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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1911, Page 1

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - January 25, 1911, Oakland, California Am Francisco be exclusive associated Fig slightly letter. Penrose and Knox have Given instructions to the Pennsylvania delegation and Calif on a will most of them. A conservative poll shows san Francisco slightly in the1 Lead. All sides have United final round up fight and Are Well organized. Last edition . Old Oakland California. Wednesday evening january 25, 1911. 18 pages no. 158 charcoal fumes kill four deathly House 10 Les committee shifts the Battlefield to floor of Congress Jull membership to vote on site Kahn and Roden Burg in tilt Washington dec. Will be left to the full membership 01 the House of representatives to Etc mine whether san Francisco or be f or leans shall have the right of v a in the exposition fight now raging before Congress. The House committee on rules after hearing a Sharp til be tween the rival interests and i Pend ing an hour in executive consideration of the problem decided today to authorize the calling of the Roll of the House members next tuesday. Every member who favors the Pacific coast exposition will answer san while Liose i who favor the Gulf will answer new whichever City prevails in his Roll Call will live the right to Call up its Lopert Elacion for immediate consideration. Meas Kes Kapok Ted. The committee on foreign affairs has reported the Kahn Resolution inviting the nations of the world to participate in an exposition in san fran Cisco in 1915. And the committee on Industrial arts arid expositions Ester f Flay reported the Estopinal by 1, authorizing the holding of an exposition m new Orleans. Both measur5s Are pending in the House and the action of the rules committee today shifts to Tho full membership of the House the Burden of deciding which shall have preference. Sharp avoids pass. Sharp words passed Between representative Kahn of in Laiforn a and representative fiorile Iberg of jul Motif when Thuv exposition fight opened Beer re the committee Rodenberg. As chairman of the com Mittee on Industrial arts and expositions has already Favora ily re ported the Bill to give the exposition to new Orleans declared that Lepre event acne Kahn had ignored hit com Mittee and had put in a san in Cisco Resolution with instruction to have it go to Tho committee on foreign affairs. Vote never attempted to Treft his committee said Kahn. I called his attention to the Solu ton before it was introduced in the that is where we interrupt erg i have no recollection of Jour having called it to by at Tention and i Don t Holtine Voi that St Dement is in with to to of others you o made in this Kal n. Pretty girl is nested As filase Erader jailed at Auburn blamed for theft from Oakland stable attired As society woman she works Clever game in Many cities. A Horsetail of who la believed by t e police to have victimized livery Sta b is in half a dozen cities of California b v masquerading1 As a Young society v Oman has been captured at Auburn t Lacer county and will probably be t ironed Over to the Oakland authorities. She is accused of having stolen a Brown n Are from miss Beatrice Graham s Riding s Hool at Tele Griph Averso last sat i Day which she afterwards sold to Frank i a Berkeley livery stable Man. I he Marp was recovered. The girl operated in a daring and Clever r Annet handsomely Gounod As a Young horsewoman she in oud appear at some e Riding school select a mount and r 1e away after giving a fictitious address. She would then ride to a livery s Able and after telling a pathetic Story o being1 forced by financial troubles to give up her private Riding horse drive a Good bargain for the animal. Prove ownership and give a fictitious Bill Sale. Described As Young. Rui1vale the girl who is described As a plug b it if years of age is peculiarly fitted to carry out her Prame in a successful n Anner. Petite and pretty Well crowned my of cultured speech and Debonair in n Anner she impresses the of a f Able and Riding schools with her Good the and honesty and no doubt on t a tanned but she is a resident of the r ngh boyhood. She wears a n v d habit Parent Spather Riding boots and rides Side Saddle perfectly. When arrested by the sheriff of Placer c aunty she at first refused to give any account of herself and told several con flicting1 stories. Khe denied having Vic t mixed miss Graham in Oakland and i rank Esmond but according to a de s option recently by Captain of detect i is Walter j. Peterson he says there is 1 title doubt but that the Girt is the Clever woman horse thief who has been t or rating around the Bay. Family mystery. Nothing is known As yet of the a Ftp c dents of the accused Pirl horse thief 1 it from the fact to at is obviously Ell educated Ard is a trained horse can. It is thought so May to a scion j cheerful