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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 29 1912, Page 10

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - January 29, 1912, Oakland, California 10 monday evening Oakland try bulb january 29 1912 Berkeley gossip of students and residents in the University town happenings of Day in the Island City social and personal 51 Leos Itu archbishop Riordan blesses the Sanctuary and its members Tes by Rev Mckinnon music is feature of Day twelfth mass of Mozart being Sung Piedmont Jan eminent priests representing leading Catholic parishes of this state assisted in the dedication ceremonies of St Leos Church Ridgeway and Piedmont Avenue yesterday morning when archbishop Jordan of Sato fran Cisco blessed the Sanctuary and its Mem tiers he presided at the solemn High mass and administered the sacrament of confirmation upon 60 boys and girls the impressive ceremonials of the Church were carried out throughout the Celebration of the mass which was con ducted by Kev Donald j Mckinnon of Iho Ragau Hill celebrant Hev j p me thug toe St Jarlath Church Fruitvale Deacon Kev Lawrence Murphy of Sac red heart Church san Francisco sub Deacon and Rev j j Cantwell Sucre tary to archbishop Riordan master of ceremonies the twelfth mass by Mozart was Feung by a augmented choir under the direction of miss Josephine Ryan the vocalists were mrs r Cun Leshem mrs j c Waggott and the asses my Tesac Callahan and wolfing sopranos mrs h Allyn and miss Garcia contral tos professor Charles Gurica Tenor s Miller Basso at the dote of the mass w j Kufer Durf rendered a violin1 Solo music is feature the program of sacred music was one of the features of Tho Celebration which marked one of the most important dec the Lesia tical events of the year the chorus had been rehearsing weeks preparatory to the service the dedication Sermon was delivered by Rev father p j Morgan who spoke in part As follows in my House is the House of prayer he admonished the people to reverence their Church and to let it stand for the salvation of the Little ones in their midst he pictured the wonderful life of Leo the great after whom the new Parish is called dwelling particularly on the Virtues of girl Stan fearlessness and courage is exhorted tliem1 to work of Gether to build up a Strong and godly Parish an to develop the children not Only in worldly knowledge but in spirit Ual matters As Well in father Mora Sald thai no More fitting subject than the life of Saint Leo the Patron Saint of the new Church could be chosen for the occasion briefly sketched the history the life of the Saint telling of his reign Home and his great fight for the up lift of christianity the defeat hero has declared the speaker he was a bul Wark of strength top to the impressive tributes paid friends of years do to dead Stithe ii Laurel Grove improvement club is not satisfied with contracts made the late miss Sarah h so Ogle House Mother of Snells Seminary who died yesterday after a Long illness woman who was ski Zoldey advisor prominent in state mourn passing educator fruity ale Jan Laurel Grove implement club held a meeting saturday night for the purpose of Dis cussing the water question chairman John Duffy presided and c Hubman acted As Secretary colonel m m Ogden made an address in which he said at the request of one of your Mem Bers i am Here tonight to say a few words about the promises made to you by the Bay cities Union water com i Pany that this growing Section of the City in z reasonably Short time would be piped with a modern water distribution system the smallest unit of which being four Inch cast Ron pipe and that you would be supplied with absolutely pure water from the High water Sheds of the mount Hamilton Region i wish to say that Imade these pledges to you in the full and confident expectation that the new water company was acting in absolutely Good Faith and that each Rod every pledge made to you would be Ful filled to the letter was not until Early in the present month that i became convinced that there was no reasonable expectation that these promises would be carried out arid in Justice to myself in order that you May not impute to a an blame am Here tonight to Lay the facts before you the property owners in this District who signed the ten year contract with the Bay cities Tater company on promises made in advertisements and by those employed by the new water Eon Corn we recall that about one year ago the promoters of the Bav cities water com party transferred their interests on this Side of theban to a new corporation the Union water company of California that is Ovsay they assigned tracts which you and other inthe cities of Osi Fland alar Ley san Leandro and Richmond which were secured by pledges made in advertisements and otherwise that they Wouita build a modern water system and Supply you with absolutely pure water Hamilton District from reservoirs 1 notes than 