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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - May 27, 1911, Oakland, CaliforniaSaturday evening if r Oakland Tribune mat Arr 1911 county officials and father of the youth in grim dispute Windsor ont May John j Wolery appears Here county attorneys Are going to believe that he is dead and burled in a local Ceme Tery but John f Wolery father of the supposedly dead Man insists his son is alive and working near Charlton to also does he think the county should reimburse him for the Money he spent in burying a body supposed to be that of his boy on May 19 a Man was killed near Worland to and receipts in the clothes of the dead Man led to the belief that he was John w Wolery parents of Wolery burled the body soon afterwards rays the family thar son and his employer wired them that he was not dead the county authorities were notified but they were unwilling to believe that a mistake had been made woj Erya family insists that he will come Here thursday and prove he is alive Daniel e Easterbrook foun Der of Downieville Dies at age of 83 years Daniel Edward Easterbrook who died at his Home in this City monday at the age of so years was one of the founders of the town of Downieville Sierra Bounty where he went in 3s50 after a year of mining at Tho Mok Elumine Hill diggings Easterbrook was born in Devonshire England and was brought to America by his parents in 1830 Tho California Gold erase came in his twentieth year and with a party of 25 Young men Easterbrook crossed the Plains he was the last survivor of the party others in the journey were the late David j Staples the late mlle j Ayer of Calaveras and Sierra counties and the late a c Sweetser a capitalist of Sac Ramento Easterbrook leaves a widow mrs Nettla Stone Easterbrook daughter of the Lato Captain a w Stone Oft a san Francisco police department ecclesia debaters elect new officers the ecclesia the girls debating society of tha Oakland High school held its regular election of officers at the local High school yesterday afternoon with Tho following results president Wyllo Dyne Dickinson Vic president Henrietta Kahn Secretary Bessie Pangburn treasurer Ruth Waddell the ecclesia has been representative the Escle Sla has been organized a your and is now recognized As one of the leading societies of the school with a ver Large membership second Only to the Senate the program yesterday included an extemporaneous debate a Drill n parliamentary Law and a parting address by the retiring president Ruth Calden the Ecclesta is planning to give a big dance at the High school next term in conjunction with the Senate Tho newly elected officers will be in stalled next tuesday afternoon with a special program Russia Grants entry to american jews Washington May has conceded the right of entry into that country of american jews visiting tha czars domains on business missions the russian embassy Here is now issuing passports of this kind to identify Ameri can jewish business men it is said Here that this is not the re sult of any pressure brought to boar upon the russian government through threat ened legislation in the direction of Abro gation of Tho existing Russo american treaty but results from a More Liberal View that has been taken in Russia As a matter of sound internal administration it is understood it is now proposed to abolish the whole system of russian passports which would remove the last obstacle to the entry into the country of persons of any religious Faith or race announcements miss in february Charles j Klitsch a pharmacist living in Minersville a wrote about a miss Colclough a Young lady of Twenty a resident of that town said she had had convulsions men was 50 per cent and that she had had four physicians treating her who had Given the Case up he asked that her Mother be sent literature on the durability of Brights disease literature was sent and i resulted in the patient being put on Fulton renal compound a month later March 10th Klitsch wrote that she was asking for More food that the Al Bumen had been reduced to 10 Pel Cen the blood pressure had lowered and she was sleeping Well on May 18th Kitsch sent an order for More Ronal compound accompanying its Short sentence miss Colclough is improving 34th inst she was out driving if this is not True somebody ought to be prosecuted if it is True what a Cuso can there be for holding rights and kidney patients to cer Tain failure on digitalis nitroglycerine Bashans mixture Etc without giving them the Chance to recover that tvs treatment offers whatever it May be it Cloos not conflict with the physicians treatment but in Many cases it changes the prognosis from despair to Hope Pai Clesa method prices beat Tai co hot boo away Oak Clayto evez7 Utu