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Oakland Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1941, Page 1

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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - August 31, 1941, Oakland, California Y of weather Oakland and Cloudy today and monday with scattered Light showers be ginning late this afternoon mild temperature moderate w e s t Erly wind. Weather report on Pate 10-d last edition vol. Xxxv no. 62 Loc sunday Oakland California sunday August 31.1941 5c daily 78 Al to 10 called is picketing starts at 4 hostelries with ii Union i Ditcu i Niiya Pic we to police on guard Oaklander arrested fight nazis if necessary Sproul urges nation in grave peril Turkey invasion imminent president Robert Gordon Sproul i of the University of California last night urged the use of american military strength to assure the de feat of Germany. Our liberties ure dearer than our i lives Anci these liberties Are now san Francisco s Long threatened hotel strike got under St a night with walk outs and the establishment erf Natin Vwe i Iii i be talk was Spon tract dispute. J sorted by fight Freedom Union officials announced that picketing would be exp Sproul upon amerkan to tended gradually to the other hotels several which of Mew famed throughout the world. _ Dom and defeat the nazi the action came As special squads of police stood by prevent possible disturbances. The four hotels affected f i avio hopi Ono 11 0 allies pledge d. Nun n Elia in Kiihul denies a err largest the City the and the Edison. I executives text bar As bartenders left their jobs at the Empire s hotel executives went behind the bar to Cater to patrons. And As culinary workers prepared to follow suit the hotel management announced that its dining room would remain in opera Tion. Also involved in the strike Call Parley thus is Only exploratory is directed by . I j Germany must be Defeated or he i future of Mankind will be decided on the battlefields of Sproul said. It i Only by of Ivy now that can avoid dire tragedy. strength the Only Way to defend and con serve the things we hold dear in the i economic Power and our diplomatic j resources our moral influence and Ull disc aggression from without May Force Western hemisphere into great conflict chief executive tells Hyde Park Folk president s labor Day message on Pace 5 hide Park n.y., aug. President Roosevelt quoting a charge that the dictators Are planning con world of Force that the totalitarian i quest of the americas and the whole world warned tonight 1hat the Axis rather than americans May Force the final in a Vic Kunot 4 fc4 s i t in a Hajj 11 gift p new York. Aug. Co Lumbia broadcasting system said to night that its correspondent in Bern had reported thai according to reports from the Balkans and from Moscow the germans had massed 1c Panzer divisions in tract i preparatory to a move eastward. The correspondent reported also that the italian Navy was preparing decision of War or peace the new world. Washington aug. 30. Once again expressing a Hope that the United states can Jour military strength to assure Ihei avoid fighting involvement in the world conflict the presi 1 defeat of in i _ i Dent told the nation apr Oval announced he has accepted ii i i a. C la an invitation to head a California i Veit possibly it May Secretary of state Corderi Hull committee of fight Jor peril More acute than at any were waiters clerks Bell hops and a temporary quietus today on Opidi a Freedom and urged californians in j time since outbreak of the maintenance workers. Mistic Progress reports of current join Community chapters of the or-i.5t urn 3ct at the Federal an executive took icons saying that the Taus of country of the Del ills a in Olla in t All Over operation of an elevator. Merely exploratory and that no de the dangers facing the his words and his Threat heard i visions have been reached. Because of the current International subsequent solemn quotation of the some quarters reported that the he dressed their exploratory a situation and to refute the that the Axis is dreaming Ture when asked to comment on deny that ., not a member to the strike. Night recruit additional help to Man places deserted and thus attempt to increase the Union s strength in the hotel Industry at the expense of the the Claims a membership of approximately 30 per it in of Ine to Tokyo reports that a Basic under standing had been reached Between the nation is now in a critical stash of its Sproul said. Speaks As individual world Conquest. Clear his warning that regression from out Side