1760 feet i Elevation to i fact it appeared from these promises Whitfi i then sincerely accepted that the trs Anabay District in a Short time wow by supplied with the finest water in the world at bargain counter prices the Transfer of these contract suy the Bay cities water company to its Suc Cess Orthe Union water company of California did not at the time arouse any suspicions in my mind that there was any intention to ignore these promises made to the people for i knew that under the terms of the contract which you signed and which were accepted by the Bav cities water company use executors successors and both parties thereto were equally fully bound to the carrying out of its ions an the pro Roises made by the company under which these contracts pry Taneman society plans night of frolic for saturday february 10 University of California Jan Marl gras fete of the pry Taneman society a women Honor organization is to be held on the evening of saturday february 10 in Harmon gymnasium As first Spring festival of the University is to be held in april the society has decided that it will hot an afternoon entertainment this Yeier Butwill concentrate on the masquerade Ball which is to be a feature of the evening carnival there will be numerous Booths for the Sale of favors and refreshments during the dance As usual a prize will be Given for the most original costume the fete is an annual affair and Fol lowing an old custom the women will attend without escorts the commit tees in charge of the preparations Are As follows Walker chair Kuth Robinson Grace weeks Elizabeth Bissenden Florence Madsen Florence Mccoy Clara Herman Evelyn Jordan Emily Churchill Ethel Burke Ruby Cunningham Ellen Ord Margaret Witter Kathleen Rogers Ruth Ruddock Ruth Johnson Marguerite Amos ice Gay Irma Foveaux Kathrine Asher Georgia Del Mccoy Fisler chairman Mabel Sadler Rose Gardner Hazel Jor Dan Marguerite Rale Andrews Florence Doyle and Violet ottoman Bradley Lenore Salsig Bessie wills Nadjy Ross Hazel King Rachel Miller Amy Waite Steele Ileo the Church had stood endless persecution at the close of the fifth Cen jury Rome was in a Tsea of trouble Armi Les were marching of the City to destroy and christianity a Appeal was made crts Leo the fearless Leader of Berkeley jars 29 impressive tributes were paid to the late miss Sarah h Snell House Mother of Snells Semin Ary by alumnae and men and women prominent in the educational life of the Bay Region by their presence in Large stumbers at funeral services held this afternoon a11 friends of Many years standing called at the Seminary 2721 Channing Way to speak words of sym in their attack but in his Espousal of the Church of Christ caused them to re Trace their Steps and leave Rome 1ft tact i this is greatness and courage but by heavily around the casket in one of the larger apartments of the school building in which miss Snells presence had Lent Sanctity and a Motherly influence for years one of the most prominent Floral far Leo showed greater Faith in his love for god he was zealous worker and e built and restored Many churches giving i All his efforts to beautifying god pieces was an immense pall sent by Mem j congratulates members conclusion he congratulated the Mei Inderb of the Parish on their work in erecting the handsome new Church de Claring that they were deserving of the highest Praise forthe up building of the Parish you have put your hand to the plow the plow work is a slow work because the furrows Are Long and deep he As Theu building of the is a difficult one you have done Well on with the Good work the time of Harvest is coming fast for every one of us and those of you who have helped in this in toil will be Blesse with a great Sal a Atiba immediately after the ceremony of confirmation archbishop Riordan dressed the congregation saying alumnae body services wee conducted by of St a place ought to a dear to you it is the House of god it is not a meeting House or a place to listen to social lectures but where gods people gather for his worship if this Parish is to become a Center of religion it will de Gaud entirely upon your cooperation Shat we do for the Church we door ourselves god gives us an Opportunity Tor our Owa salvation the Church is the visible organization of truth Grace and infinite goodness it is its object to fashion us for time and eternity it is not a Symbol society but a divine society r the archbishop told what the Church should be to the life of the individual Aad Community and congratulated the Parish on the work which it had Accra Roll eyed about 900 men women and children Beard the archbishop who was greeted at the close of the service by hundreds of parishioners Many Are present among the priests who were seated in the Church were Rev father j b Mcnally of St Patricks Church Rev father of St Josephs Church Rev father Edward p Dempsey of St marys Church Bav Peter c Yorke of St Anthonys Church Rev father Serda of sacred