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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1930, Page 1

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - December 29, 1930, Oakland, California St. Exclusa Tribune vol. Cents sunday ten cents Oakland California monday evening december 29, 1930 d 32 pages no. 182 if governor makes known findings of special Board appointed to investigate boxing in state full set of rules and regu lations to govern com Mission and chief in Spector Given in report by to exited press leased wibe to to bus Sacramento. Dec. Z9. Governor Toung today Public report of his Board of inquiry into professional boils and wrest Lonj conditions in California. Outstanding recommendations of Board headed by Allen Lexby Long Beach were As follows appointment of a or a Clef inspector to serve As executive officer throughout the mate at a salary of from 57500 to a year. He would be no tired to devote his entire time to the duties of his office. That two veterans be named by governor to fill the vacancies caused by the resignation of com missioner James Wood of los an and expiration of the term of commissioner William Lan Lons of Sacramento and that hereafter a majority of the commission be composed of veterans. To function Only As at capital that the state athletic commis Sion should function Only As a body with regular meetings at a stated time and place. Branch offices of the commis Sion in san Francisco and los an Geles should be closed and records and employees be consolidated in the Sacramento office. The offices of chief inspector in Sacramento. San Francisco and los Angeles should toe abolished. Charges against commissioner Charles i. Traung by the san Franesco grand jury were commented on As follows All due to the san i rain Cijan grand jury we have been unable to find the slightest evidence to support the charges made by that body against commissioner Traung. On the contrary it is the Opin Ion of Ilii a Board Tomt he de voted More of his time and Energy to his duties As com missioner and under greater per Sonal sacrifice than any other member of the . Com missioner Traung tuts made mis takes As have ail the members of the commission but it is the firm conviction of this Board that they were mistakes resulting from errors in judgment and not such is would reflect on his motives character or other recommendations of governor s Board other recommendations were As follows vol licensees and employees of the slate athletic commission should be subjected to rigid is Emi nations prior to their being licensed or employed. Promoters licenses should be limited to those identified with the county in which they propose to operate. Managers of boxers should be bonded for the purpose of com Pelling a full Observance of and compliance with the Law and All rules the commission. Licenses should be limited to those mental Alert Ness character ability and Cour age is beyond question. Inspectors must be required to have a Complete knowledge of the Law arid rules and to enforce the same rigidly in Oil instances. The commission should Cooper ate with local police authorities to eradicate professional gambling whenever present. The Rule limiting managers to two posts on Ani one card should be rigidly enforced. The state athletic commission should prepare proposed Amend ments to the initiative act and should revise its Roies and regu lations. The revised rules and regulations of the commission end All changes thereof must be placed in the hands of the employees and licensees of the commission prior to the effective Date thereof should have Power to forfeit purses members of the commission and of chief inspector Shou d be vested with poorer to declare the forfeiture of Etc. The commission should Cooper ate with other commissions and associations of commissions. The commission should devise an effective punishment for managers no fail to comply with the Law and the rules regulations of the commission. More stringent medical examinations should be required prior to contestants entering the ring. Suspensions and reinstatement should be definite rigidly enforced and uniform for uniform offences. Every Rule and regulation of to commission so Jong As it maintains that status must be rigidly and impartially enforced. Among persons have been suggested to the commission for the position of the report said were the following sob Edgren former College ath Lete and sports writer. Lieutenant Jack Kennedy United states Navy referee. Captain Seth Strellner Holly 2, col 7. Comment on by Calvin Coolidge a Northampton. Mass. In dec. 29. Does not seem Likely that any attempt made in the near future to Start another political party could succeed. It b an enormous under taking that requires the Force or some great moral upheaval to make it effective. Without a political Leader of