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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 8 1966, Page 27

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - March 8, 1966, Oakland, California Port hears protests on . Flag a protest has been lodged with Oakland port the commissioners who unanimously approved raising the Flag on feb. 21, did not discuss the foot in Mouth disease if you like to speculate rumours Are Frank Ogawa has the nod for the vacancy in the Oakland City Council big ruckus in san Ramon Michael Rossman. One of last season s free speech movement kids at u. C., was a guest speaker at Monte Vista High bringing Over plans to raise a United loud screams at a school Board meeting from Danville s cations Ilag in Jack London Charles Armour who identified himself As a Birch so Square to commemorate the j plan. Piety member and proud of it in Hayward Fletch 20th anniversary of the founding the Flag is to be raised on or Webster wanted to Plant a couple of Trees on his Park i . Al ceremony ing strip ran into City red tape so wrote and asked some citizens attended the Goldberg of the help of ladybird Johnson. Well that s going to the meet my of the commis Honor and to actually raise the voice protests. Others appeared. A special flagpole is to be in support of the plan. Erected in a Small Patch of Lawn in front of the sea Wolf restau rant. The Flag is to be permanently on display there to be raised and lowered daily along with other flags in the Square. The delegation yesterday was opposed to the permanent Dis play of the Flag in the Square. The opposition delegation yes a Ter Day was led by Everett Wes j Phal of the Bay alarm co. A firm providing burglary alarm service who also carried a pick-1 it sign for a Short time before meeting tit Pic u Oft Ell trance of the port of Oakland building. His picket signs declared the . A fearful j in a Short speech at the meet ing he said the . Is working i for communist control of the world and of the United oooo Margaret Keane Walter s sex is rumoured about to marry Dan Mcguire former sports newsman Here and now in Hawaii latest radio rumours have Kew ready to drop its Rock n Roll format and about to announce they la Broad cast the Raider games also the lakers next season Kyrc is supposed to go Rock n Roll with in 90 Days Kobs actually the lbs network is reportedly Dick ering to own Oakland s upcoming american league baseball franchise George Rickey the new York kinetic sculptor who did the strange to put it thing outside the new Lytton office on upper Broadway is being brought Back out by Bart Lytton to adjust the sculpture. It resembles several Hun dred tin cans if you recall and is supposed to be a Mobile or moving thing and Rickey will make it More so. That should be an it. Oooo Les Malloy the sol tycoon finally walked at taking tue5- Bill Fiset robbed cabbie has Short Day cab Driver Oren Homer 46, retired municipal judge Stan was pistol whipped and robbed key chairman of the Flag late last night by his first and Only fare. Horner told police he had just begun his shift when he pulled in j front of the greyhound bus Ter i Minal and a Man asked him is this cab for committee of the . Association of Alameda county and at Torney Robert Davis appeared in support of the Flag. Davis said that the . Is an established part of american j policy and supported by the Ma-1 Jority of people. The port he Liis 13-year-old son David fishing to their one room j soon the passenger got said is a part of american poli Shack in the Santa Cruz mountains because he told became us icy and is justified in erecting the boy i just can t sleep Well the kid con-1picious of his fare he told the . Flag was designed fessed whenever Malloy Falls asleep he snores and David has been waking him up by making noise in Oakland the John Sebastian were telling their daughter Darcie who s a Bright eyed 11, that news Story from the Tribune about the poor old grizzly Bear loaded with Porcupine quills and How rangers tried desperately but in vain to save it from heart failure by giving it artificial respiration. Darcie was fascinated and wanted to know Mouth to Mouth ,000-0-. Brace yourself atty. Harry Gonick is about to file a suit against California for a husband in Oakland whose j wife escaped from a mental Hospital and came Home. She told the husband she d been allowed to come Home fixed him some Coffee and loaded it with a knockout drug. While the husband was unconscious she performed surgery on him the. Kind to make his voice higher As Gonick says a Man who s gone through that should have recourse even though he s now undergoing cos Metic repair for i suppose to save face at the Golf club. Oooo at the breakfast meeting of the Oakland citizens committee for Urban renewal the Oakland real estate Board handed out its own reprints of a Magazine article entitled the White Man can t help the Black i thought in Urban renewal everyone helped add to experiences we Veall had Larry dried Rick a san Leandro Spray Painter bought a 51 dark Blue Ford Hardtop from a woman. She gave him the Pink slip signed off by the Guy who d owned it before she did. Larry transferred title to his own name then sold the car to a Guy who did t Transfer it again. The other Day Larry got two Oakland police warrants on traffic tickets. The woman also got two warrants As did a Friend of the prior owner someone who d