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Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - August 1, 1969, Oakland, California Bill Fiset the of to fool try a Little girl in Lafayette has been wanting a horse and finally her parents bought her one. She s in sum Mer school and taking a course in literature where her class is Reading Edgar Allen Poe s the so she named her horse Edgar Allen Pony. Too Elliott Breur is president elect of the Rock Ridge school dads club and his wife Sandra is president elect of the same school s Pat. I la bet the dinner table conversation at their House is a bore to any one without that old Community spirit Mike i Leash Berger who s out of action with an injury went to a Ball game the other night and sat in the stands with Joe and Ron Scalisci. Mike got in the wrong seat and a Little old lady bounced him out of it. So Joe leaned Over to Mike and said that s adding in sult to injury i Tell you it s hard to please All trib Une readers. One Guy called our action line department in some agitation want ing action line to do something about the to network tuesday night that interrupted his favorite program to show photos of Mars. He d been watching Star 000 at least 20 people have now clipped out and sent me the paragraph from a news Story we carried last Fri Day saying the stabbing climaxed a Long standing feud Between him and Krings Over his love affair with Krings estranged wife Ingeborg. Outside their apart Okay Okay. I can think of at least one news paper that would have tried for a picture a roof fire broke out on a House on Dolores in san Leandro and while the fire department was in route two Guys stopped in a car hopped out and doused the flames with a Garden Hose. They were Piedmont fire chief Bob Hannon and Ashland fire chief Norm Bottorff. On that we would have tried for a picture Ethel Langer is a grand old girl who plays the piano at various Jack London Square spots and currently she s at Overland House. Anyway she wears ornate gowns and had one made with a removable front from the Waist up and a plastic imitation of what a robust woman s front should look like. The idea if you Fol Jow is that Ethel could pull up the gown and everyone the other night As half the the Saloon Custo mers followed her outside she pulled up the front As a train went past and Ethel beamed the Engineer nearly fell out of his Ethel has seven grandchildren. On that All papers would have tried for a picture too judge Myron Martin fined a woman on a traffic offence and Calalina May the Spanish interpreter for the courts relayed the amount of the Fine to the Wom an who spoke no English. The woman told Catalina who told the judge that i have 10 children and i m pregnant. I m due to have twins. I have Only and it s logo for a rays to be taken Martin looked horrified. Case dismissed. Go Fremont High school s class of 1964 has set its reunion dinner for aug. 31 Al the Playboy club in . Arranged by a committee i presume made up of male alums you can relax. All those Oakland secretaries trotting in to a place called love s Pagan Den Are Only going to lunch. It s a Little polynesian restaurant on ninth near Webster and the lunches Are exotic and 99 cents. About reunions Dale Roe Points out that Oakland High s Homecoming Centennial will be at the coliseum oct. 4. If anyone shows up at the 1869 table it would make a h would also be a Iris ule to medical science. Too modern times the Raymond Cayere family in Oak land with two sons and four automobiles just got a renewal Bill for their Auto insurance that was higher than last year. They got Only the Bill but no policy so Cayere called his agent s office to try to find out what the coverage was. The Secretary on the phone had no answers so Cayere called the company carrying the policy in . He got a Secretary there who snapped everything is handled in our main office Back East by computer and i m too old to fight with computers. Besides it s my lunch Cayere is looking for 1 a new insurance agent and 2 a new company. Too h was inevitable that people would Start claiming the Moon. Al the assessor s office Here Holly Worthington came across a Grant deed form filled out by san Leandro s John Beaver claiming certain real property in the sea of Tranquility and so on. Natur ally the deed will not be filed since not even the flamboyant supervisor in Alameda county could claim the Moon As the county s Domain. Title Compa Nies Are getting requests to file and record deeds for Moon property and it s All sort of silly. Two . Kids years ago had the Best idea. They filed a claim to the Moon with the United nations. And it was inevitable the sick jokes would Start about Teddy Kennedy where a newsman asked him whether hell run for president in 1972 and he replies Well Cross that Bridge when we come to Vallejo mayor s dilemma Vallejo mayor Flor ence e. Douglas has refused either to sign or to veto the ordinance passed by the City Council which settled the july 1g-21 police and f i r c m e n s strike in Vallejo. Mrs. Douglas said she did t know what effect her refusal to sign would