s Fiuta 1 woman Pokara trip made by Iader motor truck the saurer truck and Crew left to right a l Gaurd George Mclain and a c Thompson which arrived in san Francisco yesterday after a rough Cross continent tour completing a 2100 mile journey on Tho first Lap of an Ocean to Ocean tour which started from Denver on March 4 a four and half 1on saurer truck arrived in san Francisco yesterday after noon the first commercial vehicle to eve undertake accomplish such a trip through states known because of their mountainous nature where the Road is almost an unknown Quamir Tity Over Miles of desert land to the members of the Crew of the saurer have kept their task for Over two have succeeded in accomplishing a feat which must satisfy even the most Skepi Cal that the motor truck of today is of a great commercial value and also that it has reached a stage of reliability great automobile test in charge of the truck upon its arrival was Arthur c Thompson Western sales manager of the saurer motor co with Headquarters in Chicago a l West Gard of the touring1 club of Amerta the Man who Laid out the Cross Continental motoring Road was with the Craw until it arrived in los Angeles Here he left the party and returned East driving the car was George a Maclean when interviewed last Ngi lit relative to his experiences Thompson said i think that the Ujj Ourrier we have just com is without doubt the hardest to which an attorn Qbelle and certainly a motor truck Coull Ever be subjected it has been a constant Fly rat with the most heartrending Road and weather conditions to the so called roads o new Mexico and Arizona 1 must give the Palm just one or two examples will make Clear what we had to contend with where going was heavy upon leaving Albuquerque we found a great Deal of Sand which Mado heavy going requiring seven Days to make 147 i Miles to Magdalena m on this stage of the route vye camped four times and to avoid the mud in the Rio Grande Bot Toms at san Pedro a bumped across the Railroad tics for two Miles and crossed the Railroad Bridge Over the liver into san Antonio conditions such As this confronted us along the entire route our truck responded nobly under the most trying of these conditions and carried us through safely in every Case through Northern California the car was piloted by Charles Dyckman of the motor sales company of California tha sales distributors of the truck n this territory president Jackson and vice president c f Hadenfeldt of this com Pany with members of the press motored to san Mateo in inter state cars and greeted the travellers upon their arrival at the first end of their journey the truck is now being exhibited in the Sale rooms of the motor sales company Short ridges oratory holds the crowd in courtroom spellbound san Francisco May Walter Wilson accused of the murder of Harry Boas by sending him powdered Strych Nia toss yesterday acquitted of the charge after ten minutes deliberation on the part of thy jury Samuel Ivi Shortridge Wilsons attorney made for himself a reputation As a Legal orator equal to Thoa of the late judge Garber Ana Hall Mcallister for seven weeks Wilson Lias been on trial for his life with Shortridge making a tremendous Battle in his defense at yesterdays session of the Shortridge reviewed in Brief the history of the trial following it with a powerful oration More than Twenty minutes in length to which the hearers listened with the keen est interest Short Redse s3131 m part duty is Ever with us it stands across the abyss of eternity in the place of glorious Sublimity it stands there to Comfort us with All the Power and strength that god May have Given to each of us we have listened to its Call and stands there ready to look upon us with condemnation if we have failed to an sterits summons in the name of the Law which is a shelter to this Young Man that Law which is a shelter to the Rich in their palaces and the poom huts to the Strong and to the to the High and to the Low to the foreign born and to the native Suji to the Young and the old to you and to me that Law which makes us All equal in its name i Ca Lupon Sou to vindicate and set free this poor boy great card promised to Auto Mobile enthusiasts at the motor Rome contests details of the Auto races at the Oak land motor dome on decoration Day Are practically Complete a special train from san Francisco on the Southern Pacific has been arranged for and Parade of the racing cars entered will be held in Advance of the contests the special train will leave first and Broadway Oak land at Oclock carrying passengers from the i Oclock Broad gauge ferry boat the entries Are being held open until the last minute1 to give All cars a Chance at the prizes the entries insure one of the greatest track meets Ever held about the