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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1916, Page 2

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - January 7, 1916, Oakland, California Chi Fine january 7, 1916. Deserts Carranza forces after accepting amnesty. Amendment to election Law would Aid Johnson for i senator. Passengers of thessal Oniki suffer hard ships for weeks hurricanes and hunger features of voyage across Atlantic new York. Jan. 177 Passen Gers who were forced to abandon Ihor sinking steamship at arrived Here today on the ctn Mlp patrols of the same line and rave vivid descriptions of the hardships suffered during several weeks that the Thessalon ill was battered by a series of terrific i Rales. On Christmas Day. Passengers said the of meat on the Hes Salonika was entirely exhausted Only a few callous of Rater were left and tile ship s of i ers he to portion out. Short rations the meager Supply of food which remained. The thessaly Nykl first sprung n leak when she encountered a Hurricane which based for twelve hours december 21. Tho boiler and engine rooms were partly flooded and the sent out Calls for assistance. After the Hurricane subsided however the flood of Rort Lons of the ship were pumped out and she proceeded on her voyage. Rough seas and gales were encountered from december 22 to december. 26. When the thessaly Nellt ran into a ninety mile Hurricane which lasted for Twenty four hours. Many of tile passengers and Crew feared the Steamer was san kilns. As fresh opened the boiler and engine rooms everybody needs pure Rich blood pure blood enables the. Stomach liver and other digestive organs to do their work properly. Without it they Are sluggish there is appetite sometimes faintness a deranged state of the. Intestines and. In general All the symptoms of dyspepsia. Pure blood is required. By every Organ of the body Lor the proper performance of us functions. Hood s Sar Sapari la makes pure blood and this is Why it is so successful in the treatment of. So Many diseases Ana ailments. It acts directly on Tolfe blood ridding it of so Romulous and other Humours. It is a Peculiar combination of blood purifying nerve toning. Strength giving sub stances. Get if ment. Jan. Novilio a Vil a chieftain. Who accepted Umich so of m Facto mexican pox Mienl mid joined with general Trevino and Herrera in the Advance on Chihuahua i ily last in onto tint fled with a Small to mountains of the san Rosillo District. Arr Brj intr to general Ovri to today. Reticent As to the of defection. Genera a Fri to at to Tift military commander it it Taroy to Dav that he had car lured and was Hok ii the Villa general. I today instituted a District. Confined to the Sale or j and Borreil women from a Fps. I neutrality policy is upheld by Gardner Washington. Jan. Representative Jardner. Republican made a Lone prepared speech in the mouse today on the War conditions involving the i noted states. He approved the administration s stand that it would he Iii Rural to embargo munitions and declared that it peace in Europe now would be in conclusive and would mean Anchor War. He assailed the Pacific costs the Hyphen ated americans and the Cotton interests. Priestly Aid refused by Man on scaffold Han Rafael. Jan cout Cire was handed today at san Quentin for the murder of Don w. Sullivan near paso Nobles. September 25. 1914. The trap Ahji sprung at o clock. Couture was pronounced dead in fourteen and a half minutes. Re used spiritual counsel. He said did not wish to die a hypocrite. Sullivan wait Ahot while attempting to Settle. A quarrel. Republicans 24. I democrats 2. I 0. Are the first of the new registration figures. Shown by county clerk Leorne boo Lis a i noon to Day. To Ine reports re from other to unites. The figures show about the Sajise ratio where partisan or i noted. In the fit in is for Ala Roeda. County and Oiler counties showing the rep bran a fld. Local leaders in the first anal not non part inn it fes tied at the last election and now Marist Ilii method by which Gover Nipon proposes to handle . The exp nation of the of the i liquor the present radio Point Fin. Hip governor if a Randi Dute i Niimd Stales senator will enter Tho As n Prore Elv with an apparently Neh Lishie a majority Bacine him. I ror Ojito Sample ballot however say. Per Miuling the voter to choose i dirty affix motion at the last moment Nira in that the Man and not the party will of considered end this will they . S a Johnson ills Dps ived Liau in heavy Progress let but ulnar. In words if a Sisera inn with party i reference is now the will lie Alons hum the ratio now if party Piv Vrem Eia fax after the nominees Are decided Elc Nih hour parly affiliation announcement permits would probably have a Stroner apparent Piort Shive vote to show East Truere. So the local Tepu bean and Democrat to leaders reason out the situation. Willard Mack Iii Aix Jha of and Coal bunkers rapidly filled with water and the