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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1941, Page 20

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - August 31, 1941, Oakland, California Home owned controlled edited 0f Iriton Oakland calif., August 31, 1941 War that has crushed Small nations and i made map starts third year tomorrow it just two years ago tomorrow when Jet legions highly mechanized and Rich a instructive materials started their March fete Poland. Two Days later in fulfilment treaty pledges by Britain and France there Lowed the British believed the tide was then turned. The conquests of Yugoslavia and Greece Cost the Axis huge sums and gained them Little in strategic importance. In Greece Hitler had to Rescue his ally Mussolini and the taxes and War times by Bertram the dual control Speed Model mine declarations of War by those two coun a prestige of ii Duce began to go Down that against Germany. September 1 be i route it has travelled until today he is Little mines the Start of the third year of a struggle More than Stooge to Der fuehrer. The ital Ian african Empire is All but lost and the Hurt has obliterated nations and cultures and up Ltd its threats to All parts of the world. As traditional men take Stock on Anni boasted might of the fascist Leader in Rome is gone. Suez Gibraltar and Egypt Are still British. Vasari is. They will discuss the shifts in Syria Iraq and now Iran Are British. But it o e War l any comparison of the total tax Burden now and in the last War is bound to be inexact because the bases on which taxes Are levied have largely changed. For instance Federal individual income tax now allows an earned income credit 10 per cent up to which was not in effect in 1918. The credit for dependents was in the last War instead of the present that affects comparisons of the taxes which families with children paid then and pay now. Ess or fortunes the new elements Anil will make was tiie by Cunt guesses As to How Many months or How Many second half of this second year that brought applied to individuals As we As 0 i j to corporations although that in years the fight is to continue. J things revolutionary to concepts policies and Post was removed in 1918. M that most will if it is Only because we alignments. When Hitler turned on his year two excess profits taxes were j i x n i i i. I levied on corporations the second were not awakened then and were heedless pledged partner Stalin he May have taken called a War profits and the Graver danger of nazi Conquest than it seemed j going to win against the soviet in three weeks to be in september 1939. A question which has now endured three months and a Winter events in Russia May determine is whether is approaching. The big if in the minds of Hitler is stronger in 1941 than he was a year All is attached to the possibilities of Russia ithe Federal gasoline tax dates from i i r i i about one pions caution Ivorn ruin. Many of the states now Levy in come taxes of their own a taxation Burden largely absent in 1913. No states taxed gasoline in 1918, and ago. Ii Aoi. Fico ii Una half of the states continuing a remarkable defense which is atm. Cry general retail sulcs in the first year after the invasion of to costing the nazis Many thousands of troops Only a few states levied them 7.7 it 11 i t i i i r i 11 l918. In 1913 nothing like the fed land that country Norway Holland great quantities of munitions and social taxes the myi a Hulu i Iuo. Ing in re Soiu la. I Vay Gium and Fiance Ocie sub had. Of a Maginot line was exploded Dunke que a his schedule. Were in j rr1 the Man who was out for a heroism gave Britain a new morale in a dark Quick Victory is talking of another year. Est hour. A year ago Goering boasted truth fully a Mastery of the and an invasion across the Channel seemed imminent. Hitler he wins against the soviet it is predicted he will be out with another blustering invitation to peace at his terms an invitation backed by House and Senate evidently agree on keeping the Normal rate 4 per in France the Low countries and Norway. All of the delays in the Hitler plans sur taxes in 1918 began at i controlled the and had submarine bases More dire threats against the British Isles. Came unimportant when War Tirney prohibition went into effect. Back in 1818 for 1918 the Normal tax on individual incomes was 6 per cent for the first 12 per cent on the amount Over 54000. For 1941 the he was telling Britain to surrender or be in worked and will continue to work for the Al per cent on the level above s5000. In the pending Revenue Bill As faded and conquered and was even sett milies. American Industry is geared up to pro passed by the House sur taxes or a half Correct an urgent defense need training of troops which must be a com Jis Soine Laws that would be effective. We polished effectively is going to increase in cannot countenance a situation in which Lack Quantity and intensity. Motorists should Belof Biegaj evidence under the present Laws prepared to accept the Prospect that at leaves Many thousands of fifth columnists and some curtailment of the use of certain at Large and Only 1500 Federal invest will be ordered. At those times if we to keep an Eye on them. To the Sid roads we May be rewarded by says the writer discovering interesting and Beautiful places j we had never known. 