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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1975, Page 37

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - June 7, 1975, Oakland, California A Priolo Turnpike Tennis Tennis courts were full in Minneapolis minn., so Allan Van Horn 19 and his brother David 17, made use of a newly paved Section of interstate Highway 35w near East Hennepin Avenue which has not been opened yet. The car in the background was entering the freeway on a ramp. Released has Stanford student for kidnappers Dae is Salaam Tanza Nia student Barbara e Smuts released 11 Days agony leftist Zaire guerrillas Whf still hold three Fel Low students hostage de scribed her captors As sin Cere idealistic people who Are fighting for a cause they believe miss Smuts 24, of Annar Bor mich., made the com ment yesterday from her sickbed Here during the first lengthy interview she has Given since her release by the party of the Congo she from intes tinal trouble contracted before her capture. Miss Smuts along with car Rie Atherton Ken Neth Stephen Smith of Garden Grove and Emilie Bergman of Holland were kidnapped from an animal research Sta Tion in a Remote area of West Ern Tanzania 18 Days ago. They were taken across Lake Tanganyika to Zaire formerly the belgian Congo. Miss Smuts was released a week later to carry Ransom demands to the tanzanian government which rejected All the demands soon after receiving them. American dutch and Stan Ford University officials Are attempting to establish con tact wifi the guerrillas who have deadline for the demands to be met to release of the Stu dents. It t said the other students from Stanford University had gone to Combe Stream National Park to study the behaviour of Baboons and chimpanzees. She said she had no knowl Edge of any insurrection across the Lake in Zaire. There was no indication of any danger. As far As we could Tell it was a Calm idyllic she said. When the raid occurred she was asleep she said. I heard a woman scream ing. I rushed out of my House Down the Hill toward the screams. And there i came and Steve being held by a number of armed men. They grabbed me and tied me up at first she was frightened and confused but an incident involving her glasses con Vinced her she and other Stu dents were not going to be she said. After tying her up the guerrillas took off her glasses. She heard one Raider speaking French and said to him please return my glasses. I can t see without the glasses were quickly returned she said. The three students were taken to a boat where they found Emilie Bergman. Dur ing the boat ride across the Lake they were forbidden to talk. She said she and the other students were not mistreated or abused in any Way. From the moment they reached the Zaire Shore they were allowed to talk freely among themselves and with their captors who identified themselves As pro members. The pro has been fighting the Zaire government of pres ident Mobutu sese seko for the past eight years. Miss Smuts said she was told the pro was fighting to liberate Zaire from a repressive regime and was interested in Freedom for the people of Zaire. She also was told the pro was interested in providing adequate health care shelter and education for All the peo ple of Zaire. They said that All of the wealth of Zaire was going into the hands of a few people while the rest of the people of Zaire remained very poor and Many of them were starving and ill. And the government was simply not looking after its own people. They reassured us Over and Over again that they had nothing against the american people or the dutch people or against any of us personally and they did not want to harm us in any they were kept in a Large Village where the men All wore pro military uniforms she said. She saw no Indica Tion of any Zaire government presence. They were kept in a clean mud hut with a thatched roof and slept on Straw Beds she believed were built especially for them. They spent most of the time with pro members who came to explain Why they were fighting. Much of the time we spent one another that everything was going to turn out All right. They did every thing they possibly could to make sure we were comforts they were Given three Ade quate meals a Day. On the first Day of Captivity a pro official told the students one of them would he released to carry Ransom demands but they did t say which one of us would be released. We at first thought that we would be making the decision and we decided among our selves that we would draw straws. That would be the Only Way to make sure that the person chosen to be sent Over would not feel terribly guilty that they were the one who was a few Days later the Stu dents were told the Choice was not going to be theirs. On the fourth Day of Captivity miss Smuts was told she was to be released. She said it did not change her relationship with the oth ers. Late saturday afternoon on the sixth Day of Captivity she was rowed across Lake Tanganyika by six men in a fish ing canno in a trip that took 15 hours. She was put ashore a few Miles outside the tanzanian town of Kogoma. Oakland Tribune sat., june 7, 1975 be los Angeles a producer Irwin Winkler admits his film could have sparked the plan for a helicopter escape from a Michigan prison but he says the film Industry cannot be blamed for violence. I imagine that the Media has a certain Impact on every body but i Don t think films create the Winkler said yesterday. The Industry is really the product of Situa Lions not the cause. A hijacked helicopter swooped into the grounds of Sam Thorn prison in Jackson yesterday plucking up one inmate and carrying him to Freedom. The incident occurred one week after breakout shown in a Jackson