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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1970, Page 16

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - October 2, 1970, Oakland, California Overspending Agair hits welfare funds mourners mobbed Gamal Abdel Nasser s coffin in Cairo gambling blazes threaten Casino raided continued from Page 1 nervous and asked what can Jackson offered a month for Protection and made the first payment last Friday Strelo explained. A posse of officers broke into the Casino last saturday night and found about 14 per sons gambling in the separate card and Dice roams. Strelo said the hotel was bought by Zimmerman last March 1 and Between then and May he refurbished the Penthouse on top of the six Story building into the gaming rooms a cocktail lounge and another lounge. Strelo said it was difficult to reach the place because prospective customers were screened by the desk clerk and a Lookout at the door. Code words were used to gain entry. However Strelo said persons were allowed in Brit hit the password if they could Flash big bankrolls or could get someone to vouch for them. Woman s body found on dam Road continued from Page 1 municipal Utility District who was repairing fences on be mud watershed land above the Reservoir along san Pablo dam Road. Romero said he smelled a Strong odor in the area where he was working above the Road about a mile South of Kennedy Grove regional recreation Park in Al Sobrane. Besides the Check books deputies found a Ball Point pen. There was no purse pocketbook or clothing. Borda confirmed Washington up the Senate today by voice vote confirmed the nomination by president Nixon of Richard j. Borda of California to be an assistant Secretary of the air Force. Soviet chief holds vital my i i i Iuiu-9 t Ludl Redwood Groves Egypt Parley continued from Page 1 grounds were closed. Camp fire permits were suspended and logging previously had been halted. A few Camp grounds in Safe areas will re main open. And even As new blazes cropped up in the state employees of the California Divi Sion of forestry announced they have asked for strike Sanction from the California state employees association. The Sanction is being sought after employees of the san Mateo county Ranger unit had exhausted administrative said fire Captain w. Don Wilkinson of Boulder Creek named As employee spokesman. Firefighters say they work a 96-hour work week and have Low pay. It is our sincere Hope that an actual work slowdown stoppage or strike will not be said Wilkinson. Fire captains working for the state earn a top of a month a Scea official said while comparable counties pay More As much As monthly in los Angeles county. A acre Blaze which has burned All week in the los padres National Forest of Monterey county was still out of control along a two mile front about 15 Miles North of the famous William Randolph Hearst Castle at san Simeon. Officials said there was no danger to the Castle nor to the equally famous big sur area farther to the North. A Force of men was still fighting the stubborn Blaze this morn ing which is confined to the Western Edge of the Hunter Liggett military reservation. Another Blaze in the red Mountain area of Sequoia National Park Northeast of Bakersfield was reported under control today. State forestry officials said the week Long fire destroyed acres of Timber and Brush Jand. Downtown Clearing due to Start soon continued from Page 1 ton St. Is the Only one in the first Block connected with the litigation and affected by the injunction. Jax Steak House and four other businesses Are those in the second Block whose demolition time is postponed be cause of the injunction. Williams said an eight foot High Redwood Fence will be erected around the demolition Sites particularly in the first Block for sidewalk superintendents. The Fence will be dotted with viewing ports. He stressed that the developmental agreement will pro vide guarantees for the hiring of minorities in accordance with Oakland s racial and eth Nic makeup second to none across the country. The current timetable Calls for the beginning of construction of the City Center project not later than july 31, 1971, completion of the High Rise towers by Spring 1973 and the shopping Center in october 1973 before the Christmas shopping season. One of the major tenants is expected to be Wells Fargo Bank which will locate its East Bay regional Headquarters and a Branch in one of the project s two office Tow ers. Some controversy has Ari sen Over attempts to Transfer the million loan commit ment made by the economic development administration of the . Department of com Merce to Hyatt hotels. Holiday inns now wants to relocate within the project. It will operate a top Quality 400-450 room hotel including convention facilities and a rooftop restaurant. Redevelop ment Agency commissioner David Tucker said yesterday that Grubb Ellis will Reim Burse Hyatt hotels for its expenses in applying for the loan up to an amount not to exceed the Federal government has committed for the first three blocks of City Center and another for the second three blocks but the latter has been held up pending Federal approval of the City s workable program. Continued from Page 1 Egypt and pledged to boost its military capability. Also present at the discus Sions were Hussein Elshafei a senior Nasser aide War minister Gen. Mohammed Fawzi and state minister Sami Sharaf Nasser s private Secretary. Further talks were scheduled. The United