1918 was 12 per cent. In Hill us Pps Surj by the was kept at the present by Constantine Brown really. If he emits Wise cracks errs queer clothe and otherwise come but a surtax rate of 5-6 cent was added. _. The House version of the new a rates the Federal estate tax Washington aug. Have first shot in what Many of Meis Jyh Insl u the go Ciai r mentors phase of the pie sent War j interest was entered around fired Britain and spectacular struggle Between forces in lied Iran. The great Battle j russians and the Nusz s for which Hitler cannot Hestol Point partner possibly win this on its Way. It will spread farther within the to have have been gum on. Dims on. Turkev finds itself be Eeme it a i0r military Only sporadic news was available Iween the Devil and the deep Blue himself publicly conspicuous be he Misi to the Gemial Poi r ror she or Aiso have spent ions and of a flair for making i f i East and 1rtq thai Mudite Rancan a in q a at 3 per cent it reaches a maximum or Jan to outcome i the f t of of 0 per cent in amounts Over o. Per is America s grave need for More Fri agents and t ins in the fiscal year 1p42 r acer a i i Dait Dall in do Tler Lnor of Chr land saboteurs before damage is in us Sii Ackva of the after arnts sep cafe a. monuments 1o a Rivi Bizalion fio can trips Plain vat where a series of baseball games is being pc sent though the errors arc doubtless Many in the d p non pair i mans have cinched the of the French government whether retain accepts pistol or willing main Many killer is of no consequence the germans Are toughening up in the and Uno cured portions and As soon As the High command turns the Cielen , France will be forced to Pla hit lers lure. France s of i consequence to the fuehrer but Africa is of great importance if refuses to this is More than Ger mans no Host Itati to replace him. And Thev u ill be Able to find the Britain and is flirting with the the Reich. The Proen a of a substantial the in formation be plainly has about British Force in at the to Kish economic trends. Perhaps acts As deterrent for those a be 3dded Furtner that a to milians in Turkev who May want a Man might know everything in the to 3oi" . Only a the academic turkish divisions Aie available. Henderson and these Are concentrated behind the still have grave defects As a Price line of fortification at adn administrator. Anole and sch Atalyja and cannot be the Price control Bill contains to the overwhelming 4 700 words All designed presume German army n Mih Tarj b y. To prevent Prce from observers believe that in the event the b la s figure of speech is the turk5 decide that the Best rat a rpm Imp of from the Poi by is to s de Wuh the Brit so. 4 tool i have detached thirty eight the of n of the Republic a reason. The Are the words which Tell will be Only perfunctorily defended ill be concentrated m Anatolia v Here Content merely to omit b pros f Ofelt f i Bill says lie 4ed i a ,4p. No Cicmil u my hit q Irma until comm nudity be re it of the a Ari v ran be of real assistance to the British Fri Fps. When Winter comes thik Init in a to make sure they n Plain . The thing must be omit or Var Tai or Carp will diff i 1 nov 110 have Many qualities never possessed by for future reference world series nor a crucial double header. An English colonel Learned the game from canadians in his command and soon the troops serving in South Africa picked teams. Legacy of the strikes to strikes thai of the Defi oif anal that at the Kearny shipyards have men far from Home some who were bul la 1? doubtful whether country Al. Large ran derive much satisfaction from expert at Cricket Are going after batting aver the manner m which the dispute ended the Ages and the Umpire. Nature of the whole of fair at Detroit and the enforced to. To Fuca of a principle was the close association of England and twin per is of mini Impat Ducc in the in Latium. Between the United states in combating a common in a my its leave a bad taste he Best available reports he he spot which witnrs.