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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Oakland, California Ther Vicinity id mild sunday Nile West wind. On Tut id i a to Leo i edition no. 78 5c daily Oakland California sunday March 19. 1939 Loc sunday 86 pages pages Al to ii j die in crash of Stra Toliner new Boeing super Lone designed to Fly feet Breaks in midair on test flight fails into Canyon by Howard Brice Alder wash., March men died today in the crash of the world s first passenger plane built to Fly in the sub stratosphere. The tragedy took on an International aspect because two representatives of the Royal dutch airlines were aboard the four motored. 20-ton Stra Toliner built by the Boeing aircraft company of Seattle. Nine of the men killed in the death beckoned Rumania soviet mass troops to halt nazi drive France votes dictatorship Daladier wins authority to London seeks . Boosts United front of cmdr tit Tav soldiers on Border russians Fortis worst air disaster m Pacific Northwest history were Boe ing employees who lived in Seattle. The dead Earl Ferguson 31, Boeing chief test Pilot. Julius Barr Copilot who was be. Lieven handling the controls at the i time of the crash. Harry t. West flight Engineer. Ralph cram Engineer. A. C. Doyle Engineer. Harm Hull test Pilot for trans-1 Continental and Western airlines Benjamin Pearson assistant sales manager. P. Guilonard. Manager of the. Royal dutch airlines the Netherlands. J a. G. Von Baumhauer Royal dutch airlines. Amsterdam. J Robert g. Bush who is connected ship building Boom starts Moore Yards Lay keel of freighter launch . Tender at rites the rat Tat Tat of a rivet gun yesterday at the Moore dry Dock ship Yards welcomed the return of major shipbuilding to the Pacific coast after an absence of nearly 20 years. Gathered on the Shore of the Oak. Land Estuary a crowd of approx with Boeing aircraft gave up his mately 500 saw e. C. Mausshardt seat the in Nute to one of the District manager of the . Mari air plane officials and time commission rivet the first did not make the flight. Steel plate to the keel of a 495-foot freighter Fust of two to be Bush Heie under a commission contract. A travelling Crane lowered the 30-foot keel connecting plate . Preparatory to the lost its toil. Qut of he Iong Kee right Wing up and one motor while gwm 1hg freighter at a Cost of 52. 11 plunged k the ground in a 857 76q new Era forecast the ship took off in perfect official speakers representing the weather from Boeing Field in seat-1 Federal government the state City tie at p a and crashed a half i and county hailed the keel laying hour later at . As a step in West coast history that the plane was apparently being Well May bring new Prosperity and put Thi Ough strenuous tests when i employment to the Bay area and the left outboard motor and the tip return the Pacific coast to its once of the left Wing broke off. The important in the nation s plunged into Canyon Eye witnesses said the Stra Toliner a sea Miinch. Monoplane powered by four Wright Cyclone Ensi Speed defense . And allies against nazis by Harold Ettlinger by Frederick Kuh Paris March is. Up the London March chamber of deputies tonight voted Britain was understood tonight to i Premier edouard Daladier the pow have decided to consult Washington. March 18.-w h soviet Russia have massed troops provinces athwart the path of any Germar March to the East along Dniester River Boundary by Ferdinand Jahn Bucharest Rumania. March and ers of a dictator until november the states the and the British dominions on a Strong economic and diplomatic reported tonight to meet any threat that May come from Europe s the Premier Rode Down opposition of the socialist communist bloc in a series of votes of Confidence in order to win the approval of the chamber for special Powers greater than any French government has possessed since the wartime Cabinet of Georges Clemenceau. Senate approval of the Powers is certain so that in effect France is now under a dictatorial regime temporarily. At the same time the govern ment called Robert Colondre am Halifax reported in detail on their Bassadore to Berlin Home to report j conversations with the French on developments in Germany thus j american and russian ambassadors joining the indirect rebuke which whue similar ambassadorial con Britain gave the Reich by similar Ferencek were underway in pans directed particularly at sounding ii oui against Germany s March to the the British program was said on High authority to have been approved at an extraordinary session of the Cabinet at which the three ministers of Britain s armed forces gave expert viewpoints on the strategic factors involved in a pos sible stand against German aggression in Central Europe. Prime minister Neville chamber measures Short of War to condemn nazi aggression in Central Europe and Reich fuehrer Adolf Hitler s annihilation of Czechoslovakia. The Treasury department imposed penalty duties of German imports to this country while the state department drafted a Strong i formal note expected to condemn m Plain language the Wanton Law j Les Ness of Germany s temporary i extinguish ment of the Post War Lam and Secretary Viscount Czechoslovakia democracy action. The chamber vote on dictatorial Powers was 321 to 264. Situation grave giant ship went into a Power dive shipbuilding