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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1941, Page 17

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - August 31, 1941, Oakland, California Oakland Tribune sunday August 31, 1941 news of fraternal societies portuguese convention for Oakland will preside the 49th annual convention of the ides., portuguese fraternal society will be held in Oakland com mencing september 7, and ending september 10. The business v la take Pises at the hotel Oakland and i x. Bettencourt of Oakland i grand president will pre Side. The first Day will be devoted to registration and a class initiation at ides. Hall 18th Avenue and foot Hill Boulevard on monday the pro present. The committee of arrange sunday september 7, the closing. United states Neal a Sibley most ments consists of Gerald Brusher. Day of the Church conclave. _ chairman Raymond Giencke vice Bishop Williams will occupy the chairman hush Leonard James pulpit at the morning hour at if Mcgoldrick William Gumser William Zolg. Thomas Carter James Walsh. Harry Teeth Street Church. It will be men s Day at Parks when the i.d.e.s., Portu q u e s e fraternal society holds its convention in Oak land next week Antonio x. Bettencourt supreme grand president will be the pre siding officer. T. A Oxner i Iurii Frank butterick. Wallace Colthurst d. L. Murray. Gerald Lav Lor. De hotel Oakland to St. Joseph s Church seventh and Chestnut j streets these a solemn High will be celebrated father h j. Ferreira will deliver the Sermon. In the evening there will be a Din tier at a afternoon the officers and delegates will journey to the University of California to div t Ibi Ite to Luis de Camoes ancient portuguese poet with a special Lite air Pio Eram and the placing of a Laurel Wreath on his statue. I of s g Motley chairman of the department of Spanish and portuguese will give a lecture on Camoes. I t vii11 held evening at the Otei Oakland followed by a formal re Tep tinn to off it a a delegates on wednesday Eyne the pubic hold Telephone whist installation of of cers at the hotel v will be followed by a grand Ball the reception committee is headed men Moose will be held started wednesday night with be nomination California. By j. C. Valim. Grand the Pacific Cella Cottrell. Noble grand in charge i Baptist meet held assisted by a j. Homem of Mel with Edith one group and Jennie a _. Women or the Moose will St. Mary s night fete scheduled news of k i ecu Ivy activities by Lena Wys1nger pastors of four african methodist episcopal churches of the Bay area Rev. Jesse l. Boyd Bethel of san Francisco Rev. Daniel a Hill or. Of the annual St. Mary s College fifteenth Street Church. Rev. A. Johnson Parks Chapel Church the last two named of Oakland and Rev. S. A. Rhone St. Paul Berkeley night of Oakland Council of Columbus will be held tuesday evening september 16. At Corin Thian Hall Pacific building. Norman red Strader coach of St Marv s work today. Color test chief display Baltimore by Phil a. Telic an unusually Fine exhibition and has promised to brir.2 several of his 1941 squad As Well As a Large group of the St. Mary s student body to the gathering. The Oakland Council is Mak ing preparations for the reception to Carl w. A Sugio state Deputy at the Athens athletic club. Septem their year s ministerial la comprehensive entertainment pro Gram prepared by an Independent on wednesday september 3, the san Francisco District of the Cali fornia conference of the fifth Epis Copal District convention in Stock ton Bishop Noah w. Williams of St Louis ., is presiding officer and Rev. X. C. Runyon presiding elder of the District. All services of the Ber 20. Delegations from All will be outstanding and new group of philatelists were presented at the fifty sixth annual Conven Tion of the american philatelic society which closed recently at Baltimore . The convention opened aug. 18, with the official first Day Sale of the i _ master of Baltimore sold the first Sheet to Kollin e. Flower president of the society. Herbert