states also was involved in the mane vering Over Nasser s successor. Elliot Richardson Secretary of health education and Wel fare and president Nixon s representative at the funeral met last night with acting president Sadat. Today Richardson talked with egyptian foreign minis Ter Mohammed Riad and John Mccloy a retired Diplo mat and another member of the . Delegation met with the defense minister. In addition 16 leaders from Arab states met to pledge continuance of the fight against Israel support of the pales Tinian guerrilla movement and to Back for Nasser s Succes sors. And now for a comment there is no question about Nasser s death being a severe blow to the Kremlin since it has an immense and unending investment in the Arab cause and since there is the possibility that new leaders might be less pro soviet. The haste with which Kosy Gin proceeded to Cairo for the funeral and talks with egyptian leaders was the Tipoff to the importance attached to the new situation. Consultations with egyptian leaders were started even before Nas ser s burial. Thus there Are signs that Moscow is going to protect its foothold in the Middle East at All costs although probably Short of a military confrontation with the United states. But a report from unnamed diplomatic sources in London that the troika in the Kremlin Kosygin party chief Brezhnev and president pod Gorny could hardly survive a shift in Cairo s pro russian policy is open to question. The loss of Egypt As a Politi Cal and military base would be a setback but one still May be sceptical about its Power to Over throw the entrenched Heads of an established bureaucracy unless of course they split among themselves. Madrid cheers first lady Madrid a Ameri Ca s first lady received her own welcoming cheers in the Holiday turnout today that gave president Nixon what his aides said was one of the big Gest turnouts of his european tour. Riding in a limousine be Hind her husband and general i s s i m o Francisco Franco mrs. Nixon with mrs. Franco waved her hand out of a win Dow of the closed car at the crowd alongside the Broad avenues of the Spanish capital and at those Wiio leaned from balconies All along the route through the downtown part of the City. The crowds responded clap Ping and waving White hand kerchiefs at mrs. Nixon. Mrs. Nixon was still dressed in the dark Green Wool jacket and dress ensemble that she wore for a Chilly morning tree planting ceremony the last official activity of presi Dent Nixon in Yugoslavia. The dress is by american designer Adele Simpson. At the planting of a 10-foot tall constantinople Hazel tree in a Grove of Trees planted by other world leaders mrs. Nix on helped her husband. Nixon dug up six shovels full to give the tree a sendoff and mrs. Nixon added one More. Part of the ceremony was watering the tree and Nixon walked All around it doing the honors with a Blue watering can. Laughingly he commented afterwards it will grow and noting the Rainy weather he added plenty of water from above the very first tree planted on one Side of the Grove had a plaque indicating it had been planted there by the late egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. From weather Rainy and in the 50s. In Yugoslavia mrs. Nixon was heavily dressed for the High 70s and hot Sun in Madrid. She had no separate activities scheduled in Spain but planned to accompany the president everywhere. In leaving Yugoslavia her memories were of the thou Sands who turned out to Greet her and the president in Zagreb. Weren t those people some thing out there in the Pat Nixon asked of the crowd that packed the streets of Zagreb 250 Miles from Bel Grade. Bless their she added. Ii a 11 e s s and wearing a Bright Pink Raincoat mrs. Nixon started the Day yester Day with morning Coffee for 25 yugoslav and american news paper women and ended at a glamorous Farewell american state dinner for y u g o s 1 a v president Tito and his wife. The fast paced presidential tour moved on to Madrid to Day for More rounds of entertainment and political talks. The Nixon both seasoned world t r a v e 1 e r a put their stamp of approval on Yugo slav tourism after a visit to Tito s Birthplace a peasant cottage in Kumro vec in picturesque Hilly Countryside 30 Miles from Zagreb. From Page 1 Sion after the other which expands welfare benefits. And on the local Tevel some Aumeda county Superior courts and some lawyers in private practice and in tax supported agencies Are contributing to the growing Wel fare caseload. Perhaps not intentionally. Or if intentionally perhaps with sound reasoning. The almost overwhelming divorce Calendar there Are Between 30 and 40 divorce cases filed in the county each Day makes it difficult for a judge to know the financial background of each litigant. But an increasing number of judges Are allowing wives to waive Alimony without questioning whether approval of such a waiver which can never be recanted makes the wife eligible for welfare or perpetuates on welfare those wives and children already on the Rolls. Many judges allow instead of an outright waiver Token Alimony of a month or year the rationale being the court retains jurisdiction if the wife should Ever fall on hard times and have need of increased spousal support. But. The result is the same whether there is Token Ali irony or a waiver if the Hus band does t pay Alimony As Well As child support in Many cases the taxpayer picks up the Tab in welfare. For example an Alameda county lawyer filed suit to divorce his