have and said i guess the City attorney will have to explain it to the coun cil which meets monday night. She returned the ordinance along with a statement to the Vallejo City clerk last night shortly before the deadline specified by the City charter for signing or vetoing ordinances. Mrs. Douglas who under Vallejo s charter is directly elected by the people is the presiding officer but not a voting member of the seven Man City Council. I can t in Good conscience approve this ordinance As i feel the Best interest of the taxpayer was not considered in the strike her statement said. Mrs. Douglas said she was opposed to the provision of the settlement under which police men and firemen Are to be paid for the period that they were on strike but under which they will later have five Days of their annual leave de ducted. She said outside police and firefighters who patrolled the City during the strike will have to be paid in Cash rather than annual leave. She construed this As meaning that the tax payer has to foot the Bill for the strike. She said this is the Only Sec Tion of the strike settlement with which she disagreed. Neither in Good con science can i veto this Ordi she said. I was a party to the settlement hold ing continuous executive meetings of the Council in consultation with the City attorney to Settle the she said she had no wish to violate the amnesty Section of the strike settlement which said no punitive repressive. Harassing. Intimidating or coercive acts or activity shall be taken initiated or sanctioned against any Mem Ber policeman or fireman by the Council or its servants agents officers or employees because of an account of the members concerted economic mrs. Douglas said a veto would plunge the City Back into a strike. I cannot veto without endangering the citizens of our City and i can not in Good con science sign and approve an ordinance by this City Council not in the Best interests of the she concluded. Napa staff to increase after probe Sacramento up the administration today or tiered an immediate reduction in patients and an increase in staff members in a Napa state Hospital children s Ward after an investigation into homosexuality and violence. State mental Hygiene director James y. Lovery told state director Robert j. Spratt that All Ward nursing service positions authorized for the children s unit Are to be filled by the Hospital with out delay with qualified and trained a close glimpse of Mars this narrow Angle View of a portion of the surface of Mars was sent Back to Earth last night by Mariner 6 while it was Miles away. The area shown is 52 by 45 Miles. The Large Crater with the smaller one in Side is about 15 Miles in diameter. The picture is no. 22 in Mariner s near encounter approach to the planet. See Story on Page 1. V. Bill goes to Reagan Sacramento up a Bill designed to solve the Wor sening financial problems of the Bond financed state water project reached gov. Ron Ald Reagan s desk today. The Senate yesterday gave final legislative approval to a measure increasing the Maxi mum rate of interest on stale Bonds from 5 to 7 per cent. The vote was 26-4. The Bill by sen. Gordon co Logne. A Indio would become effective Only if voters next june approve a constitutional amendment eliminating the present 5 per cent ceiling on Bond interest Rales. The amendment has already won legislative approval. The state has been unable to sell its Bonds because their 5 per cent interest limit is unattractive to investors in the present High interest Market. This has jeopardized further construction of the vast stale Waler project and the state is being threatened with breach of contract suits for failure to deliver water already contracted for by Southern Cali fornia users. Cologne told the Senate that water project spending is at the rate of million a Day and the Money will run out by september unless new Bonds Are sold. But he said a milion Reserve fund could be drawn upon to keep project construction going through november. The lawmakers also said it would take million More to finish construction of project facilities scheduled for completion in 1975. He c s t i m a l e d the stale would default on about million to million of project construction contracts if Bond sales Are not resumed. To finance stale construction until the rate increase is authorized the slate plans to sell Bond Anticipatory notes Al an interest rate of 7 per cent. Papal Stamps in Biafra Oterri Biafra government o f secessionist Biafra in Eastern Nigeria has announced issuance of four to slag Stamps to Mark the visit of Pope Paul i to Afri Ca. Fri., aug. 17 Assembly Boycott facing Nejedly freeway truck ban affirmed Tribune capital Bureau Sacramento Legisla Tion that would guarantee in definite continuation of the Macarthur freeway truck ban has been approved by the Assembly transportation committee. The Bill authored by sen. Lawrence Walsh a los an Geles county is designed to limit future truck prohibitions on interstate freeways. Sen. Lewis f. S h c r m a or Berkley placed an Amend ment in the measure making it impossible for the