nation wide in fluence no practical result would be secured. As far As it now appears any new party would have to be Rad ical. Because the democratic party has had the solid South without much regard to issues it has usually tried to Appeal to the radicals in the North. If it were to lose this strength it could not win. If there were no Choice at the next presidential election the decision go to the House of representatives where in 1932 the republicans will control a majority of the slates and so would elect a Republican presi Dent. A third party apparently would ensure a Republican Vic tory. For that reason any plan to Start a new party seem practical. But in addition to this our people Are not third party minded. They believe All Neces sary reforms can be secured within the old parties and that they Are the Best instruments of government f copy night. 1930. For the Oil cd. Plant two men injured. Watchers menaced in explosion at Visalia Visalia. Cal. Dec. A gasoline explosion and fire destroyed the Union Oil company Plant and a gasoline truck and trailer Here about this morn ing. Two men were seriously burned. Total damage from fire and explosion were estimated at More than Power and Telephone services were interrupted about half an hour Here by the fire which buried Down transmission lines. There were several explosions. The biggest blast menaced a crowd of about 801 onlookers when it the trailer to the gasoline truck. The Traile tank s heavy steel Cap Bleu Coo to Soo feet in the air watchers said. It came torni 300 feet away in the Middle of the area where the crowd had thick the Meta injured no one. However is the onlookers had time to flee before it struck. Other pieces of the trailer dropped among the but none was Hurt. The first occurred while a Lang transportation company Crew of Uvo men was unloading their Coop gallon cargo of gasoline Contact of gasoline fumes with a Small electric Heater for the Oil company s Plant attend ants was reported the cause of the beast the men injured were the truck men. Cleveland savant reveals reason for researches recreating organism of life called incidental famous artists Model found dead lox Dox. Dec. Helen Chaddock one of the most popular artists models in London was found dead today in a Gas filled room of her apartment. Many times her picture has appeared on if Azazine covers and on several occasions her likeness has been Hung in the Academy. Her father said she had been Moody Over a blighted Jove affair. She in love with an English actor who went to America last year and married a new York girl he said. Antonio Mascim italian Painter Dies Rome. Dec Man Cini 78, famous italian Painter and one of the greatest co jurists of modern times died with pneumonia Here yesterday. He became critically ill Friday. Mancini was among the first members of the Academy of Italy. Funeral serv ices will be held tuesday. Plane disappears with 4 passengers Agadir Morocco dec. Mail passenger plane of the Paris Buenos Aires line was miss ing today with four passengers including the italian Consul at Fez. It left Dakir for Toulouse but Dis appeared Between Here and Juby. Two planes from the Agadir air port which went out on a search returned without having discovered any Trace of the brain matter proves to be material that most read ily responds to cellular action in experiments by Blakeslee a i Fiat a science editor. Cleveland. Dee. Artificially created life cell of or. George a Crile is an attempt to penetrate the mystery of cancer. The Cleveland savant broke his silence about the recent rumours of his discovery and revealed the secret to the american association for the advancement of science to Day. Or. Crile s accomplishment is de scribed most simply As breaking humpty dumpty to bits and put Ting him together again so he appears alive. The humpty dump ties he employs Are cells the tiny units form ing the bodies of animals which Are. The prototype o. All eggs. He has tried this on brain body and cancer cells but the brain cell alone thus far has shown the Mas Ter like qualities necessary for the rejuvenation. When cancer cells were used a different effect was found one whose significance has not been determined for or. Crile said this this is a preliminary report. Research made in cancer study the he Slid was undertaken for the purpose of some Plosica Prin Ciple that might account for the of Normal cells into cancer cells that is. Into cells the Energy of which is Only for this wild growth is the out standing characteristic of All cancer. Or. Crile said he went to work on the principle that the fertilized eggs of animals the ovum contain elements that electrically Are both positive and negative. He postulated that if the Stib stances forming a living cell mixed together properly in an electrical solution called an electrolyte these substances would