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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1930, Page 16

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - December 29, 1930, Oakland, California T8 d monday evening Dak Lanu Tribune december 29, 1930 Tribune s daily Page of radio i s programs on the air in 5 St list fan thinks justifiable Horn icicle should he verdict for slaying interrupter by k Ecksa at violence use i to shiver. The thought of hangings made fete querer. And Bat Les Jade him a hint e t trouble made him he always stood or peace and q u let h e d m i grate to avoid a if some merely shouted radio highlights tonight local and Chain features Jean ar.4 Johny f i y Koi Edgar Courtesy u u 1 1 i to Kix is i a of the air Fauci the stir air y no the olympians Hok i concert duo i blasters of music Cecil and Sally general motors family party news items Strombery Carlson p r o Kram Tommy and Bob Allen by Courtesy motor credit corp. . n Andy monday . Uhri Helen i Hill in Neath the Ujj singers k Job. Adif it Mir hour 1-Rosram in Lxi. 1 r vote. K e r e r. Cellist dance music americans Stafford s dance or Chestra. Weeks orchestra or Kif Hurt int s dance or ii mra dance orchestra h e d run from h Ere to Trabuc too. He was a Rab bit Type of Chap. Who longed to live without mishap. And yet when some one the Bell. One night action tolled his Knell How dare you he cried. Put bullets through Hli hide. The Meek and timid Man you see. Was tuning to a Rry Tery. Station wave lengths Jack . Jack plume diet Sta the in Roll of his month mis the Ocean. He loved both its Calm and com motion. Now the Waves of the air claim the Leonine share this Jaunty Young Sailor s de Votion. Mono Tongue am Diati log once again fellow you urged not to forget that Amos Andy come on a halt hour earlier tonight. Their regular for Pacific coast release will t j to Frith the exception of thursday nights when. They will Fulton the air from to a grand revue of the High spots in the Way of music and comedy during the 1930 jamborees will is presented tonight on Kyrc. 8 Harrison Holliway will act in his usual role of Toast master and the music will be under the direction of Meredith Willson. Medley of 1330 dance hits is to be offered by Freddie Rich s orchestra and Marl gras ensemble Between c and i Klix the broadcast tons station of the title base. Wilt offer the dealers Altay enu cd not the drs la in cult. Dyrl arc the fan Cut to cuter of the air period this evening from 8 to not lick of Kex highlights be Cath the old hot Kink in nip. Der inn which pro Rani will r. ,h1ii, the old Slonic poet will Lake Kiat listeners Back to the new tear celebrations of other Days. This program will be on fee air from to 10. Highlights for tonight on go will include the general motors family party. To 7, featuring Lewis James Tenor in two solos. Ai other go offering will be the Sti Omberg Carlson program which Tchul feature Rochester civic or in a broadcast to be on the air from 7 to v stub Rosa v a sen this under your Pic studio gossip Jack Sta announcer Fol Lowed the for six years be fore he deserted hit for Ste for radio studio. In 1919 he received an appointment to new Tork nautical Sci tool s ship the u. S. S. Xci port. When lie graduated lie was pointed n third mate s License the Diparo Nunt of cd Mueret Jle sailed on lock chant vessels for six years. When he came to san fran Vosco. Andre Farr scr gave him is first trance on the stage in French play. Engagements Irith Henry Miller. Cow rfcs Froh Iati Anil the Henry puffy play cars Follo cd. Tic made his Emlio a cent in 1927. Vilh Abc. Since to bin lie Lias been connected a Kofl in Anselc mtr Jit Hollywood and real other he joined the Kya staff last radio a Peacock hoped to win renown by sin Dos up the scale Neil Down. Salt he. My Rolce if to thrill when duly Bat Karllo declined a str inc in to find the dealers we Fain i Toter told him. Please pc Ftp off the eat Soref fills Cli ild of Lolly All his Days in melancholy Xot so lie Hopes the fans decision Sven ii to him with television. Station Kex. Kf11c----- go Apo. Tab Kya Kobs. Pkg go. Krow Kre. Kiwi. Meiers 311 -191 3ku 441 545 244 2ho 211 322 219 322 Al looks. 8so 6id 7uo 1.230 j.070 1.420 980 930 sen Ion mtr Fox of Jav Komo Kif Kiis Keca 210 484 320 408 210 r-7ll . In inn 9.