Macar thur ban to be lifted without permission of the Oakland City Council. In its original form. East Bay legislators feared that the measure might pave the Way for a removal of the Macar thur ordinance. Santa Cruz boy Breaks neck in dive Santa Cruz up a 16-year-old san Maleo youth broke his neck diving from a Cliff into the san Lorenzo River yesterday the third such diving Accident in As Many weeks. Officers said Robert Rowe apparently Dove from about the 15-foot level on the 40-foot Cliff into an area called River Mouth at Santa Cruz Beach. He was rescued by a state Parks lifeguard and taken out by surfboard Stretcher a n d ambulance to Santa Crux. County general Hospital. There were no lifeguards on duty on the other Side of the River which is divided Down the Center. Lifeguards on the Santa Cruz City Beach on the other Side Are on strike. Schools will Appeal ruling by Fred Garretson Tribune staff writer the Western association of schools and colleges with Headquarters at Mills College in Oakland will join in an a peal from a Federal court decision that College accrediting associations Are a monopoly in violation of the Sherman anti Trust act. Or. A l. Andersen executive Secretary of the association announced the Appeal and said an emergency meet ing of Western s accrediting commission for senior col Leges and universities would be Heid in the near future probably in Oakland. The july 23 decision by District of c o 1 u m b i a District court judge John Lewis Smith or. Said that the nation s six regional higher Edu cation accrediting a s s o c i a ions conspired to deny accreditation to Marjoric web Ster Junior College in Washington , judge Smith ordered accrediting associations to Eval uate Marjorie Webster and other proprietary institutions strictly on the basis of Aca Demic programs and not according to their method of financing. The Tribune obtained a memorandum circulated to major College presidents saying the pending Appeal would pro test judge Smith s philosophy thai higher education is a business bul noting that the strongest Legal argument available will be an Effort to limit the effect of the ruling to the District of Columbia and no place else in the nation. The memorandum pre pared by top lawyers for America s educational establishment warned thai in the future a College which is de Nied accreditation could a peal to Federal courts and col Lect triple damages if a conspiracy by other colleges can be proved. Most spokesmen for Educa Tion groups declined to com ment at the Lime but or. An Dersen issued a statement saying it is unfortunate thai the judge fails to differentiate Between the dominant Pur poses of a College and those of a business business exists primarily to make a profit. A College exists to discover preserve and transmit truth for the improvement of individuals and society or As stated by Walter Lippman to transmute knowledge into or. Andersen said. Or. Andersen said a profit making school May do worthwhile things but " it is highly unlikely that it could or should assume a position among those institutions whose resources and energies Are not utilized to please a Board of directors and Stock Tribune capital Bureau Sacramento Assembly leaders today Are attempting to Clamp a tight Boycott on All legislation by freshman sen. John a. Nejedly a Walnut Creek. A s s c m b 1 y m a n Carl a. Britschgi. A Redwood c i t y. Leader of the move said that x e j c d 1 y had levelled false charges against speaker Rob Ert t. Monagan and members of the agriculture committee in the fight Over the senator s Bill to ban the use of Dot in California. If Britschgi and his support ers s c e c Dall Bills by Nejedly will be sent to the in Active file and death As they arrive on the Assembly floor. Only one Bill by Nejedly. A technical measure on child support is now on the lower House file. Britschgi moved late cyst i Day to Send thai measure to the inactive file. He was ruled out of order because Assem Blyman Carlos m o o r h e a or los Angeles county lower House manager for the Bill was not on the floor. Nejedly is under fire in the Assembly because he has been outspoken in his criticism of Monagan s handling of the Dot Bill. The speaker sent the Meas ure to the agriculture commit tee where it was killed. Nejedly has declared repeat edly that this was not the proper committee. He charged that he faced a stacked deck in the agriculture committee because most of the members arc Allied with the farming Community which led opposition to the Tough Dot proposal. Assemblyman William m. K e l c h u m. A paso Robles. Chairman of the agriculture committee is one of the Lead ers in the move to Boycott Nejedly s Bills. Assemblyman Don Mulford a Oakland said the Way the lower House leadership feels now Nejedly would not be Able to get a Mother s Day Resolution out of this the Assembly republicans said they Are especially Dis Turbed by statements attributed to Nejedly that Monagan has subjected himself to undue influence from lobbyists. Nejedly has not Given up on his plan to bar Dot and is trying to get the substance of his Bill