s. Chamber lain a member of the Post office s of i Al x4.ioiwm.si to Vic ii. Wilum i. One Ryuji Ujj Rubym Siewt 01 Nis appoint ment As brigadier general a 1863. The endorsement which appears on fee left end of 1ha cover reads appointment As Brig. Gen., regular army. Received and acknowledged aug. Is is in Sherman s handwriting. K. To handle covers forwarded by eol Union service of sectors in an to of world Millan rpm Watson Oliver Boschert it a gala Day for Rev Johnson i cancelled with the first Day Post and Jack Ard Nis congregation. The Voth their numbers special i the exhibition arranged under the musical numbers and the spiritual of c a Perz National a f Volt ii White elephant party is set by Rebekah Lodge a Elipha be St is. Members of Golden pers. Held by the to Rebekah Ida message brought by the pastor were of special interest. Inspirational services for today Paul Aie promised Worsnip together with old historic Bethel Awe Church of san fran a evening. Lucile pm Leberger Cisco. Has stood As a place will be in charge of the worship for More than 88 years the next regular meeting of the an attendance contest will be lit is the Mother Church of the de secret pry. And Gerald Bispo following the vice grand chaise of the other of Oakland treasurer. Meetings ill be Ente summent under Oakland Lodge in the direction of Bernice Barren. Lei Tam Zeph i Rebekah Lodge of w a Telephone whist will be held Richmond thursday evening Lola the hostesses Lor this Brown be a charge de at mis Sion san july 7. 1839, for the sole purpose of celebrating Annu. Ally the of the holy ghost Warner. Pearl an org rare. To noted guests will be later it transformed Irto a Dowd Maybelle Klinker. Frances Kemp District Deputy regular fraternal order Tuth Ann Ellengerger Ann Milne president no. 70. And you in action the theme of the closing program at the filth annual session of the Canfor v u the at North Oakland Baptist Church ill de f it z on Bapst Church and his order sorts o Annette co hostesses Willallyn District Deputy president of As hosts. My Zion was an parts 01 i Aiu Orma u t i. Under construction but not Corn Lyon Relief corps will entertain Lynn Relief clips. Will be Host to in f prising no in a building. 200 Garci John s slave i will extend a oui Al the Mph to of Oakland gild h Rich Etta Kay j District no. 42 Riemke Ethel Scannell Margo Beau Montezuma Sancto Riim of Oak Jcu and Mayme Lheureux a Azir Zuzanna initiate at class initiation will be held septem a group of 27 from Sacramento next Ber 38 Gil Ria Hirsch and saturday night delegations from Evelyn Nassau in chaise 1 Mizpah Luann i of san Jose and com _ Francisco will be i event 7 Wirls to dance an anger tents vol to m of crw Golden ski no 6p Oder of Bertha Dimond i Ieiri c or Rainbow for gnk a fall Emma Milne l hum Smitn min of Oah Ivd Funice at uie hav Kins lil 11 steeling to in Liege club. Bei Kelcz in Noel. nine Shii Lep Sibbett is i Dirman of the Gunderson Fiany under construction but not Eom in time to House the con the convention with its four Days of Busy session was presided Over by Rev r. B. Porter president or. C c Coleman Moderator was absent owing 1o a much needed rest he is taking in the East. Youth Day was in charge of the chairman and Denwood n. Kelly or. Local chairman was perhaps the finest display of in Lund Ever presented at a convention of the society and left nothing to be desired As to Quality and scope. It included a wide variety of philatelic mate rial and judging was done on an open class basis so that entries won awards on their own merits. The William Carlos Stone Morial award was won by Louis h Barkhausen s exhibit of United states envelopes a collection that took two major National awards last year. The or. Clarence a. Hennan award was Given to or. J. Fred Emerson for his comprehensive Brazil collection Howard a. Lederer won the sol Glass award for his Well known collection of Harding Morial Stamps. The a. P. S. Gold medal emblematic of the show s Best exhibit that had never won a previous grand prize