the new world might be the the two countries. A japanese government spokesman Bori Tii the report service staffs in the 28 hotels in a solved in the dispute. . Lead i Antn Raee he emphasized he was speaking frankly de not As the president of a University i cause. Sproul compared nazism with the Factor which would involve j country and the Western Hymi in the world seeks to awaken people nazi quis gravely sick overdose of sleeping tablets serious to norwegian chief at Hyde Stockholm aug. Reports from Oslo said tonight that ers had made no announcement of pal a nt., indicated that he 1hn1 500 men and women attending policy last Iii it. said ably make tile if any More and organized by ithe 12ih of Roosevelt earlier however that members do Terence to the conversations Annj j i Home club in a Maple Grove on the was Sei k lived the strike was called specific on the closed shop Issue and Japan when he Speaks to the nation monday labor Day. Was aimed at preventing or a Bizati -.n. _ Japan believed ready threatened of r the other hotels the strike include the widely known j to 19 in 1.937 strike figurine in the dispute make concessions by Edgar Ansel Mowrer sir Cine Radin the Fhi catch paily news Washington aug. Are a it ing before opening hostilities with of the american prohibition Prave Vic Kun Quisling head of the Ger Man sponsored nor Weixian regime seriously ill As the result of an overdose of sleeping tablets taken nazis killed or wounded in big Battle on Centra front heaps of slain Are High about Odessa As siege continual by Henry Shapiro Moscow aug. Soviet counter offensive on to move toward the Dardanelles. The Central front was reported tonight to be rocking nazi Columbia said that the reported troops Back toward Smolensk after casualties estimated at massing of the German divisions killed and wounded. Stone Wall defenders of Odessa Kiev and Leningrad were have put a half dozen or More German divisions out action. An official report by general Constantin Rokos Sov sky Field commander on the Central front asserted that nazi forces still Are retreating Westward along the Moscow Smolensk Highway under unremitting soviet pressure. Odessa after two weeks of fight ing. Was said to be another Madrid surrounded by Mounds of unburied corpses of German and rumanian soldiers fallen in futile efforts to penetrate the port s Iron ring of defences. Seventh rumanian in Fantry division forced out of action with loss of half of its effective two enemy battalions destroyed. Divisions destroyed several German divisions attack on an ancient apparently Kiev indicated a move against Turkey. By Fredrick Kuh London aug. Britain and soviet Russia it was sealed tonight by foreign Secretary Anthony Eden have joined in Grant-1 guarantees of territorial integ a Rity and a pledge of full support in j event that nation is attacked by and european Power. J the pledge to Turkey. Eden said in an add cps it Coventry was made in the firm Clear terms designed to relieve turkish anxiety concerning Anglo soviet intentions. It guarantees Turkey full British russian support in event rumoured to contemplate such an at a strike the Darl Danelley to a Middle Ansern fighting front. Eden re emphasized that Britain j Superior like the racketeers the Hitler Maple Moses Smith the Roosevelt tenant Farmer. Speaking before his two Days ago. Quisling it was reported had gang prefers to ret what they want _ a. Threat and a rips a Iiri friends and neighbors of dutchess a threats and bribes. Spruil Inion suffering from Somma in fling his Campaign to awaken i by overwork and Iri using America to the Gravity of the world sleeping tablets had taken an of which hol overdose through carelessness. Phy 114 russian ships sunk new Dunke que is reported in flight from besieged Tallinn by Frederick c. Oechsner Berlin aug. Ger-1 out an High command today claimed i i 5, until Hitiris Defeated nothing else matters if he is not Defeated nothing will safety nor peace nor property nor the rights of labor nor Dom of men. Nor anything treasure. And Russia have no territorial As Man Pira inns in Iran that the 114 russian transports and War drawl of military forces has ships had been sunk or pledged As soon As justified by in an military situation and that Only Perque in the Gulf of Finland. Temporary concessions Are desired from Iran. Eden warns world Eden coupled his pledges with a warning that the War eventually i ranging 80 Miles into the German attempted "dun-1 reported to have re heatedly that were reported to have re Are not sufficiently cognizant.isi1ored Quisling to consciousness but the