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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - December 29, 1930, Oakland, California Jeorge t. Hughes writes of Wall Street its of Bune financial Section business news vol. Oakland California monday evening december 29, 1930 2o d no. 182 tire to raibune.1 Wall Street new York dec. Last week j of the year in the Stock Market opened with sagging prices. New lows were scattered liberally Over the list today but the Market As a whole Heid above the minimum of two weeks ago. Tax Selling was a Factor All Day. Another disturbing in fluence was the new break in july wheat. Call Money re Newing at per off. So Van a by staittr5 a. Hish of 4 per t a a since May. Old resistance Points crashed measured in Points were not Large. It was she through of the old Points that made a Uii pleasant impression and yet. Con Durins All the Market had to face ii did not Snake a bad showing. In the last hour an iroc Suli a rally appeared led by conspicuous for their relative Ness were general Ilo tors and american can and among Siom stocks in which tit Start est hulks Auburn Auto. The usual Long list of new lows was made Early in the Day. Including such an assorted variety of issues As Bethlehem steel. Arner lean smelting refining. Radio. International Telephone Tele graph and Montgomery Ward. As far As Bethlehem set 1 was concerned the offerings which by the Way. Did not depress the Price might have been connected with the court decision holding up merger with Tours town Sheet tube but it is probable thai the would have sold off anyway. In the others obviously Large Bull Factor seen in end of tax sales Relief from Selling incurred to establish losses overhang Market 1 , York. Of stocks who Haxe Canada plans to Market for Home wheat _ orderly marketing prom ised in Premier Bennett s i Retina proposal Vid ends Market is irregular with trading in limited volume losses Are fractional but support is weak 1 whenever any pressure appears by h. S. Scott until now i i order 10 emt Mimi inline tax have prominently in tin Stock Market of the last Tow Days or an influence again today. Is Only one More ii Fuith Ione can negotiated m Tho Way. Those on wednesday must be for there should be considerable re from his pressure when Busi Law on _ u a hit hit Ftp Louie this California production reduced to daily average of s barrels Santa Milmer i Nik i s address at Regma re Springs Irillis largely -hf-.van. On in to is expected o outline or clearly define his i . Trust of Noil u a i him 11, Toi the year at approx my by Oil Canadian wheat bands a Day. To knee it for his off Al estimates Bawd on of policy ing a conference to Bur j with Bankers on a joint petition i from the premiere of the for income tax purposes could i Kim of to during the past few months. Tho been established. The so called Pivotal industrials j position of Many were better supported. U. K. Steel holders both xxx ill respect to the opened a Point Down and then re gained the loss. American can Dur ing the morning ranged higher on the Day. General motors was steady or just above the preceding close. Standard Oil of new Jersey in i h a of Over a Point and was the weakest of the group. Rail shares sink with general trend most of the changes in the rail Road list were on the Side of american new Jows were a. Gow. Corporations on Jan. 2 at j4.es. Shell of at j Kok Ter at Kire Jan s fund j at 7s i Mont Gonier Ward at to 4. J re f r. Spring i tumult Cou pc cd . St Kkt. of. T a. Next lox at a cents. Nigado i other new lows included Pacific 1930 Trad today to on Friday the As opiates at 10u, Southern a i Over acc Etc Folden Oaie b at Kond the it dist rib Fin ii to rated thir ability to of Tho four Points made by Ami in commodities with the coding that until the latter can be stabilized it will be difficult to Check liquidation Selling of stocks. It is quite significant. However that there has been relatively less weakness in some of the shares related to Agri cultural conditions than in others which Havo not so close a connection with them. Steel tide set rebound seems Nevi table As users hold orders Down