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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1944, Page 32

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - March 3, 1944, Oakland, California Home owned controlled edited set trial of ill Oakla tuft Oakland Calif March 3, 1944 general Chennault s 14th air Force few in numbers does mighty Job in China the of the Job assigned to maj. Gen. Claire l. Chennault commander of the 14th air Force in China How Well he is executing it is emphasized by Clyde Farns Worth of associated press who has just com _ plated a tour of Forward bomber fighter bases during which he lived ate slept with the Young men who have established a new air front virtually denying the East South China seas to japanese shipping. The most striking fact says or. Farns Worth is one on which Security forbids lab much is being done with How Little. Japanese cargo ships have been bottled up in harbours or Rivers or forced from port to port along chinese coastal routes under cover of darkness or compelled to skirt Formosa to the East where they Are More exposed to . Submarine attack. Even the fanatical enemy does not withhold respect for these Superb warriors. The Yangtze River is the main artery foe the japanese Conquest of China. General Chennault s task is to make this a River of death for the enemy As Well As to smash their shipping on the sea lanes. Some of his of but too few planes Are for the first time completely manned by chinese these american trained fliers Are doing a magnificent Job. But the immediate need of course is for More b-24 liberators More trained personnel. One of the greatest handicaps of the 14th is War weariness among its overworked fliers. Or. Farnsworth quotes a Young Pilot of one of the b-24 liberators As saying i m afraid the folks Back Home have the Ide that the sky Here is full of american planes that s one of the results of doing a Job Lik we Are doing this lad is 24 years old reports the associated press newsman. He is wearing i first moustache but his face is As lined Anc tired As that of a much older Man. He a about 400 hours of Mission flying time. On a Man has Learned the peculiarities of com Bat Here he is counted far too valuable to be relieved after 30 or 40 bombing missions a he might be in other general Chennault s great service on the China front his rejection of any thought o impossible despite handicaps Supply difficulties greater than any confronting com Manders in other Battle areas is recognizes by the Allied supreme command. The Al most superhuman efforts of his devoted Young fliers both chinese american to make Good for him is heart warming one of the epic stories of this most terrible of All wars. Only a handful they nevertheless have achieved mightily out of Al proportion to their numbers in acquainting the treacherous enemy with the size of it Blunder at Pearl Harbor. In the face of their enormous heroism none Here at Home Wil dare withhold any blows thus delay the production of the planes they so badly need that they know so Well How to use every resource of the Navy every capacity of Admiral Nimitz general Macarthur will be stretched to get trained personnel adequate supplies through to their support Relief. Predicting Oil no one but a sort of human Willow Wand a Man who can sense what is beneath the sur face of the Earth or peer with Superman vision through the layers of Rock soil could be capable of telling us How much Oil there is left untouched in the United states. This belief expanded pointedly comes from James a. Moffett former executive vice president of the Standard Oil company who likes neither the idea of taxpayers financing a huge Petroleum pipe line venture in Arabia nor the Coc sureness with which Petroleum administrator Harold Ickes Speaks of shortages now in the future. At last says Moffett the Superman has been found. Ickes has looked under the ground counted the number of barrels left in the United barrels of crude in his 38 years of experience Moffelt says he has heard nothing but Oil shortage but whenever a Prophet decided he knew just How much Oil was left in the Earth along came another new discovery. About the time of full was paying his re up cols to Secretary Ickes As a Crystal Gazer with Earth penetrating vision Gordon life arc interested in diesel engines added to the Oil discussions with a prediction of his own. Commercial airliners before very Long he Days will Burn Furnace Oil costing Only six cents a gallon instead of the High octane product that costs four limes that amount. For the diesel engine he insists is being perfected for air plane use within five years All commercial aircraft engines will be supplied