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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - June 17, 1901, Oakland, California Prints the news from to. Every town in Alameda county . L1v Oak . Calico Mia. Monday will l Al great. Shipyards at Newport news will close Down this evening. _ one result the bless Eli is Nobleman accused crime marrying a woman in Nevada. Machinists strike appears in police Atlanta ga., june special the news from Newport news says the striking machinists in the employ the Newport news company have returned work and this Plant will be closed Down at 6clock tonight. This will throw employees out work. Court in London London june Russell Cape town. June 17. Cecil Rhodes in his speech at Bull Wayo Rhodesia june 15, when he predicted that a federation South african states would come within three four years made what is regarded As n bid the premiership Cape ony. After Eulogi zing the action the rhodesian and Natalian he Sam the Only he pitied was the Mother simile. Cape Colony whose Politi Cal and religious leaders Hud incited rebellion. When federation came none the other states would have anything with her and he was afraid the people his old state who were running about like sheep without a Shepherd. coming out worst. Or. Rhodes was glad the Opportunity say a few words which he hoped would be their Good. Was arrested today a charge hav ing contracted a bigamous marriage in the United states. The Earl was met at the railway station his arrival from the country by a detective with a warrant and taken the Street police court where he was Mally charged. The Nobleman a be quite unconcerned. Charged with a felony. While Earl Russell awaited in the Ante room appear before the mag Istrate the woman whom he married in America joined him. When the Case vans called a representative the pub Lic prosecutor said the prisoner was charged with felonious by marrying mrs. Mollie Somerville daughter the late George c. Cook Comber Nauldo Scotland. The Earls marriage. The prosecution proceeded out Linn the Earl s marriage Mabel Scott his first countess the separation his subsequent disappearance from eng land with a neighbor mrs. Somerville and the discovery that he and mrs. Somerville were together at Reno Nev. On april Eru-1 Russell de a License Many mole Cooke otherwise mrs. Somerville in Nevada and a judge performed the cer Emoiy april 15. Must be they voted capture and kill their victims the i Island Many have been brought Justice tried by Peers. Counsel the Earl pointed out that the prosecution omitted mention the divorce proceedings instituted i by his lordship in America. The Earl was remanded in bail. In the event a conviction the Case will be taken the House lords As i Cirl Russell is entitled a trial by his Peers. The prosecution announced that the Nevada Ujj Istrico judge. Koehler and witnesses the marriage had arrived in England prove the ceremony. Counsel the defense intimated that Earl rus sell having secured a divorce in America believe a his subsequent marriage was be . Among the various improvements the adornment Oakland and the improvement Lake Merritt in particular one suggested by congressman Metcalf is novel attractive and practicable and will doubtless be received with general favor. Or. Metcalf suggests that the Charm Lake Merritt could be greatly increased by erecting an electric Fountain in the Center the Lake. It May be urged that the Cost will be great but the details his suggestion obviates this objection. If the water and electricity could be provided the Money erect the Fountain could probably be raised by subscription. If this were done the water and companies could prob ably be induced donate the water and lights necessary operate the Fountain. This scheme involves expenditure Public funds and. is entirely practicable. However he Only offers it As a suggestion. There is a movement among the business men Oakland have Granite substituted Sandstone in the specifications the new Post office building. It is argued that Granite will erect a much More durable and Ture than Sandstone and the business Nien Are desirous that the Postof nce. Should be an attractive feature the City s architecture. It _ when the contract was let the material selected was Utah Sandstone. It Cost but Little More have California Granite substituted and it is claimed that the difference in Cost will be More than made up in the increased Auty and durability the Structure. Besides Many urge that it would appropriate Ito construct the building California Stone in View the fact that it is Superior in every respect the material selected. A petition has been prepared circulation among the business men and leading citizens requesting senator Perkins and congressman Metcalf Lay the matter before the Treasury officials and urge them make the de sned change. doubt this will be extensively signed As the desire Jar a Granite building seems general. Spend re Fife 1 june Contra Costa water company has