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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 4 1938, Page 23

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - July 4, 1938, Oakland, California Cohn ing Tower by Art Cohn editor Jeri tone vol. Xxxix Oakland California. Monday july 4, 1938 12 d no. 4 i refuse to condemn Helen wills Moody for ignoring Helen Jacobs injured ankle at Wimbledon saturday and not offer eng her a Chance to rest. But Why Call it sport i cannot censure mrs. Moody for refusing to speak to miss Jacobs and turning her face away while waiting for camera men to snap their pictures. But Why Call it sport i do not blame l Moody for taking advantage of her cripple victim turning the match into a merciless Slaughter. But Why Call it sport i will not reprove Moody Helen for her silent econ during an after the massacre. But Why Call it sport my dictionary defines sport As a particular game pursued for diver Sion and mirth that which amuses in among the synonyms for sport i find frolic amusement entertain ment gaiety pleasantry gambol Jovia Lity merriment and which foes to show you what suckers believed when Noah Wessle boy. When Max Schmeling was injured to that he Wai no match of Louis he was saved from further punishment by his Trainer we tossed in the Towel of truce. That is Why we Blell Call prize fighting port. When player is Hurt in football basketball or baseball time of in taken and the injured Man receive a rest while a substitute takes i place. That is Why we still Call them sports. Even Bosses Are scratched from the most important races if they come up with a suspicion of lameness. Tennis has code All own. And Moody Helen the dowager Queen of Tennis lives up to the letter of that code. That is Why i cannot condemn her action. But Why Call it port should have quit before match n Noah Webster was t wrong. Sport in the Broad tense is justified Only by the fun and frolic ii it provide. Anyone who takes port Ter loudly must take himself or herself or loudly and thut poor soul already is list redemption. 1 Tennit hat always been a grim business for Helen Moody a matter of life or death to be treated As such. In Many Wytt she reminds me of Howard Jones. I know of no Man who tries harder than Howard to be a Good fellow. And no one who Falls As dismally. Like Helen Moody or. Jones never could take his game anything but seriously. Conversely i cannot sympathize with miss Jacobs. Because she had no business being on a Tennis court saturday. For the past three years she has been collapsing on and off the tid Urt with lame Ankles shoulder injuries and pleurisy attacks. Com broke her health and left her physically incapable of lure link a hard tournament. Observe the closeups of Helen Jacobs. Note the Haggard express ton on face teamed with heavy lines. She is not yet 30, but looks 10 year older there was a time when Helen Jacobs enjoyed Tennis. It was every thing sport should be fun and frolic. But she did t know when to quit. I cannot sympathize with Helen. She should know better. Should see the fallacy of killing herself in trying to disprove everyone has known for and that is that Moody Helen always has been and always will be a better Tennis player than Helen Jacobs. And so what _. So Suzanne Lenglen was a far better player than Moody Helen. And poor Suzanne died last night. Before she was 40. Stick to your own Racket Henry my neglect to mention the softball fiasco in our Village Friday night has been deliberate. For the last couple Days i have been stalling for time to decide whether the Cash customers or the promoters took the worst looking. As you May Hove heard 521 souls All of whom should have keepers or guardians paid to see Henry Armstrong the world featherweight and welterweight Champ pitch for his Hollywood softball club against local team. For eight of the nine innings Henry Stro Garm was a magnificent tight to behold. The negro nonpareil was tastefully uttered in Satin baseball suit of Scarlet and Gold. A Cap of the came material was perched on his head. Completing the ensemble an original touch of sartorial excellence Henry wore a Camel s hair overcoat As he strode majestically from one end of the coaching Box to the other. 