organize themselves into a unit which would present a. Cell like in other words something life like might result without intervention of the usual Union of male and female elements. He separated brain cells into their constituent fats proteins and Ash he found Only fresh brains retained the Power to reunite but by preserving the fats in Ether he could wait perhaps a month after death and still get the return. When ready the three brain sub stances were mixed in distilled water containing a Labora tory made substitute for the watery elements in the brain cells normally live. The salts produced the electrical Effer is. Scattered matter rec Itka As in this water the scattered brain matter reunited into microscopic objects lulling tic shape of a nucleus and hair like they grew like living tiling some times paid Ijar. Crile the v did this by putting out us and some times by dividing each artificial c la thus becoming two. J s in nature s method of growth. J they consumed and they j off Carbon dioxide is do other i living breathing things. J they showed the Power rapid movement so sometimes it was Dif i ficut to keep them under Hie of the Microscope. They took which is a or Thod of dyes to make tiny objects visible. This said or. I in j revealed a parly tha Tho brain lipid in being the of a Structure that has the Power of i in ing the profit and by the e kept alive and Active for two and one months. But cells from other organs of animals Only Fec we re actions and no of organi recreation did not Tvorik on All brains it failed on dogs that had died of distemper and partly failed on rabbits that had died of cd inns ton. 3iatter from other Organ s is feeble Ultra Violet radiation killed the rejuvenation Power and or. Says j it would seem that the lethal i effect of radiation be on the lipid proposed billion Dollar merger of the Bethlehem steel corporation and the Youmg town Sheet and tube company was denied by com Mon pleas judge David g. Jenkins when he granted minority stockholders an injunction restrain ing the combination. The decision was based on the merger negotiations and the sub sequent meeting on March 12 of the Sheet Anil tube directors. Considering these proceedings illegal the saw no reason for going into the numerous controversial Points involved in the Sheet and tube stockholders meeting april is. Where the merger was ratified. Jenkins handed Down his decision six months from the inception of one of the bitterest Legal fights in corporate history a Strug of millions that was carried out first with proxies and then with lawsuits. Forces marshalled by Cyrus s. Eaton. Cleveland financier went into court with charges of fraud after a spectacular Battle for proxies. The judge said the Sheet and tube Board of directors after they and approved the merger Early this year did not give adequate information to their stockholders on the merger when they met last april and approved it. be pout to stockholders claimed intentionally or not the decision said the three account ants employed to make the audit of Tho merging companies prior to the merger delivered a misleading report to the stockholders. Tho ratio of Exchange of one share of Sheet and tube Stock for a share and a third of Bethlehem was also attacked. He said his study of the accounting phases of the consideration makes to my mind no definite conclusion pos sible that the final ratio was Ade judge Jenkins said the court was without sufficiently supported facts to pass a judgment on the Price involved in the Mer Ger. Also lie said the Sheet and tube directors and shareholders As Well were without and such basis for forming such indeed to put it the decision said it must be frankly said in the present state of the record grave doubt As to adequacy of the consideration judge makes three copies of his decision the decision was written in Pencil by the judge in a round careful hand on Nineteen pages of foolscap paper. He made three copies himself desiring no mistake made in having a stenographer or typist transcribe it. One copy he filed with the clerk of the Mahoning county common pleas court. The other copies were presented to newspaper men. Judge Jenkins will take a Vaca Tion before resum intr his duties at the court House. The big Job is he said. The judg also cens ured pres ence of Harry o. in , Mather and company of Cleveland director of Bethle hem at the Sheet and tube directors meeting March 12 when they Ratific cd Tho merger. Whether he voted or did not vote on Tho merger contract l presence and approval of the Mer Ger at were in Oil it a breach of Trust and against Public Imi Oka it Point in attack on merger this Wop one of important Points of attack la the merger foes. The evidence is Clear to the the decision continued that he knowingly wag not act ing for All the shareholders of Sheet and tube in that Steps were