during inventories . Dei. One in the steel Trade is glad the year com intr to an end. It has the regular for steel Register in improvement Xith the turn of the year. The inst Fexy have been particularly trying on Arrout of the rigidity with v. Buyers held re oxen their commitments appearing to like die greatest pains not to specify .1 single Pound More than a would absolutely be. Needed to Complete the year s work and Al most instant shipment har. Generally been insisted upon. With such buying practices some sort of rebound a would seem inevitable is the whole thing is largely a matter of january 1 inventory. It is not doubtful about prices for steel prices Are now admittedly steady All along the and that was idiot the Case prior to a Fexy weeks ago. It would be Idle to attempt to prognosticate january in terms of percentage operation hut unless fresh for Nickle develops that no one now of. There a will be a marked . Baldwin net near dividend t Tork dec. Consoli Western Pacific near 1929 Levels the Western i Acif reports november nue of jl.283.731 no no of v r. i compared Frith m.vis.i47 to Ftp Tali. . Of month year. 31 Revenue we. And r t against respect in by. N the period. The company notes that Bourd Continos pm the Road to ver year s or s. Decrease in westbound bar Silver drops dated comings statement of Bald Xvi Loco fix a works xxx ill show Dix id end requirements of is. 75 in 1930 More than . Al the of surplus the j929 san semen showed net after All charges and to Flocs Clun to n a of new no Jor c .n.mon. Y paring so Jom barrels from the state s total of .1 Xiv Elk when the average daily out put barrels compared Xiv Ltd tin final War a of Evhen the state s production averaged is barrels. This represents a total curtailment of barrels and approximately 322.000 barrels of crude shut in from the Peak of that year. Such drastic curtailment has teen accomplished through i rfcs on of re airy of the smaller operators is Exvell As the major companies although the latter Are hearing the Brunt. Santa a k Cut Lake test during the Vock just ended a e Springs made the Bilges Cut. The Field s output trimmed from u4.0uu to 77.mjo barrels the most important Effort at curtail Mvi it for fit id in several is of particular interest on both sides of the Border. Toc to Gen i Rice. First the petition asked a guaranteed Domestic Price for Canad an xxx heat of 70 cents. Fort it asked Assurance of the Banks against loss in carrying on the wheat Pool in an orderly Way establishment of a government stabilization Board and consideration of advisability of ordering a Grain Hoard invest Gilion into Shor Selling on she Winnipeg Exchange. These things it accomplished. A would do for Canadian wheat about All the farm Board is trying to do for american Xiv Liott. The premiers pointed out at the time the y signed their letter to the prime minister pc Ember wheat had reached a lox of 54 cents it Winnipeg the j to Poich Ever months. While its True that a j reached up to that time in Canad Large portion of Tho drop represents the natural Field decline following the intensive deep zone development of last year it is apparent that All but i few operators lax a United to hold the Field Doxon to its next quota. There Are still a few recalcitrant operators in that Field headed by the an trading whereas striking comparison Chicago As i result of governmental action there remained steady it around 73." the orderly marketing pro Gram. Whatever its nature in considered in ans ver to the pressing question of what is to become of Fexy thousand barrels and Coin j belief h Ely Small considering the rent Flint Tlle u i Shire interests and Oscar How weat wheat who have declined All nver i pattern and Patron of co lures. Their total excess is Only a operative marketing. Ave is belief has been cur at the Pool was on the verse of bankruptcy. The Prairie pre Miers told the prime minister the provincial governments had gone As far Fis they could in supporting the pools which lost something like so in financing the 132s Venice excess. Venice production slumped from a one Day Peak of 47.500 barrels barrels on the daily average for the week a Rel decline which experts regard As significant. The Field xxx As off 1000 barrels from the preceding Ovcek s daily average and apparently vill Kim difficulty a maintaining its level above barrels because of the increased Eva tar troubles affecting the toxins Ito Section not Only of the deep but upper Sands my Xix Tox died Riis and 1929 crops. Other Fields showing important declines for the week included a 2000-Burrel drop at Long Beach. 