-.0 1.2sii 620 920 nto 1.410 1.430 today to p. M. Hour Eie Ordi. Oier the Deacuna. Of the times Melody masters. Program. A Fig beaut talk commodores Somr Thlik about Peterj Bini scrapbook. Features. Program. Program. In a name mormon i Arsllan in a same mormon Tabernacle parisian Una Ait. Health talk to Tell orchestra. To t. K. Happy hayseed Charlo Warner and Dorothy Graham. Her Courtesy Eastern outfitting co brother Bob s club. Kec Orda. Kafko talk vagabonds Horn course Kelt Al feature Orcan anal records. Sally orchestra feature. Talk Phi code news Are race. Talk aeolian Trio. Children s hour. To 7 Wakefield and Johnny Scott by Courtesy Fox West coast theater editor suss i. By Courtesy those gentle and bin Mountain Cabin Clark Silleri fifteen Man Tea in nation capital the or Pinns. Man Frank Wright c530 toy shop. Air Ceram. Date Book news. Be curd. Hour. To p. At. Oaklund concert duo. Hour Falka. Of music Cecil and Sally Henry Starr. Go orb Eitria general motors family parly. Program. Or in. Market news. Records. Features. To p. Items Tommy Monroe and Bob Allen by Courtesy motor credit corp. Ltd Kex Bere naders. Amen can i. Go Stroh Tok Carlson program Umpire builders. Hour Organ Lyre and mask. Man unil feature. Feature. Feature Don pros rim. Sews feature. Trio Mai dolls a Lolly features. To p at. Theater of Tho air play. Kot the. Tomorrow Andy sports bots sparkles. Musical Sims. Cowboys. I Lano. Monday Jam Wei. Program. To t. M. Weir nun Parmelee. Pianist will Boll u Heath old hand int monday tiros my feature. Pacific National Slesers. Program. Screen snap hols. Studio pro rsm. To p. K. Adder Tisins hour overflow program. Stafford s dance orchestra. In he. Band Alison orchestra. _ tar Scotty Walter Erncr. Cellist. Program records. Maj la feature. To Jira Ofeler Ori in. To p. M. Program. Night dance orchestra. Melodi to. Earl Orch Emra. Nil dance in Sec. Members. I dance orchestra. To a. X. Ronslf. Prof rum. Ujj layers were treated to one of the radio of the season l night when Lawrence Tibbett appeared before the microphone As test artist on the Atwater Kent Hoar on Apo the glory the song of the Flea and Man were among the baritone s offerings a bit of do ing in a War Lart night. Listened to Husk o Hare and band Over w33nr, Chicago Alto tuned in on k8l u. S. Vessel rescues britons in ship fire Alex. Arabia dec. St incr Queen Moor. Which fire off Ailyn saturday Lay n i Ria h almost Corisue a by the ship was towed by a my Varro tug with the aboard. Tho american Steamer Davis stood by to pick up the Crew while the Aden burning. To a. At. Ezer costs and entertainment open let York to oct. Cow hollow for phony. Snarl o the Day. Kick in lib. Program Piaro. Ila Wainn club. Sun so serenades. Pep program to a. M. Happy hayseed Jea Keai. Time. Word of cheer features. Program. Liall in in hour records. Zuur. Studio Rorr pm. Co Fiu Aik Lal service Moniot Melody a cots of the Day. To a. X. Modern Homes period t. C. A. Health exercises Kec Orda Kitchen fear Ort Neuil none fancied. Records. Al o do Lisle a Bart Floy party Walter crib Lna. Bour or. Talk records Mec tin William Don Iii cart liners. A True. To a. St. 8. Stocks Wertll or Bacardi nos. Health talk news Kuo color pro cram woman s Magazine of the air. Wye s Dally Chat. Urn Atli talk. Woman s a Asazlee of Ilic air lion or. Corley music. Hour. A. M. To noon. Adv. Hour. Four clubman Orson. Or Jan. 11 Soi arc Nils. Proc rain Melody girl music. Program. Ii i Monics fun term Peature noon to p. X. Tune. 07 Tribune Iraa Jack Delaney his band. Proc Rara. To Hearth Organ in Tho Tabernacle at Salt City Wieri they All Andy docs the be Days when he s with Madame Queen is to go places with her and sign things he told Amos saturday Nicht that he tried to keep his hands in his pork Tsu keep from signing and what not but it was sible he said he had figured out Madame 4s pc ars old had her picture taken at the world s fair in Chi Cago in Lsf-2, and she was 10 years old at that time the dealers Are All sure that Andy will get out of that your wedding some How. La Sill records. A owners. Sir Francis Prate orchestra. news. Tonnes. Hols. tuesday club news. To p. K. Hili Chat. Feature records. Recur Fly. California Trio. Italian idyll co1iimlii.i recital. Lac Nulli talk feature. Hour. Stor feature. Of of of National association of teacher of so Onali. To p. M. Jackson in Mitre co. Recording hrs closing san Francisco stocks. Kobs hell Luis Anil Jort whities Alheim. Our Salon air Boi Jerry Jar Rozlur. Flat inc time. Imor. Program i cons. Bour. Recordings hour. Orc in recital. To p. Job. Kex Helen we Man Parro Elce. Pianist accords Ethel Thinard pianist. By fuck and Gold room who s behind the name7 Orch str. Hurry to crier s orchestra . La lers. Talk Ori Heus or Occam. Pro Craik. Urean feature. A. To p. X. Brother boys club. Musical Atla tors. Popular and that a if Sboril pal Cook 4 Saran a Reinder. feature Bill. Acc recital. Ivie chive i dance Madia. 