-, onre More he Battle Between the British and the r foes an epic Campaign is expected to have found naval of that the fall find like the pin Pajcin begins the Fri ional of North Africa. ,.ble to of foreign will fight an Straus. Thev will attempt Todd to off re Hirw it to a for Yieh com piste the Cost imaged at 200.000 Atnoris and entire Mediterranean arid Black sea a Force Ming from the West German rom mind s a in of the top re tha is intended to ensue can and Annie a from the prior turn nov Init la nth Bill is not to Dakar to prevent any Surpine a Daniles toward Hyna Arn Phi fion or the United states pit Thev hop in the m that a new autos Rarie British tit of the ?.iirhie East and wide h Ghavi Between Gaii Possession of t be most in i j flip Ign legionnaires under with cnl-1 for the Winter Campaign. And from not a to Stor rime Xiv. Mot Fatm clips Are Crater it if every farm Roo in is to to go up to Fri then still further ii to 110 of party n o press i 1u to a pin mountains of Iran and Afghanistan common in a i i i ill Temou enemy brought about an increase Rig Federal authority break the deadlock at Kearny in National habits and interests the British Volunteer m uses the next year the red is Only another indication of. That perilous Twilight Cross plans to 100000 Volunteer Iii zone that exists in the kit Gnu Connic aide Sci cw01 r have been slow in country Ullh ,1hllv merits in baseball Are batting out Home on the grounds of the ancient pharaohs. Red Cross at posts on 62 army can new Alcinus Mav participate for 1 or f Rurh. Tho turks Fri forces. The persians. Hiler pit or. Now fully convinced the going to be a Europe has Enos of Efi Ilino the Eyce of for Oil a i is the army Bill in Rise i in rest of the contrary i is a Bill to inf to of living. Pow Iines in uie j a Sake in. Or Tinc crops Nice of the German Hie her but to no can War the t to of ports to France and North Africa vill a Crit Germany very Long War to to Rispon i Len and War materials Mush materials from e Irnne to Africa the same Trunp when soviets after a court not reported Crons or Al of making of living higher is to annl your spin or fool the new Deal Clit no from nop consumes the strength of the wehrmacht was 265 sevc Niece the discounting the be of a a Koth official com in ill. Act shall be construed to till time Maizg Cmunt big Iii until he Drik tic ice cd Inonu is applied and Botn Fittl Emonts have health and service13. Lish Crl Jar pinching precedents which May prove Dnn isl would a Armor Cerv come a Crous i blvd. Spoon1, expansion in Hospital in Detroit a irs ult of a simple Battle for Power Beds be Irani real. And two umans. Mayor Leifi is has Bucu forced sub Tal posts including California i Between to accept a a Luton which he denounced As ones the american bed Coos is to sole m to the russian Avia Ion. Poland Pio is at is with War and there riuce1-Only an insignificant Quantity will be Only sporadic opposition to so does Albania the in Nipawin the that the French against the inv Cis has taxed the myrrh against he British in r Rhes of the to dec inv 1 quid the French Are telling office and buildings Annreva some a sole i cite in inca , the Juves toss ill Octant bargain in agent this would not be Cro Ali to meet a i the consumption of l. F to n Ich Iverd by iuies.-, is by i Means ,1 in ppm Omen merge Nev quickly. So a Jarge Nunn lilies of is fell Inis a cps 01 the plans by the no i Diu. New York Olim per program for in the Reich than the 11. Ujj a to two by or Row m ruins. A no Inird. Designed to the loss of lives or material. Men. Is Nipper hut Htit final Ai for Nenes of Trameri tank. Slinns Nanri run Aie up of he essential by supplying up Lifieri of Acephie is one of the prof nun 1 France proves a i he Reich it Sulc trs that if the German by an Empi Over to any of his e Polo i the lof.se1 of the xa7 up to this is. Not h is is n be done Iipp Are 65 and As is known to or More than 3.000000 map . . The strike mining this still in the arc con the 200 r of Abolt ctr i la in 3.400000 the new 40 divisions having the Means that 011 a Pixie cd to c.1 on Noirin about Ejli Start at once. Ovi Knipl Forcer is thai will he f of a German into of the nit pal y thus it the buildings which with their App urte the Krumy mud dip Nant. Utilities All will by paid by the Fieri to de Femc Cross Are to conform gene1.ally to local types cargo Boais was delayed in of architecture. Thev will include reception Lul 1 j Finzen into the Bigdi malign by the management. Since 5t int Van ran Woik Durdei them the main fit women pen Britain bid 50 with n High school Why the firtion i f 13 i i a j Vyrl w1 h n High of chem i plane has a pin is its equivalent Are wanted locals the Lark of is and nil. Rather by red Ina. Stand no enl on the Side of Ineich Spain and Portugal the occupation of spam Are supposed to be in Tram he inns i Muir or Ebli nation to be nov Are not included in this hat ?.ir. Henderson in his Testi Esli sip tre men Are still raw Pony. A up p of half hearted and will Likely by Rcd in any explanation for the or Mission of Tnador offer Ives pc Cpl As i place in crops he in anted out men is or prut of the i la1 fur War time the a e int Bec i asleep of Arnif crops during the Campaign. They Bui it necessary to say a pop not been to Romp to the in Irvinn in ens anal Rescue of the user with some from Nurs in be English Ana Utlack a be Eov inem 31 e agencies rooms lecture rooms and quarters for the i this proposal had he endorsement of the defense courses. Cross Chapitis