theater. Prison officials said the movie had not been shown at the prison. In the film a helicopter is used to free an inmate from a mexican prison. The Story closely parallels the real life helicopter escape several years ago of millionaire Joel Kaplan from a mexican Pris on. Victor e. Stadter Engi rival by Richard Pyle associated Tress writer Washington a a bit Ter Long running feud be tween the Federal drug enforcement administration and the . Customs service has erupted anew in a dispute Over How much narcotics is being smuggled into the United states by air. Customs officials whose Agency has the primary task of intercepting airborne drug traffickers reacted angrily to the published assertion by a Dea official that As Many As 150 plan loads of marijuana Are reaching the United states daily. We have no evidence of the problem being of that Magni lawyer Art thief draws two years new York a a new York lawyer Martin h. Needed the escape. Kaplan heir to a molasses Fortune was imprisoned in the 1961 death of new York City businessman Louis Vidal jr., in Mexico. Kaplan whose escape was said to have Cost is million was later quoted As saying Vidal was still alive. At last report Kaplan was believed to be living some where in the Southwest. Winkler said the Michigan caper differed in several ways from the breakout script Charles Bronson As the res Cuer a helicopter anal hired a Crew no hijacking was involved. Also the movie stressed that the prisoner was being falsely held in jail and was innocent. Persons were arrested and will be charged with conspiracy to commit air piracy the Fri said. The escaped convict Dale Otto remling 45, of Sidney mich., was still at Large. State police arrested Don Hill 23, of Howell mich., and charged him with kidnapping. They said he is believed to be maybe it s Nasty but it s Legal Vinita Park to. A the latest business to hit this St. Louis suburb has left police scratching their Heads. It s called the Reading room and for an hour an attractive scantily Clad Young woman will read a so called dirty Book to a customer. That s All. Appointments Are required. Thomas w. Wehrle St. Louis county Counselor said the Massage parlor Ordi Nance does not cover it. And the new obscenity ordinance just applies to the unincorporated areas of the the Man with the knife who forced the helicopter Pilot to make the flight. Jolyne Lou 32, of we Berville was arrested and charged with aiding and abet Ting the escape. Mrs. Conn Hill remling and Gertrude Woodbury will be charged under Federal anti sky jacking Laws the Fri said. Miss Woodbury is still at Large and reportedly drove a getaway car after the Helicon was sentenced to two years in prison for Mai fraud and other crimes in a scheme to sell a Jackson Pollock gouache that belonged to a san Francisco Art gallery. Schwartz 41, with an office in the pan am building Here was released by judge Thom As p. Griesa yesterday Pend ing Appeal of his april 26 conviction in . District court. Fri special agents Thomas m. Mcshane and Margo Den Nedy made the arrest in Schwartz s Manhattan office feb. 12, 1974, posing As or. And mrs. Art lovers and potential buyers of the gouache owned by Maxwell galleries inc. Schwartz reportedly wanted for it. At trial Early this year Schwartz was depicted As scheming with a client har old von maker now a Fugi Tive to defraud the san fran Cisco gallery and a gallery in Houston tex., by ordering Art works promising to pay then using them As loan collateral or trying to sell them. Von maker formerly of Peekskill n.y., an sex convict also known As Peter Wertz and David Patterson is wanted on the Manhattan Federal court charges and on charges of swindling a new Jersey woman and bail jumping. Dad s Oak easy Walkin tude. We have never been informed thai ii has reached those a customs spokesman said in a carefully worded statement. Privately customs officials were said to be Seething Over the 150-planeloads-a-Day claim by Jacques Kiere director of the Dea affiliated Elpaso intelligence Center known As epic. Kiere cited the figure in an associated press interview on the use of aircraft to smuggle narcotics into the United states from Mexico and the ocies Battle Caribbean. In recent weeks suiting in arrests and the Uvo won. Car u Vintage planes each carrying a ton of marijuana have crashed in the Southern United states. If you accept Kiere s Fig ure it Means there Are More than plan loads of mar Ijuana coming into the United states in a said one customs official. If they have any such intelligence they certainly should not with hold it from customs in the first five months of 1975, has recorded 87 aircraft interceptions re new York races debt deadline seizure of pounds of marijuana and 24 planes. A Dea spokesman said Cus Toms has been offered information collected by epic which is jointly funded and operated by Dea and the immigration and naturalization service both Justice depart ment agencies. As a matter of fact the customs service was invited to be a part of epic when it was set up last year but they refused to he said. The feud is certain to sur face again next week when the Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations opens delayed hearings to probe allegations about Dea and to reassess government drug Law enforcement policies. New York City s latest exercise in fiscal brinkmanship moved into a final weekend with a s3-Bil lion state bail out plan to ease the municipal debt Burden still up in the air. H Toimi Viilo i57q1 million in debts fall due wednesday. A default on the part of demo cratic mayor Abraham Beame could Lead to a financial earthquake that would shake every bonded municipal unit in the land. 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