation by neglecting to Clear dead Mage around their Homes. The charges Anor counter charges came during what was planned As an information gathering meeting of Vic Tims and other concerned per sons at the Claremont hotel not far from where 37 Homes were destroyed and 18 severely damaged in a 250-acre area. The meeting was called by the newly formed rebuild the Hills association. After assemblyman Don Mulford and other speakers supplied some of the information the meeting erupted into seme Sharp exchanges be tween the audience and Nunes a spokesman for Pacific Gas electric co., City manager Jerome Keithley and others. Several s p e s k e r s in tie crowd of nearly 200 claimed that firemen began arriving Well after the Blaze was under Way that morning despite prompt phone Calls to the fire department much earlier. One woman claimed she called the Oakland fire and Rescue num Ber twice before 10 . To re port the Blaze. But Nunes declared that this is the first time that we have reports that the fire started before which he gave As the time of the first report of the Blaze. He noted after the meeting that a woman who at . That Day was1 at fish ranch Road near g i i z z 1 y Peak Boulevard where the fire reportedly started has told the department there was no fire at that time. But he pledged to investigate the citizens claims of seeing and reporting the fire earlier. Some audience members also contended that a fire Sta Tion should have been right in the area. Why in the hell won t they give us a damned Hose up one Man asked. Speakers a so complained that hoses were often Spray ing inadequate amounts of water because of Low pres sure and Peter Young of 7101 Norfolk Road called for re in o v a 1 of eucalyptus Trees from the area claiming they helped spread the fire rapidly and caused a next door neigh Bor s Home to Burn Down. Terwilliger said that eucalyptus Trees normally Don t Burn As explosively As Pine Trees. But when dead eucalyptus leaves bark and Pine Needles accumulate As they did around Many Homes because of occupants neglect they erupt like a Torch he said. Nunes who echoed Terwilliger after the meeting told the audience that for each person claiming a tree As a fire Haard there Are others who do not want them touched. He also said that firemen had adequate water pressure for from two to hours to take care of lines out in the and left further de tails on water pressure to the utilities. . Laverty manager of water production and distribution for the East Bay Munici pal Utility District was at the meeting but was not called on to speak. He told newsmen afterwards that an investigation by Ebmund and the fire department found that no Structure was lost As a result of Lack of water. Ebmund s gallon Gwinn tank a steel Reservoir at grizzly Peak Boulevard and Marlborough Terrace was nearly full when the Blaze erupted but was almost empty before portable generators could be brought in to drive pumps to fill it. Strat Moor tank contain ing Gallons downhill from Gwinn had its pumps disabled when Power was shut off. Many residents used huge amounts of water to wet Down their own Homes. Nunes told newsmen that the same people complaining at the meeting weren t too concerned when a fire in the East Oakland Hills in the Early 1960s posed a similar threat Reno up thanks to the ingenuity of a graduate student at the University of Nevada George Thomsen can now Type his television script at about 10 words per minute. Thomsen 48, South Lake Tahoe calif., has been paralysed from the shoulders since he crashed As a Navy Pilot during world War ii. For years he had to lie on his Stom Ach and use his free right hand to grip a wooden Peg to Type. But Dick Belaustegui 32, who will receive his doctorate in engineering next june had designed electronic aids for other handicapped persons and he de signed and constructed a Remote key Board which when recessed into the mattress of the bed permits Thomsen to Peg away with a minimum of Effort. The addition of a special optical device allows him to read what has been printed on the typewriter alongside the bed. Thomsen is determined to translate his knowledge of historical episodes of the Lake Tahoe area into television drama. And burned some Homes. A fire station near the intersection of grizzly Peak and Skyline Boulevard was moved some time ago to a More densely populated area at col ton Boulevard and Snake Road but those in the burned out area still had adequate fire Protection if people would take a personal interest in Clearing a lot of the Brush around their own he said. People become so apathetic to the fire problem until the disaster occurs that they disregard the obvious As far As fire hazards Are con he said. Many speakers called for Utility lines to be put under ground and the audience heatedly grilled g. H. Gajari an sales supervisor for the Oakland area. G a j a r i a n said is just As much interested As you Are in but the project would have to be a joint Finan Cial venture Between the utilities the City and the people. Keithley later told the audiences flatly that if you want special things then you re going to have to help pay for the meeting also produced a report by an audience Mem Ber that firefighting was hampered on sept. 22 because fire hydrants couplings from some other cities did t fit on Oak land s hydrants. Mulford said he was As shocked and surprised As any body when he first Learned of the situation and said it was inconceivable that you Don t have a Standard hydrant and a Standard Nunes made no comment. But earlier in the Day the subject was discussed at a fire department review of the disaster. Several residents had re ported that trucks from out Side jurisdictions could not connect to the Oakland hydrants in some instances. Fire chief James j. Swee Ney explained that both Oak land and san Francisco have three Inch connections on the hydrants while other depart

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