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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1930, Page 19

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - December 29, 1930, Oakland, California Monday evening dece3iber 29, 1920 211 up Stock eff Lange Exchange san Francisco. Dec. Following Are the bid Ace. De paces ass sales of the Saa Francisco Stock Exchange Aser wires for the of Klaimi Tribune. B de food do Tribu tors say was Large broken from retailers Aii big org we ii in kill of pubic Sig a is o to id food products Parou arly Good Tris Tho Grivi fruit titles Ara v o a my i a il1 r j t pro did or a Xvi John it it Umi of to lairs i in o i i is three i record of 07 visions on our turnover i is on Orr ind now the Argent of Salen in. Clerks and since we to or. B. Norton of Armour co arajs Rade of that tras us prism Gly the Cau Forna fru t exch Nije says that of Citrus fruit in the Masibay set new a score. Up to a Jar St Miia q i Bonora and a turnover of 43 ears. This is the Large Al 01 oranges ind sensors n one month Tesa d Peter give Ito 01 the Citrus Init of ill House. Good apples and potatoes Staples. The movement n both , ahead o expect Zionc. A coding to line Hurt 01 Hunt. Hatch and the fruit and produce Trade i better slow is than Lar re Dauis int i Taid . Like opt in.mo1 reports i Zeulner and a. Galli Tiu it Coia for the Pou try producers of ten trial a of Stern East no mar Iger. That the egg Trade has been somewhat s of 1-ie because of production in the East a dec mins to Ramodit Maikut in really vat tre bus. Ness of the Poul try men m the East Region one of the Best in the country _ Treasury balance set at dec. The United states Tro sury balance announced to unas of Ciobot of Busi Ness decent Ibex a 374. 2s3 co customs recent i for the month to hair 3- total Ordinary expenditures Money of Kiib Tyno Uzoni Faro Beci Omav Cen Ril the Argentine. 100 Piper pesos 5 3 00 -auatr.i. 100 Schill ices 1 20 n Batavia. 100 Belgium 100 de Gas. Lou Milie. Canada. 100 dollars Chite. 1c3 paper cd Cho . 100 Tronsen Denmark 100 Kronen trance. 100 francs great Britain. Is Ernp Germany. 100 tic Marsi. Greece 100 Holland. 100 guilders . Ico local currency India. 10 j rupees Italy. 100 . Japan. 100 Jupo Clavia Luo Wasila 100 c korur 100 Turner. Peru. 100 sole Portugal. 100 escudo. Huml a sos Ico i ii 13 so 10 99 35 1215 2616 48565 23 so 1 to 4030 2750 36 10 525 Spain. 100 pesos ice Swaen 100 Switzer us 100 francs 100 pecs Venezuela. 100 Bon avos , dec. 59 6a is 1. 2676 31 co 11 so 460 61 10 70 7500 is to is a at pv.titl1 i r ii. 1 t r 1 t i 3 i a o a ii a it c1 a t. V Oechsl. Ioc . V f xs.4. 7. V cup Jorr. Eve. I of i Ink 37 i ser. Or cd jigs i re s7zi a v. To up 10ron i a it a. Do b 7s. Oom a j is to o 11 13 of Dorado h i old 3t it Piti .3 4 6s 101 -5 1" v co a a j 3 3 j cd .79 t i i a it no pics 3s 3i to 4. 4 v is 1 s a r. Do b a 3ji u i a Rte a. Allan a Oil Lou at 5 100 at Ai it 41 a share at at at 11 43 i 500 at Cha 10f at5h i at it pc a s a Letl Al at i a Clorox Lupu at in to it x a at it 1jcons Cheni 100 it at 11 j 00 at 201 Pac 0% at at or Zellerbach at at it 100 2t 4% soft pc at it 1 i a Iii pne at it 1. 10 in 7 a. N. T paint a pc g scr it it 4 1 if o at Oil to utile ii m milk Ini at at ii pm Oil in Al 1ho it c g Ker at 1-10 at at at 10 at Luj i pc Pul a to in Nairn Pinr nipple 100 at to 1" at 40 300 at 17 at 44 40 i it 1" . 1" i , v cell i Al it g a i n Oil 100 at o 100 at at it it 100 at it at Ito Iii Potler Tel at in at 6% 10 at at 100 at Aljron Jackson a Norendorf at .ii5u 00 at it of at 4 _ 1uo it at o Cal Cotton Mill Tel u i 1 4 100 it 9 at 10 at 4 Caincr pillar ipod at at at u 500 to j5 fun r to Sim at. J5 12 at at at. A or pc to at at 1" at 4-. 