Frame of mind last Muht t Good f airily who have either fallen j the suicide was comr rotted in Tho i in disgrace or whose parents have dice1, Pietla residence in fruit Vale in which miss Graham for As a girl j he fid lived Foi the past 15 Vears Parker arose shortly alter 7 o clock this morning Ard without saving anything to his wife w of he believed to be asleep stole it Lely 1o the Bat room. Mrs. Parker while half dozing at the time and the mount was Boins saddled she gos j of the body falling to the floor sled about several Oakland Well aroused her and sent her running to the 1 Nown in society. She appeared familiar Sceno of the tragedy. Ith Many people Here and t never she found her husband lying on the girl Phe fir or Waltl the razor beside him. Hardly she was j at be to retain . She ran cry c. M. T. Parker found dying on floor of room in Early morning mystery shrouds deed and no Light is thrown on reason for act Arismo this morning arid stealing from fide of his wife Charles m. T. Par i a a Well known insurance Man walked to the bathroom in his residence at 1258 Twenty sixth a venae in Fruitvale and taking his razor slashed his Throat from a to ear cutting deeply into Tho jugular vein. Who had missed him heard him fall to the floor and rushed to the bathroom where she found him jiving bleeding and unconscious on the floor m his night clothes. No reason known. No reason is known for tie Nan s deed in taking his life. Mrs. Parker ran so earning to the neighbors and or. Eniet Crosby a summoned by Teje pm me death had intervened before the physician arrived but he was called upon to care for the wife who had collapsed As result of Tho Shock. Mrs. Parker in now Uncer the care of the physician and a professional nurse. She is prostrated and her Condit on is considered very serious by the physician. Home life Happy. Parker has been for Many years manager of the Massachusetts life insurance Corpany with offices in the Monadnock building in san Francisco recognized As a successful business Rinir and a is Happy in his Home life according to has fiends to had not been seeks to kill but fails Henry Peterson a Gardener shoots Roy c. Douglas chauffeur for Lay Nance. Quarrel Over fire nearly re sults in a tragedy this afternoon. In ill health and was apparently it a peculiarly attractive manners. She sited the Graham Riding school Satur c a coming attired for Riding she selected a Brown More valued at i bout said miss Graham Roy c Douglas Chauffer r for m. J. Laymance bad a narrow is about 2 o clock this afternoon from being Mur dered at the s res c once at 890 fifth Avenue which be re entry Vard by Harry Peterson the Gai inner of the place. Taking Ija Mance s auto5 Lobile from the present Lia Manor Mai Sion a 460 Chetwood Street Douglas v it to t in old residence on an errand. Lie property at 830 fifth Avenue has just Een i t into the hands of contractors of Repi is and Renox Atin and Douglas f Llowd by a couple of to workmen in o the Kitchen. He found a Roah g fire in the Range and rubbish and old papers scattered All Over. Quarrel Over i ire. He dragged out the fire and in Quiring of the Workman Abou when starred 5t to Hen Peterson enters Tho room. Douglas asked him who str Rod the fire and the Gardner replied rat did. Douglas told him Ftp should t by so canc loss he would Burn the p Opery Dotin whereupon Peterson flew in a rage and called Douglas t liar. The of was More quarrelling1 and t in two or came to Gether but Tietie separated by the other workmen. Shoots chauffeur. Douglas then went of the rear and entered Tho garage and i Stetson Fol Lowed quarrel and Forth. Then Peterson i in to a desk which stood in one Corner ind took out a revolver. Douglas Dodg a behind a Drill press just As Peterso levelled the weapon at him and the Bullet struck doug1 As in the Rygh wrist Frac Turing the Bone badly and in gang there. The workmen on Tho r Ace grabbed Peterson and took the r Volver Avay from him while Douglas w s taken into the automobile to the hotel ins Hospital Douglas says that if he been in in Stant later in Gett no Belli id the press the Ouimet from the re Volvo would struck him in the Abdomen previous quarrel. Peterson who was arrest d by Deputy sheriff i Hancock said that last punday lie and Douglas had a quasi ?1 Ard Dong Las took several shots at 1 in. Douglas denies that he ind Peterson had a quarrel last sunday he that the Gardner stared another and hot words were Throwr Back i doubted so was an Oakland 1 ranked me prettily when i mounted for some Little favor in adjust to her neighbors fainting away in i in her dress and with a laugh and t on Bye Rode mystery sur rounding Tho death of Mary e. Swan son in a lonely cottage at no. 1129 avenge on monday firmly convince the friends of the woman that she met with foul play. Who e there Are some who say that she had frequently threatened to take her life those who knew her the Best say Tiit such was furthest