went to Arthur Linz for his Nineteen Frame exhibit of finnish Stamps. Mrs Louise d Davis won a Silver a. P. S medal for her collection of o Clook u Pon in that c a mini Lui i . Erl inn Mem Melita a Sage and car Slih signal i of Toimi f Bionson s Chui Mii is Isth d b Margaret Ham Glelnn and in n v Mik irps to be i Ticon. Of St ii Fidi Iusco i a on Oakland of Vallejo Lookout i i i in i department offices v ,11 Ako present Tri Kiric Xvi to official to pay visits i finances Komi president of District no 70, t 0 0 f official Arvidia daughters to meet dash she tent no 60 of the Union of the civil will be War. Meet at 2 o clock tuesday j Rebekah Lodge tuesday evening., of intr noon. In the veterans memo j on september 17 she vill visit Sun been and i Lal building to consider several Iset Rebekah Lodge on october s group i i i i if in r h i i sr1 rrb in i i n be candidates be initiated and on november p officially i in Nei in Campbell will preside Call on Oakland Keb pah Lodge sunday school Baptist air mail Stamps of the world a u von and the Baptist Young and c a Fern won a similar prize people s Union the program com-1 for his Early British Stamps Mittee included. Miss Marie Turner. Scientific display popular mrs Ann b Sirh mrs Winnie j y t d t the Foremost b Pope. Rev. E. L. Nails and Rev of the convention was a Cru display presented by Wil the women s auxiliary of the the of miso Navy department Wole in Lon instruments and a Para tharge All Day thursday reports Tus Fey could be tested shoved that much charitable work j t supplemented by coloured Progress then of new issues a set of four Semi postal Stamps was issued on july 9 by Norway to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the norwegian Lifeboat institution Sec Ordog to Kifor Maison received test week. The 10-Ort, Green and 15-or., Brown were designed by Oyvind Sorensen and depict Colin Archer while the 20-Ore, red and the 30 Ore Blue were designed by str near Svenssen and depict a Lifeboat in addition to the face value each of the Stamps has a 10-Ore surtax which will be Given to the ins Titu Ion the norwegian name of which is Norsk Selska til Skib Brunee sending. The Stamps printed Bye Milmoe tue a.s., of Oslo measure 21 by 27.6 Millimetres. The perforation gauge s by 13 i and the Stamps Are photo engraved on White paper a Lahout Watermark in sheets of 100 subjects. New Haiti set a set of two regular end two air mail Stamps was issued by Haiti to Mark the third inter american Congress of the Caribbean held recently in port an Prince engraved and printed by the american Bank note company the design features missionary a Tribune new paperboy invests his earnings in defense Bonds King defense a i than 60 boys nov Oil of Ana Rudolf h master Moalc Letaj mis Callie Malone. Treas a Arnol Mere e l nails Bible teacher Ifica s filled on Oak age and then 1o the of Nellie Donohoe Cali Lomia. Follow ins Foi the Pirha a of Moie a Heddle nov being mis King chaplain mis on tubule have his Plant his Biol her enters nip Houston organist Irp 4u, 1oirn i miss Dora Mae Sidney of Rich tin met if a notional u us 3 l pictures and visual displays showing the relation of color values in Nite and 01 pias applied to stamp1 and Industry the accomplishments of the Yeai s Wilile the exhibit was work proved their appreciation with ,00 technical for Many visitors it the exchanging of love gifts. Demonstrated the extent list of officers no which scientific research could be the officers include i Lucy applied to philately for the proper president emeritus mrs classification of stamp issues. Cal Williams of Oakland president i Ramsey s Black third assistant mrs e. L. Galloway and mrs e a. Postmaster general and Alvin w Johnson vice presidents mrs a Hall director of the Bureau of in b Popp recording Secretary i graving and printing spoke at the i e l nails corresponding Sec annual dinner and explained the meet soon the Junior Coin collectors of Isan Francisco will open the 1941-42 season with a business meeting fit hotel Whitcomb eighth and Market