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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1941, Page 16

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - August 31, 1941, Oakland, California 6-b Oakland Tribune sunday August 31, 1941 boy scout troops begin fall programs As schools reopen emphasis to be Laid on round up the Tribune is the official paper for metropolitan Oakland boy scout councils with the opening of school scout troops and cub packs started their activities with renewed Energy and enthusiasm according to reports be ing made at scout Headquarters. Scoutmaster Are starting their fall program with the theme of the bound up launching a new Point of emphasis in troop programming. The hound up idea which is sponsored by the advancement and court of Honor committee under the leadership of Ralph Hubbard is de signed to give every troop an Opportunity to demonstrate its traditions to hold parents nights and ill to bring Back into the troop Corral All the Mavericks who have strayed off the Range during the summer. Many troops have already started unusual and different types of activities utilizing the round up As the key with old timers night a reunion of the alumni of the troop and planning for special and unusual activities in september. Birthday lists released the releasing of birthday lists off All boys who became 12 years attend the opening sessions of fueling up for Busy Days in the High Sierra attendance at Camp is i i much larger w. C. Knoll named As divisional executive one of the Joys of the trip to Diomond-0 Camp is the Stop at Manteca for soda Ionia in refreshments. This picture shows Tribune carriers who won this Outing in the recent annual vacation contest. They were in. Route to the Mountain Camp. During the summer months places in the hands of every troop a Fine group of new critters scouts to be added to the Home Herd when the cowhand scouts really get underway in lining up the Herd the course. If every troop had this number of first class scouts qualify for emergency service training the committee announces that additional Oakland area Council Calendar according to scout executive Vic i . Golden Gate under skipper Tor Lindblad Curtis Knoll Hasic. A. Coe Berkeley been appointed As divisional com a Council Camporee attendance at Camp Wallace of the Berkeley Centra a Council Camporee will be held expander the summer campsite Council to succeed Harry ear in of the annual _ i. A i Campora was the decision the Piedmont boy scouts was bet Jim Turnan. Knoll was formerly by a committee at Ter this year than in the five Eagle scout in Berkeley and served meeting held on monday August Vious years. This fact was revealed j As District commissioner in Sacra-i24, at Concord. J. F. Dutra is chair in a report issued by scout head men to. He also received the Silver Iman of this committee. Other Mem quarters 163 different scouts at Beaver award from he Reno. Are Clark Puckett of Pittsburg t Ivada. Council and has been Active f Hazel of Berkeley Fay Haw tended for at least one two week of a District commissioner since his kilns of Kinmond Unis matter period. Totals by troops was As Fol-1 return to Berkeley Early last Spring j Richmond. George sturdy of c lows troop 2, 31 scouts troop 3.1 Knoll will work through the exec Cord and Roger Bales Eastern Divi 18 scouts troop 4. 22 scouts troops utile staff under the area scout executive. 5, 32 scouts troop 8 6 scouts. W. Thrall. The Camporee will be held on t Oia to m Paul k. Dean assistant scout sex i october 11 and 12 and arrangements troop 9. 14 scouts. Troop 10, has been into been made with the Contra scouts troop 11, 18 scouts troop and Cut last week for county Board of supervisors 15, 7 scouts ship scout. In san Francisco where have it Convene at Contra Costa 5 Marshall Evans coun de stationed for a Short time county Park on the Marsh Creek cil camping chairman announced before leaving Lor Bakersfield. Call Road in Contra Costa county. A that emphasis was placed this year fornia. Dean who is a first lieu Strols placing a and a in the on out of Camp activities with the j tenant in the Reserve will i divisional Camporee last Spring Are result that 19 Riiff prent hike and serve n an administrative to attend the Council Camp except four participated in at enthusiastic Scouter and Able to bring their a rating one of these outings. Other welcomed Back into the Council up to Standard activities included his work is completed Hazel will be in charge of arrange j scout advancement horsemanship or. And mrs. Roger Bales he evening program for the nature Lorf. Swimming and boating trained in Honor of or. And mrs Camporee and Dutra will be re j athletics and fishing. Dean at a dinner party last for the judging. Robert All troops and cub packs in their Home in Martinez. Of Richmond will have Council Are busily preparing for the i was presented with a scout of first Aid facilities fall scouting program. Emphasis