Prosi dont s Chargo that Axis How men can some among us dreams of world domination include the reports from Oslo said he re imagined seriously ill. Majority of the 19 hotels which were i the United states great Britain j advocate that we stand Idle while i Conquest of the americas was struck 90 Days in 3937. At that the Netherlands and possibly bus the East Rophe we can prevent Correct. He was quoting from a let a time the hotels were closed except Ukia As Well. The japanese suddenly j curs before our Eves How sent him by a woman Correlo Long time guests. J decided to follow their Washington j they ignore the lesson that Neutral did not prank Lirt London aug. At it occurs to me that this is not the 12tl anniversary of the club much As it is the third Martins the . Unions indicated they j ambassador s advice and try is no defense against the Lle qualified an exceed picket the remaining 24 hotel j Patch up a peace with All of them. Order of i tier. A lesson written in Nel a Good progressively one by one without j thursday ambassador Admiral the epitaphs of 12 Advance publicity. Union members j Kichisabur Nomura brought to part time Job Bren instructed to walk off president of the United states a the huge toll of soviet vessels 15.000 effective around the cite sunk or damaged was the largest a possibly Kiev enemy loss claimed in a single sea evacuation since the British action j at by col. A l Liu Zukov drove three nazi Divi Sions from Heights on the East Bank engulf the entire world k was said to have been achieved j of an unnamed River possible the pledged immediate Steps to a russian attempt to emulate and forced them Back to i ease american and British Soroduc Itne. British tactics by evacuating Western Side of the Stream in Tion. Which he described As the key to Victory. The output of War material of their doomed Tallinn Garrison j i acting heavy losses across the Finland Gulf to Lenin Grad and Kronstadt. The Allied and associated including the contribution Powers. Only matter of time of the German quarters claimed that in the Black sea a russian sub Marine was reported to have sunk a German a boat off the rumanian coast. Forces of British bombers smashed i their jobs in each hotel when the letter from the Nice. Rince Furiman japanese Konoye. Thrno itself did not say very Kip it merely intimated that the it cannot be 00. Five Davs a won from to it in not All. Won on the cannot week ends at the Beach. It line appears. Than 20 uniformed Plain clothed police officers to a stand at the Empire is Jbf it saw no reason Why pickets arrived at the six i obstacles to peace Between of Ishri Tini Fri stars Nanri Lanan i Oil i not or be eliminated. But the fact of j1iol1 considered extremely won at Washington. If Germany wins. Sprou War is of Mirs this world has been convulsed with All kinds of Dan Gers and they Are not Over yet. And at the Industrial districts of Frank in is very possible that they May be. Furt and last night and struck no nazi bases and communications in North France today. The air ministry reported other bombers attacked clocks y United said still Falls Tallinn Success and the fall of i dispatches from Tallinn indicated needs and those j Vii Puri on the karelian isthmus Toj that the City was still in soviet con finns makes it Only a As late As last night despite of time before the last soviet j German claims of its capture. Needs will grow until the entire world. Even More serious at. This moment railways at. La Havre. Five plane ounce f the Nous anal on la Finland Gulf Dagon. Heavy fighting Fon of which the British Empire q h and the United stairs inc mfr am a j 1hat capable could to used twice reduced and he noted that Russia is fighting Ai _. Vlado plan a final attack widespread reports of soviet counter action against German forces came in a Day of apparently Pivnic an Ofrand at panh other three hotels. Police reserves wore marshalled j arrival was at the downtown precincts during j important. The afternoon on order of. Chief Charles Luilea. P eel. That be Calls six officers Luilea called 70 Rookie officers forego from the police training school Cincys. I tacks. Be willing b be won if either manage u Hii n they were at the end of an-1 wore admitted lost in the night at Abor is to lock the Iho Van inline at win. Ise Ilner can 1939." he said. . Place of peace w " p11 Ini mediately j and Sci first 00 the defensive menaced on either i5run fit reached the i and perhaps to the South by the Young the virile the to quote Herr Goebbels. J. Of Eastern Asia if Only j whose clinching argument is stand by emergency duty