wife of four years. She obtained services of the Legal Aid society. An arrangement was worked out whereby the husband would pay a month child support plus a month Alimony for the next five years. The court allowed her to accept Token Alimony with the knowledge that she and her child would go on welfare. A notation in the court record said she had applied. The court ordered no substantive Alimony because her husband a practising lawyer for More than 15 years was having a hard time of the husband drafted the divorce agreement approved by the court which allowed him to claim their minor child As a deduction on his Federal and state income tax returns. Last month the daughter in Law of a judge was divorced from her husband. Her attorney encouraged her to waive All but ?1 a month Alimony and this for Only one year. She s now getting a month from the Aid to families with dependent children program. She s also employed As a a month clerk in the Alameda county welfare department. The court a p p r o v e d the waiver but ordered a month child support for her child for the first two years and then the woman s husband is gainfully employed. Court rec ords show he borrowed to pay off his own debts. Lawyers too play the waiver said a Veter an Superior court judge. Many of them with full knowledge that in so doing they re tossing the wife onto the welfare recently a private Law firm filed a divorce action on be half of a Young woman with three children who already was drawing a month under an Ardc Grant. Although the woman s Hus band was working the Law yers wrote on the divorce Peti Tion no spousal support spousal support or Alimony could be the trigger which blasts the woman off the welfare pad. This woman incidentally owns an apartment House. The Legal Aid society said Superior court judge Lyle Cook files an inordinate number of dissolution divorces and in far too Many of those i be encountered the lawyers seek to waive Alimony. Unless there is an Over whelming reason for spousal support waiver i won t per Mit said judge Cook. If at All possible and in Many instances it s More possible than lawyers like to let on i hold to the belief that the Hus band not the taxpayer should support the Mother of his children. Some welfare recipient women seeking divorces Are quite Bland about the reasons for waiving Alimony. One woman drawing a a month Ardc Grant for one child told the court her a month salaried husband just could t afford to pay Ali and Why asked the court. Said the woman he s putting out a month in payment for a new truck camper and a color television and stereo the court ordered the Wom an perfectly Able to get a Job and go off welfare. The court told the husband that if he did t assist his estranged wife to leave welfare i will order you to sell the camper and television and use the proceeds to sup port your Superior court judge Lewis Lercara declared make it Clear that All judges Here Don t allow Alimony waivers when the Mother and child Are liable to go on welfare. I Don t permit it. A judge has the duty and obligation to interrogate All parties carefully so none ends up without ample justification on the Wel fare Shapiro is. Thompson is the landmark . Supreme court decision which wiped out the residency requirements for welfare recipients. It arose in Connecticut where a statute similar to one in California reasoned that the state could better protect its own Long term welfare recipients by re Quiring one to live in the state for a year before being Eligi ble for Aid. Not so said the High court in 1968. An indigent has a constitutional right to travel from one state to another and the statute penalizes the exer Cise of this right. The result c a l i f o r n i a which has one of the most liberalized welfare programs in the nation became the goal for thousands of welfare recipients from other states. The High court also upset the so called Mars man7 Man assuming the role of spouse in the House statute in California. Before the decision califor Nia Law treated a Mars Man living with a woman As a substitute father whose in come was set off against the welfare Grant. Can t do that the High court decreed because one can t presume that the Mars Han in the absence of the marriage tie was contributing to family support. The upshot California now treats the Mars Man As a Boarder in the House with no Legal obligation to support the woman and children. How Ever said the court he s expected to pay his Way As a Boarder. In the now celebrated . Supreme court Case of Gold Berg is Kelly the court ruled that welfare was a right and recipients must receive pro Vedura due process before they Are terminated. Said the court suffice to say that to Cut off a. Welfare recipient in the face of brutal need without a prior hearing of some sort is unconscionable unless overwhelming considerations justify some of the results were strange a 28-year-old Oakland Wom an was placed on the county s Ardc program at a month last october when she told the local department she was pregnant. Any single woman who says she s indigent her Story is Seldom checked May apply and go on welfare with in hours after she swears she s the woman and her private physician confirmed it with a note to the d e p a r t m e n to claimed she was four months pregnant and the baby was due last March. When she did t deliver in March the welfare office sent her to Highland Hospital to be examined by county physicians. The physicians reported that she was not pregnant. So the welfare department