heart Church Rev father Miller Rev father Werton Rev father Welch Tad Rev father Sullivan j St Leos Parish was organized in no vember 1910 the first services betas held in Mowbray Hall Piedmont in March following quarters were taken at r Mont Avenue and Fortieth Street in last the congregation moved to the Church building which was dedicated yesterday it was built at a Coit of the Cost in tie neighbourhood of no donations of Large amounts have been made the Roo cry being acquired solely on tha Imal contributions of the parishioners Rev father Owen Lacey came from i assume charge of the Parish to pm the archbishop and clergy offeree1 congratulations yesterday for tha he ha1 open enabled to accomplish in Tia year of his ministry elect officers re Jan Lorec court it Diablo no us of ass puce dec Tea the following officers for the com Jinp year it its annual election chief Ranger go Sra a Lawrence sub chief Ranger p d treasurer it Medina financial Secretary Oscar of recording Secretary f h Marshall senior Warden Everett Lynch Junior few Sarton Leo Norris Verlor Boadle Fred Junior Beadle Arthur Mali High in Turer j a Felixs trusted n Dob Jan Al 1 r Mccell m s 1 a Ottiss Iso cued for Fea los Angeles Jan h inventor of the Hurt Rotairo received word from lilo Aero club of yes Torrny tent to received first annual trophy of club for the or latest achievement v t a 1 Large assemblage an impressive part of the Ovsep jibes was th6 rendition of with me and sleep on beloved take thy rest by a quartet of women Well known in the social att musical life of the two of whom were for Mer pupils of the Seminary the singers were mrs Mollie Melvin Dewing and Tirrie Sophia Neustadt Soprano mrs Olive Reed Cushman and mrs Edwin Garthwaite contralto mme Neustadt and mrs Dewing Are numbered among the alumnae of the Seminary mrs Garthwaite acted As accompanist on the piano prominent pallbearers the pallbearers Edwin p Flint and James a Johnson of Oakland pro Fessor Cornelius b Bradley and professor George c Edwards of the University of California Charles Newhall and add son w Naylor of Berkeley like Naylor miss Snell was a member of the society of friends or quakers All tha pallbearers were close friends of the dead educator and of the institution the remains were cremated privately n Oakland miss Snell who was known to Many n and outside of the Seminary As miss in Sallie was stricken with paralysis last july and was unable to recover from that Shock she passed away peacefully at 9 Oclock Early yesterday at the age of 72 years Jallie Snell was a member of one of the most prominent families of Educa tors in the West in 1s80 she came from new York to direct the dormitory life of the girls in the Seminary which was founded by her sister the late Mary e Snell in Oakland in 1876 since the death of the founder four years ago the institution has been under the principal ship of mrs Edna Snell Poulson another sister the school building in Oakland was to on the site of the orpheus theater twelfth Street until to its w and oui6rwaier hat let tuna Edith Hunt cities of offland Alameda Berke a Vera which Marie Hieger Grace Hamilton Barbara Nachtrieb Blanche Ahlers Leona Jones s Holway Elda Eggert Irene Patchett Alice Hie stand Anna Kidder Mary Chase press and Pence Mildred Porter Poris spen cer Katherine Carl Tori Marr Christal Fay Frisbie Enid Watkins Hertha her Coo the evidence the Union water company of California water Oman s f printed circular supervisors quickly dispose of usual grind of routine matters liquor licenses were granted by the supervisors today to Maud Drury of san Lorenzo j f Silva and j Perry of a Newark j p amoral Cen Tenille the petition of a w Jones and Maud Drury of Decoto was referred to the License committee for a report next Mon Day there having been a protest to a renewal of the License the application of Jorgen Jorgenson of Dublin was set for hearing on february 19 changes in the Boundary lines of the Eureka and Russell school districts were made by a Resolution of the Board upon John Korr Pioneer dead College City the late John k web j boarding House when the Seminary was Berkeley in 1901 boy were a Berkeley Jan Kennedy Orr a retired san Francisco merchant and Pioneer resident of Rawand died yesterday morning at his Home 1710 Wal nut Street As the result of a stroke of apoplexy he had been in Good health despite his 76 years and his death was unexpected born in Ireland in 1836 Orr came to this country when he was 16 years of age going directly to san Francisco Here he engaged in mercantile ventures for 40 years he was Long a member of the firm of Orr Atkins dealers in furnishing goods the old store in Mont Gomery Street of which he was proprietor was at one time upon the water front of the City a res business grew with the City of san Francisco and 20 years ago hews Able to retire from Active mercantile Endeavor with a considerable Fortune ten years ago he removed from Oakland