Stine a son 5 a Niico at 7.30 pm Friday september fifth St in Liidi time the following newly officers a ill be installed Robert Weber president Robert g. Schmidt vice president Kobert w. Cook Secretary Frank Sherman treasurer Duane Tweeddale sergeant at riots William e. Tregoning official Pho biographer j. Arthur freed news i reporter Ernest w. Schmidt cur Ator Roy Hill Counselor. Rare turkish naval stamp a Fine copy of the turkish Piaster admiralty recognized As one of the rarest local and Chesnes in the world was acquired the remaining five values of by Harry a Konviser tet of postage Stamps of Armenia Harmer Rooke company Are offered members of the Tribune stamp club this week. Members May secure this attractive group for Millimetres inscribed offi Cio pos 5-cents either by calling in person Idle Vapori in j the Center is a picture of a steam _. Shin such As used by the Turk 01 by mail. Orders be filled by a _ j ish admiralty steam shirt company mail when a 1 scent stamp is operated Between Constanti clouded. Address All orders to the Nople Asia minor the Aegean is aft a few York of Alp surf Leneere it is a Small rectangle for to Bune stamp club Oakland trib museum Stamps at Stockholm lands and Alexandria Egypt. The relationship Between philatelists and the government in stamp picture of the statue of Liberty Ciuc Tion and issuance there was considerable discussion and a Star whose Twenty Points Are composed of flags of those countries in his i t Bonds and one Bend. In vow four routes in edition 28 Nea savings accounts have been stand bringing the Cash mond. Who is a train Foi and re perforated Stamps to nary Woik. Addressed the their future Sale As perfect f the problem of Deli blvd marking i which participated in the Congress. Miso As dealer Sembly miss Sidney is being a h c bored the St Johns distinct in the Center of this Star is a of the Island which is shared g a Resolution indo Ising added to the 1n single ii Hiis i o jul i have Boi Iglitz r things i Rem at 01 t of Tribune i b i might v Al Cut t num de states savings Bonds and if t Tern earn some in i a d voting said he hurl the r Ali High lights of the opening Day s Suth marking the convention took orders tar nov Ponds and the ,0 Folly lne it v on tuesday August j2 and in Deif he took t , n Hila Teplir but with the exception by Haiti and the dominican re uni a Vii inc Public. R f 1 h mid opening of acc Itin s Nve Nuon took the set includes the ing at Harjo the several other denominations 10-Ccnlavo. Carmine i province of Jam land. The Skansen Rii sri used and 25-Centavo, Blue for regular i Belfry a copy of the original was denomination is added in script in his Book the Stamps of tur Kev Adolf parser a fellow of the Roval philatelic society of London states that these adhesives Are in denominations of 2, 3, so 4. 4 i. 6. O i. 8 and 8 plasters and 1 were used on letters carried on the the Post office de paiement in company s ship their values de Stockholm has issued two new he Weistt i and the distance sent. The Stamps commemorating the 50th up stand for Porto Piaster. Anniversary of the Skansen open air Extension of the new Poland value or nordic museum. The Stamps are1 Poland has released a a zloty 10-Ore. Violet and 60-Ore, Claret stamp picturing the Warsaw Citadel and show one of the popular views from the Skansen. In the background is seen a part of Stockholm and in the foreground the Harjo Belfry. The Anginal Tower is Ioui and a special soloist. A Sermon and inferred to committees re a Day Moie thin 800 of lie v. In Jatul bin 1 i Pri Tonj in the , no Iris Chib act units ii of them Are the holders of three and four and More to Truckee Santa cni7 Sacramento Sermon by Rev. Full Paia for and other Siatt and selected Bakers ii cd. Multiple s25 and Sio unit accounts. Or pleasure jaunts committee s in charge the first a to i do Lei mtg ath s pair Casc and tvs o Davs of inc conference in new accounts of four Bonds the largest single Jelp to build up to a Ludd Rev e Leon nails chair Tribune be Spann boys through of the