3fioo barrels at Huntington Beach practically All of which was taken by major companies 4000 barrels at Elx Vood. Which dropped to 31.000 barrels daily and on saturday xxx As Doxon to barrels or 4000 barrels less than its quota 3000 barrels at the Midway Sunset including Kern front and 2000 barrels at Kettle main Hills which averaged 21.000 barrels daily Dur ing the week. Los Angeles Basin Fields dropped to 30.-i.300. Or barrels Cut Back during the Ovcek a while the remaining soot Harrel Cut was divided Between Kittleman and mid Way Sunset. Many Srp Ticatz tin re is some scepticism in Cor prices l indeterminate trend pre vails As tax Selling and covering continues by Korv a. Croutc a Kwh Tork dec. A Rene Ved volume of tax curb stocks Nui ired Lover lows inn de the list but Fexy of the Deolmos i Sriro ind Tho Market held Well All thin hrs front adored. In Tho last half hour there xxx As a Small rally which caused such Active orites As Lloyd Tain quarters Over the probability share. American superpower and tiie state approximating Tho Mornati Ozial Petroleum to Cnance maximum but con earlier losses. Many stocks Hov a cry nation lenders feel greatly encouraged Over what already has been accomplished and look for Ward to still greater reductions be fore the close of the current xxx Cek. Since there appears to be no other recourse 1nit additional curtailment in ill branches of the inns Fri. The recent comparative califor j part. However the movements Yvere Nia. Daily crude production Accord 1 fractional. Kim options a Here Xcvi Mir to California Oil world Estida California electric always a exer. Closed lower on the Day. One feature in late trading was an a Point decline in Fajardo sugar to a new lox for the year at 20. The. Opening was Venk. And be fore the Market received support n Long list of stocks made new Low Levels for the year. For the most of be in and at eur. Pacific Western to holders of american of 61j Langendorf b at 5, i corporation securities. J Tidewater Oil at 6. Tio estimated sure of 5uch was oae of the t payments is above j of the it s change. Heretofore its Loveit Mark trading has been 5. Bat Fleet of the United states prior to there seemed signs of sup the War. Port from the opening of local is the Rel Tjon of income on secur and i a As left to shift a. Of sl.soo.000.000. A sum Grater by i files to wage and Anri to the profits from business and part for itself Vith poor results. J Richfield sold off to univer Herships. Is an interesting one. To j Sal. Which ii controls was weaker than it has been for some Days and sold Down to from a close of 10 i saturday. It recovered itself somewhat. And after midday seemed fairly steady around fractional losses were Shoin by Standard Oil at 44 North Amer i an of at 9u. Caterpillar at Magna of at Cloros at 14 pineapple at 4u. At 44, Pacific Telephone at 11cu, and Ila chant at by. Southern Edison slipped a Point to 42 and cities Kerr ice xxx As off to i Tofic Lite tins sold unchanged at 42. General motors held St adj at and Claud Leon Xmas up is to 4. Four stocks Rose a Quarter Point each. They general paint a. Consoli dated chemical r e a t Western 7s and Pacific Gas Fis. Pome investment demand xxx As indicated in the latter tvo. A Long list of fractional declines embraced nearly All the other Active shares. It xxx is made up mostly of industrials and oils. Dividend expected from those interested Are by winning to look for a dividend on the com Mon Stock of Illinois Pacific const company. The action of the Stock on the san Francisco curb docs not support this anticipation. Prob ably this can be attributed to hesitancy of Many potential in estors to take the first Fexy months