100 at at Oil l of at 4 Pac pub at it 200 at 17 Tii Oit Oil 700 at 6 100 at at at Al Pabi no fijo at at at a at m 100 at at pipe a m Brit c of p pc Gnu v g for in 17 Ion at 100 it Loo it at it1 san Francisco. Dec. The the bid Anc asked or Ces and sales on the san Francisco curb Exchange As Over win. Cavalier co s arcs for the Oakland eld a sugar. C. S Alaska. Tred 2 05 4 32 Alaska my v 3 f b. 1 _ l a a.lask.1. Juno. P pad 20 go j list 3t cd . I Imi Spur b. Mcke v 11 t t k t.17 i pet i i. Toll or com 14c Oil i i. Not co. Pump 1 33c Erk Wjt g is do a. 2. "7of d 2 70 3 .7 in a. Inv con Oil. I re 2s 13 21 3s each air s3 i. Ink of am 1j21i 54 00 4 Oil. U Blue s Ejlif Art tile 2 10 new i 1 j inc c it m 15 j Haiir St lire. 55 60 t 1 r j 1 i i 00 a of r a a 4i to ii put Cpd a or Pur is 9svi 2" i Miel of 4 i is t cons am Fin 1 4 t t j i j Oier the Comiter u n l is t e d i securities e i e-o-tia.-. J i the following Ere the big and paces at or Pone Mtrtus Judie juju Frau i co. 2v Tor the Gaia a to t 31 lox Dov. D a -1 ounce. Money be c it. Bar . Dec. I Piher 171 i i a of cent Torbay u an o inc 3 of cent n i lev. r is i n it Aio v it a Small i conc to i. York. On. Firm no rate. 2 3. Close time loan Rul 4 c it. Do n.ontn1 _2 trim Bankers i Inch 30 Oaks Fri of , four m a nuns file sit moist no. Yo7uc or to Pritt j t franc d t ital in in Man. 2 h t n j257-.1. Or a Ark i 4j . Or cd of and . 2 j an Trp. Treal. City Gold 47 10. Bank reports i of i Trie .2 to Neon 14 on n i u u or .1 of j 631, cons p a a. Do a. Cord f or 51 will Lif. Of Etrole air 1 by Oil. 10 duri it Jot. Dunt or by. In pfc a.2 00 1-j b do 12 to 36 1 in Iri in Pic k p is in cd in rim Hokl of k Ujj Gilmore i. O mid. At. 26c Amer. Co. 1" at .175 Iff at .175 i at -175 Vitlo cup. At York Tea 37ft Rrt Bank Cre-3 of. In f.. tear ago new York Bank stocks pet 23. Bid a ked at Erica is Bankers in Bookin Trust Al lip cite of f n Ciale Charpe up re fir t dip gun nov up 4 -2 up Manhattan off h 7j manufacturers off 2 4 s of y Trust Irp 2 Lis Public off 1 46 at 2 at 75 at .4 cot .4 a 100 at .4.70 10 at .4 b5 at .4.75 2v at if 3 2 to at 4.65 200 at .70 Inlo Pete. 700 at 15c 1 by at 14c 200 at 12c Halo 24f 0 at Joc t l l do Llyl Ai. So vat if c pad. Co at 50c 3-Jo at 36c 100 at 3 c Ivio at 23c to. 5 at c i Marine i a i at 20 4 i Nril 2. Republic Petr. 20 at .1 so. Col. De. Com. 25 at 42h 15 at 42 sonnet Pac. Of at 5c vol Nina Afert. At 41 u 25 at 300 at 40 at 40 435 at 40 mexican Dollar loan reported Mexico City dec. Official sources today reported that an agreement had been reached be Tutti the mexican of finance and the National City Bank of York Tor a loan of 000 for the purpose of Etal Hinr or neral 10 at ?4 at 40 Al 34 110 at 34. For. K. Gil. Cip. 1000 at i Goldman 410 at to at .4 go at 300 at 4 7i 20 at .4 "0 25 at 4 134 at .4 so 41 at 5 at .4 100 at 1 7j 100 at .4 7o 20 at 75 at 4 7 inner Roalf to. 2 at 5 at limit -1 to 1 la i Lirl. I t r t at. Of. I la. Or. A i bit. Tout. Oil at i. Send for our special analysis 1062 Russ building san franc Zos Angeles Long Beach i mounting output of Resit Lyls cd Blok it i is Gold 0 Cox Pron b Kodi. To combined in Orff f ii this single in. S silk i 6 cd j i investment i our preferred Stock w2 it Erry o. 0 03 Siar 01 w Foj d. I7 Jvn 05 a Joky of Jhosua a. 03 Jan crts ii or s 1 i i. It on Virg 02 03 viands t con 1 01 01 Gold of of a Rocs. ?0 Haco r. L a the o 3 i . a to j lower v to a i the i v a i i Julio 10 to i in. A i ii. In i Ial 1 a i. Al i Zijic the aim inc december i. Led it Uriss 15 Kuril Ovri. I Dennic income brow Hanry of Fayer. Is 5 i j co and Stock Mer x c s 7 of Jii chem prob. Pen Cora 3 i do. P d 6 j of to a 1. 0 Lute Job Dro. Low h Sii. Low Anil fits unit p Lor m in All s Ocks dealt of i lit. 1 id Kulund o i it 1 Leigl. C a. A i i i North american f investment ii1-, corporation t i. 171 Vic i e to 1 ii i it. I 1. 11 i la j411 a k1 --1 a 7 play grip. 1. 1c v i to. S r Nat Siuro. I a Nii Stii to 1 1 1 nit Butte l j 1 i u 3 p. S i 7r. In Ola i in. R o 4 o. Iju Quincy 7 t g1 65 405. H. I. 4 a 4 so Marv old. 7 6s t 1. 4 c5. A c so. W i Toront Toji .41 40 40 1 7.20. X. A. Russ building san Hia Nosco 4-.- Trust shares bought sold quoted Complete information on request Grant Knowlton co. Oakland Bauk building government municipal corporation Oakland Telephone cd Escourt 8533 Bonds ij1 i can x. Sati to t a Tord plans i it o onion be h it t it Arother v. Ill s a iia Tho so i o t i i t it their k i in a in Are a proc 1 1 0110 w.1v if it in the n i Aid. T i ii f o ills 1 Ikui. Fil to u it he t card Cir i Obleni sex but stocks be v i a the lust sign of i i 1-1 conditions. The in Lyrl is e to be a better t he ii in ly30 1 to Iii t on will Boic in to Ontl t is Semi annual for 6 months Sundin following Are the amounts p of corporate Trust shares against Coupon due december 31, 1930. 