embarked upon Largo and extensions in la distributing system this City. The town is growing in idly and Onich bid system is inadequate the increasing needs Consumers it it ast ?40 0 0 be expended Between Jiow and next Chil this in Menlai gang h p Stem Ami the a. Large of Inch distributing Mains will be Lam Small pipe w i be taken up and Argyr pipes substituted there till also. A Extension the service a considerable portion the entire sys tem will be thoroughly Livelli aupied aria re paired because repairs in the past have kept Pace with prior the Pii Chase the Riant the tra Costa company the pipe system had been deca and smaller pipes than Are were in use be cause the water was limited that lat str ones have been comparatively users Miniger Adams says he company intends place the Burke Ley Sis Lem in thorough King Condi Tion by Winter. Washington june philippine mail brings the War depart ment the records in cases wherein filipinos were tried until tary Corn mis Sions charges including murder rape kidnapping assault and Battery burglary and violation the rules War. An especially notable Case arose out the operations a famous oath bound band filipinos called the society the chief executioner. The principal off cens this society next a triumvirate chiefs Are a chief executioner and a. Requisite num Ber grave dig Gers who participate in the self appointed work the band. The leaders select their victim capture and carry him away in the night a secret rendezvous a Sandy Beach covered with very tall grass where the diggers have already prepared the grave. I stabbed death. Here in the presence the Assem bled baud helpless men and women from time time have been stabbed death and tossed into the Graves. The members the band then disperse and Trust the fall the nearby Waters hide the evidence their ghastly ten members the band including two the chiefs were tried before a military commis Sion and eight them were sentenced be hanged. approving the sentences general Macarthur says m Arthur says. the reviewing authority it is evident that there can be peace the filipinos Security their lives and property until they shall learn unite against All bands murderers anal assassins under whatever name they shall assume and come the assistance the officers the Law in their determination bring them All to sentence was death. In another Case an armed band about Twenty five filipinos carried away nine the inhabitants the Barrio casvant Illarian and by repeated blows from the Butts their rifles drove them the presid Encia cab Aruan. Here All hands drank freely Vino and the prisoners were made drunk. Then according the Testi Mony two the prisoners who escaped the others were led off in the direction a prove Trees where two Days later their beheaded bodies were discovered. The members the band who were captured received sentences death. Attacked by bands. Four native policemen who had been sent gather Wood a detachment american troops were set upon. One Oil their number was killed and another lost his Arm. A member the band which attacked them was sentenced Twenty years imprisonment. A native named Miranda was tried four charges. A band under his leadership ambushed robbed and killed two native Brothers. Later the accused led his band against the country House a native set it afire looted its contents and carried off into the Fields three daughters the owner robbing them their jewelry. Three Days later his band attacked the town residence the same native and thoroughly sacked it. His last crime was the murder a native named Adelino who frequented a gambling House kept by his Inamaria the sole reason that Adeline had paid a gambling debt. Miranda was sentenced be hanged. murder. Three natives were tried charged with the murder private Henry f. Shafer company a seventeenth in Fantry. They were sentenced be hanged but this was commuted by general Macarthur in the Case two imprisonment life and in the Case the other one imprisonment Twenty years. Judge renders a sensational decision. Claims that his wife was in suited by the i pastor. Sensational trial i in a Jersey court new York june g Barker was placed trial in ithe Hud court Jersey City today before judge Blair charged with As Sault with intent to on february 3d last Barker shot Rev John Keller Arlington n. J., Vicartrinity Church that place while i was his Way Ito fort Lee Assis at the ordination a minister. Barker stepped out from the Shadow a hedge and fired Keller with a Revol ver. I according Barker s Story mrs Barker told him shortly before the shooting that about eighteen months previously. Keller called her she was alone in the House and made an improper proposal and when she repulsed him he attacked her violently and she fainted. Or. Keller denounced the Story Asut Terly false. He declared that his whole life was a refutation the charge. The Impan Eling the jury occupied less than an and then prosecutor Irwin open d the Case the state. 1hreetsno made a demand an increase wages which was refused. i 1 Cincinnati .o., june 17.