and then a spin. The Tail Assembly came off and the Crew was Power less to control the Craft. A score of years have passed since last the keel of a great vessel was Laid Here. Not since the Days of it went into a Flat spin then and the world War has there been ship pancakes into a Small Clearing building worthy of mention on the after shearing off the tops of tvo. Pacific coast. Burned snags. Admiral Emory s land chairman Rie Cabin was crushed As though i of the maritime commission added a hand had flattened the his from Washington do plane on the ground. The missing Poming out that the renewal of con motor was found a Quarter of a f Siruc Tion throughout the country mile away the Wmk tip was 150 May return the United states to its Ards from the broken Cabin and former High place in the world s Tail also about As far away. The merchant Marine fuse Tase was broken m tvo hat off to Moore bodies thrown out our slogan is sail and ship under vat a Abrot in 1hp Iho Amo Ricon Admiral control Cabin and it was impossible said. My hat is off to Joseph Moore to Tell who was Flyg the ship. President of the Moore dry Dock t3arr recently was a Pilot for. Company and to the West coast for lame Chiang Kai Shek wife of its efforts toward that end. This is Julius Barr upper believed to have been at the controls of the Boeing Stra Toliner when it crashed. Harlin Hull lower chief test Pilot for transcontinental West Ern another Vic Tim was an observer of his wire photo Daladier. Beating Down every pressed desire to know whether and move 1o limit the Powers he de i m what form and to whal extent handed. Said that the nazi con Russia would intervene if Germany quests in Central Europe and the j should thrust at Rumania which is expected demands in the Meriter the last Barrier to the soviet Ranegan by Italy made the situation Ukraine. I grave. A sir Reginald Hoare British minister at Bucharest explaining the Ger . Rejects Lewis offer one big Union plan of communist origin the time for palaver is he shouted in an Appeal to his Radical socialist supporters. I am not interested in How my majority is composed because i have my eyes fixed on our fron tiers. It is with a purely National feeling that i want your continued Confidence smile with bitterness before the attitude of the communists when we Are seeing the spectacle of Europe in the process of crack ing up. My Basic thought is the new dictatorial Powers of the government will permit Daladier the states in line with great Britain and France in their parallel action condemning nazi expansion in Central Europe in Defiance of International pledges. It strained further the Al ready taut relations Between the United states and nazi Germany and appeared to approach the extreme of peaceful protests against aggression suggested by president Roosevelt when he told Congress that there Are Many methods Short of War but stronger and More effective than Mere words of bringing i Home to aggressor governments the a report also was received from j aggregate sentiments of our out soviet Russia s attitude. Query soviet British Cabinet ministers sex Pittman plans Bax nazis recall London envoy British and French protests rejected Hitler fete planned although the rumanian government denied that technical mobilization was underway from authoritative quarters it was Learned that forces in Transylvania along the hungarian Frontier had been brought to full War time strength of about men. Travellers arriving f r o in Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina reported that the soviet was fortifying and Manning j Ukraine its own Maginot line along the Dniester River natural bound Ary Between Russia and Rumania. They said troops were being trans ported into the lines during night from Kamenetz a Odets and Mog Iliev and during the entrenchments were being built thai measures were not believed directed against Rumania but As a Defenso by Frederick c Oechsner against a possible German attack. Berlin. March cede not an Inch Germany struck Back at the demo official quarters said Rumania cratic front tonight by flatly reject was Awe and ready to ____3 _.n4 i i _ ing British and French protests against annexation of Czechoslovakia and by recalling her ambassador to London. By sharply repudiating the charges that Adolf Hitler had broken his text her territory and under no circumstances will an Inch be they emphasized however that rumanian troops would not Cross the Frontier unless attacked. The government denied that Active demands on ru-1 coincident with the two admin j pledges and that inclusion of booties in Transylvania amounted to Man economic mania which official sources said i had been made in a less drastic form than reported by the press. Sir Reginald was understood to have reported after a talk with the rumanian foreign minister that Germany made proposals for close rumanian economic collaboration with the Reich which the Bucharest government found it impossible to accept. He asserted however that invert France into to Speed up in immediately a vast works dust rial War production and strengthen defense fortifications possibly by partial mobilization of some specialized troops or reserves. Consults soviet the question of calling up some is ration moves. Chairman key Pittman of the Senate foreign re i lations committee announced that he will introduce a Bill