with there Are Many who remember that when the automobile was Only a few years old we were told the country s entire petrol Eum resources would be exhausted in an other decade. We have always had prophets always had Oil. Sooner or later we May run out of the latter but it is a Brave Man who can give us the dates the figures. Far Eastern sea War for the second time in recent weeks Brit Ain s far Eastern Fleet has demonstrated its Active presence along the Northern approaches to Malacca Straits on the sealants to Singapore. Submarines of the Fleet caught a Jap aircraft Carrier of about 7000 ions off Malaya penetrated its screen of five sub Marine chasers let go with torpedoes. The admiralty in London in reporting its buc Cess said after a second attack the Carrier was seen to be hit lying stopped. A further torpedo hit the enemy amidship1 caused a violent explosion. The ship reeled Over is believed to live a successful attack on a japanese Cruiser in the same Region was also reported a medium sized Supply ship was announced sunk by a torpedo a Small vessel of the same category destroyed by gunfire. The spot where the nips ran into trouble with the British is the area where a japanese Cruiser was sunk recently. How extensive a Fleet the British have been Able to assemble in support of lord Mountbatten s Southeast Asia Campaign is something for the Jap militarists to worry about. But it is fairly obvious that if Tojo is sending any part of his mystery Fleet to the Bay of Bengal front the British will be ready to give them an argument. Hitler must answer safety for the religious historical build Ings monuments of the Rome area has been a chief concern of United states officials As the impending Battle for the italian capital draws near. The decisive answer however is clearly not ours but Germany s. The hit Ler invaders occupy the City so dear to the millions of Christendom the nazis have the say As to whether they will occupy these treasured buildings for military purposes or whether they will withdraw from their obscene desecration. If the nazis insist on using these monuments As fortresses in their attack on world order decency then Secretary of War Stimson s reply must seem reasonable. If the enemy is using these monuments there can be no the Secretary said. American lives must be safeguarded regardless of the Cost in material such is the horrible dilemma that the intolerant Bru lishness of the Hitler gangsters has posed for the Christian world. A cheer for Peru Peru Little Republic sitting on the Back Bone of the angles has accomplished some thing which has been beyond the possibilities of any other nation. It is the first coun try since Pearl Harbor to become wholly self sufficient in rubber. To be sure the total motor car registration in Peru is Only its tire producing industries need put out no More than 100 tires a Day. But a fact remains. Peru was Cut off from rubber when the unwittingly committed suicide at Perl Harbor. It exploited its rubber resources built factories is Nolc to announce that any peruvian who wishes to ride on rubber tires May do so. Other fellow by schuster the upper brackets sing a of surtax the Normal too. Three Twenty items All aimed at you. When the form s unfolded it s crowded As a bus. Before you Twenty three you have a headache plus the sugar Kings Kings of of Are Short on Gas Points the Queens Are in the Butcher shop buying joints the maids Are in their shipyard clothes of overalls jackets. But to internal Revenue they re in the upper brackets. Carroll. The old lady in our neighbor Hoot with the president thai would be Well to extend the Gooc neighbor policy to the whole world jut adds that if the Ever meets the wild Man of Borneo she is going to run like All Jap Carrier sunk Cruiser Tor if you wish expert opinion As to he whereabouts of the Jap Isk envy Jones. Wanta buy a boy a neighbouring paper enjoying a surplus of commas prints these Adb n its latest Issue for boys heavy bicycle Good condition. For or Man private Entrance Bath. Ivien they must write the other Day we read of a Young older who did t know Why he vote something with words hat just seemed to come told More Han he could have told had i Rich to Analyse his thoughts put on sentiments preserve lie exterior of the Man who was it yesterday a boy. These new Nen Given Tough times far from ome Are not old enough to under tand that in almost every adult he falter on a Cane r comb his is always something or much of the boy lat something goes Back in the ome fires the discarded toys 1he id friends among humans pooches i bits or turtles every Little affection circumstance in his Stith. A Sailor Harold a. Voss in our .s.o. Center