-judge tar Vlf rendered a sensational decision in. The Kenton county circuit court at in ky., today in the strike tempt Case. In the decision judge Tfir l attacks and criticises the Federal court judge Walter Evans presiding. He says that the decision the United states court was records that had been forged. Judge Tarvin Points Cut the l surgeries were made arid rays the lec Ikon is without Prece Dent and without foundation truth and s a vindictive abuse Power first dividend a Railroad in ten years new 5tobk, june a special meet Uig the Missouri Pacific d rect ois a semiannual dividend and one half per cent Nas declared the s is the first dividend declared by the company since 1891 rights were Given stockholders record july 5th. sub sort be 15 per cent. Of. Their holdings at Par. Atac As Montreal june the trackman s Union announce that be tween and tiie Canadian Pacific Railroad company s trackman struck today an increase the trackman receive an average 1.15 a1 Clay want an increase from 10 20 cents a Day according locality. They claim that while the Canadian Pacific pretended ii crease their waives 5 cents a Day they really decreased previously t Nat the week s wage by St is cents through cutting Down tick that the company. Who apparent decrease still Sittl the better the trackman by 57m cents it week. The company claims that the men arc As paid As any other Road. Teus his trip Deputy county cleric Jack Cook and wife have returned from a pleasant out ing1 in 1he puget sound country upoi1 which they Antte Reil june 4, when they sailed from Here the Steamer Umatilla. They made the round trip the same vessel. Speaking the Outing. Cook said today the trip was a pleasant the water being1 smooth Throux Hoiu. We visited Victoria port Townesnd Seattle and Taco Iua. There is a great Deal Busi Ness done in s.eattle-. Of course the Oasis Seattle s big Success was the Alaska Trade but she has also a Fine Trade with the Orient China and Japan. She has a line steamers in connection with the great Northern running Between herself and Tacoma . China Japan and the Philippines. There Are a number Fine business blocks five and six stories High going up there population is about Seattle has killed port Vasend. There is nothing in port town Send but Iha custom House. At one time port Townsend premised be quits a business place. can t find an empty residence business building in Seattle. The rates. Rent Are a residence commanding Al l per Krige Boner War unitarian tuesday killed the principal the Dothan school june Hankin until saturday assistant the principal the Dothan Public schools Day shot and killed George a Mcneal. Principal schools and then blew out his brains. Professor Hank was dropped from the list and endeavoured secure reinstatement but without Suc Cess by i Iii Injo break in a Reservoir is discovered in the Nick j Jime. Mounted couriers r warn the Farmers. Tons Gold Are going Europe. Ncik York june 17 Heide Bach tick Neheimer will ship jl.500at1 Gold the Steamer sailing Europe Lonow i the sum Lalueni Tropi the sub Treasury today i e dipped the steam i latin us City . Kyj Towl exports Are colo., Juno 17.-a break in. The Walls the Larimer and Weld Reservoir has Jilane d Many lives in danger and May destroy thousands dollars Worth property. The Reservoir is situated Trio North Hank the i Vundre about one and a half Miles North fort Collins. I has a capacity Many million Gallons water Anc is Lulea overflow ing. This Mornine a Brcik was discovered in the dam and the water was pouring through it like a Small River. The alarm was quickly Given in fort Collins and engineers were sent examine the dam. They reported that there was great Dan Ger the dam giving Way and letting out All the water in the Reservoir. Ranch men in the Valley were notified by mounted couriers pet places safety As soon As possible. There Are about 150 ranches in the path the probable flood. It is thought that fort Collins is in any danger it is the Touth Side the Poudre which will undoubtedly carry off part the flood. and deaf Lumen will give All kinds inform a Jufe 17. 1901 property East the Hays tract is sold a Large sum. The Molineux Case is be fore the court appeals. Was once convicted a foul murder Bowen sparkles fruit syrups Mineral Waters monday tuesday wednesday Cf f a e Pasha 2 1h oysters Large can 251 n e s i7i our Choice extra selected s a r d i imported Reg in and can Cocoa Van Reg in 950 15 2 in lib cans g e 1 j Liu l_uu5 e l a t i n e j re Corn 2 250 j w e e t pin Money pint baby Reg in in can pickles prunes 4 ibs 250 California Reg in in s a u s a g e Deer foot farm Reg in 35c a can 2 550 tomatoes solid packed Reg in 35c quart Glass Jar 2 acc toilet Colgate turkish Bath Reg in s a r s soap rur j p a r i 1 1 a Good the blood t Reg in is. 50 r w h s y _ Reg in special 83 75 an old and reliable Brand 25 Csc club f j 85c c 1 a r e t v As pure As the higher priced f r u i t s y flavor Reg Lynx. Quart to