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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 24 1966, Page 22

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - March 24, 1966, Oakland, California Editorial of fam 22 Home o w n e a c o n t r o l l e a e d i thursday March 24, 1966 let my put it this Way he s sort of a chinese Fulbright threat of disorder when the University of California invited Arthur j. Goldberg to be its Char Ter Day speaker at the Berkeley Campus tomorrow it assumed a tacit responsibility. That responsibility is to afford the . Ambassador to the United nations an Opportunity to participate in this traditional academic program without having his remarks or his appearance interrupted by rude outbursts or disruptions. But Campus officials have expressed concern that some of the fringe groups which protest u. S. Policy on Viet Nam might try to upset the program with noisy demonstrations or mass picketing. This Type of political agitation is hardly in keeping with the spirit of the Aca Demic Assembly that tha charter Day ceremony represents. Chancellor Roger w. Heyns pointed this out earlier this week and the academic Senate agreed. The Senate overwhelmingly approved a motion declaring that any disruption of the charter Day program would be a Viola Tion of the principle of Freedom of expression and it also would be a display of bad Man ners that would reflect upon the entire University. We Hope that ambassador Goldberg will not be subjected to the rude reception that has greeted other visiting dignitaries in the Bay area As a result of the activities of opponents of the Johnson administration s Viet Nam policy. But if there is any disorder that Vio lates Campus rules the University should take Swift and Stern disciplinary Mea sures against any students non students or faculty members involved. Nuclear ban setback in its Long efforts to negotiate a meaningful nuclear weapons control agreement with the soviet Union the United states has made Many Compro Mises. The latest occurred tuesday when this country offered a series of amendments to a proposed non proliferation treaty at the Geneva disarmament conference. The amendments include an Iron Clad guarantee that the . Would never re Linquish control Over nuclear weapons to any country including West Germany and other nato nations. The . Also pledged to withhold from any other nation information on How to build or design nuclear weapons. Soviet negotiator Semyon k. Tsar Pakin representing his government s initial response rejected the new proposal. He argued that it does not forbid indirect control of nuclear weapons by West Germany. The russian position is not surprising. But it is disappointing. The chief . Negotiator Adrian s. Fisher called the soviet reaction a repetition of the Standard line it has adopted throughout the talks. Fisher declared that the new amendments provide the basis for a foolproof non proliferation the Compromise is about As far As this country can go. The soviet Union will be ignoring reality if it rejects this Chance perhaps the last one to restrain the growth of nuclear arsenals by those countries which have so far not joined the atomic arms race. The National interests of the Many nations possessing the Industrial sophistication to build atomic weapons Are almost certain to compel them to develop a nuclear Arsenal if no workable disarmament treaty is developed. Teacher Supply five years ago the California legislature adopted a Law establishing higher academic qualifications for Public since then a controversy has devel oped Over the effect of this Law. The state Board of education has heard a number of conflicting reports. Some groups argue that the Law is contributing to a teacher shortage. Oth ers say it has not affected teacher recruiting and if a shortage exists it is be cause of other reasons. Hopefully an answer to this question May soon be forthcoming. The Board of education has appointed an eight Mem Ber committee to study the problems and scope of the state s school teacher recruiting. The committee is headed by Richard m. Clowes superintendent of the Bur Bank unified school District and is expected to have its major work done by mid summer. The study should provide some useful guidelines for the legislature to follow when it considers any future revision of the teacher qualification statutes. Washington report lbs s Spring trip to Europe is off by Robert s. Alien and Paul Scott editor s note the following views Art those of the authors and Art presented Here to give readers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions Artex pressed Only in editorials. President Johnson is shelving plans for a trip to Europe this Spring. Reason for this backstage decision is the grave nato crisis precipitated by presi Dent de Gaulle. Until that thorny dilemma is resolved the president feels a tour of the continent to con Fer with nato leaders is unfeasible. He could hardly go there without seeing de Gaulle and that s the last thing the president wants to do at this time. While carefully avoiding any action Savouring of an open break with the vainglorious French chief Johnson has no intention of doing anything that might appear to be court ing him. A visit to France is viewed As in that category. So the state department has instructed . Ambassadors in nato capitals to convey this word to those govern ments. How Long this