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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 8 1954, Page 21

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - June 8, 1954, Oakland, California Oakland s locally onto and locally controlled Baily news after if you have seen Effie Oakland lolling in the Back of vol. Cox a handsome Sedan waving her trunk enthusiastically out the window you May have wondered if the elephant might not be a problem As she grew older. Your surmise was Correct. Sooner or later Effie was certain to outgrow the Sedan. When she arrived Here 36 months ago Effie was 13 months old stood a Mere 38 inches High and weighed Only 300 pounds. At that time she subsisted on cooked Rice and canned milk says Sid Snow big game Hunter and zoo manager. Today the elephant eats eight dozen bananas daily plus 10 loaves of bread six pounds of mixed fruits carrots and potatoes 10 pounds of grass and 20 pounds of Hay. Effie has grown. Although still a child elephant she weighs pounds and is adding 50 pounds a month. More important she s 6 feet tall. That s a lot of elephant to put in the Back of your car. Snow realized this when transporting the elephant to childrens Hospital Effie s pounds proved too much for the car s overload Springs. For a time it seemed that Effie might be grounded depriving Small Fry of pleasant visits. And no doubt to the great satisfaction of such As the fellow who quitting a Macarthur blvd. Bar was confronted by what appeared to be an elephant s trunk waving from the rear window of an otherwise sedate Sedan. The fellow paled trembled and when last seen was plunging Back into the bar for a bracer it s Good to report that Oaklander have come to Effie s Rescue. Mrs. Joseph William Kramm of the Kramm distributing company has offered a Low bed truck into which Effie fits perfectly and Roy Lake motor truck District manager for International Harvester company has offered to make necessary improvements. Effie Oakland the siamese elephant will soon again be driving local streets waving her trunk happily at pedestrians and bringing so the siamese insist Good fuck to those who see her. 0 v life of Armstrong Back in county Galway Ireland it apparently in t the life of Riley any More. It s the life of Armstrong. N. W. Thoroughly enjoying his retirement As Alameda county development commissioner is tour ing Ireland and according to word he has sent Back is being royally entertained. Part of the reason for the wining and dining and sight seeing he is experiencing is a couple of contacts he has made. One is with Thomas Concannon retired government official who is an Uncle of j. S. Concannon Livermore vintner. The Irish Leader lived in Alameda county Many years ago and is a graduate of the old Livermore College. The other Contact is with Bishop Michael Browne brother of the Rev. Thomas Browne pastor of the Church of the Assumption at san Leandro. Bishop Browne was a visitor Here a few months ago attending the dedication of his brother s new Church on foothill Boulevard. Cd 0 with Mustard when does one Quick lunch eateries too closely re semble another this important question arose when a of not dog stands asked for an injunction in the court of Superior judge Richard h. Chamberlain. They claimed that a new eateries operated by Brooks Holder and Jack Hambrick had copied their hot dog diners. Judge Chamberlain decided that personal investigation was in order. He noted that one eateries Sells milk shakes the other does t. The prices Aren t the same. Architecture is similar but not identical. One establish ment is decorated in red and White the other in Blue and White with the latter featuring lunch tables under Blue and White umbrellas some Chain dog diners Are sur mounted by electric clocks the new establishment in t. And although attendants of each Wear White uniforms and Black ties the name of each firm is inscribed on Caps worn by employees. Judge Chamberlain denied the injunction ruling that these differences made stands readily distinguishable by an ordinarily observant with 10 establishments involved this report should set at rest an insidious Rumor that has swept the local Legal beagles Superior judge Chamberlain seen every where at hot dog stands has not gone about hot dogs. 0 a ten Miles one length this might be an item which freeway Drivers could with profit paste on their dashboards. Highway patrol commissioner b. R. Caldwell again advises motorists that an Auto travels one and one half times its speedometer Speed in feet per second. At 30 m.p.h., that s 45 feet per second. At 60, 90 feet. Caldwell notes that since three quarters of a second passes before