Nanri hospitals than the fact that the German Portugal by the Axis together with cause Thev believe Sueh an Martinn to and Cost of collaborate in Bivins the planes have been engaged in an Effort to remove the British from be futile costly and possibly leading Rorr of hand. But in our 1 thai a s Oun the near Gibraltar is considered in these in a new defeat. But they have government on hand the red m Board Union members cheered when Heyl lof5 of women Middle East to Supply All the quarters a matter of weeks. The strengthened the Middle Eastern new doa has designed Nea Cross her sonnet. At any Post the tha King what cd t Nav Amdi Rorri r the German wehrmacht transform it Ion of the Mediterranean army because they expect a new to make Index for the next 50 years or More. But into an effective Mare nosh and desperate offensive in that Vuai Price of farm cr0ps in that Oil is at the present moment has now become a matter of life and Region. They Are prepared to go higher when or Hender the for the Kupich to military it with greater effectiveness than inner id about the Nev russians. The Field in Iraq at circles it is expected that an Axis i generally peeved. devices for raising wages and inconsistency j. I Neard that the president had decided to Lake Cross is next in importance to the army itself. I the Plant. They Felt that their Victory was out of its 07. " Thev have cheered we wonder if they thought through the implications of their Success att of millions of americans it is to be properly j even if the maintenance of membership clause Over real answer journal. I t to utmost 01 Etc ency. Highwaymen hold up Motorist take his we certainly Hope the authorities will get Busy and put a Stop to this sort of thine before Winter sets in. What s travesty on Justice the authorities found a Man who had been supporting three wives for several years and sent him jail instead of pinning a medal on him. E maintenance of membership clause Over dispute arose is accepted by the authority mastering the Plant a precedent has been in the government in effect enforces the he defense mediation Board this precedent become fixed the United far As its defense industries arc concerned entered upon the practice of compulsory a which organized labor has always shunned. Be done so not by reasoned legislation with is abilities of each party to a dispute is hard to a Slize in this Day of highly developed commercial airlines that the first regular North and South airline in the country is Only 15 years old. The 15th anniversary of the founding of Pacific transport now a part of United lines will be celebrated at the Biltmore this noon with the chamber of Commerce As Host. . Started off in 1926 in Iran at Kermanshah offensive dire and in the South towards the persian j Suez canal Gulf and at Baku on the Caspian weather cond sea have As Large an output of Oil to say Bette As no the Oil Fields in the Western Lober and the hemisphere pipelines connect these Ber. And this Oil centers either with the Black be surprised t sea by Way of Batum or with the Larican army Mediterranean by Way of Haifa and hot House d Alc Dandretta. The Axis armies must a Campaign eliminate the British Fleet from the pc Ted at Abo procedure but by pure empiricism work by within vague boundaries and Uncertain 90 Miles an hour. During its 15 Vars of operation it. Has East in order to meet the divisions on 1 Clanger of a defeat at the hands of Border. In St will begin As Cro prices an e Irons s soon Casarea Are a military secret it can be Between and the Price.c0ntrol that is said that the present strength he come of has Nad Tuai output of Oil to say Between the Middle of of ithe Imperial forces is upward of this we May credit the Western Tober and the beginning of novem i.000.000 hardened Well trained Andrj int jute Erith existing conditions in the gov at Washington any Bill i some Nien we Taueu Hych of to i prices be application. The strikes at Detroit and be corny have been settled perhaps but the legacy of their Settle ment May Well be an unhappy one for a nation with so much staked on continued orderly new York Herald Tribune. Mile and carried passengers and More than 14.000.000 tons of mail and express. United has operated the line since armies times. mountains an army Force the badly battered nazi somewhat depleted of tanks and video the politicians Dnn t play Tome the English up crimp nations _____.___., _ the Mediterranean and Middle j forces in Russia not a single unit planes can make an excellent show East fronts have been quiet since has been withdrawn from that j ing. And so far the russian Soldier the my of Greece and to this Force if need be shown that he can Light at but feverish of Lefary and diplomatic bulgarians can add some 10 to 12 least As Well As pro unexpected trick on him. But even then it is believed that the British and turkish forces can things hard for Hifler

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