ban will pre Vail depends on developments. It could be a few months or longer. As of now the euro Pean trip is off. Preparations for it have been suspended too a Neva and highly explosive Challenge is being raised against the already heavily embattled anti poverty pro Gram. Tue National Catholic Wei fart conference which Speaks Lor Cal Holly Bishops on con Gressional issues is vigorously assailing the use of anti Pov erty funds to finance birth control projects. Around million is being spent for this purpose in some 20 metropolitan areas. In a comprehensive Legal analysis sent to director Sar gent Shriver and members of the House and Senate labor committees which Are consid ering the new billion anti poverty budget the Nowc flatly charges such expenditures Are unauthorized. The powerful Catholic organization contends there is no express language authorizing support of birth control in the economic Opportunity act. The Community action Sec Tion under which such funds Are being granted refers Only to employment Job training and counselling health vocational rehabilitation welfare and special remedial and other non curricular educational it is scarcely possible to continues the Nowc study that the omission of explicit reference to family plan Ning in this Section was inadvertent or unintended it is inconceivable in View of the prominence of the question that had Congress desired to enact a program of birth control it would have left provi Sion for it to vague phraseology or to terminology under which discovering of its intent would be guess the Nowc Legal opinion also Dies As significant the fact that use of anti poverty funds for birth control was virtually in mentioned in committee hear Ings on the legislation creating the program. The notion of the use of the anti poverty program for sup port of birth control is scarcely touched upon in the congressional hearings or in str l1ic 1-uiucuu3. 411 Olit of the few exchanges on the subject during the hearings before the House labor com Mittee rep. Phil Landrum of Georgia author of the House version of the legislation in 1964, called it fantastic that birth control would be part of the anti poverty the same Point is made re Garding director Shriver. According to the Nowc be Gal analysis he has never specifically sought authority to use anti poverty funds for birth control projects. It is noted that the anti poverty chief did Tell the House labor committee he would not anticipate that it would be impossible to support birth control under the terms of the the Hall Syndicate inc. Letters to the forum . Protest editor seeing in the paper that Arthur Goldberg . Ambassador to the United nations will arrive tomorrow to raise the . Flag at its per manent location in the Bay area in Jack London Square i am protesting this action. I have written the Oakland City Council the Board of supervisors and both groups of the Board of education Tell ing them How i feel. The port commissioner told a patriotic group too that he had received quite a bit of mail on this matter and was greatly surprised that people Zajf if san Francisco where this group was formed would not 1 e t them raise their Flag there Why should we i know of a number of East Ern places where this was tried but the protests were so Long and loud that business places where it was tried decided it would not pay. Although i realize the peo ple responsible the business men and restaurant owners Are probably of minority groups and neither know nor care How patriotic citizens feel regarding this they at least should think twice be fore letting a group of school children March for something they do not truly understand. Wake up citizens of our United states of America be fore our country goes completely Down the Drain. Mrs. M. Mayon Oakland. Not Here editor i am strongly opposed to display of the United nations Flag in Oakland. Mrs. D. M. Davis Livermore. Opposes Flag editor i would like to applaud those citizens who registered a protest against Fly ing the . Flag in Jack Lon Don Square. It is not Only Ille Gal to display a foreign Flag Church property editor one of the most enigmatic aspects of the american Way of life has been the continuance in office for decades of politicians who advocate the subsidizing of marginal producers with tax payers Money to Plant less so that the decreased Quantity will cause a Rise in prices of commodities for the harried taxpayers who nevertheless keep voting them Back in pub Lic office. But the biggest Lulu of them All is one no one dares speak about for the sacred cow must not be touched. Yet it is the fastest growing evil in the country today if inequality in taxation can still be consid us Der certain specified conditions such As at an it is somewhat immoral to re place old glory with a Symbol of world government As opposed to the sovereignty of our american states. The u. N. Flag has its place Over the u. S. Build ing but let us not have it Fly ing Over our cities. Rather let us see More Dis play of the stars and stripes that we might be daily re minded of the blood and tears that were shed to build a re Public where All men Are free and equal. America not the ., is the world s Best Hope for peace. Mrs. G. N. Ferreira san Leandro. Ciocu pm Cru. Is the thousands of huge tax free Church sponsored apart ment buildings springing up All Over the country catering exclusively to elderly people of Means which contribute