1 evidently someone mislaid his Cane. Although extravagantly Ballyhoo cd All week As the Star Pitcher of his team or. Armstrong did not throw a Ball until the no nah inning and it was not Long before the same Cash customers who had been hollering for Henry eight innings were congratulating themselves that he had not come into the game sooner. It was t that Armstrong could t reach the plate because he could on first Bounce. It was t that he did t Pilch Well because the other team liked hit throws so Well that they scored four runs on him before one of the players charitably struck out under orders from manager who wanted to get Home before Sunrise. Armstrong drove from and Back to los Angeles within h hours Jilin to appear Here. It Cost him personally to meet the deficit. I cannot bring myself to calling him names for the fiasco. The poor fellow has suffered enough already. Smead Jolley super russian Ballet the radio announcers Are going from bad to worse. A couple weeks ago Clem Mccarthy climaxed his historic broadcast of the Louis Schmeling Battle by spouting this is the shortest fight on record wherein a title changed yesterday one of his colleagues on the same Nti Twork reporting the National a. A. U. Track championships from Buffalo eulogized the spectacular stretch sprint of Ross Bush the Trojan half Miler and gave full details of hess1 drive to first place. He had Bush winning with a Yard or two to go. Don t try to find Ross Bush s name in the summaries Loday. He did not finish. Closer Home our Ernie Smith had Oaks seals games. Or. Smith has been transported to the Heights of rhetoric this week inspired by big Smead Jolley of the a Oaks. He s or. Smith shrieked yesterday. He s colossal look at him us he runs on his toes like a super russian Ballet there s nothing like enjoying your work. My Only regret is that after slaying up to a. In. Saturday to hear inc Broadens from England i fell asleep and did t get up until 3 p. M. I wonder if i missed anything bettor than this sane comment by 3 local Genius who should be arrested for impersonating a sport writer it would be unfair to both Helens to say any enmity exists Between them. Let us Call it a keen rivalry and let it go at whoever said there was any enmity Between them after All they finished saturday s match with a love set. Field Day broadcasting the is Homer gives Oaks series Edge Ballou fans Luby to keep Oaks from a double Victory by Eddie Murphy should Jess Hill furnish fire works today that he has during the first oven games of the Oaks seals series on the trans Bay Diamond the Home guard will have another series in the bag before opening a seven game encounter with the Angels Here wednesday night. The former University of Cali fornia Diamond and Gridiron Star has been belting the Ball to All Cor ners and Over the Walls of the san Francisco stadium helping the Oaks .0 take a 4 to 3 Edge in the series. Needing one win to Clinch the series manager dutch Zwilling sent 3ob Joyce to the Hilltop Tor the Oaks in the first game of this after noon s double Bender. Homer in Pinch bettors were pulling their Money on the Oaks to cop the series be cause Joyce beat the seals last thursday when he allowed Only Ive hits and also because Hill is Back in the stride that earned him Job with the new York Yankees ome years ago. Hill s heavy sticking Cave the Oaks a 9 to 7 win in the first game of yesterday s doable header. He ried his Best to make it a double when he got two hits in the second game which was brought to dramatic Climax when old Pard Ballon fanned Hugh Luby for the Inal out with Oaks resting on first and third. K was Pard Ballou Day and 13.396 baseball fans paid their any into he Park to give tribute to the vet ran who was presented with n Check amounting to Vilh the announcement thai he will Eccie More Loday. Manager Franik o Donl in ended o let Ballou Celebie e his Day by it doing any Mound duty but after Hill had belted the onks to a win n the a first game of the double Bill and the situation became Loo hot or Leroy Hermann in the final nning of the second tilt old Pard Psi std on taking the Mound in Lopes of really showing his True appreciation for what the baseball ans did for him. Ballou fans Luby the old Pard pitched four balls o Luby three of them being strikes o retire the Side and prevent the Oaks from winning the series. It Vas r real dramatic Climax and Ven manager Zwilling and his Daks could not help from comment no on the Way the old Pard put the Nish to his Day. Hill Gol off to a bad Start is the double program was put under Way. A was fanned by Frazier but the Oaks put Over three of their nine uns in the same inning As Luby re Bolyard Smead Jolley Bill in Omli and Soli Gibson connected of singles ended Montague worked in Frazier for a walk. Jolley was chased out of the Ball ame by Umpire Bert Cole when he rottsted being called out at the late. The big Alameda appeared o be Safe by at least four feet and e had a right to put in his protest Basing a slugger like Jolley did of get Over so Well with the Oak and and Seal fans. Smead is noted t being one of the Best sports in in game when it comes to dealing nth umpires and he must have had real kick coming when he

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