the average Driver can apply the and at Only 30 m.p.h., that s about 33 a Good Rule to allow an intervening distance Between cars of one car length for each 10 Miles of Speed. The advice Caldwell says is aimed particularly at bumper Drivers who never Are the ones tossed through windshields when there s a rear end crash. Familiar names chances Are the pioneers would be pretty disconcerted if they could know what has happened to the pronunciation of California place names. In a Hundred years the pronunciations of Many of the old Spanish place names have changed subtly under the Impact of the speech habits of millions of people. Old timers who regret the change will Welcome a Booklet published by the american Trust company to celebrate its first 100 years of banking. Compiled by Thomas p. Brown it s called colourful California gives their history and meaning. Today most people say san Lee an Dro. Actually Brown notes Sahn Lay Ahn Droh is Correct if you accept original pronunciations As proper. Al a Traz we say. Generations ago it was Ahl Cah trans. San of Zay the name is slurred nowadays. Sahn Hoh say the Early californians said. What s More Alameda was a soft a Lah May Dan. You said nah pah in Pioneer Days rather than Napa. Benicia was Bay Nee Syah. You d have spoken of the Embarcadero along the Estuary As the am Bahr Cah Day Roh. Al Cerrito was pronounced Al say ree Toh. Milpitas Meel pee tags. Santa Cruz Sahn Tah Croce. Tamal pais named for the tamils indians living at the Mountain s base was Tah Mahl pah yes. And California was Cahl Lee Fohr nyah. It seems unlikely that californians can be persuaded to return to the older pronunciations. But Brown in compiling his material has at least made the information Avail Able to the Public at Large in a Booklet available for the asking. 8 0 v sign on the Back of a Jalopy chugging Down the East Shore freeway i May be slow but i m ahead of you Knave. Tuesday june 8, 1954 19 e no. 159 Bella Vista school girl wins top honors in Oakland spelling Bee i Jall i an 11-year-old Bella Vista serious and today being hailed As the Champion speller among Oakland s elementary school Stu dents. Helen Johanson 1623 East 33rd st., won the finals of the Oak hand Public school Oakland Tri Bune spelling contest yesterday i because she Kne w that Millen Indium is spelled with two t s1 and two judged runner up in the City wide contest which began two months ago with entrants was Bill Neil 11, 5828 Heron drive a Montclair sixth grader. Misses buoyancy he was t too sure about millennium and just before the judges presented it. As the last of the Tribune presented Helen with a Gold Wristwatch and a Fountain pen the first Prine at the conclusion of the finals which were broadcast Over Kex from 7 to . Yesterday. He also gave mrs. Aileen Howden Bella Vista principal a copy of Webster s unabridged dictionary with stand for the school Library. Other finalists All of whom received Fountain pens were Vicki Keller 11, 6254 Girvin drive Joaquin Miller school Betty Davis 11, 6034 Buena Ventura ave., Burbank school Steve Murray 10, 5703 Vincente st., Washington school Randy Kahn 12, 649 Brookwood Road and Eileen Arnold 11, 19 Man Dana Circle Crocker Highlands school Yasuko Karakawa 10, 3441 Telegraph ave., Grant third and fourth rounds Randy struck out in fifth with Eileen with dra and Liliah with those remaining a revived the but the and and Steve with Helen who says she was t really nervous even when she was Given her last word is the daughter of or. And mrs. W. E. Hansen. A sixth Grade student in mrs. Freda Benz class she has an a minus Grade average is Bella Vista school student body All contestants in round had to spell All words. Except for the ont whose turn it was to give the word orally the others had to write it. One Point was scored against the contestants for each written misspelling two for each word missed orally. During yesterday s broadcast which was transcribed earlier in the Day at Fruitvale school 3200 Boston ave., Bill Laws program director of made the introductions of adult participants including Selmer h. Berg super Delia v13l.il j w7c11uc1 Al. Jj7j-5, president a member of Interne j intendant of schools Stuart s. Diate girl scout troop 23, a Phillips assistant superintendent n charge of elementary Educa Tion and Walter Brown Tribune member of the. School choral and the Folk dance group. Helen . 