just had to write something while he was there Lis is what he wrote under the title a very tic through nil these years of hopeless Ness i be found a very True Friend he one i love Trust the most Trust until the end. Of have no Hopes fears As much As one without a Friend love but few. And mostly you god bless you to the end. He sort of let me says hostess to whom he confided that in Friend was his Mother. And c was very far from it a whack Elihu Root was with b. Reynolds Sec teary the Treasury some matters con crying a Trade conference in Reynolds had been selected attend. I said Root you speak a said Reynolds. "1 have o trouble making myself under Ood by cab Drivers head wait i replied Root but sup Osc there should be no cab Drivers r had waiters at the journal Stalingrad at Anzio the War today no More stalling for Turkey or Spain by de Witt Mackenzie army Navy decorations by Comet j. Strebig the relations of Turkey Spain o the matter which has a bearing on the length of the arc in the it National limelight. Neutrality in global conflict Calls or discretion hours sense n the part of practitioners. One of ignition of this status is that it s in state of being neither Good nor id. The turks have caused heartburn is by being too Good whereas pain has made the mistake of canine too heavily to the bad Side. Hat is. Ankara is said to have failed o respond to Allied pressure to ome into the War against the nexis Hill Generalissimo Franco has con Nudd to be Hitler s water boy. Britain reportedly has suspended livery of supplies both military id civilian to Turkey Macri in lend Locasc is said to be in Udud. Some in the turkish capital inclined to interpret this As Cal Ila Tod to Force Tho turks o gel to the War on the. Allied Side. Mali doubt re that As it May. There s Small Publ that should Turkey match her my up the Balkan Peninsula an irly effect Likely would be to make Bulgaria desert the Axis pro an upheaval which would cover the right flank of Hitler s ittle line in Russia. This would opel him to make a Quick Retreat r face disaster. At the time of the recent Confer ices of America Britain rus a. It was generally understood lat the big three had pressed Turkey to join them in the War. I was informed by a High source that the turks acquiesced but said not today Ankara was re ported to be insisting on the de livery of More military equipment by the allies to be afraid they could t furnish the goods. It s difficult to see Why the allies should Stop supplies to Turkey solely for the purpose of forcing her into the War. However it would be quite understandable if America Britain suddenly found their equip mint supplies needed else where. Preparations for the coming invasion of Western Europe May be calling for More equipment originally anticipated. Still it s obvious that the halting of supplies to Turkey is a Stone which might kill two Birds at once. Strict neutrality As regards Spain All that America Britain Ever have asked has been that Franco adhere to strict neutrality. There has been no Effort to Force him into belligerency against the Axis. The trouble is that the Spanish dictator up to the present has been to All intents Bulli Crent in Hitler s Camp even going to the extent of sending to against the russians. Spain has been one of the main avenues of Supply for the l Hitler its from the outside world even recently she provided them with fresh i edits so that they could continue to buy the wherewithal with which to fight the allies. That s Why the United states a month Ngo stopped Oil shipment to Spain thereby causing a gasoline shortage Andaman attack coming is new Deal losing negroes Raymond new York March 3.-thc democratic majority in the House continues to produce by elections which show an increasing tide against the new Deal. The first Day of March brought some More by election returns in new York state also news of the death of congressman t. H. Cullen a new d e a 1-Jtaithful-to-thc-Cnd. W hich Means another by election before Long. The contest in the 2isl new York District Wax Between a Republican mined William s. Bennett i of Titi h. Torrens a tammany Mth Ful who asked for election on ground that he would stand by pro Dent. Torrens was elected narrow margin of 1571 votes 7% of the Light vote Cost. A. Gavagan former Holder was elected in by or of the vote cast. Reverol cannot be ascribed to mint vote Becaum it May is that tammany worked us Ever to Fet out in veto. Tim it fool or the few nth in of the sections of this variegated District. When the traveler enters new York on the new York Central the train turns away from the Hudson River at spy ten Duvil Fol lows the Harlem River which divides Manhattan from the