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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 7 1962, Page 3

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - November 7, 1962, Oakland, California Five East Bay assemblymen re elected governor contests unsettled Carlos Bee 13th District Robert w. Crown 14th District Nicholas c. Petris 15th District Don Mulford 16th District w. Byron re mford 17th District gains in Congress less than Juk plea Washington service fell victim to wis of crafts nailed Ricon control of the new 88th Congress today but the Victory u As not of the proportions urged b presi Den to bolster his new Frontier legislative pro Gram in the House the key Battleground still incomplete re turns showed the republicans shaving the heavy majority the democrats had in the last Congress. On the other hand the democrats Ere tightening their hold on the Senate where they already had a commanding margin of 66-32. The net result appeared to be pretty much of a stand off with the new Congress convening Jan. 9 not differ ing materially from its predecessor. If anything it might have a More conserva Tive tinge White House plea president Kennedy in weekend Campaign forays from the White House prior to the cuban crisis had appealed for the election of More democrats. As returns from yester Day s balloting rolled in re publicans picked up 10 House seats from each in Ohio and Utah and others in Kentucky Tennes see Maryland North Caro Lina Texas and Washington. Partly offsetting these losses democrats unseated republicans in Connecticut Minnesota Ohio and Oregon. In the Senate democrats displaced republicans in Connecticut Maryland n e w Hampshire Wisconsin and Indiana. But republicans ousted democratic senators in Colorado and Wyoming. Present lineup with Only the Senate races in Alabama Alaska and South Dakota to be settled the new lineup was this i democrats 66, republicans 32. The tally for the House showed 243 democrats and j 167 republicans elected and 25 races 19 of them in California still to be settled. The jumbled pattern of Vot ing leaving no Clear imprint Cost such Veteran republicans As Sens. Alexander Wiley of Wisconsin and Homer e. Capehart of Indiana and rep. Walter h. Judd of Minnesota their places in Congress. It also will bring another Kennedy and another Taft to Washington. Edward m. Ted Kennedy the president s 30-year-old brother won election to the Senate from Massachusetts in a one sided Victory Over George Cabot Lodge. Another Taft in Ohio Robert Taft jr., sen of the late Republican senator Robert a. Taft was elected As a congressman at Large. Capehart s defeat by Birch e. Bayh jr., a 34-year-old Democrat was an upset. Willey former chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee and senior to All Republican senators in length Cousin s democratic Gover nor Gaylord a. Nelson another major democratic Victory was the unseating of Judd. Keynote speaker at the 1960 Republican convention by Donald m. Fraser 38-year old state senator and a Champ Ion of the new Frontier two democratic senators i who failed to win re election were John a. Carroll of Colo i Rado and j. J. H i c k e y of Wyoming. 1 Carroll a Strong supporter i of the Kennedy administration. Was Defeated by rep. Peter ii. Dominick a Colo 1 Victor Over Hickey was a i former Wyoming governor i Minvard l. Simpson. In Alabama Veteran demo cratic sen. Lister Hill was 1 running into a surprisingly 1 stiff Challenge from his re publican opponent Gadsden j businessman James d. Mar i tin. Veterans return for the most part though Well known congressional leaders in both the Senate and the House retained their seats. In Illinois sen. Everett m. Dirksen the Senate re publican Leader came from behind to win re election Over democratic rep. Sidney m. Yates. Sen. Thomas h. Kuchel r-calif., the gop assistant Leader in the Senate also came out on top in a race against state sen. Richard Richards. Also a Winner was sen. Bourke b. Hickenlooper of Iowa chairman of the sen ate gop policy committee. In the House speaker John w. Mccormack of Massachusetts and Republican Leader Charles a. Halleck of Indiana won new two year terms. Gop seats go democrats captured Senate seats being Given up by re tiring republicans Prescott Bush in Connecticut and John Marshall Butler in Maryland. Abraham a. Ribicoff former Secretary of welfare in the Kennedy administration and one of the original new frontiersmen will succeed Bush. He Defeated rep. Horace Seeley Brown jr., a Conn. In Maryland democratic rep. Daniel b. Brewster Cap tured Butler s seat with a Vic tory Over Edward t. Miller a former Republican member of the House. The democrats also Cap tured a Senate seat from feud ing republicans in new Hampshire with Thomas j. Mclntyre defeating rep. Per Kins Bass for the remainder of the term of the late sen. Styles Bridges Long a gop Leader. However sen. Norris Cotton r-n.h., won re elec Tion. Republicans fell far Short of picking up the 44 seats they needed to wrest control of the House away from the democrats and even of the Cus Tomary gain of the minority party in an off year election when the presidency is not at stake. Brown claims Victory los Angeles Edmund g Brown the Folksy 57-year-old Democrat hardly known outside California be fore he won the governorship in 1958, went to bed Early to Day after proclaiming Victory in the