pay in variety an Speed As the new Board track has never had its time possibilities really tested was built As a half mile track at a pitch of 36 degrees by experts at the motor Rac ing game with the idea of making it the fastest in the world Many makes entered the machines that have entered for the fifty mile free for All fifteen mile event for racing cars of Light build and the events or Stock cars include the Sun set cutting Velle Ford Maxwell Buick and several makes not yet officially entered these makes Are represented in different events and with numerous cars the Ford having three and the Maxwell two there Are some spirited contests prom ised As Many of these same cars were contestants in the Only previous races at the motor dome on april 23 when Acci dents of one kind or another eliminated from the prize Money cars that were leaders at times arid that recorded the neatest Speed a Plain View of every movement of the Driver and very incident of the race is a feature of Tho Saucer track this feature places it far ahead of Road events for the crowd aside from the fact that lighter racing machines and types of cars that Aro practically barred from Satis factory Competition on tha Road can develop a High rate of Speed on the Board Pursa some things expected much interest attaches to the Sunset entry in All events in who Chi the make is entered As it la a California Mads car that has not raced in two years Prog Ress in automobile making travels at such a Pace that great things Ara now expected of the car tha Maxwell which has two machines entered will be driven by Earl Cooper and will make every Effort to uphold the reputation gained in the Portola Road race when it finished third among cars of higher Power the Ford car was the Winner of the fifty Nolla from for All at the april races at the motor dome it incomplete in the fifty mile the fifteen mile and Stock car events on tuesday with three machines entered the has just captured Threa out of four races at the Santa Rosa meet and is a car that is always feared it Maine the fastest time for laps at tha receipt races on this same track but met with trouble the cutting has a record for consistent racing in All Long distance events and is counted on As a Strong feature in the fifty Ella free for All a feature of the meet promised by the manager Robert Marquand is Ahjit every thing will be run on time Mary parw1elee the authoress is took May Mary Platt Pat Rosiee authoress and historian was run Down and killed last night Bya to torn Ocla within feb Locc of her Home mrs Parmelee was 68 years old innovation Means Economy to All who do business at Cash wickets editor the numerical system has come to stay is an established fact the simplification Oft a system is tha momentous question what is most wanted is a uniform method that will satisfy All requirements at a mini mum Cost Large concerns with numerous accounts like the san Francisco Gas and electric company Spring Valley water company California fruit canners association and Tillman Bendel have to find it True Economy and after Many years of research and individual expert mentation on the part of the most progressive Bankers a Universal numerical system has been finally adopted the abjection to the use of tha Nutter ical system in Banks has been a Lack of method for the Lentia cation of a Bank by a number inasmuch As there Are upwards of 29000 Banks in the United states to secure an indisputable identification without confusion was the question presented from Tima to time at a convention of the american Bankers association in los Angeles a committee of transit managers was appointed to formulate a plan this com Mittee in turn appointed a special com Mittee consisting of or w s Schroe Der of the and commercial National Bank of Chicago or j a Walker transit manager Corn Exchange National Bank of Chicago and c r Mckay transit manager of the first National Bank of Chicago this com Mittee evolved a plan whereby they would Only require two numbers for any state or City and not to exceed four numbers for any of the Banks the Burroughs adding machine com Pany designed a machine especially for that work whereby the labor has been reduced forty per cent of operation enables the registration of the endorser payer and amount with lightning like rapidity insuring a Clear record with Carbon copy and mechanically a Correct total every Bank that is a member of the association will hence Forth have their number printed on the Check in conformity with the association rules and Banks not members of the association will be requested to do the Sama by their correspondents with these numbers printed on the fact of the checks and a Uri form endorsing stamp every Check listed can be identified As readily As with the