to Berkeley not Only As a merchant but As a clubman and sportsman Orr was known throughout the state the Pioneer is survived by his widow mrs Mary Shafter Orr and two Daugh ters mrs Richard or of Denver and mrs Frederick g Crist who was Edna Orr a society Leader the funeral services will be held at the Orr Home wednesday afternoon at 2 Oclock mrs Holme will come from Den ver to attend the funeral the burial will be private the body being cremated Petty offenders in Alameda police court Alameda Jan 29rj e Shirley is held in the City prison on a charge of intoxication following his attempt last night to break into the Home of g Heet Berg at 2965 Johnson Avenue Leetberg believed that Shirley was trying to com Mit a robbery and notified the police Shirley arrest by officers Fred Hague the oaf ears the institution preparatory and in Rory an fishing c ass Aid has been built urn unu1 3s known a of seminaries of Tho Pron mourn advisor miss Sarah Snell came into close con tact with the boarding girls and graduates All Over the state Are today mourn ing the loss of their schooldays advisor and Friend it was to miss Sallie that they took their troubles and she always gave them advice and Comfort that was Worth while her attributes of heart and character were appreciated alike by Stu dents and friends outside of the Seminary particularly in the College Community besides mrs Poulson miss Snell leaves a sister or Margaret a Snell of Cor Vallys Oregon who was for Many years an instructor in the Oregon agricultural College a brother Richard b Snell of Crescent City Cal two nephews Rich Ard Snell mining Engineer and h Snell both of this City and a lumber Niece who is the wife of Charles w Cobb former Law partner of Francis j Heney and now assistant United states attorney general at Washington d c Phistry temporary officers chosen by students at University school is planned University of California Jan organization of a forestry club which is to to Tho forerunner of a forgery department in the University has been effected Tho Board of re gents is to to show by the interest in this Branch that there is need of a school Here a fund already been appropriated for a forestry professorship c s Robinson has been elected temporary chairman a committee of six to draft a Constitution has been appointed As follows j t Saunders professor Jepson a h Wieslander w p Smoldt William Powell and f b Herbert the next regular meeting will a held in room 2 agriculture building next Fri Day at 4 Oclock suffrage workers plan House Tojo use visits Alameda Jan 29thb regular Mon Day lecture of the Alameda civic Center will 5e held this evening in Moosa Hall Tho lecture being one of a series on hcs women should qualify themselves to vote the Arctura includes in exposition of Tho fall Fontin faction registration and naturalization Laws the ctn tar is now arranging to name in circa captains for of hosts to fun Prycl Nils captains nil the nor to Larrs no to a Housto House equiv ask interesting Ihn women in Tho of suffrage study will ivs or brother of Well known Book maker passes after protracted illness Berkeley Jan g Bain brother of Frank Bain a Well known Book maker died at his Homo 2s33 Regent Street last night sifter a protracted ill Ness of tuberculosis William Bain was known to the patrons of Tho Emeryville race track for ten years As a card writer connected with the booking Booth con ducted by his brother he was also an attendant at Many of Tho meets held throughout the country during Tho thriving Days of horse racing at the close of the final meet at the Emeryville track Bain went to the Home of his brother in tills City where he since remained on account of illness to is survived by his Mother mrs Isabella Bain Elizaboth and Margaret Bain Sis ters and James Robert Wilfield and Frank Bain Brothers Tho dead Book maker was so years of age and a native of Illinois Tho funeral will be held wednesday reflect officers Pittsburg Jan Nunnal meeting of the stockholders of Contra Costa county Banic of this place resulted in the reelection of a number of the Oil cars and directors for to past year d a Bendor is Tho president w j Buchanan and g Tondro is the it Shier Liilo Iho remaining Mem Bora of Tho directorate Iro c a Hooper a Sbarboro and t j Guaragno clan properties owned under the heading by the company1 paragraph which water company the following Union water o to Twenty four pieces of scattered Over the above California owns widely with 750 an opinion Given by Deputy District at and James Mcdonnell followed Torrey w j Burpee that such action would be woman charged with murder surrenders Chicago Jan b Morrow under indictment for the murder of her husband Charles b Morrow Tio was found shot to death december 28 sur rendered today to the sheriff pending the filing of a petition for a writ of a Beas Corpus the woman was held in the offices of the Jailer later a petition for a wifi of Hareas Corpus forms mor Row