governorship race Over Richard m. Nixon. His face quivering with Pride voice husky and eyes glistening. Brown old a wildly cheering throng of democrats in the Hollywood palladium i want to Tell you that i have been talking on the Tele phone All Over the state of California. And i want to Tell you that i have been re elected the governor of Cali fornia. This is a very satisfying Victory personally. It was much More than that. It was a decision for continued Prog Ress in California. And i prom ise to give it to the governor a relatively obscure attorney general while Nixon was making head lines As vice president stood with his pretty Silver haired wife Berniece at his Side. He said of his opponent or. Nixon was a vigorous and was interrupted by Boos. Brown continued and i want to congratulate him on the race that he again the crowd booed. The governor said his Vic tory was a Triumph for responsible liberalism and president John f. Kennedy who Defeated Nixon in the 1960 presidential race by the narrowest margin in history. I think that California decided it wanted to support a More positive said Brown not Only m California but in the voters choosy on reapportionment t i la. County to keep its poker games los Angeles voters have rejected a proposal to outlaw poker Parlours in los Angeles county. The margin against prop. A aimed primarily at six poker palaces in Gardena grew steadily As returns mounted. With of precincts reported the vote was against for. The act was drawn to apply Only to los Angeles county and was bitterly contested by pro poker factions on grounds it would remove a Community s right to decide on a local option basis whether it wanted legalized poker. Germans Export Bonn nearly half the cars made in West Germany Are sold abroad. The car manufacturers report in the first nine months this year out of the produced went for Export. In the next Congress Jeffery Cohelan 7th District George p. Miller 3th District Don Edwards 9fh District Washington Vot ers were choosy in passing on Vai led legislative reapportionment plans submitted to them in 13 states Florida s Urban voters apparently deciding the did t i want halt a loaf led a sue a pcs soul assault yesterday on i a proposal that already had been approved by a three 1 Ridge Federal District court. In effect they asked for a ruling that would give i them a better break i voters in Oklahoma and Colorado approved plans that would give City dwellers More 1 Power in the statehouse. And i West Virginia and Oregon rejected proposals designed to freeze or increase Rural stand ing in the Legislatures. But j Nebraska adopted a measure j designed to water Down the City vote. Back to the Florida decision apparently checked the matter i right Back to the Federal court where it started. The judges i had ordered the legislature to j come up with a plan giving Urban voters a bigger voice. The legislature proposed raising the House from 95 to 135 and the Senate from 48 to 46, with most of the new scats going to Urban areas. But opponents contended this still left a minority of the state s population electing a Large majority of both houses. Gov. Farris Bryant who backed the proposal had no comment. Oklahoman voted for a three Man commission to enforce reapportionment under the Constitution something state legislators have largely ignored for decades. If enforced the Constitution would give Urban areas much More relative strength in both i houses. But there was a ques Tion whether the proposal had received a necessary majority of the votes cast in the j biggest election yesterday i and the whole matter could end up in court. Nebraska test another court test loomed in Nebraska where the nation s Only unicameral legis lature is apportioned strictly on a population basis. Voters adopted a constitutional amendment requiring that area be considered As Well As population in drawing legislative districts. Opponents indicated they might contend the amendment is unconstitutional. Colorado voters had two choices. They approved a plan enlarging the state sen ate from 35 to 39, giving the extra seats to Denver suburban areas. It also would enforce reapportionment of the House on a population basis after every census. Defeated was a proposal freezing the Senate to 35, allowing a Varia Tion of 33 per cent or More in House seats and entrusting reapportionment to a com Mission would add area in Oregon the rejected proposal would have added area to the present strictly Popula Tion formula for apportion ment. In West Virginia the Defeated amendment would have written into the Constitution a legislative custom of More than 60 years standing granting each county regardless of size at least one House member. The Constitution says legislative districts of smaller counties must be consolidated there by giving More populous coun ties greater relative strength. In other elections touching on reapportionment yester Day Tennessee where it Ali 1 started with a a s supreme court ruling that reapportionment in the Volunteer state was a proper subject for fed eral courts to consider voted narrowly to Call a constitutional convention in 1965 to consider apportionment. At the Halfway Mark a re alignment of Washington state districts to give Urban areas a littli1 strength in both houses was being Defeated Mississippi reject id a proposal that have strengthened Unal Domina Tion of the Senate