10 share certificates 25 share certificates 50 share certificates 100 share certificates 250 share certificates 500 share certificates certificates 2000 share certificates 10000 share certificates the amount of this distribution coi rate of 35 cents per share plus an e especially Gratifying in View of Gene tons during the second half of 1930 coupons arc pay Farmers or at the Principa the Chase National i or at of the itch following is list of bands who been appointed Allan a. Fulton Nali Onil Bink Baltimore. My Fidel. By to Birls Iouli rat first National Bank Boise. Idaho Bank Boston. Mist for t a foul Bank of Al he shares i distribution g december 51, 1930 2yable to holders Trust shares the Semi annual Inch Sirls am s. Ati Encan tobacco pod a Eai Irnen Kodak Kand 1a internal Tonii Harte str National biscuit _ _ _ _ Otis elevator 21.01 United fruit United states steel Woolworth railroads t Atchison. Topeka Santa few Xio Illinois Ceitel 710 1o Central oct Farn Paciuc 420.20 Union Pacific 840.40 Standard Oil of California Standard i of Indiana Art ii Nard Oil new us Oil of new teas corporation Intili ies and n prism p the base c american Tel s. Tel or 7 in consolidated Gas of n. Y. of cents is general define t i Estok boast be conc business Conol Western Union Telegraph Moodt s composite portfolio 1ati.sg-a" Able in Oakland Al 1ants savings Bank Pajong agent i office of the trustee Jank of the City of new York authorised paying agents the trustee As paying agents for corp Rita Shire Corrons american National aviation stocks a Pierce i Yoke Len. C Over to i t r bid of l. pc u a s u - 10 5 i r in ism. R j. T a i k. Nir h1 i r Ais 1 4 a m 1 4 in r. T a r m Standard Oil stocks Walsh Ocovnor a. I up 1 r f i id n i p ii re Wool Market Jiter 2j find i 5 coot. V folic t Adin in 1 i of to i i i j-1" t in i. O Ai i. 7 i n. Lit1? from hair " i. Hir for r. Ilir California Farmers a. Merchant Bank on Aba Nebraska Omaha National Bank Philadelphia. A trades nuns National Bank Trust co. Pitk Hurth l a first National Bank Mont meals Bonx a trus a. Diaries town. S. A. South Carolina National Bank n. C.-. Carlo it National Ockon United states National Bank Richmond. A Broadnax Bank and Trost co. Iau la pc cite. Ltan Falker Brothers ill Foreman suite National Bank Vereland Ohio Midland Francisco. Cal Wells fare Bank Union test co. A Fordiv with con i i f Jurics for to , is 1 1c 25 i 1 i 3. F i. .77 mercantile bark trait m Otreo port. American commercial savings Bank Colorado Dimer National Bank pcs Romej. Iowa. Iowa do Moines National Bank Detroit. Mich first Nanonie Bank Farvio. North Dakota. First National Bank a Trust co. And Janapoll. Ind. Indiana National Bank Jacksonville Fla. Florida National Bank Kansas City. To fideht7 National panic Trust co Lilc Rock. Bankers Tom Cou Panr los Angela Cal the California Bank lip Orville. Kor i Herr Bank be Trust Wash old bark l Nion Tow co. St. Lodi. To Mississippi Valley Trust co. Terry haute and to arc Haac National Bank s. Test co. Ash Xton. D c Federal american Nano Oal Bank foreign paying agents Amsterdam. Vermeer con any Amsterdam. To land inc mss Bank Genera. Switzerland a. Be join Don. England base National Bank Paru France. Theca Sebak Sweden Stockholm in Kilda Binic enrich. Switzerland Union de Banduci Soissa to Trust shares of or before december 31, 1930, Are Given Dit ional shares at a discount under Currem offering Price evidenced by rights coupons attached to corporate Trust rights should present their december 31st rights coupons were purchased. Rights coupons should not it to research corporation new your rights of corpor o rights to Purchase and exercisable on or before january 31, 1931 rights Are shares certificates. Holders desiring to exercise their r to the investment House or Bank from whom their Shar

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