nothing toward the Cost of maintaining t h e policemen and firemen who protect them nothing toward the Cost of cleaning the streets or maintaining the Parks and Public libraries i which their occupants use nothing toward the support of the hordes of indigents of the town nor of the extremely expensive school system and All other Public conveniences and necessities of life in a modern City. Eugene c. Cron Oakland. Questions on communist China editor s note the following views Are Thost of the author and Are presented Here to give read ers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions Art to pressed Only in editorials. There has been some Good straight talk recently from the China experts before the Fulbright committee and there is less intellectual smog in the air than before. The dialogue Between the senators and professors has not been a Happy one for those senators who feel that America has no valid business in Asia and that any Effort to contain Chi a Means to provoke her into a massive and catastrophic War. Nor is the dialogue a Happy one for the supporters of the China lobby who Are dead set against any relenting on the isolation of China and its exclusion from the . That car j by Max Lerner this is the kind of inter change i like to see Between the intellectual and political elites Between the men who try to resolve the puzzles and the men who have to make the decisions and have to live with them. In neither group will you find Unity on policy or internal agreement on the elusive questions concerning chinese behaviour but it in t agreement we want but a Clearing of the air by the con fronting of diverse views and the reasons for them. It is late in the Day for this open dialogue but not top late to affect the course of history. I have tried to put to myself a series of the baffling questions about China and see what Light is shed on them by the testimony of professors Danieli Fairbank and Lind Beck. To them i must add the remarkable interview in the current u. S. News and world report with prof. A. M. Hal Perin of Harvard which makes As much sense As any of them. There is the question of whether the chinese Are expansionist. They Are expansionist yes but not irresponsibly and Only within the limits of their Power. They Are not Over teachers who court destruction for a dream of world Power. But their expansionism will keep Pace with growth of their Power base especially if they can move into the areas which have some of the resources they badly need. Whether their thrust to Power comes from being communist or nationalist is almost an Idle question by now the two strands can no longer be separated. Be taken seriously yes As an indication of their anger and sense of isolation and also of their intent if they had the Power. But they Don t have it and their recognition of recent failures makes them even angrier verbally. Will they escalate the Viet Nam War if America continues to apply pressure not if their leaders Are at All ration Al. Can we therefore exclude any chances of China entering the War no. They Are not very Likely to fight Over South Viet Nam but if they believe that the survival of North Viet Nam is threatened they will take risks in order to Stop it. Should american policy try to contain China s ambitions yes Liu i Biol alone and not 100 Long. Should we try to isolate China decidedly not. We should instead take the Lead in bringing China into the . And the world Community in a gradual expansion of Trade after the War and in a Liberal policy of cultural exchanges. After All these questions one thing must be made Clear. America cannot try to act As an asian Power for Long nor subsidize Asia alone or forever. The Best we can do is to buy time for the weaker asian Peoples to keep them from being drawn sum Marily into the chinese orbit and to give them a Chance at a Choice. After America has served its crisis function As in Europe after the Marshall the Burden of lowering tensions and raising living standards in Asia will have to be left mainly to the asians. To Star Lyme East inc. Old Chicken Farmer after the foxes by James j. Kilpatrick editor s note the following views Art those of the author and Art presented Here to give readers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions Are expressed Only in editorials. Washington Delaware s John j. Wil Liams the old Chicken Farmer is on the Trail of a few More foxes hovering around the Public Hen House. This time his aim is directed not against bad men but rather against bad judgment. He is tracking Down the Cha insurance commitments on some very shaky Loans. Unhappily he is Barking along some cold trails. The senator began his investigations in october of 1964 with critical comment on a ?2.4 million project for the elderly in Pascagoula miss. He car ried on last Spring with Damn ing reports on million in loan insurance on Multi family projects in Orlando Daytona Beach Jacksonville and Miami. Then he turned to other projects in Dallas Syra Cuse and Clearwater Fla. Last month he got around to an Cha Blunder in fort Worth. Earlier this month he put his sights on Houston. Now he s working on Newark. In each Case senator Wil Liams is pulling together events that happened Long ago. As a result his disclosures by audit re ports of the comptroller Gen eral have Only a limited news value. Yet they All form a pattern and the pattern is news of National concern. Wil