operation of a nex Vly organized firm As a criterion of future earning ability. Illinois Tion to declare common and pro bal income tax returns for 1d2s so xxv that in that year the amount entered in income tar returns Cov ering interest was s2.143.s57.sco. Dividends received on stocks of Domestic corporations were approximately All item of income on securities aggregated for 1929 and 1930 thex were undoubtedly much in excess of this figure. Income figures. Taking the 1p2r figures As the latest available it is found that Fri come from u Igor and Ras the combined in come from business and partner ships Xmas consequently the returns from salaries services and the profits from Busi Ness enterprises aggregated Over s in 102s Asnins a vent is classed As unearned in Crement of shout . In other words the latter item xxx As about 40 per cent of the former. Probably about the same ratio vill to shown Evhen the 1930 returns Aro revealed by Tho income tax authorities. The january interest and Divi my payments indicate i conditions similar to flew presented in the in earlier disbursement periods of this year Evhen the amount of interest to be paid has exceeded that of the same term in 1929 though dividend amounts have been smaller. As time goes on. The difference Between the tvo is Likely to become sharper inasmuch As the effect of More than 1000 dividend reductions and dividends passed vill be More positive As Many of these changes occurred in the latter part of 1.93u. There Havo been comparatively Fexy de faults on corporation Bonds with the heavy increase in next Bond is sues in the first nine months of this year expanding total interest p. Yabur on fixed term obligations. Suffer. All dividends now declared Are payable by Cheek. The paying corporation Bank or deposits funds in the Trust company or with Foll Oxx s in barrels dec. 27 Jon reach. 07.000 it a be Springs. 77.sort Huntington r cd. A i reach. 17.300 Rostrand l hey Potrero a. Basin total. 303. 300 Ventura in Enue. Roger Babson sees 1931 As Boom year x1tv York. Dec. R. In in a copyrighted article l h financial re 1s31 will be an oar of in _ general Oxe ii coming year or of a re xxx Ood Fri non Mills. Of totals 21.cimi 52.immi 130.000 wide mox or which opened up 2 week Points and later went Liick. Ami ended l air urquide. Which dropped dec. 20 j Points Llott Yvere adjustments to 00.000 Market movements taking place 0 1.000 is inf the last sales in these storks. I the mox Emonts of a Foxx Active 37.c.ho i lenders illustrate the nature of Hie Kyoto trend intr. Pond Siire 1h.soo j opened unchanged at 39 4. Drop pril 0.sco i an eighth recovered and to fractional net gain and then cased. Cities sex inc xxx As off at tiie Trio opening. equated its prox i 1.300 close and then dropped a Sha St. paper Xmas off a lit Al at lie Start recovered and dropped the investment House which acts its fiscal agent. These checks co out by mail on payment Date every state in the Union. Many of them Are transmitted to hold ers of american securities living -ibrn.id. The renter part of these checks Are immediately deposited so the effect of in enormou1 shift ing of funds ears off xxx within a a Voe or ten Days. However Oliou of Chierus Are for xxx weeks by those to whom thy be pay and conic trib Ling Back into the Banks. The fluff reduction in Tant Inry dividend payments i in the of Industrial Vorva dividends of railroads or Public utilities have the i mount Rejiri Simiton such chances As have been . Is comparatively Small. Sears Roebuck Yule Trade satisfactory Chicago. Dec. 29. The Christ Nas Trade of Sears Roebuck co. Name tip to expectations of the management although of course. Sales in the final reporting period continued to run Helov a year Niro indications Are hint sales for Kex broadcasts Market reports Kex the broadcasting nation of the Tribune pro ride lifer non with Stork and summaries three Timet daily. The hours and information Trail Are at . Daily opening of the new York exchanges. I prices of Francisco Exchange i of 10 at. Daily except to ins Prim san Narisco Chance. Noon san rat closing Prim son in Sciko Chanse. Net profits of two leaders