Bronx. The traveler if he has a seat is facing the locomotive if the window is not too Grimy sees at hi.1 right until he reaches 125th Street the estimable Domain known As the 21st congressional District. Htit District for the purpose of state representation is divided into five As Serh Bly districts. National meaning. Lie of these filth Assembly Dis trial begins at 123lh Street fifth Avenue stretches Over the most authentic negro District in the . This Assembly District was before Pearl Harbor strongly favourable to the president s foreign policy. In a newspaper poll published on july 15, 1941, it was one of the very few Assembly districts that voted entering the War to Mlp Britain defeat la on that was Over while the City wide vote was it gave the internationally minded la Guardia in a three it gave to one majority Roosevelt votes in Willio 5335 votes. Also in 1942. It gave Dewcy a slight combined democratic american labor party vote. Kkt Versai cited in this present congressional election this . Gave the demo . Candidate Only 275 votes it gave his Republican opponent 400. In 1942, it gave , candidate the Congress 2900 votes his Republican opponent 2094 votes. The lesson of this by election is that the apathetic voters to the were singularly screams of the canted Etc who pledged his support in Congress to the president. The vote was especially Light among the negroes. Those in the negro Assembly District who voted showed a tremendous reversal of Altitude even compared with it is one thing for an army on in offensive to be . O find itself in trouble to fight s Way out. Bui what really counts thereafter is whether in so doing it handles the enemy so roughly that it can resume its Advance upon its objective. The objective of the British Mth army is necessarily the port air base of Akaab. The measure of that army s present Suc Cess is to be found in whether it can now r c s u in c its Advance on Akaab. Very Likely this will in part de Pend on whether the japanese can in reinforcements. The Jap anese troops which tried to sur round the two rescued divisions Are probably in no shape to offer effective opposition to a renewed British thrust to the southward. The japanese will need More troops for the defense of a Yob the British May Well need More in order to so ahead to be noted one interesting Point is that West african troops arc pushing toward Akaab on a parallel course to the East Ward of the roads being followed by the 5th 7th Indian divisions. If. In the next Fow weeks the tide of Battle Rolls southward toward Akaab we shall have the Best pos sible evidence that the Mth army has accomplished something move than merely to thwart the enemy s intentions. Preu Minard move the taking of Akaab itself is however Only one of the prelim Inary moves which must precede any Large scale operation directed toward the expulsion of. The Jpn Anes from Burma. There has been evident a growing belief in informed quarters that no tally big move in the Southeast Asia theater can be expected within the near future. The troops if Admiral lord Louis Mountbatten s command Are keep ing up minor pressures along the Frontier which certainly keep a Good Many japanese troops Busy Are therefore of some diver value but not Likely to pro decisive probably one move that can be expected is a jump to the Andaman islands. In View of the decline of japanese air Power As evidenced by conditions in the Pacific in China a British amphibious of oration against the Andaman seems full of Promise. H would not Only give the British forces a Well placed Advance base for any future Landing on the burmese coast but it would be of rent defensive value As against a possible irruption of the japanese Fleet into Tho Bay of Ben Gal. If British air Power woe firmly established in the Andaman perhaps in Tho Nicobar islands to the southward As Well the Jap anese would hardly dare to try to bring any considerable naval Force out of the Northern exit of the Strait of Malacca. Even if they did Man age to sneak out the Odds would be very great against their Ever getting Back in again. Flank ship Foute moreover a British emplacement in the Andaman would flank the japanese shipping route to Moul main Rangoon. Probably it would Seal off those ports Asef festively is some of the japanese positions in he Southwest Pacific Are now scaled off by american by passing tactics. This would leave the japanese garrisons in Burma entirely dependent on their land communications with Thailand which Are of very Low capacity be cause of the intervening Mountain Range. Across this Range there is one Road from Chie Nimni in Thailand which the japanese have improved they Are reported to be building