j together with or. And mrs. Harry j a Camporee medallion will face will be placed on the organization i o. Tintsman or. And mrs. Dean presented to each boy and arrange Lof emergency service patrols it at the Home of or. And be to so commo All troops. These units will be Sidney k. To Seniha in All eligible scouts who Desira Dally trained in first Aid fireman j before their departure for to attend. September 6, 7, 8, a to Dimond Camp. September meeting Dimond Camp 8 . Training opportunities would have september sons and for branding in time for the big to be developed in order to a com j daughters of Golden West admin a Lamar or recognition meeting the Modaty inc scouts who Are anxious Sion Day Parade colors a.m., to be ready for an emergency. New training program sea scout Commodore Gardner l. To scouts for the week end. He signal nor. Life saving and will be on duty part time on Mon that they May Render Monthe Eastern Divisi j f rat of novt Lim j1-.t -1 september Camp Pool Day september 1. The Pool will be closes for 1941 season. Effective Community service. Aluminium drive Rosen Scouters round table c i a i n i n Lopen on saturday and sunday Andi a i september cub Pic-1 j George s. Young chairman of the the sea scouts of thai is East divisional commissioner. 1 on wednesday evening August i sea scout regatta i 2j first i Scouters round table was held it Nic Dimond Camp. September 15 last week of september. The cub packs Are also doing their part by releasing to the troops in their neighbourhoods the cubs who have become 12 years old and Are no longer eligible for member ship in the pack. Alert Den chiefs have already signed up these strays and have put the troop Brand on the in in Antici pation of the opening of the troops this week. Counselor Busy according to reports Helnn cd by the advancement and court of Honor committee 625 Merit badges were earned during summer. This Piwok reunion a All i if a life Sii Arri is available will me i the Berkeley Camp Herms. John Wickson Guara is Ai Audoie Aiu Aiso Council emergency service Costa Council Are looking be open on monday. I Mittee reported that scouts 13th and Clay streets. I scouts and friends invited. September 11-Hcalth and safety september 22-2g-round up. For cd d to the annual res onal sea q succeed Peterson was in september Day. On the admission Dav week end. Cubs have collected nearly 1400 scout Lesatta to be held August rn-v0p of rep civic auditorium . A of a n pounds of aluminium. This material 30 and 31, and september 1 me Len has been delivered to the Piedmont Beach in i City Hall. In addition he declared that All troops and pack were a g 6 a. T. According to Ictor Lundblad Hart announces that with the open ing of the fall semester a new train o Jav he 11 in ii i Outt niger Anu out Ray up. I up a tf--.-, Rui. In be Utu Diu Council comte Sciore executive arid committee meeting Dimond Camp.1 september court Oll 5 that All troops and pack Varnold Vaham committee member the annual county court House. 8 . Ing course for sea scouts in-1 modern up to the minute informal the play method of scout training Dimond Camp Pool will close tories a augur cd at Fremont High school in cooperation with the Oakland a Cather permitting. _ a Ira sements for boys from the local of d Tat Yosemite on september the troop accomplishment Ancl report expect to reports that e. W. For 1941. W. R. Maring with his years of experience in leadership Public schools a special course in i sea scouting with All of its Ramifi-1work m the councl1 cations was started with 26 enrolled Khe k on the on nine Day. The director of emphasis this year is go r1 nerf. Up Nunn the sir inf of the course is or. Pendleton Noyes who is assuming the responsibility of skipper of the sea scout ship f. Ing to be upon the scout Way of doing and that More time will be Given to demonstrations and drama Rainbow mooting at Fremont High. To nations and less time to conference ind lecture. New emphasis on is a splendid record and shows what d of can be accomplished when scouts j., scout i the services of him turds of is a very Day for ment badge Counselor available for t f a Iod help. These Merit together with i rank advancements in second first. P in 1. Lihu it a till j Iii w till Ull inform will add materially to interest of All those Partick and if 15 or More men Are interested jal1 on saturday a course in the principles of scout mastership will be conducted sunday. September 14. Those men who completed parts 1 and 2 of the elements course. The principles of scoutmaster ship is de-1 scout scribe signed primarily for men interested i scribe reports that the fall edition j r in advanced work and is a require be in the hands of scouts and r require ment for the scoutmaster s key. Notice will be mailed to All scout will be especially interested in the masters in ties attendance at troop meetings. Participation in Council events Don Cruzan. Editor of the of new