monday to repeal the present neutrality act and substitute a measure permitting the United states to sell munitions on a Cash and carry basis to any nation engaged in a declared or undeclared conflict nazi engulfment of the Czecho the Reich had not presented any slovakian democracy brought de says Green spokesman Early l my pow ultimatum. The Cabinet also discussed the possibility of introducing army conscription m Radical departure indicating the Gravity of the no decision was reached it was reported. To resist report after the Cabinet meeting some diplomatic sources circulated a Story technical or special reserves in that the government had definitely France May be Tauffen up when the decided to resist German encroach l Daladier Cabinet meets on sunday ment on Rumania Poland Greece Velo ments Over a wide Range in Washington As the administration moved vigorously to express its Abhorrence of aggression. They included acting Secretary of stale Sumner Welles announced that a note is being prepared for to the Berlin government it Learned hernia and Moravia in greater Germany was illegal the govern ment added to the tremendous Strain on relations with the democratic Powers. Within an hour after sir revile Henderson the British ambassador left by train for Home the govern ment announced that or. Herbert von Dirksen the Reich ambassador at London had been called Home i mobilization and characterized them As precautionary measures of a military although technically no mobilization orders were issued it was Learned that the three army corps stationed in Transylvania had been brought up to War time strength and together with technical groups including aviation and gendarmes numbered about for it was believed i ultimatum denied unlikely that either would return to his Post soon. Await clarification relations with France also were i reports that or. Hellmuth Wohl. That chief of the German economic commission to Rumania had presented demands tantamount to an economic ultimatum were also de strained by the anon of the pans n hip amt Orrt government in calling French ambassador Robert Colondre Home consultations on monday but Nied by the government according to the official version of Wohltat conversations with the of yesterday condemning in Strong est terms the absorption of Czecho Slovakia. Import Trade hit meanwhile foreign minister but official sources the j so for rift Aero Vii to 1lii pit Knoll Berlin government it was Learned Consulia runs Munraj. Uni Rumania government they dealt it will reiterate Welles statement j it appeared further clarification of with the Appie cation of the Washington March 18.-wb Georges Bonnet held several import report asserting that the Cabinet j i Ishii. J French attitude would be Comrie Rajai Accord concluded be of before decision on recall of tween the two countries no. Germany s envoy to Paris. Nazi official sources also vember. Were i it was admitted however that the to a s Leader. There a report dutchman von Baumhauer. Have been at the str Tolmer s a great Day for the West a new Era in employment and Prosperity was pictured by the speakers As they watched the rivet factors in Seattle an heated in preparation for the keel g their cheers mingled with whistles of other Craft on the As the first of two Light House tenders was launched imme keel ceremonies will halt construction passenger Stra wolmers it the for pan american air a a Cost of s500.000 each Ause of the crash is de j the Stra Toliner was de Fly at an Altitude of a the passengers and Crew i a sealed Cabin filled with Large air which would be t Normal fight level density. Said the plane did explode or Burn in the air but Ned to fall Robert Bedinger. Regional repro Inta Tive of the civil aeronautics the keel to an adjoin ing platform Bunting draped the officials watched miss Virginia Gordon Hughes of break a bottle of Champagne across the Bow of the tender Walnut and it Slid Down the ways into the Estu Ary a perfect launching. Second held up 01 me the fir second of the two tenders in Seattle rushed to the scheduled for launching yesterday scene of the crash 60 Miles away was held on the ways As dry Dock workers found part of the launch ing gear had broken. Super first flight the Sirato incr made its first Moore himself who has super flight december 31. 1938. With test construction of 90 ships since Pilot Edmund t. Allen of new York the Plant opened in 1910, presided City at the controls. Allen has Over the ceremonies yesterday Call test flown All Boeing plane ing on speakers from Oakland and ments of recent years the 74-Pas san Francisco to Mark the occasion. Senger trans oceanic clippers the or. Thomas w. Vice four motored army flying for a mayor of Oakland and mayor tresses and the army s super Angelo Rossi of san Francisco her the Stra Toliner with its tear drop continued pages col. 5 aided value the work to the Bay As inestimable Region and sex continued Page 9, col. 1 sunday Tribune Index main news Section Complete news report sport news financial news commodity markets development Section vital shipping playground activities society Section society and clubs fashion highlights Nan Bentley covers the shops Geraldine patterns crossword Puzzle fraternal news Camp fire girls stamp collector girl scouts girl reserves automotive Section automotive news comic Section 12 pages in color