was filed in the Superior court and1 judge Cooper set the hearing for this afternoon principal Points Wate be or Nipa being pumped from Wells i and of p8 w in through Many Miles of w Vic mity 8 the four sides of were pledged As sources of Supply possible when sources o to own when should have been assigned to the sign those contracts to a vote of thanks As colonel Ogden resolutions passed a committee consisting of a w cells w h husband and George b Rouse veil was appointed by the meeting and submitted the Thich a circular 5 the Bay cities water company that said company does not owner properties in the mount Hamilton Dis special meeting of chamber of Cami Clerce Alameda Jan special meet ing of the directors of the chamber of Commerce has been called by president h Rosenthal to be held in the Board rooms tomorrow evening matters of special importance Are to be brought up for discussion and action wins fast game Vallejo Jan 29 the basketball team from the Vallejo High school won in its game with the Suisun High school team on saturday afternoon by a score of 21 to 7 the playing of Luchsinger and Mcgrane were features of the game Satur Day night the Dannenbaum dropped a hard fought contest to the Sonoma in dependents in that town by a score of 25 to 17 Rev John j Cantwell de clares Outlook in future is serious Berkeley Jan John j Cantwell Secretary to archbishop rior Dan addressing the alumni Council at Newman Hall yesterday afternoon declared that educational Endeavor is greater in tie United states than in any country known to history he added however that Tho growth of time is greater than the growth of population quoting As his authority prof George a alter Fisk in boy life and self government seriously minded me look with fore boding upon tha future said father Cantwell in attempting to reach the Ideal state where All government should be pure and All citizens Unright the fathers of the country decided to take the Power from the few and to give it to the Many this was the View of the philosophers at the end of the eighteenth Century re sult political scandal credit mobiles traffic m political problems offices Muni Cipal scandals in great Cutie is will recent development of the democracy As seen in the initiative and referendum and recall Lead to better results it is rightly said that an ignorant majority will vote for ignorant and unworthy representatives educate there fore your majority and you will have meal representatives in super a development lord Brougham saw Utopia result abuse in High finance child Javior Zoltian Sejora in the general swirl to of unrest and disregard for Vreed rights what nation to do that Only half educates its people has no established Church the Angl Cal Church in England is regarded by political economists As one leg of Toto Constitution is a Strong tendency among men prominent in Public affairs to View with less animosity than there has been in the past the Catholic View of education All Power coming from the i Lvene legis Lator personal dependence upon Almog hts responsibility for All Ofle s a training of the affections and of the will and a dependence upon a supreme being Mission of club father Cantwell told of the Mission the Newman club composed of state h University students and dwelt upon its responsibility in moral life Home life and its influence in the professions Eugene w Hilgard professor of agriculture emeritus also addressed the Council of graduates after speaking of the great influence the Newman club had had on religious movements in the University Catholic and no Catholic he traced tha rapid growth of the Newman club idea and told How the other Church were Takin the club As their Model prof Hilgard said in the University As a whole and Catholic alumni past present and come should feel grateful and deeply i debated to archbishop Riordan and should Endeavor to uphold and further his efforts to obtain an adequate endowment fund for the maintenance and further equipment of Newman Hall and should thank him for Wisdom in selecting the Pau list entrusted ministrations of the management and a Straan club Szen Sens Romanze and Ruben Stein s Bora Ance in h violin solos by mss Marle Mitchell Hajeh Halloran Sang a son of the desert am i the officers of the alumni the Newman club Are Mathew c Lynch Vic president a Fec Margaret Bowling second c f Adams recording Secretary Utiss Cecilia Keiley Secretary treasurer Robert Tom Kamanawa a japanese Fisherman arrested yesterday by Deputy game War Den Joseph Sedgley at Alameda mole will appear in judge Johnsons court this week for trial on a charge of catching under sized crabs George Biggins a 16yearold boy caught yesterday discharging firearms within the City limits was let offi Tveith a lecture by judge e b Tappan this morn ing George Kellner a 14yearold Alameda school boy and the son of t a Kellner Consul from Panama at san Francisco took his fathers automobile out yester Day for