t h Reg in 250 bottle r u p s pw d fruit 35c press 250 Florida water Murray Lanman regular Price 45 c we ship the country Camp at City prices quickly despatched carefully packed 4ji Pine Aji Suiter Iboo cil Torala Sui _ Tui Leebah Oak loto Buffalo .x.t., june Sec Ond plea the life Roland b. Ill Inex claimed by the Law the pros serious murder by Poison mrs. Kat Icrine j. Admins in new York december 1s9s, began today before the court appeals. Chief judge Parker and associate judges Vann bar Lett Graybrien Haight and Werner will decide the Appeal and the respective arguments Are in the hands specially retained counsel. John g. Milburne represents the defendant and former United states senator David b. Hill Speaks the people. Record the Case. The printed record the Case is the largest Ever submitted in the state in a criminal Case and upon its consideration during the interim Between find the fall session the court rests the decision. The Oral argument sub mitting the briefs is be Short and it i. Anticipated that it will be concluded by tomorrow afternoon. The officers the court fearing the annoyance a Large crowd locked the outer doors the supreme court room and admitted the privileged few by Pri vate Entrance. General Molineux the aged father the and David l. Carvalho the handwriting expert who advised the defense at the trial were present. Time argument. Judge Parker Salced counsel if an Extension beyond the hours usually allotted an argument was desired. Or. Milburne said lie would probably re quire four hours. Or. Hill nodded his approval and it arts agreed that each Side should have four hours. Nature Appeal. Or. Milburne began his address the defendant with a Brief statement. The charge and nature the Appeal following it with what he called a sketch the chief personnel in the Case. He sketched the training Young Molineux As an expert paint and color manufacturer and in turn told his connection with the Knickerbocker and new York athletic Cluba his marriage Blanche Cheesebro Urh and his relations with Harry Cornish manager. The Knickerbocker athletic club. Or. Milburne passed the receipt a bottle purporting Tain Medicine and mrs. Adams death after taking a dose the supposed Medicine and contended that the prosecution had failed connect the accused with the sending the bottle through the mails. Negotiations other property. The activity in water front property continues. Following he recent deals water s Taffe session s Basin and the Vicinity Boole s shipyard comes reliable intelligence another lame Sale property lower i Harbor. I this involves the Transfer 700 Leet j water frontage lying Between Boole s ship Yard find the Hays tract. The piece is in the neighbourhood i. Rank Alameda is isaid concerned in this Deal but it is Given out who the real purchaser is it Ite Ingr presumed that. Rank does desire the property his own use. It is generally understood that several Darge manufacturing concerns i Are looking advantageous locations along the Harbor front and the recent deals in water frontage property naturally connected. It is a fact that negotiations Are Progress in regard every piece unused North Side water front property Between the coun t Bridge land the Point. Ai these be j lations Are being conducted through three parties Manifest this great est Reliance when questioned the subject. All this unused property will have be improved make it available commercial uses. It will have be and filled in wharves constructed and berth room dredged out the Channel. Therefore these deals mean improvements along the Harbor front in the near future. Operations the Basin property recently purchased by j. L. Ery have , Aind will be diligently prosecuted. It May , that the information in regard these somewhat contradictory but the source the Tribune s statements appear be wholly reliable. E. Pc. Sessions said this morning that Deal the property Between the Hays tract and Boole s shipyard had As yet been consummated though he admit Ted that negotiations were being ducted relative All the open property an that Vicinity. I i i rear Admiral Rodgers has arrived in Manila. June 17.-Thi Navy derailment has received a cablegram from rear Adu Ileal Rodgers aboard the new York announcing his arrival at Manila. He is Back from a trip Colonga p. I., the site the new naval Sta Tion in. The Krige Boer War unitarian Church tuesday evening 25 Fritsch Fine tailoring Abrahanson building thirteenth and Washington phone Brown 576. Just completed the Northeast Corner thirty fifth and Market sts., 2-Story House 6 Large rooms Bath reception Ball Large closets and every modern improvement. All open plumbing porcelain siak and Bath. Cemented basement with laundry. Easy terms. William j. Dingee 903 Broadway Oakland before leaving Home store your trunks silverware other valuables in the Safe Deposit vaults the Oakland Bank savings charges moderate individual steel safes rent four dollars a year

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