from her thoughts and that she was of a Happy nature and aside from a miserly Plency was contented with life her Only trouble seemed to be the nag Ging of relatives and the loss of some property several years ago which she insisted she had been cheated out of by a Friend she had trusted. Investigation has brought out the fact that none of her friends knew pitch about her or about her affairs gathered together the facts Are that she came from Switzerland a score or More ago and frequently spoke of a brother she had in the old coun try. While in this state she worked mostly As a Cook in different places but never for any length of time. She always had Money and always earned a Good salary. She dressed plainly and never spent any Money that was world of Art and letters pays tribute unnecessary. Kov ovary Berkeley. Among those who knew the dead Well was mrs. B. Hynes of the Golden. West hotel in Berkeley who employed her at various times. To mrs. Hynes the woman confided that he had a sister living in Fruitvale whose husband a was con stantly bothering her about Money affairs. Mrs Hynes does not know the name of the nor did she Ever see her the Story told by Myrv Swanson to her was that the husband of her sister was much younger than his wife and that he frequently abused her had squander a her Money and tried to get some of hers Aaron Turner an attorney at 957 Legal work for the dead woman is another scouts the idea of Eui c Ide professional reasons kept him. The late David Gra Phillips. David Graham Phillips Dies As assailant s body is car ried to train. York Jan. 25. The body of David Graham Phillips the slain novelist Rob Abl will 1 to rest a Greenwood t Rooklyn. Beyond tvs no it was Forth Corriner curing the morning from the Little pious of friends i std with the Mission of arranging i Funera. Mrs Caroline Frevert to to stood at her brother s As he breathed his f last Short y before Midnight and Sena j Tor Albert .1 Bevenage Phillip s close Broadnay. Who did a. Good of Jar part visited the a Emit by this morn with the intention of selecting the spot for the e he did not even see Peterson on 1hat Day. J he explained today from divulging he nature of his business the read woman but to said it was concerning litigation real estate. The woman he added paid Cash for the service rendered and seemed to Rooney and property and to be contented with her condition. The question which is puzzling All the friends of the woman is the fact love spu11ned, t lying in receiving Hospital at Point of death. Finances All right. Sax fax Sisro Jar 25 or. Office Irth s cite no reason of j Ould to Lei cd Arron filing to information f by the Youns cashier affairs Are in of shape and no Mon c could be in ought of which i Wou d Lead h m to end a i he in Liis office yesterday until late in Fie Affer Roon and Aji Penrod Jolly. Chatted Ith the pm and left no a Presston which would prepare them for the tragedy. It was stated that he had been with to e Massachusetts Mutual fire insure a ice company for upward of Twenty y a.-? and had had the local Gerry since b the earthquake. Tho staff the Agency As de from wounded for Parker himself. Consists of two Hospital it Rasas i v continued on Page some reports have it that 2rto arc Clead it is believed 10 re in acc be the me Xii an government s Clam f 25 killed and a Complete Federal vie j to. J Porras not captured Guillermo Forras Secretary of state 01 Chihuahua reported by rebels As captured by them in the Battle around arrived Here today on a Spe Lal train from Casas grades he has lot been a prisoner. United states troops encamped 40 Miles ast of Elpaso saw no rebels on the the verdict in conspiracy trial Jan. 35 or Samed t the Restia Ning Force of new is or Coday be t e Sher non anti Trust Law when a jury in the t rated states circuit court re t red a verdict of guilty against Reem b is of the new Dock and cot ten Council charged with conspiracy to interfere with foreign Commerce i want him come a id take care of to he in t m jail Thev be just told me that because the Don t want to Senc for those Are the %vord3 in it or Jos t Mccoy repeats Over lies at the receiving a Pital it the Point of death after Havn a taken per Manganato of Potash u yester lev afternoon following a quarrel with her refusing to that the Lover for whom she tried to commit suicide is be ins held m the City and that the real reason of i non appear ances that the Hospit. 