month put away or into die Csc Bonds he Man Rev d c Austin Secretary their financier Clib founded last senior at r Thomond Union said Rev Edgar Banks. C r Milton year now have completed the Pur High school the Tribune graduate this summer More than 400 to re h a Given of the National Chase of so defense Bond the be a paperboy said his earnings and Bune boys had their vacations All Horre Mission Board Rev William officers elected at the convention service and Centavo. Olive Given and 1 2o-Gourde, purple for air mail 1 1luuj routes he said. J the new birth was delivered the tribunes n the annual Banks. Rev c e. Mil tilt acne earned Hena Eison. Preached on the sub it it Lons to Catalpa Island Yosem Jet Christian Faith the pies and d w. Marun Brazil has nist issued another Ite Valley in addition he a dents address was delivered wed or Holland a Davis Secretary i set of font Stamps to Mark the Winner of All the free one Daj trips mesday afternoon. The educational Howard h Elliott treasurer anniversary of the libera John e Fowler president 1 d son Donald Lybarger i brazilian h a. Green of Khent and n a t ship with j. H a us Majenty of the maturity value. Bonds. Since july 4, Bonds air of savings make unnecessary any expense paid As winners in the an Iii Clark Host pastor Rev e c Many of them Are further in school work 1 Nis contest in four years nearly Columbus recording Secretary of on graduation from High All expense paid vacations have the conference her. Members of he plans to go Murm Junior col been earned by to atm or c w Hennan and a h. Wil Helm directors at Large the Secretary reported that while1 389 new members had been enrolled j during 1940, the society lost 618 bringing the total membership roster below the 5000 Mark the treasurer reported that the assets amounted to s7397681 philatelists carry on Queen Eklin International store Arv of the society reported that philately still flourished in foreign Tion of Portuni jul and the Tercel to Nail of the of Brazil by the portus Jurese the Stamps Are i Oakland girl Victor miss Johnson daughter of or and or n. Johnson of countries despite War hardships he top graphed on White paper and Roulette a. Set includes the following Val 38th steel Oakland represent periodicals issued by philatelic five of aliens Lodge no. 70 of the societies in Norway Denmark great elks Firste Ritj. And Mizpah Temple Antian and Hungary Are being 200-i Eal. Dull Carmine Alfonso is the Winner of the Reton Larrv and an incr Asp Hon ques Blue. Padre an Elk scholarship miss Johnson won interest in Stamps is being shown Homo View a 800-r Eai purple Sal us by collectors in the Western Correa de sae Benevides and the highest award in the regional contest held in los Angeles. July 21, As announced by judge w e hous ton of Washington do National chairman of the elks educational commission who managed the sixth regional contest. Judge Houston instructed the 35- year old Tuii Cisily High school Sophomore to attend the National i elks convention in Atlantic City j where the six winners were to Bat tie for National honors All six were to be awarded scholarships in addition to the Cash prize. A Large delegation from Athens Lodge and Mizpah Temple Assem bled at the Western Pacific station to wish miss Johnson and her Mother mrs. Lone Johnson a pleas ant trip. They entrained for Chicago and the Atlantic coast by Way of the Western Pacific Scenic route. Tribune Calendar sphere. 5400-real, Green. General Carmona and president Getulio Vargas Argentine stamp announced the second special stamp to be issued by Argentina this year is expected about october 3 on the Centenary of the death of or. Marco De Avellaneda according to a dispatch by c. H. Prendergast of Buenos Aires published in the cur rent International stamp review. The design of the stamp has not been announced but its face value tomorrow will be five Centavos the rate of Tribune radio broadcast Over Kex. Domestic first class letters and a whist evening to Wood ii club 9005 printing of copies has been today dinner dance Fecso Athens club. Picnic. 