11, of Bella Vista school is presented with finals which had begun with 10 watch and p. By h. Rowland tuck of the Tribune Oakland s Champion in finals rape Between the two. Among elementary school itu Denta Here. Joseph r. Knowland publisher the finals which eight rounds of words began with Betty and Vicki were stumped in the second round with and Yasuko san Bill who led the applause when Helen was declared the Winner likes spelling because it brings him an a Grade on what he describes As a just so so re port card. Second baseman on the school baseball team and a member of boy scout troop 2, he lives with his grandparents or. And. Mrs. W. E. Mcintire. In his last year at Montclair he is in miss Hazel Batchelor s class. The contest ending yesterday was different from most in that Public relations director who helped make the awards. Others were or. Forrest c. Krichell assistant superintendent of Oakland Public schools who served As master of ceremonies or. Merle h. Elliott the schools research director As contest chairman Ronald Linn schools personnel director chief judge miss Myrtle Gustafson super visor of language arts in local secondary schools and miss Vir Ginia Reid supervisor of Elemen tary school education judges miss Mary l. Brantly and mrs. Grace g. Ross assistants in re search monitors and Al Slon Aker director of publications for the schools producer. Demo Leader in tax Jam Patrick j. Kearns 50, san Mateo county democratic Leader today was charged in san fran Cisco with failure to file an in come tax return for 1950. The criminal information was filed by asst. . Atty. John Lockley who said that Kearns apparently had not filed any returns from 1946 through 1950. He said that the three year statute of limitations prohibits prosecution for All but the year 1950. Lockley estimated Kearns in come at for those years. Kearns an attorney who lives at 212 37th ave., san Mateo. And to has Law offices in san fran so is a former chairman of e san Mateo county demo Atic committee and an sex mayor of san Carlos. Federal District judge o. D. Am in set bail at earns who said he would sur Ender tomorrow faces a Maxi us penalty of one year Farison and a Fine. Finalists in the Oakland Public schools Oakland Tribune spelling contest line up for Bui Laws Kex program they from left to right yield Keller Sandra Green Betty Daris Bui Neil Isaiah Liggins. Yasuko Karakawa Randy Kahn Eileen Arnold Steve Munday and Helen Johanson. S. Albany report protests Hayward fire g line service cuts clues sought w be singled out for service cuts in loitering ordinance regulating Vest ligation is under Way today the off Peak hours. Presence of minors in Public into the cause of a that de this was the conclusion of streets and other places Between this was the conclusion i Robert j. Foley City attorney the hour of 10 . And Sunrise who last night reported to the four bids for the repair and City Council in a recent exam resurfacing of Ordway Between stroked stacks of finished red Wood lumber valued at at the Hayward Mill and Lum City Council in a recent exam resin actg of Oei Mccu nation of key system traffic Solano and Marin Avenue were ber company Yard Here. Records. Last month the key system notified Albany that service cuts referred to the City Engineer for report and recommendations. The Council refused to act not lieu us Rel inc Vaju Siim were being planned for the an ordinance which would i -di.ntac4e of vim Al flav Nalapo cd Orth officials under the the fire originated Between two lumber stacks at the outer Edge of the firm s property at bus line. Protests from elected officials under the the wind was blowing away and other nearby cities resulted same vacation restrictions As City from other stacks of lumber and in the Public utilities commis employees. Councilman company s buildings and Sion ordering the key system to it. Donahue requested the matter helped the Hayward fire de withhold cuts on the a line j be held Over for further study apartment s 26 men in preventing a a the City Engineer was ordered the fire s spread. Until the company prepares Complete ment. Program on compete a Survey of City streets and their condition for Foley who said he based the the Senate interim Oey to sums son the Nae term report on comparison of a and committee on highways streets us operations and f j _ had the a line bus operations and line train operation Over a be and Bridges to determine the slabs of Redwood been stacked for drying slabs were separated by Sticks to permit the air to circulate be critical deficiencies on City Rod from Jan. 1, 1954, through streets throughout California. Apr. 30, 1954, noted that was no Large distinction be tween the a and a line counterfeiter is operations either in Revenue term in the number of Miles travelled. Wyen or Ipoh i Erm the a route Foley s report Jimmie h. Tate 28, a merchant showed had an average monthly Seaman of 1808 West st., today Gross Revenue of and