1 authorities have not sent for him or 5 insists that she will get up this after noon and go in sea cd of him. Not real my that Sho i is doomed to 1 e of weeks if she Hap a Chance for to at All. Came from Han Ord. J i came from is afternoon to 1 r croat am. Hom she suspect of ing abandoned her another Wornan. In to his room at 525 e pm i Streec to upbraid him for his dec tin. When she found that suspicions were she decided that As of he i no without him and after saying Good j Bye and going out into t be Hail took several tablets of perming mate of pot Ash she had in Hei Possession. That she was known to have two Dif i savings Bank i co ints had a const durable of More a in her Possession at the time of her death and o for and each g Ven by w p Edwards the capitalist at Home she last worked. The a cards checks although Given her More than a week ago have continued on Page workmen killed in mine explosion powder or Gas lets go in Penn Sylvania Colliery Many escape through openings. a Jan 2s Loc Ion of pc Dor or in Tho Hughes own to 10 Coll Rry of th-1 Penns Hania conic and at pit wrecked a Sec explosion was be t on i rainfall in the City of Oakland Sanborn rain gauge figures Are As follows rainfall for last Twenty four hours .58 inches. Rainfall for season 14.68. Rainfall for corresponding period last season 14.71 inches. The body was taken from Bellevue hos Pital to an undertaking e to abolishment on fourth Avenue and win be transferred later to the National arts club the writer s former Home George Horace Lorf Mei editor of the saturday evening Post ird Samuel g Blythe. Associate of Phllips. Are assist senator in arranging the funeral the time and j lace of hold no the services Urie exported to be announced this afternoon eccentric Genius. The body of Fth Hugl Goldsborough Phillips was borne to the railway station in Jei Aey City As the novelist Ivas breathing i is last will be burled in Washington t Day. What is regarded As an exp Lanati in of his crime continued on Page Hilt Jow e Danville inquiry is in danger of going to pieces Maxville 111 Jan. Of sheriff she Parr to ski vat subpoenas in the i grand jury investigation into the alleged j traffic m votes in vet million county i forecast a quiet Dav to div in spite of the a Nern nation of Isaac too Cayard Foreman of Fie grand 1ury, few of in politicians who Are familiar nth i e situation Bell up this grand jury jul the res its it seeks. The general View Wafe today by one politician who Nas been mentioned in the vote scandal we said. Politics stand at every Angle of this thing even people a forgetting civic feature of it in the political husband wife boy and infant found dead in their Home tragic Fate overtakes in night the family of Francisco Signore Iio san Francisco Jan. 2.1 Ance of the deadly pin parties of the. Poisonous fumes of caused the death of four persons and deprived four children of father Mother and two Brothers Early this morning. Francisco Signore Iio 30 years old his wife Anna aged 25, his Stepson. Joseph Condori. Aged 3. And his in Fant boy Vinc Enzert Signore Iio aged eight months were found lying dead in the front room of to eur Home at 14f, Peralta Avenue shortly after 7 o clock this morning by Alolph Signore Iio who broke Down the door Chat Chaij Furnace. The family have Beon burning i charcoal Furnace of a makeshift sort in order to keep out the dampness from their Little House on the Hills Back of the Mission. All Day yester Day the Fli e was kept burning in a Home made stove. Last night before retiring the father seple shed the fire and with his wife and two Young est children retired Between s and 3 o clock. This morning when Adolph. Aged 24, the eldest son of the House hold failed to find father stirring on getting up knocked repeatedly the door receiving no answer a smashed through the Majiel and found the quartet apparently sleeping but with the air in Fth o room sickening from the fumes of charcoal. Colt in death. Hastily he summoned or Frederick a. Rinse of 2911 Folsom Street but the appearance th3 sleepers misleading. They w Ere All cold in death. Signore Iio has lived in the Community for Many years and is Well known and respected. Six ago his first wife died and on june 25, 1909. He married mrs. Anna Condori who came Here from Italy to wed him. Bringing with her her Little boy Joseph aged 3 years she was Onk half Tho age of her second husband and it was her child and infant offspring of the second who succumbed to the deadly Poison orphaned children. The family Are Pury Ved by Adolphi Signorello Acri j4, Jack aged 22 Provedenci. Aged is. And Ignacia aged 16. The o girls became hysterical at the split their parents and Brothers lying dead anal refused to be comforted in and crying in an agony of sorrow detectives Tobin and Call Haik made an and the Char Coal pot was taken b the morgue officials to be used at the inquest. Caucus to consider new apportionment republicans of House Call meet ing for night of thurs Day feb. 2. Jan. 2" a j1ucup of the re mall ars of the Wilotis to Jotch inane bit to on do proposed legislation for t , in. The 1 s it r the new rent statistics was called to Lay for thursday right february 2 f u. S. Senators who we ref Qto today Wisconsin senator la Follette re elected. New Jersey James e. Martine to succeed senator Keane. Delaware u. S. Sena Tor Dupont re elected. West e. Chilton Long term

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