never even seen the car. The car itself missing o. O o o Joe Janlois who has Mory s liquors on Broadway thinks Over a social Issue a few weeks and then comes up with a line the new superstition is that it s unlucky to Light three draft cards on a single match .3ud Heyde the Kubr newscaster reporting a Hayward fire she d left the fire burning on her mean Grid dle in Livermore Glenn Coffey has been dying to show Rita Tushingham in the Knack at his Vine theater but the other film offered is invariably for kids and he in t about to risk the Wrath of parents by running if it ill Qto no Poffar in Ninor a. City Council in next month s election oooo How to drop your Teeth Hayward s mrs. Patty Springer welcomed her 6-year-old, Rose Mary Home from Palma Ceia school and the child said my teacher Sayi i be got an experience by March 11." of science newest Sierra ski area will be tinker s Nob to Cost million just Squaw Valley. About Squaw now that tax time is la be Happy to know its ski operations Cost the state a equal to All the Concession Revenue of the state Park system the lady called Martinez police to report a burglary. She d checked and the Only thing taken was her bottle of birth control pills. The cop advised be careful Pucci. The designer did the new uniforms for Braniff airlines hostesses so naturally the girls Are now All called Pucci galore and at mannings in the first Western building a customer ordered a North Beach i wish he had t. Repeating it makes the whole column look bad. Lice. His suspicions proved Well founded when in front of 966 61st Street place in West Oak the passenger pulled a Pis Tol and ordered Horner out of the cab. The passenger relieved Horner of two wallets containing then struck the cabbie behind the ear with the gun before ing on foot. Horner Cut on the ear and f specifically t o commemorate j the founding or the United a j tons 20 years ago in san fran-1 Cisco. Earlier this year the trustees j of the san Francisco War memorial opera House refused to provide a permanent location for the Flag. The United nations association then asked the port com Mission to accept the Flag which they did. Worst feverishly to beat Mission pass builders a Tomb for fossils Providence Hospital this morn ing. Tough Auto smog Bills presented London Square brought additional opposition from miss Cor Inelia Cress. I she concentrated her protest on the Alger Hiss Case Declar ing that the . Was his Crea Tion. She also attacked uni Cef declaring that personnel of that organization were mostly Donald Anton of the tax payers association of pro j tested the Cost of the Flag s maintenance. He declared that the . Is already a terrible j Sacramento a i leg j b u r d e taxpayers and isolation to toughen Laws on Auto should not be supported further smog was introduced today by a real estate Man Sanford assemblyman Tom c. Carrell j Kraemer said the u. N. Was by Harre Demoro Fremont one of the Rich est known sources of prehistoric fossils in North America is about to be entombed by a sym Bol of today s modern civilization Concrete freeway. The source is an unused Clay Sand and gravel Quarry off Osgood Road in the Irving ton Hills. It contains traces of animal and Plant life which existed in the Bay area about 1.3 million years ago. Says Wesley Gordon a member of the Small band working feverishly to extract the treasures before the Mission pass freeway builders arrive. The freeway work May Start in about a year a City spokesman said. The fossils Are traces of Ani Mals which roamed the Bay area before there was a Bay. And probably before the Berke Ley Hills mount Hamilton Range was formed. Gordon said. -1-------- a. Way work can be postponed or the Highway rerouted Gordon lamented. Do not believe this could happen in any other part of the he said. This is the richest spot for its scientific i age in North America he added. Gordon coordinator of science for san Lorenzo unified school District has known about the Quarry s treasures for nearly 30 years. He Calls him self an Amateur Pale ontology Gordon organized a group of youngsters in 1944 for a patient step by step mining of the Quarry. He estimated pieces of Bones have been found and identified at the spot since then. The latest project. Financed by an Grant from the state division of Parks and beaches to the University of California began in december. A most important he said Are remains of the Only known appearance of an opos sum during this scientific age North he said. We never found a shrew or a mole Here before until recent he added. Also found since december is a new Antelope As yet unidentified and a jag w t w u t. Jv.u13, Colu Clicc us giant bears a species of horse which disappeared Long ago. Pec caries a pig like camels seals Mam Moths and a Mastodon have been unearthed in the quiet Al most hidden pocket in. The Hills. The paid Crew normally con Taining about six workers picks away at sections of the pit Walls. The dirt is washed and screened. Then almost Grain by Grain the material is sifted. Keen eyes pick out the Evi Dence. Pieces of a tooth a Sec Tion of Bone or an impression left in hard Clay by a Jong for gotten Plant Are carefully set aside. Often Gordon said one tooth is sufficient to identify the species of an animal. Mrs. Jean firby a University of California graduate student is preparing her master s thesis on the project and is director of the last