Likely to approximate for the current year Bonds which releases Large funds of casual into the share Market it will be a Factor in stimulating business Enterprise which can not fail ultimately to be in Industrial and transportation earnings. Coast Industrial Gas expanding coast Industrial Gas company now reports an output of approximately j00.000.000 cubic feet of Gas month with every Indica Tion that this will be trebled by the end of 1931. In a Orencia Field of cubic feet of Gas per month. This company operates in the Industrial Center of Contra Costa county under the direction of k. B. Anderson manager and is per haps one of the most Active of Pacific Public service subsidiaries. Coast Industrial was first organized last july. The new industries coming to Contra Costa county during the past year have found natural Gas idea including the Silica com pan which has just constructed a Plant near Brentwood. Here Sas is used for a variety of purposes such is for the steam shovel Sand Henter and drier Etc. The Stockton fire Brick com Pany is also one of the Large users of natural Gas in their new Plant in this Section other industries changing Over to natural Gas have included the f. B Booth Cannery at i itt Burc. Who use was for fuel in fruit and Aya Shiocton Drc. Ahead of the procession instead of behind it. That is the Way electrical equipment manufacture ers Are finishing up 1930. The pro cession did not move As fast As la. Isis marching step was brisk none the less and the electrical manufacturers set the Pace. Final figures Are not yet of Cvach Abie Bui it is Likely that the net profits of the two largest producers Vril approximate this is a decline from the record figures of 1929. The Best year Industry exer had. But the part of it is that while some pro ducts showed the effect of if bus iness depression others defied it and showed a gain. Ref iterators ga1x. Among the latter products electric railway elec tric equipment for Street railway motor cars and trackless trolleys and Oil Eleo iric machinery for driving vessels. The real Fea Ture of the year for the leading in Terest was the volume of sales of electric refrigerators which for the hitter part of the year were 3u per cent higher than in 1929. Not Only did the electrical equip ment manufacturers secure prof its from radio equipment made by themselves or under their patents but they adored the vacuum to a wider variety of Industrial uses. Electric welding equipment was More extensively used in construction than exer following the adoption of the battleship Type of floor. Distinct improvements were recorded in automatic welding machines the atomic Hydrogen Proee is. Of take jbuig41t. The largest steam Turbine Generator Ever built constructed during the year. It has a c of kilo Watts. Gas electric buses were used for the first time in interurban service. The largest merchant ship exer built in Amer Ica the electrically driven Dollar liner Herbert Hoover was launched a Fexy ago. The companies Are now making Exten six o experiments in the Field of talking motion pictures and in apparatus for telex Ision. The outstanding feature of coming year in the Industry is Likely to be m the Railroad electrification Fiew. The programs of great Cir if is provide for a Pacific nov is in a Posi j vegetable Canning. The fish Cook Nondous amount o work of Leclare livid ends on the ers plants. Kind in 1331. Whether the new a would Hax e announced the initial rate before nov had general business Dex eloped better. Officials of the arc pursuing a logical course in de laying this important move until fully convinced that it is warranted by earning Pover. In View of the current earning rate an Early announcement of the common Divi j Send would not be surprising. Paraffin yielding Over closely approximating estimate of earnings of paraffin companies. Inc. For the half year find ing december 33. Which appeared in the Wall Street .tourr.n.1 last month the firm of Kulwin d. The Pioneer rubber Mills also use Gas in their boilers Ami or Vine rooms a while the Columbia steel company is gradually changing the firing of their various furnaces from Oil to