and j someone would lond a hand in ideas but dive bombers and added a sprinkling of Veteran Sneir precious face. cers at strategic stations by trans a president announced that he would we Call upon every Liberty Lov n Ferring them from outlying the letter. Ing citizen to enlist under our ban a fall our this was More or less on Theuner to Britain then he told of the letter he Here arc in i if essentially a scene of living almost Normal lives have a Groat Don to be thank at this time in succession. I think f us Pray that Nix year Able to say that. Ii in do acts. This was More or Jess on in Ejner 10 Jisiah. An Britain nor he said that officers and Plain-1 cards. Last sunday British prime i Greece nor China nor Russia but oth Esmen would been duty in the minister Winston Churchill told the. For America and the right As London criticizes american War Aid to Britain Russia clothe Vicinity of every hotel picketed and world that the United states was god gives us to see it to recognize j i received Only London aug. Sunday times tonight expressed Sharp disappointment at american air1 to Britain Ira Russia. Only a fraction of american in said the editorial is harnessed to War production and even i is subject to delay. That neither violence nor cat calling negotiating with the japanese this Peri is upon us too and or less in the name of All the openly to strike our blow free snid the letter explains a would be tolerated. An innocent bystander was Vic Little what going on from the Point democracies. Everything he said. 1 Tim of the first police action at the would be done to obtain a peaceful s it urgently and she is not getting it. The flood is raging and we arc in an Effort to save of Tallinn was Rel Leloyd intensity along a front of 2000 Miles consuming j fought encounter in which vast quantities of munitions. Russia s needs As Well As said. Their was into the City. That the i heavy action along the entire front a hard-1 there was no statement of the Situa on the karelian isthmus where in veer Are Aii Emping to to the i drive southward toward Leningrad Harbor Edge As the nazis forced. The finns claimed capture Lipuri Kussian parachutists were said to soviet forces still hold out in is Eden revealed the pledge to tur Tonia but the number is now known. Key in these words a dispatch to the Deutsche rear one waldl.11ul the soviet government has mine said that since operating near the made with ourselves a dec of operations the German up Vas said to have am m Sam w am la ration to Turkey wherein they say the Are prepared scrupulously to observe be aiding guerrillas in Harri ing the parachutist Bat City of ambushed a army of the North has taken 99.000 1 Panzer in Luann and a cavalry col the territorial integrity prisoners and captured 2252 Kutsuma destroying several Wip of the turkish Republic and Render to nil Baltic states Turkey every help and assistance in the event of her being attacked by any Power. Discussing Iran Eden said that tanks most of them in be out the of a nazi unit inflicting 500 casualties and destroy ing 23 armoured cars six tanks and heavy russian losses German quarters said that in the 80 trucks in 18 Days. ._._, to. Loth week of the War. Now ending. Reported in Izvestia made every the russians lost 360.000 government newspaper that 298 tanks. 713 guns 72 transports the red Arm a has held the initiative of a person who has seen it i with her own to i with a reference to son. Burton j or easting it Empire. He was porno cose Uio so. Settlement but japanese aggression p. I. Is. D Mont isolationist a truck Driver of 851 43rd Street had to Stop. If negotiations rare or earns Kes orrs said this Wom a America throws out a line to us Oakland who was taken to nor Britain with Holland As a matter san Bernardino. Aug. A s viewpoint is to win s be clothes to us if of course and probably by brisk winds a to tit of Wheeler his we reach Shore. We understand her to Wheeler was to but the Waters Are very persuade Iran to act against nazi agents in that country. He said that the Anglo soviet con continued Page 2, col. 4 15 warships and 439 planes. For an entire month on the Central the High com m a and said that front inflicting a succession of de feats on the nazi 7th Panzer Divi continued paste a col. 2 Sion. Them station refusing to move on As he watched the pickets. Pickets in cos time some of the Empire pickets appeared in costume. One of them was dressed As Daniel Boone and an other attired As an old Man car ried a sign Reading waiting a raise. Would Range itself unhesitatingly at fire swept out of control the Side of the United