amended into another measure pending in the As s e m b 1 y ways and Means committee. Nejedly said he was Una Ware of the Effort to move his child support Bill to the inac Tive file. Vote near on Reagan plan for judges Sacramento up sen. Donald l. Grunsky said today hell try at gov. Ronald Reagan s request to win sen ate approval of the governor s plan to remove politics from the appointment of judges. Grunsky a Watsonville yesterday retrieved the Bill from a legislative limbo and moved it into position for a final vote. If you re curious As to what i m he told the Senate the governor would at least like to have me get a Roll Call on the Bill. Nejedly explained really was authored by sen Howard Way a Tulare county. Nejedly agreed to Over the measure in in Eft Oit to Lin Htun Way s workload after was elected president pro tempore of the Senate. Rampton of Utah Heads governors by 1ayu- Montgomery Tribune political editor Seattle the 1969 West Ern regional g o v e r n o i s conference ground to a Dove yesterday with the election of Utah gov. Calvin l. Hampton As new chairman Arr who Liing pm Stanley k hatha Way As vice chairman Host gov. Danio l Evans of Washington assessed the conference As Good work ing session. Some Good information has been hut Kampton described it m o r e cynically we be been talking mostly about where we spend your Money and How do we get it generally governors expressed Hope that they had reached agreement with the Dixon administration on i loosening of Federal strings on Money sent to the states. The appearance of vice president Spiro t. Agnew. Health. Education and Wel fare s c c r c t a r y Robert ii. Finch. Interior Secretary Wal Ter .1. Hickel and housing and Urban development Secretary George w. Romney at the conference gave strength to that Hope. Discussion themes indicated a growing awareness in the governors concerns with their states environment. Human resources transportation and natural resources were the general topics but discussions generally gravitated to solv divorce Bill goes to Reagan Seattle up califor Nia gov. Ronald Reagan thursday was not sure whether he would sign the state s first major divorce Reform Bill in almost a Century. The concept i agree with but i Haven t seen the analysis Reagan said. I want to wait and look at that before i he has been Here since monday for the Western governors conference and was due to return to Sacra mento thursday. The state Senate monday gave the Bill final legislative passage with a 25-8 affirmative Vole. The Assembly last week passed the same Bill the Bill substitutes the term dissolution of marriage for divorce and establishes just two grounds for legally ending a marriage incurable in sanity and irreconcilable differences. Community property would be substantially equally divided except when one spouse squandered or misappropriated it. Object of the Bill is to remove some of the personal bitterness Over property in divorce cases. Ing problems of population growth. Oregon Thomas Mecall summed up the state1- responsibilities it is insistent that we put Protection of the natural environment first in state and regional goals Mccall urged an Index of ii ability As a guideline rather than an Index of Only eight governors and governor designate John m Claydon of american Samoa were on hand for the final ses Sion. Others who stayed until the end were Mccall. Alaska gov. Keith ii. Miller Colorado gov. John a. Love. Montana gov. Forrest Ander son and Hathaway. Hampton s election As chair Man Means the 1970 Confer ence probably will be held m Park City Utah about 40 Miles East of Salt Lake cite. Overdose of heroin kills girl a san i Jandro schoolgirl with a record of drug use died last night of an overdose of heroin. Police Are searching for a who a witness said administered the fatal injection to Darlene prevail. 16, of 2019 Char Ido St. A group of Darlene s friends dive up to Oakland patrol Man Robert Crawford about where he was Sil Ting in his squad car at 90th Avenue and Macarthur Boule Vard and said they had a very sick girl in their car. They asked Crawford to take her to the Hospital and pushed the nude body into his car. She was pronounced dead on arrival at san Leandro me Morial Hospital. A Girlfriend under questioning told officers she and Darlene met Tuo men yesterday about 2 . And went to an apartment on 12th Avenue where Darlene and the men took the heroin. The Girlfriend who said she was afraid to take drug related that Darlene complained at the time of the injection the Man was giving it to her too last. She fell unconscious almost immediately the Friend said but they revived her momentarily in a cold Bath. The men put Darlene to bed and left her with the Girlfriend in the apartment. The girl stayed with her until evening when she went out and found some friends who took Dar Lene to officer Crawford. The 17 year old was taken into protective custody. Darlene was the daughter of mrs. Anna Mooneyham. Police said Darlene had been taking treatments at a drug cure clinic. Unconscious girl s

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