a narrow gauge rail Way farther Smiith. Which May pos Sibly be completed by this time linking the narrow gauge burmese railways with the Standard gauge system of Thailand. But one Moun Tain Road one hastily built Nar Row gauge railway Over heavy Mountain do not taken together Promise very much in the Way oium of suppl is. Certainly they would not be Ade quate for the Supply of an army of five or six divisions such As the japanese Are Row maintaining in Burma even considering that As far As food is concerned the japanese can Livo off the country. They must still bring in from outside their am munition equipment spare parts Engineer stores in addition the Coal for the operation of the Bur Mese railways whose locomotives Are All Coal burning. Thus a British thrust at the Andaman seems to offer great advantages. But even for that an Advance Down the coast to Akaab would be a useful preliminary for Al a Yob the British bombers their com rades of the 10th . Army air Force would be Only 400 Miles from the northernmost Island of the an Daman group whereas at present in Ceylon they Are 800.miles away. This might make an important Dif frence when the time for an attack on the Andaman comes. It might be verse the Napa City fathers have adopted an ordinance barring a lure roosters from the City news items it s a Hen s wailed the rooster. It s a Biddy s he said i must Fly the Coop or perish. I must flee to save my head i must pack my comb tooth Brush i must hit the lonesome Trail you will. Hear my voice no longer when the Dawn is wan Pale i have almost crowed my head off i am almost in a Stew All because i Greet the Sunrise with Acock a Doodle Doo i shall Bow to circumstances As has always been my wont i shall change the cock a Doodle Doo to cock a by Jack Burroughs the class in end. Comp. A Soldier describes action in the Pacific. A was like living on a Bull s which drove All private cars motorcycles off the roads. Franco has been using his so neutrality As insurance against an Allied Victory. He is ideologically pro German is credited with hoping for a nazi Vic tory. Back in july 1941, when Al lied fortunes were terribly Low. He bawled America out for timing strings to its financial help he accused England of prolonging the War. He claimed that the conflict was Over that Germany was the Victor. Al Caudillo As they Call the dicta Tor never has quite got Over the idea that Hitler was to Rule Europe. So the Anglo american team recently has applied the screws again to bring him into real neutrality. The forum exemption not omitted editor s note in the forum of March 1, Jack a. Dowling of Llandro voiced criticism of this Washiington. March the army had distributed 126.526 decorations among 7.500.000 men up to january 1, while the Navy had awarded but 7073 medals to its personnel. The apparent unbalance appears to lie almost entirely in the different treatment of honors for the aviation branches. Eight out of nine army decorations were distinguished flying crosses or air medals including Oak Leaf clusters which denote a second award of the Bame in the Navy Only one medal in three was a or an air medal. Repeat awards of a medal arc of rare in the Navy that separate Fig ures were not available. In army the number of clusters was of which 59.994 were aviation honors compared with Origi Nal decorations. In air Branch the air Branch accounts for just under one third of total personnel in both the army the Navy. The army air medal was the most generally distributed medals Oak Leaf clusters. The key to this is the interpretation of the regulations under which the award becomes automatic for a specified number of flights in com Bat operations. The Rule says the air medal May be awarded to recognize sin Gle actions of Merit or sustained operational activities against the some theater commanders have been awarding the air medal for a fixed number of sorties usually five with in Oak Leaf Cluster for each succeeding soup of sorties. Thus the air medal on the Chest of army flying personnel crewmen As Well As pilots visually indicates the number of combat flights Lathor than distinguished action. The Navy was the Navy has no such method of automatic awards but beyond that does not appear to be particularly stingy with honors. It recently was noted however f that maj. Gregory Boyington Marinc corps fighter Pilot reported missing after shooting Down his 26th japanese plane had not received a decoration. Navy officials no explanation for the situation beyond Jay ing that they hold to a Nosul interpretation of the statutes authorizing the various decorations. Shoot ing Down the enemy is a fighting Man s Job. In official said therefore an award is not