members. Meeting their quota of Points receive certificates of accomplish ment and have Jenc on. 01 on the Scouters Early this week. Scouts the 1. All of the Berkeley-centra., Costa Council staff will be in at a feature of the regatta this be a Barbecue dinner in Honor Ben Rogers who Nas been their names Arthur shuck. National director played in Hawaii has returned to division of operations for the boy Berkeley find . Undoubtedly be of the in scouting. A paying. Course will include new slants on scouting plans arc now being made that i will give the or timers a new slant Star and life will be made the basis for the big a Lamar or court of Honor to be held by most of the troops during the week of septem of the time of the practical Applina first Aid signalling boat scout techniques and will lion and other branches of Scaman will devote 40 per cent Ber 22 to 26. District commissioners Are plan Ning the holding of District meetings throughout the month of september looking Forward to the renewed activity on the part of troops this fall. Walter Dickey District sooner of the Maxwell Park District. Scouting. Tion of sen scout skills. To Are expecting great things from this ship says or. H. M. Elliott training offi cer of the Commodore s committee in View of the amount of time that each of these sea scouts will have in program of to the new men in scouting some j definite tools with which they May carry on the activities of the troop. Maring further announces that in addition to the courses related to the elements of scoutmaster ship. Plans Are definitely being made for asking them to indicate their inter Points Tronn 4. 5253 Points Dimond Camp to open Dean Ketchum week end Camp reports that 25 men were in attend Ance at his recent District where plans were made for the round up and participation of representatives of the District in the Assembly committee activities fall. Dickey Stales that every unit was enthusiastic about the prospects for bigger ant better programs and As a result of their troop camping experiences Broucht new life and virility into All the Maxwell Park District is finns to be heard from this fall in a bit Way. Service corps plans Patrick Pnno. Chairman of inc health and safety re ports that the program of training for the emergency service corps membership is taking shape in rapid order and the committee will soon announce definite dates and places for the holding of the first of these training opportunities. This training course will be limited to first class scouts who hold the required Merit badges As announced in the emergency serv ice corp bulletin until the corps gets under full Way. Merrick of troop 58 advises that at least 12 members of the troop will be ready sea scout regatta i the sen scout ship yoga. Pacific Clipper and flying Cloud will at i tend the Northern California or to to held nears Point. Marin county Over he labor Day i week end acc Rolinc to the an j noun Cmunt of Alfred Sfa a so omit Vici Vilics officer of the coun Icil. These three ship with j their officer Rind members of the Commodore s committee will ii lend Mac Rigi of Lei girl Porti Ciji o in the1 i i Etc nos in handling the Scult Debult breeches buoy Drill Boatswain s j clinic Drill a rowing Man s Kimaling. Blinker a Lignal i in and Cutter pulling. Or. Arthur i a. Shut k. Of j of operation of the National Conn cil. Boy scouts of America will be the special guest of Honor at the re Gatta and will at the dinner which is being tendered to him on sunday night Augustol. Or. William r. Odeli. Chairman of the Council s training committee announced at the recent meeting of the operating Council thai Iofi com Mittee in charge of the informal i now making plans for n streamline. The inclusion of advanced first Aid. Director at Dimond Camp an a participating member of specialization course dealing with ounces that the Camp will be open1 Oakland Community Chest. Marine Corn s dinner on saturday. All scout Are that this moot will go Down in president. Service club of or Haj ref Steinmetz. Berkeley and the j the annals of Oakland scouting his-1 review no. 14, women s Benefit. . Dolphin under skipper b. Wimch always Char Inry the most outstanding moot association v carrying on to --.v. A the leadership of Maud Wiener. At . Berkeley under skipper s. A program be sent the meeting tuesday evening Kerrick or. Berkeley. Out shortly to boy scouts who Gibbs be assisted . Northland under skipper arc looking of Nvard to participating by Anna Cambra and Hazel Nolan i Lee Downey Berkeley. In the Field Day. Ever held. Science and nature stories in Uncle Ray s prestige. Dignity 9 my v i i distinction of address qualities in an office building Are All to be found in the Tribune Tower firms and individuals seeking the above combination at a fair and reasonable should inspect the suites of rooms now available in this out chief among other advantages to be Lound Here Are express fast service to the Tower offices