was sentenced to three years in them. The lumber firm is owned by Nels e. Nelsen prominent Hay Ward businessman and civic Leader. Oakland school superintendent Selmer h. Berg leh congratulates Bill Neu Montclar school runner up to she City wide spelling contest am he is presented by Walleit Brown the Tribune Public relations director. Rod grossed or .5456 a mile. Imi of train grossed Berkeley first was released for men donating their time under m555517 for the of evidence but was indicted fee direction Robert Muroy Sid or .8472 cents per mile. Moved in two weeks ago with material Lack delays Home for hero today out i Home for Robert s. Kenne Eorge Jim is. More Oakland s Only medal of Tate s companion Mayfield Honor Winner of the korean his family. Period or .8472 cents per mile. Foley said that since net reve nue on Cost of operation figures Are not available under the inspection provisions of the key system franchise it is impossible to determine whether or not this period of operation resulted in net profit on All or any one of the lines. The report requested by the Council was hied for future reference in connection with key system service. Secret service agents said the bulldozers and trucks to carve bulldozers Ana trucks to pair had made engraving plates it 7 Fairway for to Bills but had not circus Aye for construction of the lated any currency. Four bedroom Home promised a year ago to the Marine staff ser Geant who lost both legs ering a grenade to save his Bud Dies in North Korea in 1950. The Kennemore Home will be Sailor fined William h. Dorris jr., 28, one of 16 sailors accused of pilfering food from an Alameda naval air station Galley was fined to-1 Only three blocks from Day after pleading guilty before naval Federal judge George b. Harris must go for treatment of his in san Francisco. Battle wounds. The associated Home builders of the greater East Bay said forms will be built and foundations poured in the next step and a meeting was under Way today to schedule the labor of build ing trades craftsmen who have pledged their time according to John i. Hennessy executive vice president of the builders organization. Hennessy said the project will be completed in two and a Hall to three months. All materials and labor have been pledged except for the lumber Hennessy announced. A final drive now is under Way to get the lumber still needed about three fifths of the total re quire he said. Kennemore his Wile Mary to on Hue estate Worth the estate of mrs. Ella Green on Hue Pioneer resident of Luthern Alameda county who red aug. 20, 1953, is valued at in an appraisal filed in Lameda county Superior court. The 81-year-old resident of Dublin was the widow of Francis Donohue Alameda county Ancher and a daughter of John and Anna Green Pioneer Resi ends who settled at Dublin in 882. The late Superior judge William h. Donohue who retired n 1918 and died in 1948, was a Rother in Law. Her estate consisting almost entirely of Large tracts of land n Pleasanton and Murray hips some of it leased to Oil tilling companies goes to son and two daughters under terms of a will dated Jan. 26, 1940. Inheriting equal shares Are w. Donohue Auburn Calif. Cathleen Donohue Chris Ensen 320 62nd st., Oakland and Marie Donohue Keller 1420 Morrison ave., Niles. And five children Are renting five room Home at 2921 73r ave. With Only two bedrooms they have been hard pressed for space. The youngest of the children is Philip 7 months. The others Are James 11 John Al David and Gail 2. Retired from the marines be cause of his disability Kenne More now is employed by an Oakland title firm. The drive to give Kennemore a Home in his adopted City began a year ago at a testimonial Din Ner after i he was awarded the medal of Honor by president Truman. Since then the citizens com Mittee hag been working quietly to Complete the pledge of materials needed Tor the Home. Solon and Driver arc arrested As drunk Fresno june Harlan Hagen d., Hanford was arrested Here Early today on a charge of being drunk in an automobile the police depart ment said. His Washington Secretary George c. Baker 33, was jailed on a drunk driving charge. Both were later released on their own recognizance. Officers said Baker was the Driver of an automobile which almost backed into a police car. Ladder Breaks Man dangles Billy b. Jones 34, an electrician was rescued by fire men today when the top broke off a 60-foot Extension ladder from which he was repairing an electric sign on the Ameri can Trust company building at 1 Grant ave., san Francisco and left him dangling by his safety Belt 45 feet above the round

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