Gas finding this fuel extremely satisfactory in sex Ery in fibreboard products com Pany at Antioch also use the next natural for fuel in All six of their boilers. Kuhn Loeb to have three new partners Tork. The announcement today that three next partners would be to Torii. Iii Mollt it in i 11 i i it i n u. J _ Kerl has prepared a study of on projects in the Public Utility Field Are As extensive As expected or not. The electrical manufacturers vill have a big volume of Central station equipment to build it is a Exvell established fact that such equipment becomes practically obsolete in 5 to 6 years and must be replaced by improved machinery. Some of the manufacturers going into the production of elec Tro therapeutic machinery and into equipment for the use of electricity in Medicine generally. Domestic Copper Price up half cent a Kwh York. Dec. 29. The first of its kind in Price this banking House Selx Nancei of Domestic Copper Xmas and a kind a word about paraffin. Sell ing around is at less than expected earnings to yield 10.50 per cent especially in proportion possibilities of Frederick or. Warbur is a son of i port Copper remained Warburg and John m. Schiff is a son of Mortimer Schiff. ,.11 three boys had Brilliant Scholastic growth May seem in favor of the since starting coast records and have become Well and favourably known in Bank incr circles financial Oti the six month period to Enn this week and for the second half of the corporation s year. The study sax s although the final half year earning report will be affected by up Ial charges and the very ton Xvi it offs of the company. Capital shares Din common to xvii some Bat evened we estimate that these earnings will Iii too against a i in j probably be better than this figure for i this xxx wild represent in the Noigh about s3 a share on the an j Bor Lwood of a share the six Pacific indemnity i earnings growing j Xot withstanding the fact that net Earr Jinks of Pacific indemnity com Pany for the first four months 1s30 wore reported at Seq Iii along 1o ?1.9s a or 58 Ceni in o it he full s factory Auto sales off in november Washington. Dec. 2? a drop in sales of in Toto from 44 in and australian wheat May go to Italy Adelaide. South Australia. Dec. Is understood that Italy is prepared to Aleain. Vacuum Oil was Lover it i in november. 192o dividend requirement of sl-40 a i first but later came j -137 list month Xmas reported today Sharp the Market for the com . i a rom Murre i Penny s Steek has settled to a Low 2s.-Iim a Roubid midday Boxx de n joint the Piast 11 Sis from its previous Fucich of s4f. I Cam. Months Yvere placed at j a Shurr. An indication that this de . _ compared wish in inc Market Price of the Stock is not a reflection upon the operation s of the company. But flows 22.5oo Rojs Ohrn in j Xmas evidenced in Samir Dix k Market. A alien the lock town four i Large Texas Gusher flows bbl. . Tex. Pec. 29. A1 _ the in Kateman to. 1 Delia Crim Wildcat test near Here hns lox n in under tremendous ens pros Mirc for in estimated production of daily. H for Tho is me period 1-im a end. Ohio Standard to a Kwh York. Pec. Standard Oil company of Ohio 1ms called a special meeting of holders of com to Vole Stock for Jan mrs in common to new minimum g. W. Reports new York . For at a the third a a Sil Vern new York tour i d record Low today. The quota Price at a november earnings established dec Ember is. Cross Xmas a there also was a Small decline in 417.27h. Jjn-1 i j7.fi3s.020. Money rises 1 Bolsa chicane Al to four per cent penetrates to Oil Vork. Dec. . Moncy Ortii a to a rent on i i augur no. 1 a Fil new Ork Stock a Chang tort no. Cool Oil Point a Norwid this is the a Scheit rate quoted for j Lay to be coring nine feet of Oil in Rooney May 1. Year when Mack of Hale. The Moro renewed at 4 per cent. Oil Cut slightly below 4030 i factory. Signor Fattorino. Italian of a London inquire into the possibility of such Pui Vlasos. Are depleted of a poor season. A. Flow l. Notes steadier condition a Kwh sonic dec. From unions in 24 Industrial Cen ters so xxv Tho increase in unemployment in december is much less than last month and