notified her she was being Cut off. But before her checks could be terminated the be Gal Aid society advised her to Appeal. She did stating in a letter of july that she still lived she was pregnant now 13 months had passe and wanted to be rein Sta on Aid pending the outcome her Appeal. The welfare department accordance with the Fede District court s Imp temen Tion of the Goldberg Case re stated her and she did t i a Check. By the woman s own Cal lations she has been Pregnar for 15 months. She s still welfare and medi Cal i food Stamps and there she stay until her Case is adj rated. How Long will that be Well first she s entitled what the court describes a preterm nation hearing the local welfare office level. It s problematical How Loi this wu1 take. In any event should woman lose her preterm in Tion Appeal at the local lev she s entitled to another ministrative remedy a he. Ing before an officer Repir setting the state depart me of social welfare should she lose there t Legal Aid society a Lej Agency with 30 lawyers in a. Meda county which is danced 80 per cent by the r fice of economic Opportunity can seek a writ of mandate Alameda county s u p e r i o court challenging the Hearin officer s denial. If the Superior court Ove rules her then he lawyer May Appeal to the state District court of Appeal. An from there to the state s preme court and thence the . Supreme court. The according an Alameda county super ii court judge could take up 10 and if she finally loses b fore the High court All the a she As received for the past years is probably in remove according to a spoke1 Man for the county counsel1 office. Experts say Bart Airport link feasible in 5 years continued from Page 1 Walkway from the existing Bart coliseum Al station at 73rd Avenue and its immedi ate construction was suggested. Establishment o f interim a transit bus service to the Airport from the Bart coliseum station to the Airport also was proposed. With fast frequent service at relatively Low fares the connector transit line will enable Low income persons to reach potential jobs in the Industrial Park and Oakland the report stated also noting Oakland International air port will gain a competitive advantage Over san Francisco International Airport when fast convenient Low Cost travel to the Airport is available from Many Bay area Points. Even if rail transit service to san Francisco Airport is available the travel time to bar Bandit kills pal in mistake shooting continued from Page 1 Holdup was bartender Frank Figone 57. He is reported in fair condition at Brookside Hospital in san Pablo with Bullet wounds in the right knee and hips. Police investigators said the two sex convicts entered the tavern at . Lopez armed with a hand gun told Figone and several customers that it was a Holdup and he wanted Money. As Figone moved toward the Cash Register Lopez apparently panicked and fired two shots at the bartender. He then ran out the rear Entrance door by which the men had originally entered. Juarez also ran. Lopez hearing someone behind him and thinking it was Figone turned and fired a single shot striking Juarez in the Chest and killing him. Al Cerrito policemen Fred Enos and James Fabretti patrolling the area heard the shots and took Lopez into Cus Tody on the scene. He offered no resistance. Records show Juarez was released from san Quentin prison june 22 on a work fur Lough program at the Halfway House. He completed the pro Gram and was paroled on aug. 22. He originally had been sent to prison from or Ange county in j.962 on an armed robbery conviction. Lopez was released from san Quentin july 20 after serving a term for a 1961 hold up of a los Angeles theater in which a Man was wounded. Manuel m. Juarez shot to death tank r. Loki in custody Oakland Airport via the connector will be As fast o faster from Many Bay Are Points than it will be to a Francisco. The travel Tim from downtown san Francisc to Oakland Airport will mos Likely be the same As that san Francisco Airport be haps slightly less. This w encourage trips to the of land Airport from the Francisco Central the i Ilion Price to does not provide for inflation and it is difficult to Asse 1 what the right of Way Wou Cost the engineers said. However the engineers to Lieve All but million of the million could be obtained from the Federal government which probably would is two thirds of the Cost. The state might share in the local Cost the engineers us Gest by levying sales Taxe continuing the present oni half cent Bart sales to Bridge tolls gasoline taxe1 automobile taxes or cig Aret taxes. Airlines might pay Pai of the Cost some funds Mig be available from the a agencies participating in the study or a Bond Issue Repa by property taxes might 1 considered. The six participating age cies a transit City Oakland port of coliseum inc., Alame county and Bart Wou own the system. Bart Wou operate it. Kaiser less than Yenthi Sias Lic about suggest in Bart trains As the shut system. Kaiser and bar Early in the study leaned to Ward a smaller vehicle be haps on rubber tires open ing on a guide Way bet wet the Bart station near to coliseum and the Airport. By a transit and the port waned direct Bart service from san Francisco and easts cities. There was in suffice room on the main bar tracks for the. Additional a port trains Bart and Kaisi replied so the Bart tra shuttle was approved As Compromise. Varied sounds the letter a May Indica up to 10 different

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