but Given the i ban a Large but not in the House in Earh returns in Georgia a proposal to permit Cosmu w i d e elections in counties with More than one House member w a s comfortably ahead. Under the present election by District Law an Atlanta negro has won a seat in the Georgia Senate for the first time in almost 100 years. North Carolina voters gave a healthy Lead to a proposal for enforcing the present constitutional Toimela in the House to the Benefit of City dwellers votes were still too Light to Tell much on a minor Legisla Tive realignment in Hawaii. Oakland Kin proud of Romney mrs. Winnie Romney of Oak land is very proud of her relative by marriage. The newly elected governor of Michi Gan George Romney. The former american motor corp. President who turned to politics is a Cousin of the late husband of mrs. Romney. Mrs. Romney is the widow of Lincoln g. Romney who died in Salt Lake City in 1929. She came to Oakland in 1930, lives at 3920 Angelo ave. And is employed As a Saleswoman in an apparel shop. As far As governor elect Romney is concerned she said a m proud of his Suc Cess. All the rom cys Are very Fine people. He will make an excellent gift to japanese by Robert Kennedy Tokyo . Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy gave yesterday to the Japa Nese University where left Wing students disrupted one of his speeches during his tour of Japan last february the Money from the Sale of Kennedy s Book just friends and Brave went to the University of Waseda at Tokyo where Kennedy was shouted Down by a student minority after electric Power failed during his address. Three other universities will receive identical gifts from the attorney general. They Are Nihon University of Tokyo Bandung University of indo Nesia and the free University of Berlin Washington of re publicans have nailed Down the governorships of four ims Industrial states new York. Pennsylvania. Michigan and Ohio a powerful rial for the 1964 presidential elections gov Nekooi a Rockefeller continued his charge toward gop presidential Nomina Tion two Vears from now by sweep my to re election m now York in Penns Iva a. William w Scranton also pushed into i tanks of possible presi i Denull contenders by drub Democrat Richardson Hilworth Victory Republican George rom political Rookie and Tor ii i compact car maker Side democratic gov. John 1 Swamson in Michigan and i thus rambled into the Widen ing hot republicans to to us toned with in in Ohio. Democratic gov Michael v disallow was Shoul dered aside by Republican state a u in i t o r James i Rhodes however democrats also Goli a Shaie of the spoils but not quite As glittering. For the first time in de Cades the democrats cracked Rock ribbed Republican bastions and elected governors in Vermont and new Hamp Shire. They also ousted a re publican from Massachusetts executive mansion thus win Ning control of All new eng land states except Maine Iowa try Mph the democrats also poked a Hole in normally can Iowa. Democrat Harol e 1 Hughes blocked Republican Norman a. Eric s bid for a second term and in Nebraska demo 1 cratic gov Frank b Morri j son Defeated his Republican challenger Fred a. Seaton who served As Secretary of the Interior in the Eisenhower Cabinet thus yesterday s statehouse Battles gave the democrats 17 governorship victories to 13 for the republicans. Democrats have 13 Holdover posts to just two for the gop. Republicans had been the Choice to win 19 and democrats 16 of the 35 races. In new Mexico Democrat Jack m. Campbell state House speaker Cut Down re publican gov. Edwin l. Mechem s crack at a fifth two year term. And in a democratic sweep of the Island state John a. Burns former territorial representative in Congress ploughed under gop gov. William f. Quinn s shot at a second term in Hawaii. In Massachusetts Edward Kennedy s big Vole in the sen ate race helped put Democrat Endicott Peabody Over the top in his Battle with gop gov. J John a. Volpe. I in Oklahoma wheat Farmer i Henry Bellmon gave republicans cause to cheer when he edged millionaire builder w. P. Bill Atkinson to be come the sooner state s first gop governor Ever. Democrats won governor ships in Alabama Arkansas Connecticut Georgia Hawaii Iowa Maryland Massachusetts Nebraska Nevada new Hampshire new Mexico South Carolina Tennessee j Texas and Vermont. 1 republicans won in Arizona Colorado Idaho Kansas Maine Michigan new York i Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota and Wyoming. In unsettled contests democrats led in Minnesota North Dakota and Rhode Island and republicans in Alaska and Wisconsin. B Alameda county 2.001 precincts out of 2.044 governor i Washington Hospital Edmund Brown d three elected Richard Nixon 111 e. E. Enos. Limit. Governor s. G. Scott. Glenn Anderson d l. S. Whitaker Geo. Christopher 151.842 Henry s. Andrade. Secretary of state Frank m Joulani Don Hose controller Alan Cranston 209.202 Bruno v Keagan i Tea so re Bert a belts d 189.601 John a Busterud i 123.565 attorney general Stanley Mosk id Tom t Oakley Iri 133.281 Board j John w lunch do Stanley Pierson i 106.3571 i a. So Natch Thomas h Kuchel k Richard Richards 154.2971 Congress 7th District Jeffrey Cohelan i 82.547j l l Contando in 44.408 Congress 8th District George p Miller i Harold Peterson in Congress Lith District j f. Donovan Iri 23.062 Don Edwards

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