surreptitious ride and let the machine get beyond his control at Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue after the Auto had rammed a Telegraph pole and tried to invade the Alameda Branch morgue the police took the boy and the Auto in charge this morning the youth was let go with a reprimand and a warn ing to leave the Auto alone hereafter Dan a Donovan accused of break ing into the Home of r j Fairweather 1140 peach Street i while intoxicated will appear for trial tomorrow in the police court he was arrested by officers Fred Hague Jesse Rogers and Theo Anderson Donovan was making his getaway when taken into custody he had taken Noth ing from the House but had caused considerable of a disturbance plan first dance Walnut Creek Jan 29the first dance of the d w t v an Organiza Tion secret in character will be Given on saturday night february 10 g l Putnam r h fish and i b Salituri comprise the committee of arrangements and outlier members Are judge Orrnsby Stephen a Dewing Joseph Lawrence Samuel Whittlesey a n Faterson Louis Lehman Fred e Brooks John a de Witry and Robert Lehman australian boys Are at Richmond today Alameda Jan the australian boys who were entertained in this City Over sunday today for Point Rich mond where a series of concerts were Given for the Benefit of the Empio jes of the Santa be shops tomorrow the boys leave Over the Santa be for Chicago stopping in route fall principal Points they will spend five months tra Sling v across the american continent wlh41 sail from new York for England after a stay in Europe they will return Hoai to Australia by Way of the Suez canal the concerts in Richmond today and tonight Arl the Farewell California concerts Man struck by car his name Alameda Jan 29 an unidentified Man was struck by an aimed Oakland electric car on the Oakland Side 01 the Webster Street Bridge sunday right the Man had a bad Gash Cut or the Side of his head from which the blood flowed freely he scrambled to his feet and walked away from the track declining to give his name and address to the con Ductor of the car Mother of Alam edans Alameda Jan Mary a Lee Ransom Mother of Lee Ransom and mrs Eva Rice of Alameda is dead at her Home in Santa Rosa Sonoma county she was the widow of the late Captain c h Rice and the grandmother of r t Elaine Rice As water company in securing signatures to its contracts with water users which were i to the Union w Ater company s Camoria in its printed Dvo Tim ments guaranteed to Supply absolutely water from these in resolved that the Laurel Grove improvement club hereby declares on be half of All the signers of these Sald do strict that the Fame Are Here by declared null and void and nit Cut Force and effect body and its uses topic of minister Albatt Jan Tho safest thing i Ever heard Tho Albany minister Rev w e Coffman told his congregation last evening was a girl crying 1 did not see her i do not Why Sha firehouse completed crack Tutt Jan work on lift for Hii Corkou possible Ihrl will stir mro twin Ian iut Kru Viu of Terr in put s1b46 in aviation faring year 1011 facilitate Tea world of resist Ramon f suffrage study will ivs Orarn Monr school hns been complot cd b in Norh prowl not and p ii Avineri Nurt that two m a Wick to if chomtcn1 n Havn therein is Iho property school District and Othor crying tit it in a place where Noi belongs to fro Rbt Ricu tas Tho Mother Ever comes with her daughters and a Horn there is no Friend of youth to Comfort the sorrowing and wipe away tears there Are Ninny Kerls who cry a Rainy women in hospitals who cry and men who cry too because somebody her forgotten to Lxi the Boxly is intended r be the Temple of the holy spirit n fit Olivell Ini Plynie for the spirit of a Joel the hotly in itself plan nil holy May be put to Lily or unt Ioly where Oliero Eji pamily 1or service there is cup noisy Fer a Niny Pill n Wredt lend Vrr a eve across n Frint limit unit it my Crand to pieces n child coins Howel Dohrmann co 518522 thirteenth Street bet Washington and Clay this will be a week of great bargains in useful and ornamental articles for the Home this Sale has attracted a great crowd from the Start the values Are and to be compared with anything Ever offered elsewhere dinner Ware 42piece White and Gold cottage sets 268 100 piece Gads adj China nicely decorated 1495 lot no 1 formerly priced at 50c 65c 75c now25c lot no 4 formerly priced at 150 175225 now100 gut glassware 8inch bowl195 sugar and Creamer 198 6inch nappies89c lot no 2 formerly priced at 90c 100 125 nowi50c lot no 5 All goods on this table on third off 518522 thirteenth Street Between Washington and Clay household goods discounts in every depart ment ranging from 10 to 50 per cent lot no 3 formerly priced at 125 150 175 now75c lot no 6 All goods on this table half Price March 1st will conduct our business in conjunction with h c Capwill co Clay 14th and 15th streets

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