ship was badly tossed about. It was then that the Thessaloniki sent out s. O. S. Calls which were heard by the patrols. United states. Florizel and other steamers. The Florizel was the first to reach the disabled vessel and offered to take off the passengers and Crew and i carry them to Bermuda. Captain Gou j and is who was making his first voyage As a master declined this offer. The Florizel stood by until the patrols came in Leht. The Thessaloniki s passengers Werft transferred to the patrols with consider Able difficulty and were forced to leave allot their baggage and personal belong Ings on the disabled vessel. Italy bought by allies charged in Germany friends of governor advise Iii Mojo let up Saukam Koto. Jan. Fen airs Ami who arc clutter to men Luke been to see Elln in tile Lasi imploring him to change his attitude. As one Man who is extremely Friendly to the administration puts it feel that the extra session should not have Bene called it All it was to Griir Oulu a Fellows All Illey want. Now that Are Here we feel that we must we cannot to Home with Motel no done. We wish the governor would let up a Little. Hut he is honestly con Vinced that no other method of Amend rur the election Laws is pm Tea Lyle end we will stay with fran 1c Lin today and tomorrow. Berlin. Jan. Neue Zurcher isl tune has received reports from Relia ble says the overseas news Agency that the London treaty proved Jing against the conclusion of a separate j peace signed by Italy contains a special clause tinder which Italy received lire for go vans her adherence to the agree the news Agency says it has special information that another clause in the Trec to is directed is slut the Vatican patriots worried lest people be sceptical special dispatch to the Tribune Sacramento Jan. Of the legislature who Are candidates for re election Are much disturbed Over the situation confronting them they Aro apprehensive that the Manv explanations which have been Given out from Headquarters will not explain to their constituents should the so contrary to Public sentiment As clearly expressed in october against the elimination of parties. Their embarrassment increases when the realize that the impression is grow ing that the legislation is being forced because of the bearing it will have on the approaching senatorial contest. In other words members of the legislature Are beginning to feel that they Are to be made the goats be fore the people. As u prominent progressive from Alaneda county expressed it. Are going to find it hard enough to run under the Handicap progressives in View of the National Situa Tion without being forced to carry additional burdens. We feel that the attitude of the state administration is not fair to us. It would have been the. Big thing for the governor to have said that the people having expressed their will at the polls he would abide by that decision in the spirit As Well As the strict letter of the Law. Such an attitude would have made him far stronger before Tho people and relieved his friends from univ one Bromo quinine t the a Nunt. Rail Tor Lull to it e a. Tirfe Broffo qui inf. Of e. W. Prove. Cure a cold of 23c. The new York clock and suit House the leading cloak and suit House in. Four cities Beautiful Plush Coats handsome mixture Coats swell est of Cheviot Coats fur trimmed Coats smart Broadcloth Coats tomorrow s Price for a Large assortment of splendid suits in All sizes. Worth up to Jil the new York s Oakland store saturday new styles pleasing materials a value. Spec Only All of our High priced suits about 1a off Stock for cloak suit House Korv 1212 Washington St. Francisco All of oar High priced Coats about continued from Page 1. They demand that at the time of registration voters shall Cutie their political parties while have permitted the jaw passport by the legislature and accepted by All remain exactly As it is and believe ii setter that the voter s party Aff Luttio be stated at the time of primary. Shift my Rcv exd. Now our opponents in shifting their ground make two arguments vociferously first that declaring party affiliations at the polls May per Mit fraud in primary elections Ami control by Bosses and secondly that the people expressed themselves upon registration at the. Recent special election. The time of the delivery of great blocks of votes by any individual or it of individuals has Long since passed. The Day when frauds were perpetrated in primaries was when there was no primary Law and when the state left primaries to the tender mercies of political parties. The suggested fraudulent practices if they could occur at All would occur with like facility under each system and at this Date will occur under neither. And then if we wanted to indulge in invidious just think of the individuals who Are bemoaning the possibility of Boss control of different. Primaries. They Are the very men who have Ever fought under Boss control and who Are seeking to return Boss control to the