Liams is suggesting that time after time the Federal hous ing administration is letting its Zeal to do business Over come its desire to do business wisely. And especially where some social purpose is to be served As in Pascagoula fort Worth and Houston the Cha is neither protecting the Public interest nor serving the social purpose. The insurance written by Cha on Lake Crest estates in fort Worth is a Case in Point. There the Cha was approached by a group of promoters who proposed to build 343 one Story Homes intended for rent to elderly families. Pursuant to Section 231 of the National housing act they asked for 100 per cent insurance on the million Ven Ture. The pitch made to Cha in fort Worth was that the project would be sponsored by five local churches with the endorsement of a National Church organization. Assur ances were made that the sponsors would help to find tenants. In the event things went badly the sponsors would conduct fund raising drives to make up a deficit. Careful investigation says the senator would have Dis closed that the National organization had no financial re serves Worth mentioning that one of the local churches had Only 17 members and that the other four churches had no particular interest in the Lake Crest undertaking. The project did go sour. Years after Lake Crest opened Only 20 of its units were rented to elderly per sons. In april of 1964, the Ven Ture went into receivership. Last month the comptroller general placed Cha s prospective loss on the loan at to million de pending on what can be salvaged from Sale of the units. Such Loans As these May be in the promoters interest but the Delaware senator is con Vinced they Are not in the Public interest. Very few eld Erly or needy families have been housed. The pattern suggests nothing More than High priced rentals and High pow ered promotion. Thus far the senator has not provoked much action at the department of housing and Urban development. He is being soothed by Assur ances that there s nobody Here but us chickens. Yet the senator is a persistent Man and he has a dozen trails yet to pursue. By the tune he s finished it s a fair bet that the Hen House will be a Good Deal More secure. Copyright Washington stir lbs uses flair in signing Bills by Edward j. Mowery editor s note the following views Art those of the author and Are presented Here to give read ers a variety of viewpoints. The Tribune s opinions Are expressed Only in editorials. Washington have you signed any official papers lately a lease Mort Gage Stock Transfer will or maybe a bail Bond did you read the Fine print offer a Toast to Honor the occasion or maybe make a Little speech if you accorded the signing routine treatment you re missing the boat president Johnson has be come a master in turning a signing ceremony into a radio to gala with up to 200 Roui Rorr grab the pens. That in t All. In addition to getting Maxi mum publicity mileage out of a normally Dull procedure lbs has developed a remark Able Knack in Dot and Stop signing techniques which May devour from a handful to 200 plus special pens. His Little talk May also contain a Bombshell. It s remark Able Knack the president has for using numerous pens to attach his signature and Date to a Bill or a White House aide explained. Sometimes he makes almost an infinitesimal speck on the document before giving the pen to an official or guest. At the i Bill signing in the East room the turnout was overwhelming. Merc than 200 attended the ceremony. And the president was very Busy the million yearly i Bill was the first major con Gressional act of the session and the White House signing ceremony reflected its Magni tude. Last year an average of 40-50 persons attended each of the 27 presidential signing affairs which last 30 minutes. Only six attended the signing of the proclamation for Observance of White Cane safety Day. The president flanked by a s e a of reporters to radio paraphernalia and Bigshot. Gives his talk and then dives into the signing chore. On a smaller scale the presidential signings predate the Hoover Era. But lbs has Given them a flair. The president halts the con tour of his signature hands the pen to a recipient takes another pen and never misses the trajectory the signature Rolls out in an easy flow. The pen which signed a por Tion of the by most decorated with lbs s autograph the presidential Seal and has a Silver top with Blue base. It has a Small Point Felt tip Cartridge and is made especially for the president manufacturer s name it s purchased by the dozens. Does it Ever skip or smudge it d better the White House aide said. With Cam eras on lbs and a tape re Corder going that s All we to War pm. Pm. Fast life by Harry Karns Bobby Kennedy wants the United states to seek the mid dle ground in Viet Nam. The Middle ground does t make much sense if you end up six feet tinder it. A senator mutters that it would help Lyndon s image if the president would admit making a mistake once in a while we can anticipate the reply to that when i make one. I la admit Lyndon asks the various Federal agencies to submit budget cuts by april 1. And you know what Day april i is. A typographical error in the congressional directory changes the name of a presidential adviser Okun to the Village conservative can t resist noting the interesting rhyming possibilities. Copy rim Newt Day inc

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