11 a Marinou club live Oak Park Berkeley. East fourteenth Street. Whist 8 p m., Claremont club no. 2. 2418 haste Street Eer Kerfey. Clubs among those bidding the Mother tonight and daughter Bon voyage were past ruler of elks Ray Blackshere her completing the biggest Deal of the month of the Tribune newspaper boys financiers crud Ituna Opin a Varam incline in busier graduating irom Tus Bic Mona route closes the books of his Independent Dealership by buying from he Tribune savings four defend Bonds. J. H. Mccow Staey Lub Urbam Laona circulation manager handles it din., i. I. Ivl. Nelson state medical advisor and member of the state education com Mittee mrs. Victoria Francis state Deputy and assistant chairman of he local joint education commission mrs. Stella Galpine mrs. Sater White of the educational commit tee e. L. Chairman of the local educational committee Wil Liam Boucree and Many others. Thomas Jackson of Berkeley was the Choice of Athens Lodge As repro oui Uve do Uit cojlvfefluox1. J. M. Stewart of los Angeles state chairman of the elks educational commission will by the guest Bast Bay from to sept Emlow 2. I Dorado county reunion association All Dav Wood Park Chew and checker club. 1.30 Moss wooo Park philosophers club 2 p.m., Lith and Grove Street. Tomorrow builders Exchange p.m., hotel Oakland. . Clubs tonight mass meeting p.m., sixth District Townsend clubs js28 Fruitvale Avenue. Mass meeting p.m., seventh District clubs Pacific building 16th and Jefferson mass meeting 2.30 p m., Berkeley town ii not Hall. Y c a. Melvln sowl tomorrow Harrison Townsend dub no. Pythian Hall with and Piedmont Townsend club no. Select mint 19so on i accumulation at slightly Over face in lot of or More. Open Globe stamp Stoke 312r Center Street. Berkeley we buy Stamps. Built in 1892. Prince Charles paid the Cost of building and King Oscar ii made a gift of the two Bells now ring on new year s eve the Stamps were designed by the artist Torsten Schonberg and engraved by Svan Ewert. They Are recess printed on White paper with out Watermark by the stamp print i office of the Royal swedish postal administration. Ceylon Short of three centers Ceylon apparently has a shortage of 3-cent Tarn pm. Twice recently surcharges of three cents on Coro nation Stamps have arrived. The first was a Black 3c on the 20c, ordered. Cuba s Moncada Stamps two Stamps will be issued wednes Day by Cuba to commemorate the Centenary of the birth of Gen Guillermo Moncada cuban Patriot Tiago Cuba. The three Centavo Brown depicts Moncada and a sword and the cuban Star and the five Centavo Blue shows Moncada leading a group of mounted rebels in one of the Battles of the revolution of 1868. Each stamp has the inscription Cuba Correos mayor general Guil Lermo Moneada-1841-25 Junio-1941." bulletin Board seple Moer Cut lectors club regular weekly meet ing at 8 p.m., at hotel Whitcomb and Market ceo. Kahl everything for the stamp collector. 17? inh Oakland k different unusual stamk9-7 from warring countries these Clampi May be priceless in ears to come Price list. All Lor 10c to approval applicants. William a. Satre. 851 state Street Bridgeport. Conn 1942 catalogue 00 and your old one of 3941 new Cash for collections Oroc. 12 Geary san or and two cent approx va18 neatly mounted in booklets. W. Tobler 511 Cumberland. San Miller Pioneer stamp dealer visit our Jarke ales room. 3 Market St. San better spilt Penn Valuri. Eureka Stamps 2176 Market Street. San Francisco. Mixture . And foreign Abc 5.5. Stamps Mower s36 Market san Complete United Catalon with in 531 transit big. Insurance John f. Stromborg philatelic hash Raket Hub Roadway. Pm. Join the Tribune stamp club seed Sotir and now together with 10e to ton will along with card Frea picket of picket of Minfei no tort Ftp it Tribune stamp Cly enrol i the Tribune which 1 Hitler Ita. M is and the Iee Onu is a 3c on Blue 6c denomination which Colombo Harbor scene Phy met of being car Ore fee to vhf

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