justified unless circumstances make the action unusually in Boyington s Case an officer said it is probable that an award recommendation n o w is going through although no in formation will be Given out until the process has been completed. The Navy recently authorized the wearing of a ribbon but with no medal involved to indicate a receipt of a letter of commendation from the Secretary of the Navy or the commanders in chiefs of the United states Fleet the Atlantic Fleet the Atlantic Fleet or the Al civic Fleet. The ribbon is Myrtle Green with a White Stripe on each end. The figins on awards do not in clude the purple heat i which is Given automatically for combat wounds requiring treatment by a paper for As he wid. Fall inc to medical officer. The army Latch the purple heart above the air medal the Navy it below. Hic arc figures on decorations form the people of this state that j they Are entitled to an exemption of on their Victory tax be cause the Federal government recognizes californians n stale where the Law of Community property holds or. Bowling s criticism is mis taken. On february 13, in the Tribune s detailed explanations of the new Law this paragraph appeared in 10 Point double spaced Typo an exemption of is Al Lowed a husband wife filing a joint return unless the Victory tax net income of one spouse is less than in which Case the total exemption is limited to plus the Victory tax net income of such on february 21, this information was repeated in a column on figuring your income again on february 22 25. Thankful for information to Ilif i dior in february 25 copy of the Oak land Tribune appeared a Sample computation of Federal income tax with the Long form 1040. By James George Zielke i had my report but was Only Harlow started about half right half through. After Reading it carefully Start ing Over erasing an error in a lot of places i finally completed the entire form. But i would have never made Ilif you had not placed used simple terms in the paper. I wish to thank you for the above same. Geo. D. Steidinger. Concord March 2. I interpreting bark let to the editor just a few words regarding the recent disagreement Between sen Ator Barkley democratic Leader in the Senate president Franklin a Roos veh. Some newspapers have quite naturally grabbed hold of this Opportunity to set f. D. A before the Public in an unfavourable Light Are using quite extensively such fallacious bromides As Barkley in repudiating the president expressed a desire to no longer sub Mit to White House or. Editor in the interests of Unity accuracy for the Sake of clarification i offer the Fol lowing facts to the readers of Tho Oakland Tribune senator Barkley accept ing his new leadership let reporters know based Issue. That the Strong speech solely on the Revenue Bill he informed these reporters that he was in no Way denouncing by the army the Navy in the order of their standing medals clip St Cone. Medal of Honor 2ii service Cross 1 040 distinguished service medal 2-14 lesion of Merit. I 871 Silver Star flying Soldier s air 2.051 00 23 2ft to 58.5m Majl 60.-i74 medals congressional medal of Honor. 44" Navy Cross 31fi distinguished sen ice medal. 104 Lycion of Merit Silver Star j Jwj distinct shr a flying so Navy Marine corp medal. 733 air medal 7073 tort the president As a fourth term candidate to lend our people. it understood that president Roosevelt s attack upon Congress for that poor bit of tax plus the social Security freeze Issue were the pre dominant reasons for his disagree ment. Made the Point Clear hot at no time hns he Ever submitted m to any White House that is Why his violent disagree mint on this Issue was so spectacular. A cob urn. When peace comes to the editor in View of the fact that a recent Survey reveals that two out of k three women now engaged in War work have declared their intentions to continue working after the War it behoves us to consider the immediate adoption of such restrictive measures As will limit the employment of women to economic tilds of Normal feminine Endeavor. Although women have very definitely proven that they can More than hold their own while do ing the chores of even on the must to realized that if we Are to avoid another More devastating depression the employment of both men women must be adjusted in Accord once with the vicious swing that is 4r found to occur during the Post War there appears to be but one Solu Tion the employment of married women other than those having legitimate dependents should be thoroughly discouraged the employment of any woman in occupational Fields designed for men should be denied absolutely. Earle Brown

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