taken to delay advising them of the existence of and the Point to which the privately conducted negotiations had Cone. He was therefore in this not acting for Sheet and tube but for the other company Bethlehem even though honestly intending to act in what he believed if be for the Best interests of Shert and Dalton also was criticized for not informing and Sheet and tube stockholders of the Bon uses paid to Bethlehem Sec Tiv it was brought out in the in Junction hearing that in 1929 the bonuses amounted to Bonus system Stock values. The court held that this Bonus system entered into the consideration for tile Sale and into the value of Bethlehem Stock to be received in Exchange for Sheet and tube duty. Mid the court to have fully informed himself and his fellow directors and shareholders about the system is judge Jenkins also said the vet eran Sheet and tube chairman James a. Campbell and Sheet and tube president Frank Purnell knew enough of the Bonus system to exercise Ordinary care to investigate and report its hauled her from the wreckage. Pfauser died shortly afterwards at the Alameda sanitarium. As Donahue and wife were crossing the intersection at Kast fourteenth Street and fourteenth Avenue they wre struck by an automobile Rithen by Bernhart Jacobsen. Is of 754 Twenty fourth Avenue. Do Xach e is 20 feet by Impact Donahue was hurled 20 feet by the Impact of the blow police reported while his wife in dragged for More than 30 feet and killed outright. Tic Driver was proceeding at the rate of 30 Miles an hour in a is mile according to Fol hmong lie Accident they held a Cotan for investigation. Donahue Nas an inspector for the Pacific Gas electric com Pany. He did n moments after the Accident. The two had been in Igried Only a month. Killed at to plunges of f Road. Lind was killed when the Auto Mobile in which he was a passenger plunged from the Highway near Walnut Creek Early this morning crashed through a Fence struck a Telephone pole careened on for 100 feet and overturned. Theodore Lidden. Of Bay Point an employee of the Coos Bay Lum Ber company who was driving the machine suffered injuries which May cause his death. He was taken to the county Hospital at Martinez where physicians said he Rias Only a slight Chance to recover. Examined by or. Arthur Beebe. Of Walnut Creek shortly after the Accident. Lidden was pronounced trunk. Investigators said. Lind was in the Bay District to spend the Christmas holidays with his brother Elmer Lind proprietor of a Bay Point Pool Hall. Fatal injuries were suffered by Lencl when his automobile skidded and turned Over at Woodacre. He was taken to cottage Hospital san Rafael where he died shortly after admittance from a fractured Skull. He is survived by his son h. F. Lenci of Mill Valley. Travelling at what witnesses de scribed As a Breakneck Speed the Light truck of Allison leaped a Low Barrier at third and Channel streets on the approach to the Channel Street Bridge san fran Cisco and Crasher into China Basin carrying Allison and pos Sibly another Man to death. The body of Allison butter and in t f one body recovered and remains of six others sighted by searchers Coohrane ont dec. Persons lost their i Ives to Day in a fire that destroyed the Queen s hotel one of the oldest and largest Here. One body Hail been recovered tills afternoon and the remains of six others have been sighted in the ruins. Three other per sons and been Given up is lost. The hotel had Ico rooms and accommodations for 75 homeless men in the basement. The hotel Register was destroyed in the fire and the exact number of guests was not known. The body discovered was that of Baptiste dear tin. A Blacksmith. The remains of Charles Palangio. Son of the owner and his wife and four children were sighted in smoulder no debris. Heavy gales sweep Over British Isles London. Dec. Cales i Over the British Isles to Day puking up High seas along the coast and doing some damage Inland. The wind re Allied a velocity of so Miles an hour in places in ire Innel Ami Scotland ind attained an average Speed of 50 Miles an hour at Farnworth. Lancashire. In London 50 Miles an hour was re corded. All along the Southern and West Ern coasts shipping tossed about in the High Sens the Waves Heinc particularly Large about land s end and Isle of Wight. Shop signs and fences were hurled Down in London. Freighter Drifting with forty aboard Seattle. Dec. "9. Dis Tress messages from the freighter Yoojin 3faru. Reporting the ship adrift in a Southwest Gale with her rudder lost were picked up by the Harbor radio station at s a. M. End in sight. Friends As French hero of Marc suffers relapse crowds at Hospital Are hushed sacrament Given to marshal by Catholic Church unable to speak with famous by associated mess leases Wise to to Bettse Paris. Dec. 29. Marshal Joffre. Righting a losing Battle with death