screen and radio weekly serial 12 pages in color aunt Elsie Section aunt Elsie Fenland Knave Section the Knave Book reviews the world this week screen stage news and reviews radio schedules Art and music boy scout news Uncle Ray s Corner Calendar Walter Lippmann George e. Sokolsky Harlan Miller state news development and building read Iarion of tonight flatly rejected the Congress i nth presumably in an Effort to started. R i j i Ishii. J am Assad Jacques Sou which in fact has already been f a mov Winic of Industrial organizations proposal to make peace in the rank1 of labor by organizing All Union in an american Congress of labor. John p. Frey member of the federation s executive Council charged that the peace plan was originated by the communist party. The proposal advanced by presi Dent John l. Lewis of the ., 1 called for unification of the . And the . With the Railroad brotherhoods in a labor Congress of which neither Lewis nor presi Dent William Green of the federa Tion could be officers. The federation announcement made it Plain that Lewis plan will not be considered when labor con feres representing the And the . Meet Here next Friday to resume peace negotiations initiated by president Roosevelt. Green cached the . Executive Council to meet Here wednesday to consider terms under which the unions which originally left the . To form the . Could now return to the federation. He said the question was raised by the At new York meetings of the peace conferees this week. . Officials said the question was purely Aca Demic and did not indicate the Unions had applied for re admission. The federation suggested that negotiations for labor peace broken off in 1937 be used As a starting Point when the conferences Are resumed. It insisted that if labor forces Are to re unite they must do so under the Banner of the american federation of bring 1he Moscow government Inlo j the government also under the United front against Hitler in stood to be attempting to learn a move which drastically into already Central Europe. I whether Greece Rumania Jugo the Premier considered the in j Slavia and Turkey would have a Ter National situation so urgent that he was studying a proposal to sum Mon the Council of ministers for a meeting sunday morning before United front in event of an Emer gency caused by German expansion. The extent to which Britain will go a aiding them will probably in goods in will Cut curtailed German Trade with this country. Frt. A. Uv4jj.hi, Jujic vol. La Jolt mystified _ by the United states arranged Lents May induce change8 action in imposing Tariff penalties in the various categories of import on German _ goods which they i and and a j., it. Move i Trade volume with Germany. Emphasize american disapproval of i government officials said ther j the annexation of Czechoslovakia j had been neither an economic or and i the e regarding Otner t of ultimatum from Ger the British French protest Saith a _ the three former czechoslovak j corms Cajon with German Ini pro vices now dominated by Ger 1o restore Tranquility in to Many were placed on the United president Albert Lebrun and for depend upon their own Unity in a eign minister Georges Bonnet de j crisis. Part for important conferences in i the Strain on relations Between London. Germany and Britain came close to with France striving for Indus j the breaking Point when the Reich j continued padre 3, col. 3 continued Fage a col. 3 father gives life saves girl from train Willows March c. Thun. 62, an employee of the Glenn Colusa irrigation District sacrificed his life tonight in the path of the Southern Pacific s oregonian to save the life of his daughter Ella 13. The truck Thun was driving stalled at a Railroad crossing three Miles North of Here a few Hundred feet ahead of the South bound train. Thun picked up his daughter and hurled her from the truck Only a fraction a train struck me truck Engineer Jess cur tis told authorities. The truck was hurled 30 feet by the Impact killing Thun. The University of California basketball Tel Fol Wuen the train. States Trade Black list mail service to Czechoslovakia was suspended temporarily to per Mit writers to recall letters to nazi dominated czechoslovak prov inces which they might be unwilling to submit to inspection of nazi hernia and Moravia As Well As for the peace of Central Europe the i ambassadors of Britain and France presented a demarche to the foreign office in protest against the alleged illegality of the German step. Welcome for Hitler j it is officially reported that the Many or any suggestion by Rumanis to Germany or Britain to guarantee or protect the rumanian Border. Official quarters also emphasized that there had been Complete unanimity at last night s Crown Council meeting and said there was no question of Cabinet changes or formation of an All party As had been rumoured. Crown Council gave the j Congress alarmed at develop j two diplomats were informed that i ent Cabinet full authority however to carry out All measures which continued Page 2, col. 6 continued Page 3. Col. 3 might become wreck of Stra Toliner in which ten men perished this it what Soma bad of Bot tag t experimental ugh Altitude which crafted near Alder Tariu saturday aft noon Ean toc to their deaths a number of High rant a i Eeve Tol Obee Cven i

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