from the san Bernardino Iki which it seems Clear that at the night in they would have to be fought., Moro than 2500 acres. Like that fellow that Moses i Rouse Ana we think it would be no the plunge Creek 1hc farm Strain on her resources to Wade m Aleast up to the Waist and stretch out a firm hand. Is it asking too much to the comfortable new world to devote some More millions of Man Days to i i to u lilt j it lilt i i a re i i w i Atlantic conference Roosevelt and endangering several resorts along1 referring to Moses Smith s joke in Kim of the world drive earlier speech that he had heard v f .bc4fcmale cd than Man and of Bank rumours Wheeler was buying a neigh e trouble m the Pacific but that. Trucks and the Boring farm and that he was not f fee .7apannse proved stubborn Blaze which already had blackened the principal grievance in the japanese Tonk the int strike situation was refusal of the threats of stopping american sup san Francisco employ prs As of he soviets via Vladivostok sedation to Grant the Union demand i were getting them nowhere a closed shop and hiring to Thailand was met wages hours and working conditions also figured in the dispute. Continued Hajje 2, col 3 continued Page 2, col. 1 Russia is seen As turning Point in conflict sunday Tribune Index screen and radio weekly 12 pages in color serial main news Section Complete news summer resorts schools and colleges classified Section classified advertising vital statistics financial commodity markets shipping development and building society Section t society and clubs Nan Bentley covers the shops arts and artists Geraldine x patterns playground activities state news in Tho Home and Garden comic Section 12 pages in color aunt Elsie Section aunt Elsie fun land Knave Section the Knave Virti Walter Lippmann Earle Ennis Book reviews crossword Puzzle Frank Kester s do watch radio schedules boy scout news Uncle Ray s Corner fraternal news negro activities stamp collector Calendar editor s note a possible turning Point from which they probably can j push into the Milder climate of the i Point in the War in which the allies move Only swiftly to total Triumph j near East May wrest the initiative from or slowly to total defeat. It is Alii president Roosevelt and prime Adolph Hitler is foreseen by the or nothing now. I minister Churchill took the Initia foreign news editor of the United press in the following dispatch at the end of two years of nazi Vic tories. By Joe Alex Morris 24 months Hitler s modern monsters of War have slashed a music editorials automotive Section automotive Section Crimson Trail across Europe and North Africa. Ten weeks ago they swung East already the fuehrer s expect Jive in the East War of nerves Tion of Victory on his own terms i to Block japanese Aid to her Axis this year has vanished. With it. May partners. Have gone All Hope a negotiated i but in the key position stands peace. The red army of Russia. The Cour initiative Jase endurance and effectiveness of that vast Reservoir of fighting Power in the ext s a a cute the dec if this Winters turning Lysis of Winter will begin to creep across the russian Steppes to threaten the germans with loss of time with in most potent Iii ing Roar of Back fired tary initiative. The Road to Moscow is Long and great Britain and the soviet the toll is High. And in the coming weeks Hitler s Oil hungry mechanized legions must round a turning Union got the jump on the nazis by invading Iran to bolster their de lenses against a German Winter Assassin shot betrayers of France Lippmann writes Laval and Deal were shot As betrayers of France in a crusade against russian a revolutionary conspiracy to enslave their people gave their own lives and raise themselves to waiter Lippmann writes on Page 3 of the Knave Section Point. Hitler knows any goal Short of destruction of the red army As Etri Virit be a grave of not fatal defeat. Break mat come the russian Plains and swamps and forests have swallowed per haps men in frenzied com Bat but the red army fights on. Fleets of growling tanks stirred the dust on Battle Fields where once Rode Tamerlane and Genghis Khan but the red army refuses to col lapse. Leningrad is a fortress Moscow Ukraine a bloody Battleground. A historic break May be Corning on the Eastern Winter is coming too. Corr Tecc Birds of a Feather and together muss Cumi Marshall Goering Ruemer Hitler and general William left right Are shown Here As they walk along a railway platform last week alter conference at Goering s Field headquarter in the dec Tom front

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