longhand method that has been handed flown since the beginning of banking great credit the due the Hibernia Trust company of new Orleans who were among the first to install the numerical system which was quickly adopted by the Bank of Chicago doing a Large Busi Ness and their example was followed some eighteen month Sago by the leading Banks of san Francisco it is worthy of note that the second prize for the Best article on the numerical transit sys tem was won o Bordwell of the first National of san Francisco As an economical development it Means much to the Bankers of United states big band concert at Rock Ridge place is Success crowds of people enjoy hospitality of the Laymance real estate company the classic concerts Given at Rock rid ire every sunday at 3 pm Ara attracting attention of scores of people society was out in Force last sunday Many motor trips terminating at Rock Ridge at the appointed hour to enjoy Hunters band of thirty pieces some sat in their machines while others lolled at ease in the Grassy slope of the huge Nat ural Amphitheater of Rock Ridge place a be held at the same place and hour the program will include selections 4rom burgomaster the poet and peasant Oser Turs and Many other popular and pm taking pieces will spend much time in route to Rochester convention the route of the Oakland Shryln ers Aahmes Temple on their Way to the thirty seventh annual session of the Imperial Council of that Organ or Patlon to be held in Rochester n t july 11 to 15 has been Laid out that chosen by the committee is via the Western Pacific Union Pacific chicagoan Northwestern Michigan Central and new York Cen trial to Rochester it is planned to leave Oakland on the morning of july 4 Stop Over several hours each in Salt Lake Ogden Chicago and Niagara palls the train which will contain special ears for thes Riners will be used As Headquarters while in Rochester those who desire May sleep on Board the cars tickets Are to be made Good for return until october 31 and Many of the local shrine is Are planning trips on East from Rochester the arrangement committee of the local Temple which is composed of Ben o Jphnson george1 Mere Dith and b the route of travel chosen is a particularly Good one permitting the travel ers to see the Feather rive Canyon the mormon in Salt fake and other Points of interest it is expected that Many Bers of the shr ners will take the trip offers capital City new water Supply May is shortly to be offered sufficiently Clear water to Supply the cites needs for All times taken from the South Fork of the american River and already delivered to a Point Nineteen Miles of the City the offer is to be made by a Corpora to Len of which Francis w Keeling of san Franciaco Soninlaw if Herman h Frau of Thia City has appeared As the representative Keeling has already purchased from the Natoma consolidated company the that is to be offered to the City the maximum is 2000 miners inches or 32000000 Gallons per Day and the mini mum 760 miners inches or about 9000000 Gallons per Day accused member of Maybray gang jailed los Angeles May s Gibson was arrested yesterday on his ranch near san Bernardino and brought to this City on a charge that he Ano others used the mails and Post office at Council Bluffs Iowa for fraudulent purposes it is alleged that he was one of the notorious Gango Maybray swindlers who Are said to have swindled the Public to the extent of Many hundreds of thousands of Dol Lars the warrant or his arrest was issued in october 1909 Gibson waived exam Natlyn before tha United states com missioner we grave Bond in the sum of j1000 for appearance in court at Council Bluffs next september thels Ryan suffers from boil on leg new York May 27 at armr ing reports regarding the illness of of Tomas f Eyon set at rest to Day by the following bulletin issued by Hia Secretary or Ryan has win suffering from a Boll on the fee which prevented him Bettink around it has been opened and he will be out shortly there is absolutely no evidence of and kidney or constitutional trouble signed William m d Georgc d Steward m t j missing comma stirs up great anxiety Sacramento May 37 attorney general Webb will be called upon to de cide whether the missing comma in the eight hour Law will bar from its benefits stenographers and other women employee by Banks dentists physicians and attorneys or in fact All office help inquiries Are pouring into tha Secretary of office from All parts of the state for on this matter and the has Bun Aake to explain away the doubt burs five deputies All Are Well known Charity workers and will serve five Deputy probation to serve without pay hive been appointed by probation Tiff cer Christopher Ruess and the appointments approved by judge Brown of the juvenile the new deputies