minute program. Gordon said. The fossils will be kept As a research collection by . H is believed a Stream from what is today the Hollister area drained through the Quarry site and deposited Many of the Ani Mal remains Gordon said. As the Fossil Hunters worked Gordon gazed at the ground. Though it contains so much of the past there is life there too. Blossoms on Trees announce the a Utu of it Jive 111 the Brush arid Deer occasionally visit the area. This place could have been a Gordon said openly wondering if even rarer treas ures will be lost forever be cause of the freeway. Of he added this 1.3 million years is really Only the Way science measures time. A san Fernando. One Bill would require exhaust control devices on All used cars manufactured in 1955 or later As soon As the state approves one device that costs or less installed. The Law would be enforceable Only when a used car is sold or transferred. I conceived and is controlled Byi communists. City per led by Gas spill of another sort continued from Page 1 came from a retired coast guard rear Admiral Donald e. Mckay. He said he was not speaking for or against the Flag itself but that he feared the . Flag would be raised in a Superior position to the . High school according to Emeryville fire officials. Brakes Brake pressure warning officials said the mul fire department Crews to reach safety mechanism failure the scene erected an in is Dike to Gas away from Hentzell said the crash also truck Driver Bruce joined the the school playground. My 37 years with tie uak a broke a tank Seal and an in company Only two months ago. Virtually the entire flow in ire department i be Nev i Thau. Land fire department eternal valve. He said the valve he recently completed the com tired tem Escal Creek by storm or seen any Tang me tvs jammed when a rubber Gasket Pany Only two months ago. He drains but through a Fluke part from the lid broke free Hentzell said. A second Bill introduced today Flag in violation of Law. Provides for visual inspection the protesters Lett the by police to see that smog con i ing quietly after the commis-1 Gallons of gasoline. Recently completed the com of the gasoline also reached a Shell Oil co. Officials the Shell officials said we Are Pany s 160-hour training course sanitary sewer trailer no earned making a Complete inv stiga Tor Gas truck Drivers and was chief Hentzell ordered a 24 lion. These trucks Are Complete a truck Driver before lie joined hour shutdown of sewage treat tool devices Are installed where i sinners went on to other regular company officials said the by overhauled and everything Shell. He has a wife and three ment machinery serving Oak required. Business. Trucks brakes. Emergency checked every seven to ten children. Berkeley Albany pm Bruce told police he was Dryville Piedmont and Ala southbound driving downhill on Meda pouring the raw sewage Broadway past the Warren i of residents and major freeway overpass when he saw industries into the Bay in treat u red traffic Light at Patton de. Street and Auto traffic backed1 a fish and game expert said up the sewage dumping might turn he Sakl the foot brakes and out to be a biological then the emergency Brake j gasoline pouring onto the pm would t work. A Brake Trou i Dryville tide Flats May also take ble warning Flag indicating j its toll. At Low tide when feed less than 60 pounds of air Brake i ing shorebirds would normally pressure failed to operate. The i swarm through the area there mechanism that should have was a smell of Gas in the air. Locked every wheel on the truck newsmen who made a close sex and trailer also failed. Lamination failed to see a sin Bruce had a Choice of swing Gle Bird. Ing around stopped cars and police closed Broadway for running the red Light smashing i i u hours Anh for into the other cars or swinging j Only a single Lane of slow Razov Over a Small embankment traffic was allowed to pass trying to coast to a Stop on Pat the scene after fire department ton Street. I fit. Chief Edward Jacobs his decision to go Over the warned that Sparks from pass embankment probably save his ing autos could create a Dis own life and others according to patrolman Galio Querin a motorcycle officer at the scene. Officer Querin called Brace s Aster. Perhaps persons were late getting Home because of the Domino like series of traffic action jams elsewhere in the Region the truck hit a retaining Wall caused by the Broadway Clos and stayed upright. The trailer ure. Rolled Over smashing the top off a Tow truck almost tipped one Gas compartment and rup and a Cable snapped during Ute luring another. Gasoline delicate operation of lifting the streamed Down Patton Street trailer. Once upright a Stream and splattered several lots j of Gas poured from another up where buildings had been torn suspected fissure. Two Conj Down for rapid transit construe apartments full of Gas remained intact inc w Ere n or drained school a Block away. Fortunately a Gutter storm dram caught traffic on upper Broadway past upon did that spilling Gal from of Gas most of the fuel. One of the first the River of Gas rolled Down five hours after the Accident. Toward children who had just while a Convoy of police and walked out of Anthony Chabot i firemen escorted the Tow truck to a Shell repair Yard the trailer tipped Over again but righted and sent on its Way

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