state of California today and i Many of them if they believed the1 system that we suggest Wottle briny i about Boss control or control of More than one party by a group in another would with an alacrity and celerity that ass description align themselves in favor of the proposed Bills. Facts answer. The second objection concerning what the people passed upon october 26 is answered by the facts them elves and by the fact unchallenged that those supporting to did not referendum the registration Bill but accepted it without demur and that it has been and is now the Law of the land. The sincerity of these men is tested in another direction and that is upon the very Compromise concerning which you first spoke to. Me. Yes-1 Ter Day these gentlemen were shouting i themselves hoarse for an amendment to the Young Bill by which it would be optional with the voters whether he registered in partisan fashion or whether he deferred his declaration until the primary. By this Compro Mise a plan which was neither one thing nor the other was presented. It neither fixed party declaration fit tha time of registering nor at the Lime of the primary but did a Little of both. O co51promtsk. If Tho Bills we propose will open the door to fraud the Compromise proposed would do it even in greater degree if the Bills proposed violated the will of the people As expressed on october 26, the Compromise did exactly the same thing and it is of Vious from the very fact of the avidity which the idea has been seized by our opponents that they be Iilva neither in the argument concerning the possibilities fraud under the registration Bill presented nor do they believe otherwise than that the Bill is in exact Accord with the views of the electorate As expressed at the special election. Al every stage of these proceedings they have been convicted of the grossest insincerity and All this howl by them and the press behind them is pure political Buncombe. There is one other aspect which registration at the primary appeals to the Man who wants to do Only Justice. A very Large number of our electorate have resented the fact that they must declare their politics at the time of registration and they have permitted themselves to be disfranchised so far As primary elections Are concerned because conscientiously opposed to stating their political affiliations at the time registration. Particularly was this so when the voter was required t state his party under the com mane or direction of some insistent or interested party. Joast in the state of California in tin last registration than declined to state their party affiliations and stated them in scattering fashion. In the Southern counties alone More than Al most As. Many As were registered in All of the South As democrats and few More than Wero registered progressives declined to state the party affiliations. I we saw in registration of 1914 a scramble among the various parties to obtain the largest number of registrations. Thuc registration deputies not course always will be the Case were partisans selected in Many counties for the purpose of obtaining if party registration rather than the exact registration of the voters. In Many counties Gross sen n a is arose and because of the Desiro of Over zealous deputies to Register in a cer Tain particular party charges and counter charges of frail were made. Now what is better that we should have this unseemly scramble and. A party registration by an Over zealous Deputy or that the voter himself in Tho seclusion of a Booth with no interested individual within 100 left of him shall write his Finie and his party affiliation and then receive his ballot it the primary Beau set the determination of the electors As expressed at the special election is most scrupulously Carrie-1 out by tha Young election Bills be cause the registration Bill has been duly adopted and acquiesced in for a year a the Law of the land and. Has been unchallenged and unattached Ami because the Neatem proposed is a part from these hot Ter than the Otylior i ii Yount i us should be pcs fluid and the registration Law should Ike left exactly Asha proponents and opponents liar i left it fur the past year and exactly us nil of the Iofi oils of have accepted and acquiesced in the Park shoe company s Winter clearance Sale is now in Progress Winter shoes reduced 25% and a incomplete lines 15% the reductions Are truly remarkable when the newness and High character of the Mer Chandise is considered. New smart women s shoes which have received constant expression of raise and Delight Are what we Are offering at to , a diction Ora sweaters. Bungalow aprons 39c made of Gingham and stripes and Plain colors. Cut and they Are perfectly finished. New boudoir Caps 29c, 39c and 59c three bargain prices on a sensational lot of Caps. Too Many of them to describe Here. Mostly in crepe de Chine trimmed with lace ribbon and rosebuds. See them. 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