Are All social workers now privately paid As follows miss Bertha Wright of the Berkeley Charity Ursani Patjon society mrs Frances b Temon of the Oakland associated charities mass Sarah Synn of the Catholic ladies Aid j h fal weather of the California society for the prevention of cruelty to children adjutant j b Stanley of the salvation army Industrial Home located Oakland these deputies representing private charities will now appear in the juvenile court in the statue of officials and the right to address the court otherwise than As witnesses it is the practice the probation office so have All problems solved by private charities and All cases settled out of court so far As possible problems of simple destitution will be a Alvith by mrs Lemon miss right and miss Flynn and brought into the juvenile court Only when absolutely Nec Essary cases of simple cruelty to children will be handled by or Fairweather numerous problems of police court probationers Are solved by adjutant j b Stanley where the City jail is the Only other available solution probation officer Ruess declares that but for the work done by these private societies the number of probation officers paid by the county would have to be materially increased As the time of the Reg ular officers is entirely taken up with the supervision of More than five Hundred Active probationers at present Many hours will be saved in delivery Between the v Bay cities changes Are being made in the mall sorting departments of tha Oakland Post Oftle which will result in an Imp portrait improvement in the delivery of mall Between Oakland and various parts of san Francisco this Chanel is the result of tha efforts of postmaster Paul Schaler to meet the requests of the Oakland manufacturers and Mer chants for improved service system will provide for the mall collected in Oakland being sent direct to the substations in san fran Cisco this will save considerable time As it will not be necessary for the mail to to through the hands of the clerks of the Central office in san Francisco and there sent outto the substation anal through it to its destination it has been shown that the working out of thl Splan will save Many hours in mall delivery7 the two cities the ban Francisco ipostofflce1 is arranging a so pillar scheme of mall assortment for Oakland this arrangement of the Post office has been made necessary because of the fact that Many of the big manufacturing and distributing concerns whose offices Are in san Francisco have their factories by warehouses on the Eastside of tha Bay the matter was taken up some months ago by the and producers committee of the Oakland Cham ber of Commerce the Substad Lens of the Oakland Post office will soon Allba known by letter instead of locality much confusion has Arisen because of the fact that letters addressed to some location in Melrose for instance May arrive Iii the Oakland office addressed to Oakland East Oakland or Mel Rose through the new order All let ters will be addressed to a Sartain lettered substation Sam Burns revolution Money Chicago May when Nathan h Seerest an american Soldier of Fortune and a Nicaragua general arrives in his adopted country within a fortnight it May be plunged into an other revolution he left Chicago in a state of indignation because in carrying out the orders of his superiors to manufacture in five peso notes Here he was arrested by Uncle Sama secret service men he announced that or Jose mad Ralz a former president of Nicaragua doubtless would be peeved when his agent arrived Mimas Tho Bushel Bas Ket filled with red five peso notes they were to Hare been the sinews of War he said in a revolution since the government of finials Iris str de on burning them he could not say what would happen Clark balks at paying sons debt to be seeded contractors install additional modernized machinery expedite Progress v Hansbr Bush Bros the contractors who Are constructing the Quay Wall along the Estuary from Myrtle Street to Broadway Are preparing to install the new engine for the Hydraulic pump which is being used for dredging the new engine will develop 100 horsepower and will be used to hurry Tho work in accordance with the instructions of City Engineer Turner who appointed City inspector Cross to see that contractors Speed up tha installing of the intricate system of wiring for furnishing the electrical Power for the pump la Complete and All is in readiness for the installation of the engine on monday inspector Cross stated today that within ten Days the contractors would commence pour Irig Concrete into the Trench As a foundation for the Quay Wall which is to be carried to a height at forty feet vessel launched the new Southern Pacific passenger Ami freight Stern wheel Steamer Seminole which has been