located High above Street noises health fill natural exceptional Pano Ramic views. Inspect these rooms ask for the Tribune Tower Franklin at thirteenth Street Oakland California a radio Chast wat Idenna Albatross is largest of sea Birds if there is room in your home1 i 10 feet wide it will give an idea1 of the of an a Kotori Sirri Bird of Thi kind spread its from Vii. Such a Bird would not be the plane radio gives an even tone when the planes course different Dot Bash signals warn Pilot if plane is at or left. A Pilot must follow Road naps like this radio beams from the different station connect and i o above the or in Black skies of times the is 11 or 12 feet and cafes have been reported of 14 feet or even More from the tip of one Wing to the tip of the other. The largest member of the fam ily is known As the its body is from three to four feet Long and its weight is from 15 to 20 pounds. Small As a baby that is no More than the weight of a human infant half a year old. But it is rather heavy for a Bird All sea Birds the wandering Albatross is the Sarnesi. Like other Bird it has b Inos Hetio y of Light weight. Besides the wandering Albatross j we have Short tailed Black footed i and albatrosses. All of these have webbed feet and spend most of their lives Over the they soar after the manner1 of gulls but Are not closely related j to the Gull family. For the most i part they Are found in the torrid zone but some Fly above waters1 of the North temperate and South temperate zones. J i it is possible to catch an Albatross holding a bailed Hook at the and of a fish pole line in the air. The line must be Strong or else lit will break before the Bird is i brought into the boat. An old idea of sailors is that bad Fortune will come if they kill j an Albatross. In such a Case they a storm or some other trouble foolish a this idea May be it has helped to save the Albatross from being attacked so often. Few persons like the taste of the flesh i so there is Little reason to kill these j Birds. Enemy of fish fish of various kinds Are Cap tured and eaten by the Albatross. The victims also include cuttlefish i and Jeisy Wisn lieu i not. True fish. Often a Albatross views of wandering Albatross in the air and on nest. Our artist also shows eggs which have been gathered from on Layman one of the Pacific Ocean islands where albatrosses nest in great numbers. Dead whale is eaten by the big Birds they May Gorge themselves so much that they cannot Rise from the water for several hours. When the nesting season comes albatrosses go to islands far out in the sea. There they gather in Colo Nies often thousands a single Island. J eggs of Large size in. A nest built i up from soil and Sticks. Only of the eggs is Laid in a nest some colonies contain thousands of nests so great numbers of eggs can be gathered. The eggs Are sent i to Market and a valuable Oil is taken from them. Radio signals help to make air travelling safer there was a a by he Good work of have robots or automatic Many years air plane i and engineers. Pilots Seldom flew at night. It was for one thing. Pilots " excellent systems j radio. Which can be managed dangerous to do so since they were of lighting airports Nisito a vol to Hrict he Nln Snori Tiit. It has uie Ciai a of Poi Taii a Piane 10 Lauu since that time night flying has at an Airport during the night. Become almost a common Day radio signals now play a great station have been the United states now has Abou which them High top Lav Ana Hena jul i Doit Iii Timu the beams from these Are useful for distances flying. About four tenths of All the Miles flown and Canada tin he ant i in the United states Are covered at night. Hai been brought part in flying during both the Day and the night. There Are instruments in the modern transport plane which pick up my from 60 to 160 Miles from the station. Thanks to the automatic pilots Spanish War veterans in Honor to auxiliary it Day equipment Blind flying Camp a. P. Entenza United Span Las become common and fairly ish american War veterans under acc. Even in the midst of furious the leadership of commander e. Terms planes usually can keep Honor to a. P. Auxiliary on its birthday 10i sub stratosphere flying has been birthday cake was presented the carried with a on the splendid past few years women record of safety. Perhaps it will prove so Safe that it will he the usual kind of flying Iritha to through their president. Julia Fairchild by the Camp. The party was held in veterans me Morial Buiu tag. Irish societies picnic features dance contest the United Connaught societies of Oakland and san Francisco holding their annual picnic today at Atherton Park Santa Clara co Thomas Huvane president and Delia Hourihan president of the arrangements. Included in the pro Gram will be the Northern Cali fornia gaelic step dancing and sing ing contests Irish singing an ath Letic and hurling mid

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