Sank into a. State of weakness today and his issued a bulletin at 3 o clock scribing his condition As most grave. General Isale. Chief of staff under the marshal visited his old Leader and reported the hero of Marne was sinking slowly. Andre Maginot. Former minister of War and Paul pain eve tin present air minister came out of the Hospital together just after marshal Joffre lost consciousness. Tears were streaming Down Leve s Cheeks. I saw the minister he looked is though he were. In a deep it is the said Magl not. The marshal Sank into a and it was feared he would never regain consciousness. Crowd at Hospital hushed by news the gloomy news spread quickly among the great crowd gathered about the Hospital of St. Jean Dieu and these people who Joffre spoke in hushed whispers. As Twilight Felt the Hospital wat closed to the Public and an extra police guard placed about doors. The five doctors who have been at the patient s Side Day and night since saturday held out Little Hope the marshs.1 could live through Day. Marshal Joffre has reached a state of extreme Tiev bulletin read. His condition in most r or. Fontaine added his own com ment the marshal Jias reached a Point where science is powerless to help him. Only his indomitable courage can work a Miracle or. Fontaine who remained with the marshal throughout last night told newspaper men the old Soldier had upset All prognostications and might continue in his present condition All Day. Marshal con tintes f to sink into Calm the marshal is of Tremley weak and continue Airt he said but very slowly. He had a relatively Calm Nighland from time to time he started up but relapsed again into profound he has had his left leg amputated in treatment of severe Iii. If senator Louis Barthou minister of War. Was the Only person admit Ted to the dying Man s presence last night. He found him in one of flashes of consciousness and could perceive by the Light in the Skolier s eyes was recognized. Joffre attempted to and m. Barthou leaned Down and put his arms around the shrunken form but could not the vessel ? position was reported about 700 Nules Vest of Cape flattery. The Yoojin sailed from Van Couver. B. A. For Owirka in Decem Ber 23 Laden nth wheat and Lum Ber. A Crew of 40 men was aboard. The Vest Al belongs to the Ocean transport company. Ltd. With capt. At. Yamamoto in command. Beating by thugs kills Holdup victim Chicago. Of. It Way a great joke on the Holdup men who tried to Rob him the other night Arthur Hagberg. 43. Told his sister. Miss Anna Hagberg. Of Evanston. He As he told his Story. Just he said two to think i hat in Cash. They searched me and i did t have it they were certainly mad. One of them he me in the stomach and they let me to. It still hurts a Little but it s Noth yesterday died. However Hac Berc continued on Page 3, continued on 3, cd. 6. Intended. Woman on trial for killing husband bas1x, who. Dec. Mrs. Lcona fat Maarice went on trial today for the slaying of her husband on a first degree murder charge. The state is expected to ask the death penalty. The state charges the defendant shot and killed her husband Charles Fitzmaurice former Grey Bull postmaster last August. Pugilist judge s daughter returned Cumberland md., dec Janice j. Marshall 19. Daughter of a Pittsburg Jurist and Cuddy Marco former Boxer were taken Back to Pittsburgh to Day after they had been detained overnight by Cumberland the of it was the marshal wished telegrams continued to from All Over the world bringing the sympathy and governments and individuals who feel a debt of gratitude to the mar Shal for his handling of armies in the dark Days of 1915 and 1916. Death Only question of hours sats doctor professor Leriche one of. Marshal s physicians told new spa Ner men it was but a. Question tit hours. _. The marshal passed a relatively Good night the heart holds Admir ably. However it is no question of Daj s. But a. Question at hours. How Many i do not look for the fatal end before today Jurt before noon. But in any Case _ i do not have much Hope marshal will last until by s o clock distinguished had begun to arrive at the Hospital Saint Jean de Dieu where the mar Shal lies. Former president Xifo Rand was the first to arrive. It was revealed today the mar Shal received the last of the Catholic Church last Friday when the doctors considered their patient s condition i Ducal. Zionists hit British policy in Palestine London dec. With the British government its Palestine policy was by speakers before the. Zionist federation in annual Terence Here. Britain s repudiation of a solemn pledge tested. David Lloyd George. Leader sent cordial wishes to Tim conference at this critical ment 2 quakes reported f Pasadena dec. 23. Seismological Laboratory Carnegie institution ton reported Here today p. M. Night

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