building at the West Oak land shipyards was launched yesterday morning and Given a builders trial around the Bay for several hours proved satisfactory in every Way the vessel is capable of developinfel300 House Pawer and a Speed of sixteen Miles per hour the Seminole will be used on the run Between san Francisco and Sacra mento the Comfort of passengers has not been overlooked in the appointments and an elegant saloons feature the vessel will be Given its official trial trip next monday when Many Southern Pacific officials and government inspect ors will be present on the ferryboat thoroughfare which is being built at the is progressing Fastal within a Short time it ready tube launched the thoroughfare is a sister Steamer to the Melrose now on the Creek route vessels repaired the George Fenwick went on the ways at the Moore Scott Yards this morning for extensive repairs theft Tang up of the Melville Dollar was completed yester Day and it left the Yards today these vessels docked at Long wharf yesterday the Elizabeth Captain Olsen from Columbia River left 123 cords of match Wood the Tomo Captain Lilllan from Eureka left 1400 posts the City of Topeka Captain Lelow from Eureka left a Quantity of lumber for Eastern ship ment the Claremont Captain Christen sen from Grays Harbor with 500000 feet of lumber the Katherine Captain Jerguson from Eureka left Shin Gles and 60000 feet of lumber the scow Alpine from san Francisco Load Edge ment for California City the ban Pedro Captain Bened Lacon from Eureka left 162000 feet of lumber and 950000 Shin Gles new took May 27 w a Clark former senator from Mon Tana is fighting an Effort to Force him to pay said to be a Stock Exchange debt incurred by his son Charles Clark of Burlingame Cal Hays Hirschfield welfare attorneys for the Stock Exchange House which has been trying to collect from Young Clark for several years they say that he had a regular Stock Exchange account with their clients and that because of his Posi Tion he was permitted to get into debt wealthy hotel Man killed in Accident denies poet is j w Dutton declares Thath disparity in Ages precludes claim to companionship editor the Tri Btrne an in paper publishes an article 1 which it says that Joaquin Miller one of general Fremont closest friends j let us look at the historical j John c Fremont was born Early in the year january 1s13 Joaquin Miller or of Cincinnatus Heine was born late in the year november 10 j 1841 Fremont therefore was nearly thirty year Millers senior Fremont was an officer in the United army Long before was born Fremont first visited California in 1846 see International encyclopedia Page Fremont was court Malta led for insubordination in 184t and being found guilty of was sentenced Miller came to Oregon with hit parents in 1859 he was an exp Eai messenger in Idaho in 1861 see who who in a Nerica Page Miller conducted a Small weekly paper in the Village of Eugene Ore in the year 1853 which was suppressed on a charge of disloyalty Fremont was an aristocrat and difficult to proach see Sherman Fremont was a Radical Republican much so that he was renominated Byj the Radical Wing of the Republican party for president in 1ss4 was a rank Democrat of the Brand known in those Days As Copperi beads Miller was still in knee pants Gen Fremont was a United senator from California and in View of the disparity of the Ages of these men and also of the great Larty of their political and social editions is it reasonable to sup Poian that they were the closest i very much doubt if Miller saw Fremont or of he did Fremont didst know it this is straight dope and from official it la not Only socially and politically but also chronologically impossible Tot them to have been the j w j of architects pm full i free instruct to Sim Henry Marquette to be taken East from Stockton Hospital Boston mass May of the Boston police department Are preparing for a trip to Stockton Cal where they Hope to secure Possession of Henry Marquette who according to information received by Deputy superintendent Watts is under arrest in that place the Boston police have look ing for Marquette Ever since july 1904 when he failed to appear in the supreme court to stand trial on the charge of larceny his disappearance resulted in an extended investigation of professional Ball givers one of his Bondsmen is now serving a sentence for giving Straw bail changes made in election results Leann t May b Sartwell the proprietor of the clean Dionise was skilled in an automobile Accident near Dayton n t late his wife was seriously injured end their daughter mrs Searge w Cooper was badly Hurt while going Dawn a Steep Hill the automobile slowed to one Side and turned Turtle in the i tuft three other occupants of the car who were thrown out