less than the rec ruler seasonal increase for Der and that deflation of prices huge supplies of australian a heat i it the largest producer on addition no if prices and freight rates Are sat Bond Market strengthens v a As session a Kwh York. Dec. 29. After a Wenk opening today s Bond in Ket j Roc Pix to support before midday j and turned Irr Ecular. Many of Iheama j0 . is . In Junior securities 11 were lox or 15 higher Early losses the feature tvs the strength of were converted into net gains Oiler xxx York traction issues this Fol issues remained at the Days Bot Jinx red publication of the Unter mixer unification under a which of a Rook Jit and the in torn. Tia dins was Dull and it was no s Cone so far is to indicate that buy inc Lii Liiv a e 1 Ottom has been , pres a lec fix e. Volume of univ mod Terl much ? ill it Par Lent d Rcck of the american of Tibor stated today. Kri co. A Kwh York. Dec. B. Kuppenheimer to co. Reports net equal a common Shara for the a a a ended november 1, against a share in 1929, Ernic size. Money rates were a a Cross Section of the Murvet sealed that of Active re 41 lower. 47 higher and 67 unchanged. In the foreign Doport mint 23 were i scr 14 Lover and 37 unchanged. Illeth a note us Bonds stood 7 lower higher ecu Stock in for Hir Bonds. Krook in manhunt Ian transit Fis Dan need 2 Point. refunding 4 Inderbo Rosip ii Xvi a 3 Points higher. Manhat Tan railway 4s gained 3 Points. A of those gains xxx Ere later shaded by profit taking. Low Sale on a volume of Only 200 shares. Increasing yields on common stocks one of the most definitely encouraging facts in the recent trend of economic developments says research corporation is the gradually increasing current is True that capital holdings in Hov n reduction As True and that the Poten tial purchasing pox xer of funds in High Crade Bonds and in More or less liquid forms has considerably appreciated. We Are prone to Overlook a Buh Market in yields by being too preoccupied with the Bear Market in prices. This does not mean that yields on the Best stocks have risen As Hirt is they probably will before Tho phase of the Cycle begins but in does mean that while 1030 has been a year of drastic it placed the worthwhile common stocks on a far sounder in Estment basis than has for sex eral years and an Opportunity is being created for a return on capital in the Stock Market which can again be consid ered satisfactory. When stocks again come into a relationship Frith Gordon Leith. Ivhon has been the London partner of the firm for some years has announced his retirement. 10.5c cents c i. F. European base Pennsylvania r. R. Places Rush order new York dec. Railroad has Rush orders for 46.500 tons of Steri to be used in building 1500 markets at a glance new York. Pec. Heavy rails Lead decline. Bonds irregular second Corride rails sic. Curb head a soft. Fore san Sterling lower. Cotton higher Trade buying. Eit it a spot Coffee easier european Selling. Easy weakness in Winnipeg. Corn ens increased v Sihle Stock. Cattie steady. Hogs irregular. trading Frith easier prices. Stock averages Standard statistics co december 29 today. Previous week ago. Mom Lingo. Yea Raso. Two years three years ago weekly average 1930. 1930. Hich. 3925 Low 1929. 50 20 or s 20 it s 90 Tif. 113-0 ss.9 154.2 116.1 150.2 117.2 115.s 90.s 151.6 118.2 129.8 99.s 166.9 131.8 127.2 204.1 165.1 207.7 133.0 195.9 193.4 147.6 121.5 128.4 140.2 202.4 141.6 2s1.3 205.8 112-9 s6.4 114.7 252 s 167.5 353.1 253.5 i4i.3 117.7 156.3 140.2 o Bond averages dece31bkk 20 co today previous Jay week Mont Hugo year Aco. Tvo Yoars Aero. Three years ago weekly average High. 1930 hich 1929 lox s tout s Stottl. S5.9 s2 0 s4.4 s6.s 4 9 ss.3 ss.3 s0.4 100.s 100.s 102.2 104.8 104.9 109.5 109.8 97.3 106.0 100.8 s7.2 97.2 s7.3 99.1 99.5 100.4 101.4 96.6 99.8 96.0 94.s 94.6 94.s 96.8 9s.3 93.6 102.2 101.9 92.6 99.9 ss.3 local averages f20 juju Isriah Ali limits by it Cash. O Connor Barneson ask Racks dec. Pec. 27 .27.23 pc. 26 .27.65 dec. 24 .27.s9 dec. 23 .----.27.s3 averages nov 34.21 30.36 out 37.65 33-81 Solh 42.41 42.53 40.17

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