5.00 to 6.00 p. X. U Ackfield and Kolii by Scott by Courtesy Fox West Oast Heaters. 5.30 de Jar Russell by Courtesy of those gentle brother s.3s Tali the Date Book new diff t. 5.30 now feature. Radio Al a 341 meters Oakland crib int state Constitution bad in form asserts commission car act i 7 sex we re z sex Luck to a. C. O. Jeaa Chat. In of Call m. No Cisco Oieu to to soar. I pm by o Deia Aey Apfl Bis to s 10 p. Furn Nura co. San Istocka. To Bouc. 4 la p. Llapur to 4 a y. Hirlu War Urr oui Zillins co. To p. A lab. The report of the Caufour Nia co n s Titus local commission whih a a crib ends revision of the Constitution to Jei the i Fua but retain the sub was to be to Ormann san of w of and Sallr orchestra feature. . To p. H. Items 7-so program. Salute Lucky he. F in 6 00 r m. To f it Kartell by rect r to i to 7.3o p. Itema. La p. Itab Allee. By Courtesy motor credit corp. Ltd. To p. Err traders. To p. Theater air play the to program. To p. Or Toyiaa far me Lee. Pianist. R0 p. X. His. 01 Home poet in neat Tea old a attn lamp. To p. Advert i in hour Orr flair program. To p. Prop at. To Oxbow. Time Al Janala thru foot at Etc Courtny card met Candy company. To so t. Open let Kew locks. To a. Happy Haya Eeda. 8-30 to a. Kent. 0-ant to a. Bomea period to a. W. C. A. Health 10 i. To a. Francisco Istocka to a. 10 hour. 1. By title use Niri a i Iki to a Delaney and Bla bail 1.00 to p. T., p. Furniture co. Closing san Francisco to p. Wexman Parme Icv. Pm Init. In p. To p. Bynard. Jan a bpm. To p. To p. Club. To p. and Johnny Scott by Courtesy Fox West coast theater. To p. Unwell by those gentle to p. Oakland concert duo. To items. To p. Twant. Kemar Bakers. To s-.-30 p. Pro Tram. To Melody Man. To p. Whf can Parme e. I inst. To p. Ca Tomala and Jua Valle. Two amid ions. To p. Khinard and Ora Scott. p. M. Sweet s persian orchestra old time program. To p. Recorr Tinta. To p. Program. Al a morning exercises 7 to 8 a. M. Conducted by Forrest g. Smit Luon 1. St ill no Al anal clinched and in Ceil on Chest. I inn of one twist trunk o the right Anil thru it left Arm fori Rard Iorizi total Ritli tic shoulder. Count of two it turn to portion. Count of three Triine to he left and Ali rim right Arm Bari Sontag with the shoulder. Count of four return to sur tons position. St Ritins position a ends on a boulders. Count of one Izolt Bend Trunt Forward and Ami s count of two re Inell to in tint Eib Alt a one. Ehnle on Taro. .1. Slur Lonc position Itanen of the it one kick Forward ult Elf fat foot. Nuci Circle to the Richit. The i to rear and a Murn in Poitou. Of Lolita of two with Tift foot. Do stations station Zeten kilo cycles 3.ykv, Vancouver. .281 1030 a six son boo 830 Salt Lake cite -2b5 1130 avow. Katies City. .492 Kutts. Vifot up Rllins. .288 join Knox. St. Louis___273 ave Jim. Cliicnso____394 770 Vav. J020 a kor. Cliicado____344 879 avg. . 380 790 a Tam. Cleveland. 280 1070 . Cincinnati. 428 700 Millns. 374 Soo Kukit 353 s30 Pkt. 303 ecu York. 348 cd York. 354 660 strife dance orchestra. Or ran Novelty. Trail Verbr. ,7m feature. That the Arm ii he Best while the Rich Arm is tit warts. Same to left. Continue in rhythm. 5. Sitting on floor tends by est o off Jhc floor. Roll re on right sme. Of i a Cut in and extend both less Forward. Co tit dec Rritt to Forward to Posi repeat to left . 5. on o f Oor. Oil Yale a by. Plowy Pili trunk up rom floor to Sra wins heart own to Drac Ward parallel with in null the trunk farther a Tow i with m motion three re to position Draco in arms mail they Are out stretched 7. on incs or Lee Cirolini. Dlr Hole inline Ucros left and upward around to Side and Down Ward malting a Complete Circle. Repeat with left 8. Standlee. Hands on hip. Right Side vices rendered. He did t attend the Council meetings toward end of his term the town dads pro test. Office treatment by specialist in rectal diseases without operation of 10ss of time Prost Cost very moderate. Results Are permanent. St. 9-5 Waii Stein of. 7 to 8 Oil or write for Frea Booklet m la Lik Brotich Lytus for coughs bottles sold last Yeak at drug store steel bins and shelving Durand make new in appearance. Various sizes and shapes. Suitable for All types of parts or material storage. To be sold immediately at about one fifth of Cost. Fisher body service corp. 1255 Park Avenue Emeryville Calif. Of our Christmas savings club pay 5 cents to for fifty it fkr Central savings Bank Central National Bank affix Atid institutions c i4th Street Trumam Nurr Vau Avenue us ims Swift Resinol to dear away the disorder quickly soap 1 Ointer it soothe and s

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