before it turned Over escaped unhurt Auto to Byron foot Springs the roads to this delightful resort via Livermore Are in excellent condition recuperate Here Over weekend and Decora ton Day enjoy the beneficial Waters and charming environment of to Lvi in american owing to several slight irregularities in the Oakland High school at Letlo association election thursday the students of Tho High school held another yester Day James Porter was elected president by a unanimous vote and Clem Rowlands Captain elect of the baseball team was made Vic president Over Leslie Jackson reversing the previous Days result Arthur White was again elected Secre tary and Raymond Hanly Harold Bax Ter and Jack learner were made Stu wants Council representatives Frank Ryan was elected Over Wilbur Haynes who won out in the pre Vious election Harry Creech was elected b c a l Delegate Over seeds by 12 votes 1 Lanyon engineers big St Louis wheat Deal St Louis May Lanyon is engineering one of the biggest wheat deals Ever attempted Here More than 1000000 bushels of May wheat valued at nearly 51000000 Are involved in the transaction Lanyon said yesterday that he expected his deliveries before the last of May would exceed 1000000 bushels and that he was prepared to pay Cash for it All if the deliveries Are not made the Short will have to pay Lanyon the difference Between the Price at wh4ch he bought it and tha chicag Market Price which is 9s cents i Canyon is credited with holding All the no 2 red wheat for May delivery that is in sight in St Louis Man accused of looting till freed Noel g Brown accused of haying robbed the grocery store of mra Nora Ferle 1552 fifth Street near Henry several weeks ago and of taking from the till while her Back was turned was acquitted by a jury in department 5 of the Superior court after one hours deliberation late yesterday Brown was arrested shortly after the alleged offence As were two other men who were Able to prove alibis mrs Ferle declared that Brown had a Confederate the latter inducing her to go into the rear of the i establish to Hunt him a wooden Box Whu Brown till Oakland club will who pay their club dues Oakland architectural club com posed of architects resident on this Side of the Bay has completed arrangements for classes which it will give during the summer one of the objects of tha club which has been in existence than1 a year is the providing of gratuitous instruction to All those interested in architecture they Ara Mamba Bathe club which membership fee is courses have been Given throughout Winter but they have been closed and the following new courses substituted to be Given at tha club rooms 127 graph Avenue Tho class in freehand drawing sketching from casts life Etc is u the direction of Eugene Neuhaus of University of California and san fran Cisco Art Institute a class in mental architectural design is under Din Tio Nof or Hart Wood of Buss Villas of Floe the freehand Cla wednesday May 81 design on Friday evening june 2 these classes Are being arranged undo the direction of b b Mead of j Galen howards of Floe Howard who head of the architectural tha University of California of the clubs directors All former guardsmen to a invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary in Celebration of tha for Teeth sary of the Oakland guard company fifth regiment n g c reunion being planned for june in i it which All members now scattered the state and country been Tavalt Captain Leon Francis is tha Percsi commander the old guard have Baen requested Send in their names to Henry Maloom 1076 Twenty first Street president of us organization so that they May eluded in the festivities banker Morris hears Clang of jail doors Salem May for nearly three years against the Able w coops Morris yesterday the doors of the state Penitentiary behind him and he has started serve Nurt his sentence of six years for aiding uni the wrecking of the Oregon Trust and savings Bank of Portland of which was cashier and failure jobs to hundreds of depositors hours argument by attorney 8 Richardson yesterday afternoon failed change the decision of governor West and he declined to Pardon the banker shortly after 6 Oclock the error announced his decision at Oclock Morris entered the prison j cafe life for wife Hubby wants divorce the marital Trot this of Fred began on a certain Day when wife Helen to an expensive and told her to order what she wanted regardless of this indiscretion t on his part tie alleges gave mrs the cafe habit and subsequently when he would not take her to the priced restaurants whenever she took notion to go she called him a skate in Public whacked him Over head with an umbrella and jabbed a pin into his Anatomy pm clip now Ai Drca

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